Best Squishy Shops In Miami Near Me

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1. Kawaii Universe - Miami

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12 reviews
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Kawaii Universe
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Address: 2294 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: +1 650-395-9143

Business type: Graphic designer

Kawaii Universe: what do users think?
Jess R
Jess R: Small shop, but lots of cool items and cool vibes!
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez: I met the designer personally, and she was a massive sweetheart whom even made my date and I manatee plushies on the spot with deftness and skill.
Response: ^____^ pleasure meeting you both thanks for supporting the cute!
moises ceballos
moises ceballos: (Translated by Google) Great service(Original)Great servixe

2. Colorful Cute - South Miami

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23 reviews
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Colorful Cute
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Address: 5701 Sunset Dr Suite 178, Miami, FL 33143, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Tue

Telephone: +1 305-204-6880

Business type: Stationery store

Colorful Cute: what do users think?
Samantha Altamirano
Samantha Altamirano: I’ve been coming here for a while now and can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet. I’m a huge fan of this store and its staff, the owner is so nice and personable! I’m so happy to see how much it’s expanded since the beginning. Not only do they sell the cutest things, but everyone who works there is super nice and always willing to help out. For the holidays they offered a gift wrapping station which I thought was such a nice thing to offer. Definitely recommend coming here if you’re into anime and stationary!
Izma Nadeem
Izma Nadeem: My sister and I are literally obsessed with this store. Colorful Cute always has the best selection of kawaii plushies, figurines, and my personal favorite - stationery supplies!! The store is so neat and cute and everyone working there is always so friendly and sweet. Highly recommend this place if you love anime, stationery, and cute things!! Keep up the great work :)
Shaloma Gutierrez
Shaloma Gutierrez: Love this place! everyone who works here is kind and welcoming. The pricing is very fair. The place is so cute and I often get at the very least a small pen or cute stickers.
Alba Romero
Alba Romero: A fitting name for such a cute establishment. The employees always make the experience 10 times better! The customer service is phenomenal and amplifies the wonderful environment. The selection is wonderful and the owner constantly communicates with customers in order to cater to their needs.
Autumn: This was my first anime store ever and I loved the experience. The staff is super nice and always there to help you.
Nick Hernandez
Nick Hernandez: This place is wonderful. From the aesthetic, the merchandise, the owner, and the feeling one gets while in this neat little shop is fantastic. The owner is incredibly kind and sociable and makes every visit feel special and fun. This is a personal business and you can feel that personal touch to the store. A lot of love and passion is put into it and it really shows. Lovely place. Everybody should come. I know my fiancee and I will definitely be back as long as the store is up and running.
Response: Thank you so much for your loving review. I’m so glad you felt happy here and can’t wait to see you both again!
le blanc
le blanc: so cute! I love all the sanrio stuff it gets so hard to find it sometimes 😭
Cristian Zigni
Cristian Zigni: Amazing shop full of authentic Japanese stationary that will make any piece of writing pop. With an amazing variety of merchandise and even some drinks it is a great place for a gift for yourself and others.
Response: Thank you so much! I’m So glad you enjoy the shop. Can’t wait to see you again!

3. Learning Express Toys of Pinecrest - Pinecrest

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142 reviews
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Learning Express Toys of Pinecrest
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Address: 9529 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-663-8699

Business type: Toy store

Learning Express Toys of Pinecrest: what do users think?
Marivi Crystal
Marivi Crystal: I am very unhappy with the way my daughter and I were treated as customers. I wanted an exclusive item that was one per customer. I wanted 2 sizes, a big one for me and a smaller for my daughter as we collect mommy and me items. They did not allow it, apparently she is not a customer? This is a toy store, children are in fact their customers or they wouldn’t even be in business. Everything I buy there is for her. The one time I wanted something for myself as well they said no. They lost 2 customers now and I won’t recommend their store to anyone. I wanted to add that my daughter lit up when I handed her the item but the owner who I was talking to didn’t even bat and eye. It was heartbreaking that she isn’t considered a customer in their eyes. My daughter is not an infant. She is 3 years old and she loves Squishmallows and has a collection of her own, plus grandma gave her $20 for her birthday. Also I asked the person I was talking to if she was the owner (or maybe I said manager) and she said yes, I even acknowledged a conversation I had over the phone about tonies with the owner and she didn’t clarify.
Response: We understand that you were disappointed but your review disappointed us as well. You did not interact with the owner, by the way, as I am the owner responding to your review. Rare Squishmallows are hard to get and we, as a small neighborhood toy store, don't get nearly the amount that we would like to keep all of our customers happy. We have to try to be fair and equitable when we do get them, which is why we only allow one per customer per day, so that we can make other children happy as well, while supplies last. Your infant daughter is not a paying customer. We understand that you wanted one of the stuffed animals too, but we have to instruct our hard working staff to adhere to our policies to avoid people taking advantage. Again, we understand your disappointment, but we are disappointed that you found our attempt to be fair and equitable deserving of a one star review.
Robertson Adams
Robertson Adams: Learning Express is a priceless trove of gifts for anyone who is into exploring the world and learning through doing. Anything from a Science fair project to a party plan could begin in this shop. Nice staff. Somewhat severe return policies though.
Response: Thanks! Please visit us again soon!
Jeff Bartel
Jeff Bartel: This store is amazing!! It has everything I could want for my kids and nephews and nieces. They gift wrap for free, they always have great suggestions and ideas about toys and new things that are popular. The staff cares and is always helpful. Plus the store smells wonderful.
Response: Thank you! Please visit us again soon!
Ella Valdivia
Ella Valdivia: Very nice store. I love buying squishmallows from there. They’re always in good condition and smell rlly good. The pop it’s are also nice and fun to play with.
Response: Thank you!!
Ericka Munoz
Ericka Munoz: The people at learning express toys of Pinecrest are really sweet and treat you with respect,and they have a lot of toys for small childrens
Response: Thanks!
Marisol G
Marisol G: Two squeeze toys damaged within a week. The first one broke the same day but we were already home and the 2nd one right after we left the store with it. The smoosh mega ball which is supposed to be a stretchy slime with a surprise is a sandy mess with a squeeze toy that was already torn. The clerk exchanged one of the toys but she said she could only take one toy back and was not responsible for any other damaged toys. Then who is? This store is expensive, I am very disappointed
maisie wong
maisie wong: Wonderful place to shop for any kid. The best part is that they wrap the gift for you free of charge!! Social distancing practice as only 5 customers are allowed in at any given time. Only drawback is the prices are a bit higher than what one can get on Amazon.
PJ Rodriguez
PJ Rodriguez: This store is a gem in the neighborhood. My 4 year old loves it and we go every week. The manager, Jessica, is outstanding and so helpful. Always a warm smile and willing to demonstrate the toys. She has great tips for age appropriate gift ideas as well.
Response: Thanks so much! We love being your neighborhood toy store!

