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1. USPA Nationwide Security

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USPA Nationwide Security

Address: 601 Brickell Key Dr Ste 700, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (800) 214-1448

Business type: Security guard service

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USPA Nationwide Security: what do users think?

Shalia Sakona: Cannot say enough great things about USPA. My law firm contacted them last minute to provide security services in connection with expert work we were performing on a high profile lawsuit in Miami. Dan corresponded with me extensively throughout the weekend to finalize the engagement and ensure that we had what we needed for the week. Stynoo (the officer assigned to our matter) was extremely pleasant, professional, and reliable. We would absolutely use USPA for future needs and highly recommend them!

Robert Kempster (Debt Free Lifestyles): USPA Nationwide security represents professionalism and performance at its best. Highly recommended for all your security needs, try them today and you will see why. I have never been this excited to leave a positive review for a company. Usually it is the negative reviews that comes with so much passion.

Andrew Sims: There’s not much more to say than remarkable! We used USPA Security as a third-party vendor. When looking for a security guard, you need a transparent company that matches the “right” guard to the location. Not every guard is the perfect fit for every need, but Dan can make that match perfectly. We’re lucky to work with Dan Manning of USPA Security. He is quick to answer questions, and thorough when checking a guard’s credentials. Dan is knowledgeable, honest, and to top it off, he pays his bills on time!

Courtney Russell: When an urgent need arose at my workplace, we reached out and connected with Daniel. He was extremely professional, prompt in his delivery, and checked in regularly throughout the engagement. During a difficult situation, this company and great customer service made this one less thing I had to worry about. Five star service all around.

Kingdom Protective Service LLC: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueUSPA and personnel are some of the most professional security companies that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s rare to see such integrity in our industry and CEO Michael Evans is definitely a trusted colleague! Early vendor payments and a steady flow of clientele is what you can expect when working with USPA!

Francine Bibicoff: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessAs a former employee of USPA Nationwide, it is one of the best companies to work for. Everyone within the company is respectful, and professional. It was a great working experience and a pleasure of growing within the company. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!

Eric Denney: Positive: Professionalism, ValueMy company Rare Breed Protection Services has had the great pleasure on multiple occasions of working under USPA as a sub-contractor. They have always been great to work for, and we look forward to any future assignments. We would highly recommend hiring or work for this company

Mages: I met Mike(USPA) when he became my partner at Sniper school in Arizona. I later found out he is the owner of USPA and we were able to build a working relationship. Top of line professional when it matters most! Great organization that helps clients and other professionals In the security and protection industry achieve success. USPA covered sending me to a week long training course for additional training to advance my skills in Executive Protection.

Clement Sinclair: I had the opportunity to work as a subcontractor for USPA Security and I am pleased to say that it was an excellent opportunity. The contact official was very professional, her timing and scheduling was marvelous. Also her communication was on target, all information had been forwarded to my attention in a timely manner and the instructions for my staff and I were easy to follow. Payments for my services was very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to accept future services from USPA security.
Response: We appreciate you as a Certified Contractor. We look forward to many years of success with you.

2. Regions Security Services, Inc.

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Regions Security Services, Inc.

Address: 1100 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 517-1266

Business type: Security guard service

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Regions Security Services, Inc.: what do users think?

Empire Nerd Zal: This company is horrible I worked for them back in 2018 and my car got vandalize at one of their sights and when I told them they forced me to go back there and they threaten to fire me if I didn’t go back there and when my car got destroyed again they where acting like they didn’t know anything about it and they refused to help me

Christian Chimilio: Region security was one of the first companies I ever started with security. Regions they give you a lot of hours and there not that bad of a company the only thing what they need to start doing is having there supervisors train the guards better. That was the only issue I had with Regions security when I was employee they always payed on time and very quick to give you extra hours if needed.
Response: Thank you for your review Christian. We value your feedback.

Selena Renee: I just spoke to the supervisor Darren of regions security who handles the condominium where I live. He explained he is unable to hold one of his employees responsible for not following protocol and towing my car for being parked in my neighborhood. The car was towed without checking to see if I am in fact supposed to be here. There was no understanding and frankly, very poor customer service. I do not recommend using this company where the supervisor takes no accountability for the mistakes of his employees.
Response: Hello Selena, it is our understanding that your vehicle was parked illegally in another residents parking space and your vehicle also had an expired license plate. This is the reason why you were towed. We would appreciate if you could remove your review as we did our job and you are defaming our company.

Natalia Restrepo: Great Company to work for! We do our best to serve and help the community with new jobs! We treat our employees with respect and always look forward to help them when needed! Our Team strives for perfection when serving our client! Please come and work for us, we have lots of room to grow.
Response: We sure are on the the best employers. Thank you for being so supportive.

