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1. Forever Love Puppies Miami

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403 reviews
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Forever Love Puppies Miami

Address: 6805 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 871-9843

Business type: Dog breeder

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Forever Love Puppies Miami: what do users think?

Elias Campos: My wife has been looking for a small dog for a while and after a thorough search we found the perfect dog for us. Forever Love Puppies is a great place, attention was exceptional and it was an easy process; they explained us everything from care, vaccinations and doctors visits. I highly recommend this establishment if you are think of buying a dog.

Elizabeth Corales: my bf & i have been trying to look for the perfect dog for years. this place was super helpful & explained everything in detail about this dog. the only issue was trying to finance the dog, their system was a little slow, but we’re so happy to have found our sweet baby

Gina R: I absolutely love this place!! Great customer service and super attentive. All the puppies looked amazing and the energy was full of love!! You need to come here for your new pet!

al b-easy: Great experience, great quality puppy. Only thing is I never got the papers from the dog. I was told it was AKC but I haven’t gone back to get paperwork. Maybe someone can send me an email

Ms. Hernandez: Purchased my Yorkshire terrier here. Service here was excellent. Great variety of different dog breeds. They allow you to pet the dogs and play with them and get to know each one. So happy with him! He is such an amazing pup. Thank you Forever Love Puppies! 5/5

Daliana Tabares: This is my second time getting a puppy from Forever Love Puppies! I love their customer service and how easy and understand they make everything! Anthony and Javier at the Bird Road location made it so easy for us!

Lucile Guichon: Katherine and Javier have been very helping and professional and we found our new puppy the second we got into the stores. Prices are reasonable and they explain everything to you.Thank you so much !

Joshua Valiente: Amazing experience, we love our new puppy! Javier is an awesome assistant manager and helped us with all out puppy needs. Thank you so much.

manuela quiceno: We have been looking for the perfect dog and we were able to find it here. They have beautiful dogs and very good prices. I absolutely love this place!

Martha Sesin: Had heard about this place a few weeks back and never noticed it even though it’s near me. Have been looking for a Shih tzu high and low and on a whim came today. Never expected to walk out with our little Lulu! Javier was amazing, welcomed us and made us feel at ease. He answered all our questions and was knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Forever Love Puppies! ♥️

2. Puppies To Go

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284 reviews
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Puppies To Go

Address: 7335 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (305) 262-7310

Business type: Kennel

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Puppies To Go: what do users think?

Isabella Wasielewski: Bought our Miniature Schnauzer puppy on March 27th, 2020. She has been such a delight. Puppy has been in perfect health since I got her. Staff at this store are very friendly and you could tell the dogs are well taken care of. I want to buy another one!

Poessie Rivera: Very pleasant experience. Place is very clean and the puppies you can tell are very happy as they come very enthusiatic when they bring them to the clients. I have a beautiful puppy, super adaptable and immediately loved her new home. She even seem potty trained as i have discovered. Super smart...The staff was very professional and they really want the client to leave satisfy so they seem to know quite a lot about the puppies they carry, which for me in the end was extremely helpful.

Jonathan Andres Serna: Our family wanted to raise a puppy to adult so we went to the animal shelter first looking for a puppy and a couple of other puppy stores but this particular one we received an extremely great service by the young lady who was in the office her name is Genesis, she was very helpful and we made and informed decision with her feedback. The dog we liked although was not cheap, the place offers easy and quick financing, not great credit required, just regular standards. I definetely recommend the place.

Alexa Morera: Very clean and welcoming! I came into Puppies To Go just to browse I ended up buying my fur baby that same day! They were so helpful with all my questions and concerns! I have recommended this store to all of my friends and family! They are extremely caring!

Paige Mulville: I find it very strange that it’s now 2021 and people still think it’s OK to look for a dog in a pet store. It really baffles me that people would go to a store and pay thousands for a dog when they could go to a shelter or find reputable breeder. Shame on all of you who purchased dogs from this place. Nothing absolutely nothing about what you were doing is OK. Your just feeding the puppy mills and supporting them!

GG: Bought a dog and it came with bronchopneumonia and the ayote doesn’t want to be responsible of the cost. They sent us to a vet which made us lose at least 2 weeks of my dog improvement since they hospitalized him and did nothing to him since he came with 1 collapsed lung. We have been contacting the store for over a month now and they still don’t feel like they are responsibly for selling a sick dog.

annabella exposito: It hasn’t taken me a long time to come to terms with this, but please do yourself a favor and reconsider purchasing a puppy from this place. I got a miniature schnauzer 6 years ago and she was an amazing dog, but unfortunately she passed away when she was 4 years old.. due to genetic complications. She had pancreatitis, heart was failing and etc... pancreatitis is a common for schnauzer if they a bred poorly and well my poor penny passed away due to genetic problems. Obviously the people selling the puppies will tell you wonderful things, but once you buy the dog, THEY DO NOT CARE. More money in their pockets. If you want to get a pure breed dog buy it from a responsible breeder because it’s luck to get a healthy dog that will live 12 years from a puppy store.

3. Gorgeous Puppies

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138 reviews
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Gorgeous Puppies

Address: 7931 SW 40th St SUITE 27, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (305) 266-7324

Business type: Dog breeder

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Gorgeous Puppies: what do users think?

Ethan Pike: This store owner is a con artist. He will cheat you. He will mislead you. He will lie and lie. When things are not going his way he will make up more lies. When things are not going his way he will also act like he does not understand English. He will cheat and lie to you. Buyer be ware. Do not fall for his tricks. I support good honest person/puppy stores 100%. This is not one of those.