4. Happy Monkey - Miami

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26 reviews
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Happy Monkey
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Address: 8210 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 786-615-3512

Business type: Toy store

Happy Monkey: what do users think?
Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh: I’m a grownup but don’t tell me that when I go to Happy Monkey! I love it just as much as my daughter! We have made it our weekly outing. They have the best of everything and when I’m not buying gifts, I get to add a little something to my Maileg collection.
Megan Peterson
Megan Peterson: I am absolutely blown away with the customer service at Happy Monkey! I ordered a dress from this boutique for my daughter for my brothers wedding. Unfortunately the dress never arrived. Though I am abundantly grateful for shipping insurance, Nicole went above and beyond to accommodate my situation. She personally called, sent pictures, and worked with me to see my needs were met. I will be a Happy Monkey customer for life!
Ksenia Kondratieva
Ksenia Kondratieva: Hidden gem of Miami! Visit to this toy store is a part of our weekly routine. Happy Monkey has the most amazing toy selection, high quality, beautiful, well priced. Customer service is ALWAYS above and beyond! There is a cute area at the entrance for the kids to play, so you can fully enjoy your shopping experience!:) Also, if you are Maileg fan, Happy monkey has the best selection. Everything about this store is just magical from its energy and decor to its inventory and customer service! Did I mention Happy Monkey offers points reward program?
Vanessa Steelman
Vanessa Steelman: Nicole is unbelievably helpful and has a very fast turn around time On shipping. she’s extremely knowledgeable about the industry too! The store has a wide variety of toys and if they don’t have it, she’ll help you get it. Prices are very reasonable too. Couldn’t ask for a better local shop to buy from!
Samantha Simeon
Samantha Simeon: So happy to find this store! I had no idea such a wonderful store was so close to me till recently, and their selection of toys was just what I have been on the hunt for. When I went in to look for a few things the woman who was working that day was extremely sweet and helpful and the being in the store felt comfy/homely. I can’t wait to buy more things from here soon.
Alexi Poston
Alexi Poston: I don’t even know where to start. There were things I purchased on the site that were not even in stock and there was no disclaimer saying they were not in stock. After weeks I finally emailed them and they said that they didn’t even have the items stock still and sorry for the zero communication. The rest of my order had said it was shipped, but did not actually ship for another week. Then another week goes by and they still have to emailed me and I still haven’t received the rest of my stuff. I email them again and they STILL haven’t received it. This is about 3 weeks now. And they did not let me know again. I received attitude when I continued to contact them about my missing orders. HORRIBLE communication and customer service. I will never shop here again. Such a disappointment. Edit to add: the owner is trying to act like I was upset about an item that I knew was preorder not shipping fast enough. This is incorrect as I’ve tried explaining to her multiple times. There were multiple items displayed for sale on the site that I purchased and she failed to tell me she did not actually have the items until I emailed her. They were no listed as preorder on the site. Not only myself, but my husband were disappointed in the way I was spoken to in the emails. And I was not offerered the items I had had weeks long issues with, until I brought it up myself. They felt as if they were always right and did not even try to understand what I was saying. I do not appreciate the company trying to cover up the issues with my experience with a false response. After they persistently were emailed me telling me to take down my review, now they are trying to falsify my statement.
Response: Hi Alexi, Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with your order. We are a very small business and we work very hard to provide great and caring customer service and it makes me sad to see your review. Your order was placed on Nov 2nd and it included one preorder item. I think the perception of us taking a long time to ship came from the fact that by default all items in an order including a preorder item(s) ship once all items are available. We received the preorder item on Nov 10th and packed your order that same day. The 11th was a holiday so USPS picked it up on the 12th. According to the tracking, you received the order on November 16th, which seems to be pretty good shipping from Miami to Hawaii for USPS ground. When we were packing your order on the 10th we realized there had been a mistake in our inventory and 2 small items in your order were out of stock. We were waiting on updates from our suppliers for shipping so we couldn’t give you an update right away. We didn’t want to hold your order for those two items and we wanted to ship it quickly so it could arrive before Christmas so the order was shipped. I offered a refund on two occasions when you reached out to us as the items seemed like they were going to take too long. You said you didn’t want a refund and preferred to wait for the items but were unhappy with the time it was taking so we processed the refund for them. It makes me sad to read that you think we had a horrible communication with you and gave you attitude. I went back to our emails and they all were cordial and I replied very quickly to all of them with the updates I had at the moment. We didn’t feel good about your experience and once we received the backordered items, we shipped them at no cost for either the merchandise or the shipping. We were happy to see that you received them before Christmas as the initial intention was:) Thank you again for your feedback and we hope your little one enjoyed the beautiful gifts you got for him. Kind Regards, Nicole