House Of Beauty: Critical: ProfessionalismThis company is horrible . Don’t care about if you have a family emergency. They still want you to come in work and I literally just started last week . I never had to deal with a company so unprofessional . I highly WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO WORK HERE

Chuchi P: As an employee that has been with Regions Security for 6 years and have been professionally promoted, I am a perfect example of how this company rewards hard work. Regions Security is a well-established company that offers excellent Security Service to all industries and is known not only for its knowledge and expertise, but for the great customer service it offers its clients. We are a 24/7 company that is on call to satisfy our client’s needs. We also have a school that prepares all Individuals that want to become Security Officers. Regarding its employees, Regions not only offers recognition lunches and Christmas parties, but it’s one of the few company’s in Dade County to offer their employees Christmas Bonuses. The Company rewards its employees constantly and encourage growth within the company. I strongly recommend to anyone out there that is looking into the Security Industry to consider us for employment and for those companies that want to hire a Top Notch Security Company to consider us as well.
Response: Thank you for the great review. We truly appreciate it and we are glad to have you as part of our team.

Pedro M: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI just started with regions security as a site supervisor and I must say this has to be the most impressive and great company. The welcoming and orientation was A-1. Very glad to be apart of a company so professional
Response: Thank you so much for your positive review Pedro. We are happy to have you as part of our team.

3. High-Class Security, Inc.

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High-Class Security, Inc.

Address: High-Class Security, Inc, 1900 SW 22nd St #201, Miami, FL 33145

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: (866) 509-2764

Business type: Security guard service

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High-Class Security, Inc.: what do users think?

Mia: High Class Security has been phenomenal ensuring the quality of service provided is exceptional. The officers are punctual, trained and knowledgeable of their responsibility. The company has come through in so many different ways and appreciate the dedication provided to the need of my corporation. Thanks.

Johnny Burke: My experience with High class security was great been working with the company for 6 years pay is fair lots of events and extra money to be made check on time never had a issue with it.

Glenroy Reid: Presently working Part time for this company. Great management and services provided. All officers remains very professional at all times. Working some of the best contracts.

Maya Clarke: The best place ever, you have to offer for a job, the owner is so nice

Gopher: Worked a few jobs for this company and would be more than willing to work more. Very professional and straight forward. Had an issue with his business account being compromised but handled it very quickly with almost no interruption in delivering wages.

chrys strapatsa: The security company is not high class, upon working a special event for 12hours, bank check payment was declined. Unable to reach the owner Allan Clarke and then he was finally contacted through my spouse and hung up the call. Not a courtesy to pay his employee nor remedy payment until after my bank declined funds. This is low class, respect the security guard who serviced your event for 12 hours in the sun, this is not how you pay the sweat off.
Response: Company payroll checking acvount was compromised. All guards who worked the event was notified immediately after the checks were mailed. Guards were asked to shred incoming checks and funds were then transfered to their accounts via cashapp. Ionnis, your wife wanted to argue with me why i sent a fake check... the checks were real until they unlawfully took $20k from my bank account. You have been paid your $195 for service and i will happily pay the bank charges.

Jeanne Lubin: Good security company 👍👏

aldo bon: (Translated by Google) Good security company.(Original)Buena empresa de seguridad.

4. Federal Security Services Inc

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Federal Security Services Inc

Address: 336 SW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 649-8198

Business type: Security guard service

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Federal Security Services Inc: what do users think?

Nieli Campohermoso: Horrible experience Applied for concealed permit. There has been a great delay due to the same tracking number been provided to more than 4 applicants. Also, my application was submitted with errors , therefore, I have had to submit corrections twice. Very unprofessional behavior asking a customer for moneys to fix their own mistakes.

Henry 47: Great place to get D, G and conceal weapons lisence. Mr. Mayeta is very helpful and will also help you find jobs if needed.

Cryptoview: the best security school ask Mr. Mayeta he will help you to get your gun permits.

Dennis Ramnarine: This is my friend business! He will make you a professional!

Lando yuma: Very professional company

jose Fernandez: Great placd

Máximo Maximo: Nice

Jorge Peralta: Great company

Ernesto Cervantes: Good service

5. South Florida Security Group

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South Florida Security Group

Address: 2615 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 432-3501

Business type: Security guard service

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South Florida Security Group: what do users think?

Fatboyy_Jayy_ 305: 1 of the worst companies to work for they only cater to Spanish & cuban people they pay so little & expect you as an officer to do so much with little pay.They don’t pay overtime pay unless you 80 hours every two weeks. The dispatch loves to harass you & blow up your phone to make sure your showing up to work they try to tell you can only miss work with a doctors note.They give all the good posts to the cubans & Spanish people my experience was one of the worst with this company compared to others.