Abraham Palacios: Everyone beware when purchasing any puppy from any store, but more so from Gorgeous puppies. We though we had purchased a healthy schnauzer since we went to their vet right after purchasing her and they did a wellness check and Lily was good and healthy. Not even 2 days later poor puppy started throwing up at a rate of every 15-20 minutes. I had no choice but to take her to the emergency that evening. To our surprise she had a virus and bacteria. Parvo virus and Giardia! Both very contagious to other animals and Guardia can even be transmitted to humans. Parvo is deadly to any dog with a low chance of survival rate. The next morning the store owner forced us to take her to their preferred vet and didn’t make it past 1 day, hate to feel they just put her down to avoid any expense but that’s just my though on how I was forced to surrender her back to the store so I had no say on any decision. Please please research these two viruses so you understand the risks you most likely will put yourself and your family through if you decide to purchase from this place. Also don’t trust their vet, please take your new puppy somewhere you trust and test against these two viruses as I do expect many of their puppies are infected either of parvo or Giardia or worst both like Lily was. To make things worse for us by loosing Lily, we could not even get compensated for the 500 dollars we spent on the emergency visit, that by the way the owner did take full advantage of the test results by sending it to the breeder to get his money back! Here’s a pick of Lily so everyone can see she was a living thing, because for my family she had become part of us in just 48 hrs that she spent with us, not a merchandise or a toy you just throw away, we will forever miss our Lily and please do your best to find another option than this store. Avoid the pain I put my family through please.
Response: Dear Mr. Abraham Palacios Please accept our must sincere condolences, we understand the feeling of losing a family pet is very difficult and this has been an unfortunate and a unforeseeable situation. In our 15 years of helping families finding their next pet, we have never sold a sick puppy to any of our loyal customers. We are aware that this situations can happen and many times are out of our control; every puppy comes from a reputable breeder, they are vetted before they arrive at our store and also by our trusted vet. We continually monitor each puppy for any change in behavior or eating habits while in our care. Parvo is a highly contagious virus, puppies are born with antibodies from their mothers. As this antibodies fade they need to receive a course of parvo vaccinations. It is very important to understand for anyone that acquires a puppy that even after getting their parvo vaccinations they can still catch Parvo. Because the virus has different strains and reinvents itself. So unfortunately, dogs definitely can still catch the parvovirus. You can also look up this information on the American Kennel Club website. The reason we ask that our puppies be taken to our trusted vet is because we have an honest relationship with him and know he would never put profit before the puppies health and also to avoid that our customers incurred high cost vet visits all this during the health warranty for the puppy. We are dismayed that you stated we put down the puppy in order to avoid any expense, our vet did everything posible to save her unfortunately she did not overcome the virus; we communicated with you over the phone continually and during our conversations you never expressed this sentiment even after we offered you a new puppy you opted for a full refund which we did swiftly. We thank you for the opportunity and look forward to serving you again in the near future. if you have any further questions please feel to contact us directly. Best regards,

Isaac Diaz: Amazing customer service. I went last week to purchase my French Bulldog and i can tell you the experiance was great. The Owner and his staff have alot of patience and have the best prices around. They even give you a free vet visit with reputable vets. I will recommend this location hands down.
Response: Thank you very much, Isaac for your comment, we are here to make every family happy, by bringing home a beautiful puppy, we are always here to address your concerns, greetings.

Jasmine dionico: It’s been 3 years since I bought my puppy from here who is now a 3yr old long haired dachshund. It was a good purchase. She was perfectly fine when we bought her. After reading most reviews I am terribly sorry for anybody’s bad experiences. In future purchases I hope the best for you all.
Response: (Translated by Google) Hello, Jasmine, thank you very much for your comment, we are still here to resolve customer concerns and do our best, regards. Hello, Jasmine, thank you very much for your comment, we are still here to resolve customer concerns and do our best, regards. (Original) hola,jasmine,muchas gracias por comentario,igual estamos aca para las resolver las inquietudes de los clientes y hacer lo mejor para ustedes,saludos. Hello, Jasmine, thank you very much for your comment, we are still here to resolve customer concerns and do our best, regards.

Stef T (Steff): I waited a year to write a review out of fear something would happen to my dog because of the reviews but I was wrong! I’m sorry to those that had a bad experience but mine was great. I got my golden doodle, Benjamin, from this store. He’s strong and now a year and five months. The only thing is I was informed he was a mini and he’s definitely not 😂. But it’s ok i prefer it! Will buy my next puppy here again
Response: Thank you very much, Stef for taking your honest comment, and thank you for referring me, we are here to serve you and have a good healthy partner, greetings.

Brett Kantor: Awful experience. Please beware. Gerrado is not a reputable business owner. Purchased a mini pinscher from this place. Went to their vet who claimed dog was not sick . After returning home with the puppy he was gasping for air. We has to take him to our local vet who informed us that both of his lungs were completely filled with fluid from pneumonia. The vet said he would have to stay overnight and there was a chance he would not make it . Luckily he was able to get better over the next few days because we were smart enough to bring him to our vet . In the hospital discussing the situation with Gerrado the owner he explained that the medical bills would only be covered if i bring the dog back to his vet who misdiagnosed the dog . I told him not only did we feel uncomfortable doing that clearly because we were in this dilema because of his vet but also the dog was hooked to IV and respirator and could not be transported. He understood the severity of the situation and agreed to pay the hospital bills . The following day upon receipt of the medical bills he refused to pay . He is not honest and has a history of selling sick dogs . Unfortunately I didnt do my due diligence before choosing to go w Gorgeous Puppies. Please go to anyone else that can fill your puppy needs . Please avoid this place at all costs .
Response: Mr. Kantor, I hope you are very well, I bought the puppy more than 5-6 months ago, and now after so long, you are going to place a claim on me, when from the beginning of having acquired the puppy, and the which you cried for me to give you a good price, and placing the clinic at your disposal without paying; in case the puppy got sick, which you rejected and did not want, and I know you always had your puppy very well, I'm sorry to hear that of you and you know more than anyone because you are placing this, but I am calm because I was very clear and honest with you, only that you handle things your way, the contract says that you have two days to be reviewed by the vet, And if you had a problem, could you return it, if it was so bad why didn't you return it to me, why did you think it was a good price? apart from the discount that I made? and now after more than 5-or six months I am going to place this, to the people to whom I have sold puppies, I have always been very honest and I have responded to them for the health of the puppy, in part I am sorry that you have been taken the time to do this, god bless you and have a happy day.🙏

Sandra Arjune (Sandy): We traveled 2 1/2 hours to come get our fur baby, Geraldo stayed and waited after hours for us to get there thank you so much for that! when we reached the store he was very friendly, knowledgeable. Thank you for a great experience!!!
Response: (Translated by Google) thank you very much sandra; For your comment, we try to do the best for our customers, and make a family happy, acquiring a puppy from our store, thanks again to you, greetings. Thank you very much Sandra; For your comment, we try to do the best for our customers, and make a family happy, acquiring a puppy from our store, again thanks to you, greetings. (Original) thank you very much sandra; For your comment, we try to do the best for our customers, and make a family happy, acquiring a puppy from our store, thanks again to you, greetings. .muchas gracias sandra; por tu comentario, tratamos de hacer lo mejor para nuestros clientes, y hacer feliz a una familia, adquiriendo un puppy de nuestra tienda, nuevamente gracias a ti, saludos.