5. Mindworks Toys - Miami

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10 reviews
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Mindworks Toys
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Address: Miami International Airport, Terminal E, 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33122, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: +1 305-869-3151

Business type: Toy store

Mindworks Toys: what do users think?
José Luis Sánchez González
José Luis Sánchez González: (Translated by Google) If you visit this place you will be convinced of its excellence (Original) Sí visitas a este lugar estarás convencido de su excelencia

6. Lucky Eyes - Miami

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22 reviews
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Lucky Eyes
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Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd # P117, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-358-6990

Business type: Gift shop

Lucky Eyes: what do users think?
Amy Alvarez
Amy Alvarez: Them crystals aren’t even real and they ain’t tryna return the money back.
Anthony Bischoff
Anthony Bischoff: The woman in this store was very knowledgeable and explained to us the purpose of the Evil Eye and so on.
hugo gonzalez
hugo gonzalez: (Translated by Google) It is nothing extraordinary but you find something you are looking for (Original) No es nada extraordinario pero en cuentras algo de lo que buscas
Roly Castillo
Roly Castillo: (Translated by Google) Good(Original)Bien
Ahmad Aboukamar
Ahmad Aboukamar: (Translated by Google) Good(Original)Bien

7. One Piece At A Time

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17 reviews
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One Piece At A Time
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Address: 8888 SW 136th St #359, Miami, FL 33176, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 305-905-8205

Business type: Toy store

One Piece At A Time: what do users think?
Daniella Berrospi
Daniella Berrospi: One Piece At A Time is one of the best toy stores I have been to in a while (and definitely worth the drive!) For one, they have a bountiful and reasonably priced selection of toys for kids of all ages-- I particularly enjoy taking my two-year old to this store since she loves all their little gadgets she finds at eye-level! The staff is also incredibly kind and helpful with customers in finding toys that are age-appropriate for my child. The owner is especially empathetic and caring with all the families that come in, which definitely shows that she is passionate about kids. Would definitely recommend everyone to stop by!
Terry: This is my favorite toy shop for my child! They have such a great selection and variety to choose from. I know when I buy a toy from here it’s been carefully selected to help my child’s development. They have great books as well! I also find the owner, Cynthia to always be very helpful and knowledgeable.
Response: Thank you❣️
Diana Cortada
Diana Cortada: My husband and I took our kids to this toy store and we were left in awe at all of the wonderful, educational toys they had. Our kids loved their toys. Colorful yet not overstimulating, both important to a Montessori mama. Truly a wonderful store, could say the same about the staff and customer service we received.
Gabriel Marrero
Gabriel Marrero: Found this place out of out of pure coincidence and I’m so glad I did. Took my little girl here and she loved all of her new toys. The staff was also very kind and helpful and created an overall great environment, will definitely be returning!
karla urbina
karla urbina: I took my toddler to this store the other day and I LOVED the wide selection of educational toys. The environment here is very familial, and the owner is an absolute gem. I will be coming back with the rest of the family!
Alexa Orozco
Alexa Orozco: My mom recommended that I stop by this store to buy a gift for my niece and nephew, who are four and NB respectively. The staff and owner were very friendly and nice, and even helped me find great gifts for the kids! I will be coming back soon
Jena Nassar
Jena Nassar: Great store, my boys had a wonderful time. They had a toy selection fit for my 12 year old down to my 2 year old. They can’t wait to go back, but I’m trying not to spoil. Great service!
Stefania: So glad I ran into this store. The children love it and the service was so friendly and helpful, we asked tons of suggestions and the person who helped us (I believe the owner) was nothing but helpful, kind and patient with us. Thank you so much and we will be back!!
kailey vargas
kailey vargas: Cutest toy store ever i love it! Staff was great , my child was in heaven playing with the toys that are available to play with.Staff is wonderful and so sweet!

8. A to Z Toys - Miami Beach

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91 reviews
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A to Z Toys
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Address: 728 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-532-5250

Business type: Toy store

A to Z Toys: what do users think?
Dr. Maham Shehzadi
Dr. Maham Shehzadi: I bought teady bear toy from A to Z shop online. Got same as shown in picture and told. Price is very reasonable. With best quality. Fast delivery.SatisfactoryHighly recommend!
Janice Yeager
Janice Yeager: The selection of toys curated here is exceptional. Every toy we have either purchased or received as a gift from this store have been our son’s absolute favorites. At least from the perspective of toys from birth to 18 months, we have been extremely impressed by the thoughtfulness of all things stocked -the right size for gripping, the appropriate sounds and textures to keep their interest, and just a good selection of smart and PURPOSEFUL children’s’ toys. We will continue to come back and pay the premium, knowing any item we take off the shelf will be a hit.
Simon Woods
Simon Woods: Such a cool store. Old timey. They have every toy imaginable and know their products well. Highly recommended
Alistair Cooper
Alistair Cooper: The store has double the inventory it can reasonably store. Aisles are cluttered with unstable piles of boxes. Customers having to back up and lean against shelves to allow others to pass. I bought 7 little stocking-fillers expecting the total to be around $50-60. It was $136. I’m all for capitalism and supporting independent stores but gouging customers $6 for an eraser or $6 for a tiny rubber egg that cost <10c per unit to make is just a middle finger to customers. This store is like a parody of all the reasons small retail businesses are closing. The owner will deserve Darwin’s wrath when it comes for this business.
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson: We visited this toy store for the first time, and I have to agree it’s quite an experience. It is so jam packed that it can be difficult to see anything, but the owner is helpful. This is a great store to find a special gift, but items are seriously overpriced. I was charged more than double for the same toy asTarget’s price and twenty dollars more than Nordstrom’s price. I want to support local businesses, but wow!
Talia Lifschutz
Talia Lifschutz: amazing toy store! great place to get gifts for kids all ages!
Mott Marvin Kornicki
Mott Marvin Kornicki: Great selection of toys and arts supplies- on Arthur Godfrey Road 💨 Miami Beach
Romy L
Romy L: We love A to Z! Fantastic toys and the owner is extremely helpful giving suggestions for kids of all ages. They also do beautiful free wrapping for the holidays.
Sol Hernandez
Sol Hernandez: I absolutely love this toy store! I’ve been coming here for years, If your reading this review please take the time to stop by with your tittle one and check it out. My husband went in for the first time today and said I felt like a little kid again walking in. The owner is unbelievably kind and genuine. We bought a Electric baby pink Vespa for our 3yr who accidentally broke it the same day. The owner fixed it the very next day no charge. Our heart as a family is so happy knowing this store exist and look forward to buying many more toys for years to come.

9. Five Below - Miami

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108 reviews
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Five Below
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Address: 1440 NW N River Dr Suite 245, Miami, FL 33125, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 786-305-3264

Business type: Toy store

Five Below: what do users think?
Suzana Martinez
Suzana Martinez: Very nice store , good quality of objects and for a cheap price, great customer service, why 2 starts ? The bathroom, omg it was horrible very dirty, I didn’t even use it, that’s how bad it was. I was expecting something cleaner since is a brand new location and a really nice building too and the store is brand new as well.
Jasmine Ortiz
Jasmine Ortiz: Store stayed true to its name "Five and below". Had gadgets, headphones, LED strips, makeup products, etc.. All for 5$ or below. I would really recommend (if you do shop here) to get small things like candy, food, toys, or gadgets. I wouldnt recommend clothing or headphones especially wireless cause I feel like it would be cheapy material.
KeyonvisAndFarah Bouie
KeyonvisAndFarah Bouie: The building is brand new, so parking is free. The store: seems like a small space when I consider the other 5Below stores so some places felt a little crammed. I loved that the majority of cashiers are self checkout
M. Jones
M. Jones: Nice store for adults and kids to to perchase what nots at a good price. Also sale all of the candies we grew up with like Mary Janes etc.... Fun Store.😌😌
Robert Elorriaga
Robert Elorriaga: Still new, but good so far. Parking and stores, plus everything has shade.....
Dave Salmon
Dave Salmon: This place opened on October 2, 2020. There is a Burlington that just opened inside the River Landing complex. Also, there is a Publix on the first floor that also just opened.
Kay Jay
Kay Jay: Store fully stocked and clean!

10. Flip Flop Shops - Bayside Marketplace - Miami

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8 reviews
new review
Flip Flop Shops - Bayside Marketplace
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Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 786-254-7366

Business type: Shoe store

Flip Flop Shops - Bayside Marketplace: what do users think?
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane: Amazing shop. Excellent selection and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. A MUST STOP at Bayside Marketplace.
Response: Thank you for your kind words.
Michelle Schmucker (Shelly)
Michelle Schmucker (Shelly): Got a pair of olukais there! Love them
Response: Thank you for your kind review. We are happy you love your Olukais!
Ana Maria S
Ana Maria S: They have the worst customer service, attempted to exchange a pair of shoes I bought in another flip flop shop and they wouldn’t not do it because the shoes I had were a different color.
Response: Hi Ana. I apologize we were unable to exchange the flip flops. We are independently owned shops. I am sure the shop where you originally purchased them in Delaware would be happy to exchange them. I hope you can understand.