Diana Q: I got my furry love here 2 months ago from Gorgeous Puppies & Kittens and I could not be happier with my adorable Boston terrier. The staff was extremely helpful and my little puppy is perfectly happy and healthy. He has no congenital diseases or issues at all. I understand the need to adopt but if you are interested in buying, this is the best place in Miami. I looked at another Boston terrier at another store which was way too more expensive! The store was clean and the staff were very helpful, friendly and courteous, they gave me the chance to play with him before making a decision, and mention me the huge responsibility to have a dog. The whole experience was great! Healthy, quality, beautiful puppies from Gorgeous Puppies & Kittens! Diana Cox
Response: We are pleased to hear that your experience with us was pleasant, we are here to serve you and help you with any concerns you may have, thank you, regards.

Sarah C: Very nice and attentive! So happy to find a pup to add to our family!
Response: hello sarah, how are you? thanks for such a beautiful comment, we will always be at the order, to provide a better service, and most important of us, is that the puppies have a nice home, and fill them with joy, thank you for believing and trusting in us, greetings.

4. Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.

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36 reviews
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Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.

Address: 410 Palm Ave, Hialeah, FL 33010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1:30PM Wed

Telephone: (954) 297-8882

Business type: Kennel

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Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.: what do users think?

Jeanette B: I was very skeptical at first buying here due to the reviews but we traveled all the way from Orlando to pick up our little angel right before the pandemic hit. The people were extremely nice and helpful and our little baby Reese was absolutely adorable. We’ve had Reese for almost two years now. We bought her when she was 8 weeks. She’s now 35 pounds, and extremely active and healthy. Throughout the time we’ve had her she’s had very minor health problems due to her simply being a bulldog. She’s extremely loving and absolutely perfect we really couldn’t have asked for a better add to our family. Thank you so much!

Stacey Leppo: I have never seen the facility but 13 yrs ago I bought a beautiful frenchie. He died in 6 months of a bad heart. Martin replaced him with a beautiful little girl. I had to do some begging but not much. She is 11 1/2 and still like a puppy.I also purchased a frenchie from a well known breeder and visited them and picked a boy frenchie out. He was sick since he was 8 months. He fought cancer his whole life. He did live to be 11 but cost me a fortune.I think you just take a risk know matter what now. I am really mourning my baby boy

Kay Fullilove: We bought a French Bulldog from Martin 4 years ago. Our dog has the best temperament and is super healthy. He probably could have been a show dog he is the perfect weight and stature. I would definitely buy another Frenchie from Martin and Beverly Hills bulldogs. I reached out a few months ago to see if those parents were still breeding but unfortunately they had been retired.
Response: Thank you

Ed Anderson: We bought our French Bulldog puppy from Martin 3 weeks ago. She is an adorable dog who is well-behaved and very active. We could not be more pleased. Martin was great to deal with through the entire purchase process. Zoie had to be flown from Miami to Indianapolis. Martin made sure she was prepared for a safe trip. Very impressed that Martin came back 3 weeks after our purchase to ask if we were still satisfied. I think that shows his commitment to providing great puppies to his customers.
Response: Thank you. We are a USDA breeder. We are inspected on a regular bases and licensed by USDA. We have never been fined by USDA. We also only sell AKC puppies. We are inspected by AKC. We are also inspected and licensed by Miami-Dade County. We have never been fined by Miami-Dade County. We have a Better Business Bureau rating of A +.

A S: Positive: QualityI have a 9 yr old English bulldog and recently purchased a French Bulldog in November. Both dogs are exceptional in health and temperament. We absolutely adore them both and have had zero health issues typical of the breed.
Response: Good news, thank you

ron navarrete: We bought an English Bulldog from Martin a few weeks ago. Could not be happier with her. The family loves her and they are very easy to work with and Martin was very good about informing us about the parents and the shipping of our puppy. Great and very helpful
Response: Thank you. We are a USDA breeder. We are inspected on a regular bases and licensed by USDA. We have never been fined by USDA. We also only sell AKC puppies. We are inspected by AKC. We are also inspected and licensed by Miami-Dade County. We have never been fined by Miami-Dade County. We have a Better Business Bureau rating of A +.

patty monne: i adopted a female adult dog recently and the dog was not in great condition however. definitely all was easily treated this is a puppy mill and when i was there i noticed many dogs kept in small poor cages in addition my vet told me the dog had excessive c sections this place should investigated by the Humane society
Response: Beverly Hills Puppies never sell adult dogs. We have never had any dealing with a Patty Monne.

5. Quality Doggies Inc

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86 reviews
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Quality Doggies Inc

Address: 8335 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 485-1010

Business type: Pet store

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Quality Doggies Inc: what do users think?

María paula Covelli: I’d been looking for a french bulldog for a while and when I saw this little one I fell in love. The person who attended us was very kind and sincere with us. Lola has been with us for 6 months now, and she is very healthy. I would recommend this place to everyone!

Natalia Diaz: My mom and I were looking for a new pet for our family but we weren’t sure which breed to get, they helped us find the perfect fit for our family, they explained how to take care of her, which food to give her etc. amazing experience. It’s been two months and we love her, she’s amazing, 100% recommended.

Jessica Morier: PLEASE PLEASE don’t buy your poor puppies from here. I bought mine reading the very few reviews that were good hoping that the same wouldn’t happen to me, yet my little puppy was diagnosed with Pneumonia and had to stay several nights at the clinic. Please don’t buy from here, go to a breeder instead or from the shelter. It hurts me to see my little baby in pain. These people don’t care for the dogs, they are selling sick dogs. If it weren’t for me my puppy of only 3 months would have died. Also, don’t go to Westwood Veterinary Clinic which is the clinic they recommend because they could’ve told me she had pneumonia yet didn’t because it is all a SCAM.

Jim Henderson: Amazing customer service! I purchased my puppy (Roscoe) last week from Quality Doggies and I couldn’t be happier with the him and the customer service. From the time I walked in to the time I left with Roscoe the owner was very helpful and knowledgeable he gave me a fair price for him and I am extremely pleased with the whole experience. I can’t thank them enough and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a new puppy!

Alejandro Casals: I purchased a puppy from Quality Doggies and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The staff was so helpful on helping me choose a puppy. I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you

Mellissa Ribbeck: I had the best experience at this store. The employee was very helpful even after I purchased my puppy. They have a lot of breeds to choose from and they are all happy & healthy ❤️ My pup is perfect, thank you!!

Lorraine Mccormick: I have shopped numerous pet stores for a variety of things from dog supplies to reptiles and supplies. I have never had or seen such consistency that I do with this Petshop. No matter what time of day you walk in, you will always find a clean, organized store with a genuinely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff!

6. Glamorous Puppies

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587 reviews
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Glamorous Puppies

Address: 8150 SW 8th St #123, Miami, FL 33144

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (786) 803-8230

Business type: Pet store

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Glamorous Puppies: what do users think?

Destini Smith: I LOVE Glamorous Puppies. I’m so happy with my little one. I was a bit nervous to shop at a pet store because of all the crazy things I have heard about them, but when I found Denise and Glamorous Puppies I was pleasantly surprised. The dogs are so well taken care of! It’s clean, there’s not a ton of dogs so it just seems more humane and like they truly care about the animals and not just making profit. I got a Cavapoo super affordable and she was already 5 months so she came with all her shots and rabies and she was potty trained! I’m so thankful for Denise and all her help. My dog had a cough and we were able to go to the vet partner from Denise and got everything taken care of. I didn’t feel like it was a scam or anything. I’ve had my baby for over a week and she’s doing fantastic! I highly recommend. Denise and her family are so wonderful and have such great customer service and took great care of me and the puppy.

Candido Rodriguez: What can I say besides the fact that I had a great experience with Glamorous Puppies. Denise the owner was very responsive and no matter what time of day I texted her she always responded back. When I first got the puppy I was giving him vitamins that were making his stomach upset and I called her to explain to her what was going on and she immediately tried to come up with a solution to help me and my puppy.

McKendel Rosa: The service we received from Glamorous Puppies exceeded our expectations. We found the perfect addition to our family. We love Coco! Thank you for being so attentive, knowledable and courteous. They truly care for their puppies and it shows. Again, thank you!

Nelcy Ruiz: I love my Pomeranian from Glamorous Puppies. The employees were very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me find my puppy. Whenever I had a question, I was able to text them. They helped me every step of the way!

Rafael Lamboy: I have to say that Glamorous Puppies has the best customer service. They helped me find the perfect Frenchie for me and my family. We are in love with our new member of our family. Thank you Glamorous Puppies!

LEFTO Gardner: Glamorous Puppies is amazing they are very knowledgeable and helpful and treat you just like family they make sure you and your puppy are happy now only when you leave but also they check in From time to time to make sure you are as happy as you were when you left they take time out to help you with as much as they could I am definitely doing more business in the future with Glamorous Puppies

Stephanie Somano: We are so happy with our Cavapoo! This is our second puppy from this shop (red toy poodle). I HIGHLY recommend Glamorous Puppies. The experience from beginning to end was fantastic. Store is clean, staff is friendly and helpful and the owner, Denise is very sweet and compassionate and loves what she does. Even checks up on the puppy after. The animal clinic they work with is also great. Every single one of their puppies are beautiful! You will not be disappointed.
Response: Thank you so much. Wish you nothing but the best with you 2 fur babies. Hope to see you soon ! God bless

Melanie Villalobos: Buying our puppy from Glamorous Puppies was the best decision we have ever made. We are very grateful for Alex and his spectacular service. He helped us adopt our precious mini golden doodle. The staff, location, and cleanliness of this establishment is impeccable. You will not regret coming into this shop and adopting your new fur baby. We are excited to go back! Again, thank you Alex for your assistance and integrity. You guys are the best!

7. Imperial Puppies

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182 reviews
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Imperial Puppies

Address: 8173 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 717-6476

Business type: Kennel

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Imperial Puppies: what do users think?

Yuru Herrera: I found my pefect puppy here, they take care of all their puppies with love. They always have the most perfects puppies, different breeds, colors, sizes... what ever you are looking for they have it there! All the dogs are vaccinated and the prices are very reasonables. My dog is 1 year old now and he keep going back for the hotel service which is amazing, when we are out of town we are 100% sure our dog is happy, playing all day with other dogs, they send me at least one video daily when we travel and that gives me peace of mind. I recommend this place to everyone who asks about my precious dog.

Niamh Browne: Cool store with beautiful puppies! - Alejandra was extremely helpful, she helped me find the perfect dog for me. Thank you!

Owl Seeyou: It was great to meet Alejandra. She helped us incredibly in choosing our newest addition "Astraea". Thank you so much. From Orlando

Jose portillo: I went in this store not sure of what breed I was looking for, and seeing so many cute puppies really made it that much harder. Thankfully, the lady Ana who works there helped me narrow it down to 2 puppies and then to just one-- my baby Chloe. It is evident that they treat their puppies extremely well and maintain their store clean unlike many stores I visited that day

ivan meza: They get their dogs from puppy mills, most likely from South America, where dogs are basically confined to small cages and females give birth an insane amount of times a year. Find a reputable breeder if you want pure breed, if not, just adopt.

Andrea Gonzalez: Awesome service, the puppies seemed happy and healthy.

Milagros Oliva: I got 2 two month old puppies from this location. At the beginning everything seemed good. Before I bought them they told me the puppies had a guarantee that if they came with genetic disorder or defect you would get your money back. BOTH PUPPIES CAME WITH GENETIC DEFECTS. They said they would pay for the surgery but it is not fixable with surgery.

Flora Torres: Great experience with seller. Was very informative.Left with a beautiful puppy.

Luis Ruiz: Amazing service, extremely helpful. Purchased our family’s first dog!

8. Somi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare

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164 reviews
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Somi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare

Address: 2950 SW 71st Ave, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 504-8255

Business type: Pet boarding service

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Somi Pet Resort & Dog Daycare: what do users think?

Mary Cooper: We are traveling the states and needed to find a place for our two pups to have a good time while we went a few places. From beginning to end this place was absolutely amazing!! They pampered and lived our doggies, even when they were timid to meet new people. They went above and beyond to make this experience phenomenal for all involved!!

Rick Martin: This place is nice. But they are only interested in $$$ and not loyalty. I have been bringing my dog for day care and at times for boarding since they opened there doors and nobody brought their pets. Well now they are not interested in day care customer and give preference to boarding customers, leaving no room for their bread and butter of their establishment. Eventually the boarding will slow down and they will be begging for daycare customers again to return. Where is the loyalty??? They are only interested in the bottom line “CASH”. Will begin taking my pet to woodland pet resort. Hopefully they aren’t a greedy bunch as well.

Miriam L: Super happy with leaving our Aussie Rio puppy here for his first time boarding (ever). Not only the location is central , the resort itself was clean, the staff was nice, we had a quick tour of the play yard/sleeping suit and webcam access.