11. Learning Express - Aventura

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135 reviews
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Learning Express
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Address: 20335 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-931-8085

Business type: Toy store

Learning Express: what do users think?
Frederick Samuel
Frederick Samuel: Absolutely amazing! The place is a kids dream and staff are super friendly and helpful. We loved every experience of it. I am definitely going back.
lucho peruano
lucho peruano: workers are extremely friendly and welcoming , they have a variety of selection of squishmallows . Love the staff and the attention to the costumer . My learning express to go for sure
Gabriela Kiani Leon
Gabriela Kiani Leon: Amazing experience today! The owners were super nice and made sure everyone got mostly what they were looking for! I didn’t get the squish I wanted but they told me when he was coming in 😉
Response: Thanks for coming by! See you soon!
ruth gonzalez
ruth gonzalez: I live in doral, so the pinecrest location is dramatically closer. BUT I LOVE the aventura location. it is so much bigger, with a lot more options and variations, it is organized and structured clearly. in aventura I’m not being pushed or trampled by children and the store associates are super informed and always help me find exactly what I’m looking for. it is more than double the mileage visiting this location, but always 100% worth it!
Kotys Korner
Kotys Korner: Absolutely love this store!! As soon as you walk in the store you are surrounded by lots of colorful and interesting toys, gadgets, etc. They have an awesome selection, and we find something new every time we visit! My daughter and I are always greeted with a smile, which is one of the reasons that we come back so often. There are toys for every age, the store is very clean and organized. I think I am probably more in love with the store than my daughter! :-) So happy to have found this store. We will be back very soon!
Monica Bigio
Monica Bigio: I went to the store and had such a good experience! Employees are always with a smile on their faces. They get on a personal level with you to try and figure out what you like and what you are looking for. I always get the perfect toy. Most of them speak Spanish which helps a lot because most of us, the customers, are from Latin countries. Every time I leave, I always want to come back!
Patricia Isabel deLeon
Patricia Isabel deLeon: My daughter loves this place! They got us antibacterial upon entering the door. Store is full of good stuff for kids. 👍
Response: Safety first! thanks for coming! see you soon.
Nicole Jaramillo
Nicole Jaramillo: Learning express is by far one of the best places to buy toys. The services they offer are amazing, the employees treat you as if you were part of their family. They offer free gift wrapping, which is such a plus. Issac and Valerie, the owner are amazing, they always come out to help all the customers, and the employees are always so attentive and they give an amazing service!! #1 always!

12. Toy World Incorporated

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308 reviews
new review
Toy World Incorporated
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Address: 7455 NW 41st St, Miami, FL 33166, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 305-593-9160

Business type: Toy store

Toy World Incorporated: what do users think?
Atlanta Balloon Designer
Atlanta Balloon Designer: I LOVE buying our balloons from this company. Customer service is excellent..shipping speeds are SUPER fast. Like, I just made my order two days ago and my shipment is here. Quality balloons, top notch service, and a huge selection of quality balloons. Your my number one go to spot for large orders of balloons. Thanks to everyone who helps get orders out quickly. You rock!!!
Marcos Rolon
Marcos Rolon: I own Party Supplies and More and buy from Toy World balloon bags, they have quality balloons at great prices and their service model is excellent online. Highly recommended. MARCOS ROLON /PARTY SUPPLIES AND MORE LAS VEGAS NV
Sujheil Garate
Sujheil Garate: Place is a disaster. Prices are not low enough for a uncomfortable purchasing experience. Limited parking Aisles wirhout information (You have to guess which direction walk) No A/C Long lines to pay (1 or 2 cashiers) Everything looks dirty
Gi Lambrus
Gi Lambrus: Super customer friendly. The website gives you all the options. The quality is amazing d the products are great.Everything you need for your party, bday and season decorations
John Perez
John Perez: This place is amazing.... everything you need for decoration, party etc. etc... and much more.
lydia rodriguez
lydia rodriguez: They need to be more organized but is good and has good prices
Liz Gaucin
Liz Gaucin: I ordered balloons for the first time from this store and I was amazed that as soon as I did the order online I received a notification via text message thanking me for the order and giving me the tracking number for my order which I was glad about. I just received my package on the exact date and I just want to say that I am definitely ordering again from them! Highly recommended!
Daniel Heinze
Daniel Heinze: Their party supplies are awesome. You can find whenever you needed for the party. The prices are awesome. Its one of the party store’s hidden gem.

13. Walmart Supercenter

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16033 reviews
new review
Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 3200 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33147, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: +1 305-913-8439

Business type: Toy store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Nicole Marsh
Nicole Marsh: I have never been so disappointed in Walmart. It was worth than a Black Friday after thanksgiving. Unfortunately not many Walmarts in this area, so your choices are limited. The shelves where bare and the lines went to the back of the store, no lie. Make sure you have plenty of time before you put this on your trip list.
Adianett Martin
Adianett Martin: Im giving it one star because I can’t give it any less. Worst Walmart I have ever been to. The workers are there for nothing. You request someone’s help and they pretend they don’t hear you. Once someone helps you it’s with a bad attitude. The lines are huuugeee , only 3 cashiers opened and 10 closed. I don’t understand where’s the costumer service of this place. You go to the Walmart in 49 st and it’s a totally different story. This is the worst of the worst
James 2021
James 2021: This store 04303 continues to deliver class A rudeness, disrespect, and employees who lack knowledge of their position and the store operations. Employees who have no clue of customer service. They continually lack humility when they are the ones in the wrong. OP# 000123 TE# 26 TR# 01174 Is a classic example of the above. This young was totally uninvolved in her position as a cashier. Prior to me she owed a customer change. She had no coins in her tender. She looked at the customer and pointed to her register. What is the next move: request from management coins for the register. The customer left shaking his head. My turn. I have a plant that is cover in a yellow clearance for .75 cents. It rings up for $2.97. I politely show her the clearance. Her response was: “it is ringing up for $2.97. I politely said I can see that it did but that is not the current price. She just stares at me. What to do next? Call for management. I suggested for her to ask for help. She continues to stare. She did not call for help but instead turn on a blinking light. I flagged the attention of someone and she said over ride. She continue to put in the wrong price and kept the 2.97. I am like huh. .75 x 4 is $3 not $6. She finally gets it right continues to throw the reminding products I bought into a bag. Simply Amazing
MeryAnn u
MeryAnn u: Bad customer service. Needs better managing & more cashiers. Doesn’t matter how early or late you go to avid this happens all the time, all hours. Extra long lines, out of 20 something registers is usually less than 10 cashiers working. I can never find an employee over the jewelry department.
Chris Bono
Chris Bono: Living up to its expectations. A bit of an increase to prices on products but more reasonable in comparison to other retail centers. Enough to be noticeable, but still excellent at providing all the great products customers need.