Taylor Infante: I do not think I could say enough positive things about Somi. My baby has been going since he was vaccinated and because of it he is well socialized and probably the most loveable dog. You can tell everyone that works there has a passion for animals. I have a great dane puppy too so if they can handle over 100lbs of crazy puppy they can handle anything! Seriously your dogs will be so happy getting to go to Somi.

David Ruz: Left on a 10 day trip and had to leave my 🐶 behind for the first time! Somi was great, received updates daily from Instagram department and he came home clean and happy. Thank you Somi!

9. Dog Dude Ranch

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427 reviews
new review
Dog Dude Ranch

Address: 6305 SW 120th Ave, Miami, FL 33183

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 702-0475

Business type: Kennel

Near Dog Dude Ranch:

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Dog Dude Ranch: what do users think?

Laurin Mejia: We love dog dude ranch! We have boarded our 45lb rambunctious pup here over several trips and she always comes out wagging her tail. She is a friendly dog but stubborn and we always worried about leaving her due to her size and sporadic lack of manners. This place has completely put my mind at ease knowing she will be safe and having fun when we are away. I always know she is in good hands here, playing all day out in the fresh air. If you arrive during playtime you can see the dogs all in their different runs, with plenty of space to run and explore, appropriately separated by size and workers all around. They are friendly, always available to answer questions, and accommodating. Our flight this last trip was delayed beyond pickup time and we were able to reach them easily by text and had no problem extending her stay. We tried other places before finding dog dude ranch and nothing compares. Best place for your pups while you are away!

Isabel M.: I am giving 4 stars because I wanted to see a little of where my dog would be sleeping, I was worried since she sleeps in a crate. I got there and handed her off to a very nice young man but not knowing where they were taking her left a little worried. When I picked her up same thing they just handed her off and I would of liked to know how she did. I had to ask the questions . The place seems very nice and clean .my dog looked very happy . I would leave her there again, just ask a few questions. I have friends that received up dates .

Yolanda Di Lella: I will be boarding my dog next week, but I left her for the 1/2 day doggie camp as a trial and it was so organized. From the registration to the drop off and pick up, it was all smooth. The staff seemed to really like what they do and look like they take good care of the pets. My Sadie seemed exhausted but happy when I picked her up. I will definitely be taking her back for day care and boarding.

Armando Alvarez: “We were very pleased with our experience at Dog Dude Ranch! Our dog came home happy and smelled clean. Pick up was easy and we got to see all the dogs having fun in the field. We really appreciated the photos and updates that Andrew sent us. Will definitely recommend to friends and we will back in the summer!”

Rich Eckert: We made a boarding reservation for our two dogs (Luna and Juno). Prior to their upcoming reservation they received a four hour complimentary day care reservation. This day care session was to see how our dogs interact with other dogs. Once arriving, the staff was very attentive and helpful. They answered any questions we had and reassured us that our dogs were in good hands. When we picked up our dogs, they both appeared happy and very tired (they had lots of playtime). We are very happy with the services offered by Dog Dude Ranch. We look forward to having our dogs stay with them for their upcoming boarding reservation.

Chenglin Yuan: I brought my 6 month old puppy to dog dude ranch for an afternoon trial and the staff was very accommodating. I ended up being 20 min late to pickup due to traffic and they waited for me. My dog also had a really great time!

Stephanie Herrera: We left our 8 month old French Bulldog overnight and we are satisfied with the experience!! We were testing Dog Dude Ranch out because we are planning a trip later this month for a couple of days without our pet and can definitely say that we found a place we feel comfortable leaving him at! He came home clean and tired!!

Kimberly Jieafa: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueWe just dropped off our two golden doodles for their complementary day care and evaluation and our dogs loved it. They will be boarding there in a couple of weeks. Everyone was so nice and the facility is so clean! 💯 recommended

Giselle Gutierrez: They are awesome! They were very responsive to our request for updates on our two dogs and they would also send us pictures of them while we were on vacation. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to board their dog or take their dog to doggy day care.

10. Canine Country Club Miami

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32 reviews
new review
Canine Country Club Miami

Address: 6201 SW 118th Ave, Miami, FL 33183

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (305) 274-3267

Business type: Kennel

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Canine Country Club Miami: what do users think?

Jo Wryals: I dropped off two dogs for a 6-day stay due to my house being tented for termites. The staff person who checked me in was professional, courteous and very reassuring. On several occasions, I have used Canine Country Club boarding. Highly recommend

Christine Piqué: Highly recommend Canine Country Club!!! They are amazing at what they do!!! I had to board my almost 10 year old Mini Schnauzer during the process of moving out of the country. Ended up having to keep him there about 10 days. The staff took such great care of him that it brought me tremendous tranquility knowing he was being cared for in such a way. I dealt with Jeni, who was over the top amazing and I am so grateful for the high level of quality service she provided, in addition to being so caring, warm and thoughtful. Thank you Jeni!!!

Guido Rodriguez: New home for Pet Limo. Live this place. Ceci and her team are great!

Jaquelin Gamboa: I have left my dog here, my boyfriends dog here and my friends dogs here. The staff is super friendly and works really hard to make sure every dog is taken care of. They texted me pictures and were very open when I asked for updates on my dogs. Love this place

Stuart Ponce: Was excited for this place until I called them and a lady answered with attitude and not an enthusiastic manner. Should chance receptionist.

David Robitaille: Two stars is its value for what you’re getting yourself into. Those reviews pertaining to ticks/fleas are true even today in 2021. I surely hope your pet(s) have their shots as when we picked up our dog, mosquito bites were found which we know leads to costly diseases. YOUR PET WILL BE OUTSIDE AND TREATED NEAR NEGLECTION! (You’ve been warned.)

11. Pet Avenue Grooming & Boarding

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123 reviews
new review
Pet Avenue Grooming & Boarding

Address: 439 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (305) 285-6262

Business type: Pet boarding service

Near Pet Avenue Grooming & Boarding:

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Pet Avenue Grooming & Boarding: what do users think?

Anabella Martin: Thank you Pet Avenue for taking care of Cucu; she looks and smells wonderful! I too my chihuahua today to Pet Avenue for a full service; hair cut, shampoo and a nail trim. She looks amazing. Her hair was nice and soft. Thank you Astrid for trimming Cucu’s nails, I will definitely come back and Pet Avenue is 100% recommended to all my friends and family. Your prices are great and I love her cute lil bandana after her spa day! Thank you for taking care of my dog.

Di Balladares: The place is welcoming. I love how they have a small window that you can see when they are cutting or drying the pet. I like how they have cute outfits for pets as well. Price is good also they give these cute collar bandannas. My dogs came out happy. I did noticed a layer of dust on the shelves maybe a wipe would be best. Overall I will be going back thank you !

daniela liscano: I picked my dog up and she was sheared. They insisted it’s a yorkie hair style but she didn’t have any hair around her eyes. Very unprofessional I called to talk about what happen and the girl told me why I brought my dog then, she also had something stuck on her hair too around the nose y her eyes where full of dirty too. If you have a yorkie please don’t take it there.

Kenneth Harrington: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueHad a great experience. My doodle was overdue for a haircut and had some matting, they were able to still make him look nice. I recommend!

Sarah Mendoza: They do a great job giving my Aussie a light trim! No complaints here - love how they cut my Aussies - it was perfect. My pet smelled wonderful for at least 1.5 weeks after the groom. They do a great job!

Myriam Encio: My dog look amaizing with a new hair cut I can’t belive the very professional groomers have Pet Avenue !! Thanks soo much ! I love it !❤️

Tatiana Lopez: Worst service, they left my dog if she was in a fight, lots of hair holes on her body. First thing I told them not to touch the hair of her tail and they just passed by the hair clipper unevenly, i just wanted to cry. I highly recommend not take a risk with this place. I dropped my dog a 2 pm and they just start to service her at 5pm, I wonder where they kept her for such a long time in such a small place. Below you can see how they left of what it use to be a beautiful tail with long hair into just bold gaps and all over her body. How do you call this grooming? Never again!
Response: Hello, we are very sorry for your dissatisfaction with the service. we apologize for what we may have done wrong. The reason we took longer than usual was because when you called us to make an appointment we asked you what breed your dog is because we only had time for a small dog and you said it was a schnauzer and when you brought it it turned out to be a dog of more than 60 pounds and instead of having her ready at 5:00 we had her ready at 5:30 5:45. If you contact us we are willing to make a refund of your payment. we have proof of our work in all the photos you can see here on google or on our Instagram @petavenuegrooming our groomers have more than 8 years of experience but mistakes can happen and we are sorry for what happened to your dog.

Mariajose Geraldino: I found a small maltese in the street. He was full of knots in his hair and so we tried to remove them with scissors at home, we accidentally cut his skin and decided to take him to professionals so they could fix it because he was such a mess. Thank God my new pet came out very clean without knots and with a cute puppy face. thank you

Benjamin Garcia: I have been shaving Lola at Pet Avenue for more than two years now, and even though she is super spoiled they care for her as if she was their own. I used to take her elsewhere and she would stay anxious for days, after Pet Avenue she comes out exactly as when she came in, I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend their staff because they will treat your dog as a family member!!!

Chris Watmore: They will take an appointment for whatever time you tell them, but just lock your dog in cage until they get to him. Told me it would take 3 hours when I got there.

12. Dog Kennels Florida

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5 reviews
new review
Dog Kennels Florida

Address: 2111 NW 139th St bay 15, Opa-locka, FL 33054

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 985-0779

Business type: Kennel

Near Dog Kennels Florida:

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Dog Kennels Florida: what do users think?

Luis Chavez: I’ve being doing business with Dog Kennels Florida for quite some time now and have purchased several dog cages from them for my kennel. These cages were customized to support my XXL dogs. Very heavy-duty, durable, and professional fabric-finished...from top to bottom! Marlon was super professional, reliable, and attentive & responsive to answer all of my questions. I will continue doing business with them and will highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase an official professional graded dog kennel(s).

Gary Woods: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueI love it came as shown in the picture.. it’s the perfect size.. my wife and I love it. The service is excellent.. couldn’t ask for a better kennel thanks 🙏🏽

Sprinkler Express: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueExtremely satisfied with my purchase of 2 custom kennels. I highly recommend!!

elizabeth: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Krys Jay: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness

13. Von Calvo German Shepherds

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72 reviews
new review
Von Calvo German Shepherds

Address: 1811 SW 92nd Pl, Miami, FL 33165

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (786) 671-8499

Business type: Dog breeder

Near Von Calvo German Shepherds:

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Von Calvo German Shepherds: what do users think?

Trent Miller: Mr. & Mrs. Calvo are two of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. I’ve been doing business with them for over 10 years. Their love, knowledge and quality they share is simply the best. I highly recommend Von Calvo GSD’s. Trntmllr Lakeland, Florida

Giuseppe LaTona: Temperament was spot on , very Proffesional. They were not for the sale but for your needs , easy to sell this breeders dog. But understanding our needs was spot on. 1 st night Home and it was natural. Excited for Voncalvos intense training. I have been looking for almost 2 years. From Austria to Texas , Wisconsin. This breeder knows his GS. It’s all he does.
Response: Thank you for your kind words and support of Von Calvo German Shepherds. It was a pleasure to meet you and your fiancé.

Erny V: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueGetting my second puppy from Von Calvo German Sheperds. Lino Calvo is an amazing breeder and really cares about his dogs and the breed. I recommend this place for anyone looking for an amazing pure breed German Shepard.

Jill Sanko: Lino is wonderful- his Shepherds are the best. We have an almost 13 year old shepherd we bought from him 7+ years ago who is so sweet and special, just an amazing temperament- perfect for our family. We recently decided to add another to the mix, a baby this time and picked up a 10 week darling who is as sweet as the first. In the 7 years we have owned a Von Calvo Shepard we always know that Lino is someone we can call for questions/ support. If you are looking for a quality dog from a trusted breeder, you can’t go wrong with Von Calvo.

Jaime Padro: We are truly happy with Nala, our amazingly beautiful, friendly, and playful German Shepherd. But that’s not all. We got it from Lino, a extremely knowledgeable shepherd breeder with decades of experience of selling Shepherds, who made our purchasing experience smooth, pleasant, answering every single question we had in the process, making us feel he had all the time in the world for us. We’d recommend Lino for anyone who wants a top notch pure German Shepherd through a great experience.

Jose Garcia Jr.: What an amazing experience I had yesterday with my daughter. I have never seen such beautiful German Shepherds. The owner has supreme knowledge about the breed and was extremely polite and attentive with my daughter and I at his home. I strongly recommend this kennel to anyone and I definitely look forward in a purchasing a puppy real soon from this Kennel.

gambrinus51: My family is very pleased with the puppy we purchased from Lino . He is a real show stopper ! He is beautiful , intelligent , confident and very sweet . His first visit to the vet the techs all came out to see him and said they get a lot of German shepherds come through their doors but not often the quality of this puppy . Lino is very knowledgeable and very quick to respond to any questions you may have and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new family member .