14. Flagler Luggage & Gift Shop - Miami

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7 reviews
new review
Flagler Luggage & Gift Shop
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Address: 264 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: +1 305-371-3858

Business type: Luggage store

Flagler Luggage & Gift Shop: what do users think?
José Rafael Medina
José Rafael Medina: Kind and helpful staff
Robert Saunders
Robert Saunders: Wanted to get to gift shop but so much difficulty getting there
Walder Ary Junior
Walder Ary Junior: Nice dealer from Samsonite
Fidel Babani
Fidel Babani: (Translated by Google) I entered this store out of curiosity and left buying a travel bag. The prices are very good compared to other similar stores. The man who attended me was very kind and tried to help me with all my concerns. The place is clean and tidy and also has a wide range of items and products for sale. I recommend it (Original) Entré a esta tienda por curiosidad y salí comprando una maleta de viaje. Los precios son muy buenos en comparación con otras tiendas similares. El señor que me atendió fue muy amable y trató de ayudarme en todas mis inquietudes. El lugar está limpio y ordenado y además tiene una amplia gama de artículos y productos en venta. Lo recomiendo

15. Walmart Supercenter

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7291 reviews
new review
Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 8400 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: +1 305-351-0725

Business type: Toy store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Mafe: The lines here are incredibly long as it is the case with pretty much every Walmart. I’m currently standing in the return line, I’m the 4th person in line out of 9 people. How many customer reps may you guess, are working the line? 1. I tried to get her some help and the closest employee was the one at the self check-out and she was also the only employee in that section. She also seemed overwhelmed. The manager passed by with a car full of things and as she was approached but this employee she said, “I can’t” while pointing at her cart. So make your own conclusion:
Gary Krueger
Gary Krueger: Nice and clean. Friendly people. Good walking paths.
Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado: 14 registers closet big lines only self serve Wal-Mart bad service cheap greedy owners
Igor Petrovski
Igor Petrovski: Waiting in line for 20 minutes already. Only the self scan registers open. More than 50 people waiting to check out. This is unacceptable
Evelyn Dovale
Evelyn Dovale: Prices are too high for the quality standard of the products. There is shortage of organic fruits/vegetables and poultry. They need to rethink their business model because many people, my family included, are going to more affordable and well-stocked places like Sedanos, Navarro and El Presidente.
Dave García
Dave García: The warehouse that has everything you need (and more) reigns in Westchester. I mean, why go anywhere else? Sure, this Walmart is next to a Publix in the same shopping center, but Publix doesn’t have all the great goodies and low prices WM has. Remember, it’s open 24 hours so don’t freak out if you see any Walmartians at any given moment – have your phone ready to snap that shot of those crazy people.
Gloria Lugo
Gloria Lugo: Rita customer service associate need more training in how process money gram and any cash services . I had to asked to a coach and 5 different associates, wait for 20min until Shaonda came and answer my question. Then Rita did wrong the transaction causing a fraud message. That was a worst service
V: Always have fun shopping at this Walmart supercenter. Love going thru the aisles checking out new items.

16. Toys Tonight Sex Shop Miami - Miami

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99 reviews
new review
Toys Tonight Sex Shop Miami
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Address: 203 NW 36th St Suite A, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 786-334-5600