David Farinas: I found Von Calvo on google looking for a German Shepherd, after my last dog past away. We had always been looking for a Shepherd with a German Bloodline. As soon as we visited the breeder we were beyond impressed, with his knowledge, experience, and his beautiful dog Schumann. We reserved our beautiful female puppy and we are beyond excited to spend our life’s with her.
Response: Thank you! We are beyond happy that she will be going to a good home.

Nick K.: My wife, children and I purchased our very happy puppy from Lino. And we couldn’t be any happier especially my children our puppy is exactly what we were looking for. We are so excited about our new addition to our family. For anybody looking for GSD Lino is very professional and knowledgeable, look no further!

14. Pet Squire

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66 reviews
new review
Pet Squire

Address: 7079 SW 47th St #7079, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (786) 208-8599

Business type: Pet boarding service

Near Pet Squire:

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Pet Squire: what do users think?

Ivan Rodriguez: This place is great for your pup. My Gaia loves coming to Pet Squire for daycare, and she always gets back home happy and tire. Super friendly staff and they send you pictures of your pup.

cesar fernandez: Marisel and her team have been the best I have found for the care of my furry baby. I went on a vacation trip and was kept informed daily with photos and videos. Fira was playing with new friends, slept peacefully and was well cared for.I highly recommend them!

Sara Gaylord: When I picked up my puppy, he had a bad skin infection under his collar on his neck. It looked like he had been wearing a wet collar. The facility was not what I expected. I thought it would be a house based upon pictures on the site, but it is in an office space in a warehouse/commerce park. I couldnt see where the dogs were kept, where they played or where they slept. They do send pictures of your pup playing, which is nice, but otherwise, i would not recommend this business.

Nadja Koch: Our family adores the folks at Pet Squire and we are so grateful to have found them! Our dog absolutely loves spending time with the Pet Squire team, and I always feel good about leaving her in their hands. The team treats our furry loved ones as their own, and they go above and beyond to take care of them. I wholeheartedly recommend this group for pet sitting and boarding.

Adrian Greystoke: Marisel and team are wonderful. They looked after our dog Chewy fantastically, sent regular updates and he came back a happy pup. We will use them again and highly recommend. Photo of Chewy attached on his return

K C: Marisel and the pet squire team are absolutely amazing! My little puppy LOVES going for day care! She gets so excited to see Marisel and runs to get inside to play with her doggy friends, which puts me at total ease when leaving her for the day! I get pictures and videos during the day which melts my heart! I would not leave her with anyone else after knowing how happy she is when going and how worn out she is from playing all day when I pick her up! This is doggy heaven for her! This is a very special team!!

15. Puppy City

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78 reviews
new review
Puppy City

Address: 6344 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (786) 603-9324

Business type: Pet store

Near Puppy City:

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Puppy City: what do users think?

Priscilla Llanos: My favorite place! Back in February 2021 I saw a tik tok of them just opening, I fell in love with a puppy but it was already reserved. Literally days later they had found the puppy of my dreams, the owner is the nicest and most helpful person ever and reserved him for me. It’s been a year now with my new dog and we absolutely love him, he is healthy and such a character. It’s such a nice environment and even if you can’t get a new puppy, they just let you play with them without pressure. 10/10 recommend

Ashleigh Sherman: we adopted a dog from here and had a great experience! the owners were so helpful with the process and quick to respond to messages. so happy to have a new addition to the family and i would definitely recommend puppy city if you are looking for a new friend!

Rachel Dube: I had the best experience getting my pup from Puppy City. The owners are so sweet and were truly willing to work with me to make sure my puppy, Cookie, could come home with me. The place is absolutely adorable (a dog lovers dream!) and it was truly such a pleasant experience for a first time dog owner to get a dog. If I ever purchase a second dog in the future, I’ll definitely be heading back to Puppy City.

Rachel Lewis: One of the most amazing places to purchase your furever friend in Miami. Unlike other puppy stores in the area this place actually allows the puppies to be puppies and run around instead of being locked in cages which alter their overall personality. They also offer amazingly affordable prices for top breed dogs and allow the potential owners to have a chance to get to know the dog and their personality before committing to adoption. We adopted our best friend a couple months ago and it was the best decision we ever made and we greatly thank everyone at Puppy City for allowing us the opportunity to adopt our baby Riley.

Gioia Aragozzini: Samantha is the absolute BEST! My boyfriend and I were looking for our dream puppy- we already knew the breed we wanted! We asked Samantha if she could find one for us… and after 2 months… here he is!! It is our first puppy and The process was very easy and smooth. All the staff at Puppy city helps you every step pf the way!:) Trust PUPPY CITY and you won’t be disappointed!

Juliette Campos: I absolutely love this place, I got my baby Oslo the Pomeranian from here a couple months ago and he’s grown into such a beautiful kind pup. Puppy city unlike other locations have an indoor playground and all puppies are loose playing around all day. I absolutely recommend puppycity to anyone who’s looking for a puppy 🐶

Isa Arenas: Awesome experience! A must go even if you just want to play with puppies! The owners are just the kindest people ever! I will buy my next puppy here for sure!

Allie Ashman: Absolutely ADORED my time here! It was so awesome to play with such cute puppies. I also appreciate the rules the company has in place in order to keep the staff, puppies, and customers safe. The staff is also very friendly and knowledgable, so it was nice to have all of my puppy questions answered.

Angie Yesly: I got my puppy Toffee from here samantha (the owner) and her team are absolutely amazing These puppies are treated with so much love and are out all day playing and having fun if your looking for a puppy I 100% recommend Puppy city❤️

16. Comfort Kennels

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42 reviews
new review
Comfort Kennels

Address: 235 W 25th St, Hialeah, FL 33010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 887-8520

Business type: Kennel

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Comfort Kennels: what do users think?

Alien: Comfort kennel is the best place. I have 4 dogs and for me it’s the best place in all Miami where they best take care of my dogs. I love this place. Fabio is so nice, understanding and the best with the animals.It’s super clean and the best service. I highly recommend it

xzile wolverine: During COVID times I lost my apt was goin to difficult times. I didn’t know what I was gonna do. Comfort kennels took care of my 3 babies(2 dogs and a cat) price was extremely fair. Fabio and his employees made sure I was comfortable and that my babies where feed and taken care of. They housed them for near to 3 months whilst I got my situation in order. I am so greatful to have found them! Thanks Fabio and comfort kennels you guys are amazing!!!

Juan R (JC): This place is terrible. If you care for your pet DO NOT leave it here!!! We left our dog over the holiday weekend. Everything seemed fine until we arrived home. He is an indoor dog and has never had a single flea. He not only was full of fleas but he was infested in ticks. Big ticks full of his blood and millions of little ticks all over him. He has been trembling all day and going to the vet tomorrow just to make sure he did not get some disease. We feel so bad we left our little guy in this horrendous place. I repeat STAY AWAY from this place if you care about the well being of your pet. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Christian Rodriguez: This place should be shut down. I found to lost dogs and I contacted the owner. Turns out he left his two dogs at comfort kennels while he moved and they ended up losing his two dogs and I found them miles away from the location. Horrible and super unprofessional please do not bring your dog here. This is INSANE AND UNACCEPTABLE!! I will make sure to inform as much people as possible about the horrible server here.

Deborah Von Brod: Comfort Kennels is run by wonderful people who ADORE animals, while ticks all over Miami in large quantities it is no exception that there would be some at Comfort Kennels as there are open runs. They bathe, groom your pet and clip their nails and are dedicated 100% to the animals I do not hesitate to leave my furbabies there as I have been doing for many years.

17. D.O.G. HOTELS - Wynwood

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96 reviews
new review
D.O.G. HOTELS - Wynwood

Address: 28 NE 26th St, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (786) 360-5022

Business type: Pet boarding service

Near D.O.G. HOTELS - Wynwood:

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D.O.G. HOTELS - Wynwood: what do users think?

Nick Tomlinson: Great place to take your dog. They have a position playroom that is visible from the front desk. They are very organized and friendly. All of the staff are dog lovers. I started taking my dog here last week, and I will continue taking my dog here.
Response: Thank you Nick for sharing your positive experience with other dog parents. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications on IG to follow all the daycare activities for your pup.

Alejandra B: Love the team at wynwood! Eli made sure Robbie was taken care of during her dental cleaning appointment. The staff there are super kind to my dog and love that they offer more than just daycare and grooming.
Response: Thank you Alejandra! — Eli is amazing and we feel fortunate to have her as part of our leadership in Wynwood.

Cheryl Witmer: I started taking my dog to the Wynwood location as soon as he was vaccinated, I’ve had nothing but five star experiences with the management and all the staff DOG Wynwood! Mojo absolutely loves going there, so much that I use their monthly package so I can drop him off as often as I like for socialization and exercise! They have taken a personal interest in my dog as I’m sure they do everybody else, and have helped me to have a well adjusted happy pup! I highly recommend this doggie daycare! I utilize their grooming services as well, Joey does an absolutely amazing job and my nervous a little dog is completely comfortable with him!
Response: Hey Cheryl and Mojo! We can't wait to see you guys again! We can definitely feel how happy Mojo is when staying over at DOG Wynwood. Thank you so much for your review!

Darmon (Darmonofc): We were so lucky to come across Joey! He’s by far the best groomer in Miami. He’s so patient and loving with our pups unlike any groomer we’ve seen before. Still haven’t left our pup for day care just yet but we will always call for Joey.
Response: Hey Darmon! Thank you so much for your shout-out to Joey! We hope to see your pups next time for daycare and grooming! We can't wait to see you guys again!

Sonia Jacobson: The happiest place in town for my fur baby Sasha. He loves going everyday… the staff are wonderful and loving to all the pups!
Response: Thank you Sonia for such kind words! — don’t forget to turn on your IG notifications to follow up on your pup.

Erin Woods: D.O.G Wynwood is everything I could’ve dreamed and more!! I literally never leave my fur baby, Bentley anywhere, however, the staff made me feel super comfy, they were extremely nice and professional and made me feel safe with leaving my baby with them! Anytime we are in Miami I will be paying them a visit!! Elizabeth and her entire staff are absolutely amazing!!!!! Thank you for everything💕
Response: Hey Erin! Whenever you're back in Miami, don't hesitate to let us know so that we can see Bentley again. Thank you so much for the review, and come back soon!

Ashley Kemmer: My dog freaking loves this place! My husband and I have been in Miami for 5 weeks for work and are staying in a studio airbnb while here. We have our dog with us and I wanted to make sure he was still getting exercise and socialization while being in the small airbnb. We take him to the doggy day care about once a week (sometimes more depending on the week). He gets so excited to go, when I put his harness on him for the car ride, he knows where he is going and is ready to go lol. They also post videos all day long to their Instagram page so that I can periodically check on my pup. I would recommend this place to anyone with a dog. They always greet Yoda with enthusiasm and are equally excited to see him!
Response: Hello Ashley! We sincerely appreciate your 5-star review. Having Yoda over is always fun! Don't forget to turn your notifications on in Instagram for the latests updates of the dogs! Come back soon!

Lucia Alonzo: I love this place. Elizabeth has been taking care of my dog now for a long time. I love how she loves my Cookie. Shes very close to her furry babies, and super helpful. She loves to play with them.
Response: Hello Lucia! Thank you so much for your review. Eli loves to make sure that all of our four-legged friends feel loved at DOG. We can't wait to see you again!

18. Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa

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88 reviews
new review
Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa

Address: 13041 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33186

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: (305) 382-0203

Business type: Dog day care center

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Pepe Le Pooche Resort & Spa: what do users think?

Paola Ospina: We have a Belgian Malinois named Rocky and we had a bad experience at another boarding place and he was kind of traumatized but here at Pepe Le Pouch he is just always so happy when he gets there, we take him for boarding several days and he always comes so happy and clean, I loved how they always groomed him, they have like an special shampoo made by the owner that makes his hair so soft… the owners are wonderful people and with a lot of knowledge on every breed… all the staff are really friendly, unlikely other places where even my dog refuses to enter !!!! Just give them the opportunity and you will see the results !!!

L Palmero: First time using the boarding and grooming. Loved loved the care they had with our Lola. We had a bad experience with another groomer but Pepe le Pooche took very good care of our furbaby. Highly recommend.

Liliana Roa: Love this place, always treat my little boy very well & he always looks handsome and happy when I pick him up... Great attention and people are great with dogs 🐶

M M: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueThank you for taking good care of Biscuit and Brookie! We loved all the pictures and videos you guys sent while they were at your care. When we picked them up they looked happy and smelling good with shiny hair coat. Thank you for all your love and dedication❤️

Arnaldo Delgado: Craig is awesome!! A little expensive but a lot of food! God bless you guys!

Nelson Vega: Francy and the staff are better than ever. It’s better than it’s ever been! They take care of your let in several different ways. From grooming to weekly baths, spa treatments… pawdicures and more. Go with confidence!!

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