Business type: Adult entertainment store

Toys Tonight Sex Shop Miami: what do users think?
Giavanna I
Giavanna I: Amazing variety and selection, and overall amazing experience! I came in pretty open to what I was buying and Xita really helped me narrow down what would work best for me and my partner! Super informative and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process, would definitely come back!
Response: Many thanks Giavanna for that excellent review
Maiya Naomi
Maiya Naomi: great experience:) xita was super accommodating and friendly. she helped me find the best products to accommodate me and my needs 10/10 would recommend if you’re shopping here ask for her. made my experience a lot less nerve racking.
Response: Thanks so much Maiya
Jessica Bass
Jessica Bass: Absolutely fantastic. It was my first experience in one of the stores and I get why they are number one in Miami. Zen was so helpful with me and they went out of their way to make sure I found something that would work for me.
Alexandra Kelleher
Alexandra Kelleher: My favorite place in all of Miami. Staff is very helpful specially xita she is always able to help me find exactly what I need. The quality of the products they sell are like none other in the city! They always have the CUTTEST styles and the best selection of toys!
Response: Thanks so much Alexandra for that excellent review!
Gritz: This place has wonderful service. Xita helped me pinpoint what was best for my pleasure and made sure I was comfortable during my shopping experience
Response: Thanks so much Gitz
Barry Ferguson
Barry Ferguson: Deborah was doing such a great job that I thought she was The best Host ever I recommend this place to anyone I like your white selection of adult toys and everything
Response: Thanks Barry, we appreciate you taking the time to review us and for pointing out our great staff
VVSTAR: Cute shop and grab what you need in a breeze!!! Had xita help my partner and I out to choose some goodies & even gave us freebies :) always a good time going here
Response: Thanksvfor your 5 star review
Aida van Mossel
Aida van Mossel: Great shop with great options. Xen was awesome and very knowledgeable on products and how to use. Definitely recommend.
Response: Thanks Aida for your 5 star review and for giving a shout out to Xen our store manager!
Anessa Rossi
Anessa Rossi: Xen was so helpful in assisting me with new shoes and new outfits! 10/10 for customer service and selection.
Response: Thanks Anessa, and thanks for mentioning Xen, she'll be happy to hear that you singled her out for her great service.
Drew Deng
Drew Deng: Staff is friendly and helpful to guide you in the right direction. I was helped by Xita and they were wonderful!
Response: Thanks forbyou review Drew!

17. Off-White™ Miami - Miami

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59 reviews
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Off-White™ Miami
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Address: 127 NE 41st St, Miami, FL 33137, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 786-360-2550

Business type: Clothing store

Off-White™ Miami: what do users think?
Rae Huggins
Rae Huggins: This was definitely a wonderful experience. I never knew waiting in line for an hour just to get in a retail store was so exciting. I was determined to buy something. Luckily, my son found his size and managed to get a T-shirt and a hoodie. He’s absolutely thrilled with his new Off-White apparel. Suggestion: If you plan to get a hoodie, get a size larger. It’s cut differently at the bottom. Unless you don’t mind having your waistline show every time you raise your arms then stick with your normal size.
Brigida Varela
Brigida Varela: This pic represents the amazing work that Luis from Off-White Miami made happen. My husband was there on Saturday 8/14 right before closing and Luis was the associate who helped him pick out a few last minute travel gifts. My husband purchased a off white bag pack for our son and these slides. However, when he got home in orlando and I tried them on the were a bit small. What do we do? We’re live in another city! Well, we contacted luis and he made the exchange so simple I can’t even believe it. Luis asked us to ship the slides back with a copy of the receipt and make the package to his attention. So we did just that. On Tuesday 817 we shipped them out. He got them on Wednesday 8/18 and today Thursday 8/19 we got the correct size! Like WOWOWOWOW!!! What an amazing customer service, excellent communication and most importantly, HE CARED! Stores like this normally don’t go out of the way for a few hundred dollar customers. However, THIS STORE, it’s employees, staff and luis are WORLD CLASS! 🤩 thank you sooooo much!
Yun Johansson
Yun Johansson: Great service from 2 of the staff. 👎to the judgeing looks of some of the other. N yes I bought something..
Boss N Up Ent Management
Boss N Up Ent Management: Very Happy!! with this store and location. I was able to win an in-store raffle for Jordan 2’s
Javier Perez
Javier Perez: Amazing store & staff! Great selection of items, I always enjoy browsing & checking out what’s new! Staff is very attentive to your needs & goes out of there way to make sure you are happy. Doug is hands down amazing & always taking care of your needs when shopping. Thank you for such amazing service always! Doug you are the GOAT! Greatest of all time 🐐
Joseph Behrendt
Joseph Behrendt: went here over the summer and got some Nike air zooms and was the worst luxury store experience ever. the workers were annoyed with my small group from the moment we walked in and almost seemed reluctant to let us buy anything. the worker literally refused to give me a bag for the shoes even after I offered to buy one and even after I had seen them bagging every single other customers item. I had to walk across the whole design district just carrying this box of off whites. reached out to customer support after and they totally brushed me off and said the manger would reach out to me (never did)
Jennifer Polanco
Jennifer Polanco: Luis!!!!! was amazing thank you so much for making my birthday extra special he brought the shoes I wanted for back stocks
Luka Marinković
Luka Marinković: Worth the line outside! I walked in and was immediately helped by a very nice woman that let me explain what I was looking for and helped me look through the store! Once I chose what i wanted to buy, she wrapped everything and gave me a few free tags as-well. 1000% amazing and kind staff. They are very kind and make great small talk. If you love Off-White like I do this is 100% a must go!

18. Passage to India II - Miami

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18 reviews
new review
Passage to India II
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Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd # P119, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-375-9504

Business type: Gift shop

Passage to India II: what do users think?
Ailady Delgado
Ailady Delgado: Beautiful Clothes and Service!! I wish they had a website to order from. Everyone keeps asking me where I bought my dress and jewelry but is too far away from Home 6 Hrs away.
tyann amos
tyann amos: This is such a cute shop! They have beautiful items at great prices, the staff is super nice and the store is neat!
Ward Dougherty
Ward Dougherty: A lovely shop to get a good hat This shop is one of the many shops that line the building from the parking garage to the Hard Rock Café. If you need to park, the garage offers a lot of spaces. During COVID, there are signs stating that you must wear a mask. This shop is on the first floor closer to the road. My partner need to get a hat as the Florida day was warm. The staff was super friendly and helpful. There is a fair amount of merchandise for a small shop but that also means that there are a fair amount of choices. We picked out a hat at a very reasonable price under $10. I would recommend this place for anybody wanted to do some shopping.
Anthony Bischoff
Anthony Bischoff: She lady who worked there was very nice and accommodating and we purchased some things my wife saw and she was closing while helping us. Thank You again
Jose arobert
Jose arobert: (Translated by Google) Beautiful designs! Good prices, you may find things, such as pashminas for example with designs that you will not easily find elsewhere (Original) Hermosos diseños! Buenos precios, es posible que encuentres cosas ,como pashminas por ejemplo con diseños que no encontrarás fácilmente en otros lugares
Claudio Yarull
Claudio Yarull: (Translated by Google) Good variety of gifts for all tastes and economies. (Original) Bueno variedad de regalos para todos los gustos y economías.
Marta Beatriz Cuadrado
Marta Beatriz Cuadrado: (Translated by Google) I love clothes(Original)Me encanto la ropa

19. The Grand Trading Post - Miami

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13 reviews
new review
The Grand Trading Post
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Address: The Grand Doubletree, 1717 N Bayshore Dr #126, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: +1 305-371-8303

Business type: Convenience store

The Grand Trading Post: what do users think?
ReGReSSioN CLuB: Great store, my girlfriend found everything she needed to, including eyelashes glue, at 11pm! Staff was very helpful and friendly, totally recommend it!
Katherine McAninch
Katherine McAninch: Excellent selection of gifts and overall very good! We found everything we needed and even some pretty good items for gifts. very good customer service.
Beautiful Brown
Beautiful Brown: Congrats!! Pate Chaud MiamiWonderful! Sindy and Myriam keep it going !!! Good food!!
Jeffrey lunt
Jeffrey lunt: Every time I stay at the Marriot I always find everything I need, and also a great service. For me always a mandatory stop. Also for last minute presents
Amelia Garrido
Amelia Garrido: Great place for everything we need when we need it and where we need it...Hopefully one day they will sell wine....!!!!
Pilar Garcia del Olmo
Pilar Garcia del Olmo: Always found what I need!!! Very helpful store, and the best...a really good service!!!
Yasta ZZ
Yasta ZZ: A whole range of products. Pleasant staffing. Totally advisable.
Jara Cidoncha
Jara Cidoncha: The best service! Excellent store.
Response: Thank you!
Adelina Arbones
Adelina Arbones: (Translated by Google) Excellent store where I always find everything I need. Also the staff is friendly and always have good recommendations. (Original) Excelente tienda donde siempre encuentro todo lo que necesito. Además el staff es amable y siempre tienen buenas recomendaciones.
Salón Jose Salvador
Salón Jose Salvador: (Translated by Google) Incredible personal treatment and you can find everything you need at any time. Highly recommended to buy any gift for the family. (Original) Increible el trato personal y puedes encontrar todo lo que necesites en cualquier momento. Muy recomendable para comprar cualquier regalo para la familia.

20. Playthings

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527 reviews
new review
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Address: 9250 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-485-8404

Business type: Novelty store

Playthings: what do users think?
Tommy G
Tommy G: Soo i can sit here and write so many good things about Daniel The king!!!! The service is amazing his attitude with the customers is out of this world this is an employee I would love for my own Business soo play things you guys better take good care of him… the store is amazing I highly recommend going here for anything even emotional support
Eddie Robayo
Eddie Robayo: I love coming to this store , love everything of the store and every time I come , Daniel always takes care of me , helps me find what I am looking for , great customer service
Kelsie Bryant
Kelsie Bryant: Danny was amazing and such a great help! He showed us around, gave us an honest opinion on products, and was extremely knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend and we will be back
Mairim D
Mairim D: I always have an amaizing experience here ! They are so courteous and helpful ! They are always there to answer questions whether is an outfit or a toy I highly recommend this place and the girl Kat who helped me she is very friendly ask for her !
ImjustChas: called in to ask for some items and Dani was extremely helpful over and in person. had such a great interaction and felt very comfortable with the entire visit! best place in miami!!!! 🙏🏼🤩
Claribel Fabregas
Claribel Fabregas: Great place for exclusive lingerie that no one else carries . Awesome customer service and knowledgeable staff . Love their accessories, I always find a cute sexy something to spice things up! And open till 2am a plus for a night owlLike me :)
Gina P
Gina P: Rachel & Katherine, were both so nice & helpful from the moment I walked in. They both assisted me in putting my Halloween costume together. Thank you ladies!
Response: Hi Gina, we are so glad we were able to help you in getting your costume. It was a pleasure having you. Enjoy your outfit ❤️
Sarah L
Sarah L: Had an amazing experience with Dan the Man! He was so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He gave us so many options and even showed us how some of the toys worked! Definitely asking for him when I come again.
Angela Sophia
Angela Sophia: I came in a few days ago and everyone was so professional and knowledgeable. Rita took care of me and knew exactly what I was looking for and helped me pick out a few things for my husband and I. Thank you and will come in again!☺️

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