Ray Miles: DONT EVER WORK FOR THEM THEY TAKE BACK YOUR HOURS U DONT GET A REAL CHECK TILL A MONTH THEY MAKE YOU DO 7 days a week don’t care if you had a death in your family !!! They racist only cater to Spanish people !!! N a big dam scam

Andy Rodriguez: The South Florida Security Group (SFSG) was founded in 2006 and currently provide services in Miami Dade, Broward, Collier, Palm Beach and Orange counties. Our mission is to become the most reliable and sought after provider of uniformed and undercover guard services in the state of Florida, through a partner relationship with both our clients and employees. Use this unique partnership to provide impeccable service in the most cost effective manner. Achieving this balance through effective communication, state-of-the-art technologies and direct access to all levels of management.
Response: Thank you

Destiny Stewart: My First Week Here They Was Very Out Of Order They Never Answer The Phone They Will Blow You Up Amd The Supervisor Them Talk To Ppl Like Trash

Mikeia Stevenson: This company may have its good side but I have definitely experienced to most unprofessional behalf of the company working with the supervisors of the palm beach group. Very unorganized unprofessional supervisors out of any type of job I’ve ever attended. I would never recommend this company to anyone . Maybe removing the supervisors Nelson and mark this company may have room to grow. They are definitely leaving a bad taste to the company and im sure they could careless because it isn’t theirs. I have never felt the need to write a google review until now . Anyone wants to get into security please please chose elsewhere you would not regret it.

Felix Amador: I’m currently employed as a hispanic dark person, supervisor for the company, and provided company vehicle. Why? Because since day one 5 years ago I’ve been a very hard working officer who rose up to the challenge of becoming a supervisor. The only reason anyone would get fired would be things that are obviously not supposed to be done on the job IE: sleeping, using company vehicle for personal use, and so much more. We are treated equally, and have the option to move up in the company. Everyone who is in much higher position then I am have started with the company as just a “Security Officer”. I feel honored to work for this company, and continue moving up. Thank you SFSG for being the best that you are.

Darius Brown: Very rude supervisor, laughed in my face about a personal issue. Definitely taking my license somewhere else.

The Best: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueWorking with south Florida security you have the chance to become Super successful. A place where you can grow and build a career in the industry. Great pay and plenty of hours available for all employees and direct contact with Top Management. Highly recommend 10/10.
Response: Thank you!

6. Global Elite Protection & Security

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35 reviews
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Global Elite Protection & Security

Address: 223 E Flagler St #504, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Business type: Security service

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Global Elite Protection & Security: what do users think?

Ronald Rip: Very professional and responsible, my experience with Global Elite was excellent...they were in charge for the security of my event and definitely exceeded expectations.
Response: Thank you for you feedback, we are always working for the best.

Ricardo Lavayen P.A.: I’ve been working with his company and it’s exceptional, great customer service, much better security services. Professional to the max !!!
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback, we appreciate your feedback..

Jeremias Martorell: The best company ever ! Very professional. 100% Reliable
Response: Thank you Jeremias!

Karla Jungbluth: (Translated by Google) GLOBAL ELITE PROTECTION is the first company that really takes into account what you need, they are experts in the service they offer. They gave me an effective and immediate security solution. GEP cares about people and they always go an extra mile to ensure that all service is perfect. GEP are an excellent company that know what they do. Highly recommended !!! (Original) GLOBAL ELITE PROTECTION es la primera compañia que realmente toma en cuenta lo que necesitas , son expertos en el servicio que ofrecen . Ellos me dieron una solucion efectiva e inmediata en seguridad . GEP se preocupa por la gente y siempre van una milla extra para asegurar que todo el servicio sea perfecto. GEP son una excelente Empresa que saben lo que hacen . Altamente recomendada !!!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you for your comment, we appreciate your honesty. (Original) Gracias por su comentario, apreciamos su honestidad.

RENE ALFREDO PULLA CORONEL: (Translated by Google) The best experience I lived in the course taught in Ecuador by José Cherrez, Global Elite Protection are the best in what is the security your online courses spectacular ... Joseph my teacher continues successes in your life (Original) La mejor experiencia la viví en el curso dictado en Ecuador por José Cherrez, Global Elite Protection son los mejor en lo q es la a seguridad sus cursos online expectacular... José mi profe sigue adelante éxitos en tu vida
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you very much for your comment, we will let Mr. Cherrez know about your comment. (Original) Muchas gracias por tu comentario, le dejaremos saber al Sr. Cherrez sobre tu comentario.

Jhonatan Santiago: (Translated by Google) The professionalism demonstrated by GEP with actions and not with words, is the best letter of presentation that they have, keep up with that unwavering mystique and improving every day, security can not be in better hands, successes always. (Original) El profesionalismo demostrado por GEP con acciones y no con palabras , es la mejor carta de presentación que poseen ,sigan así con esa mística inquebrantable y mejorando cada día más , la seguridad no puede estar en mejores manos , éxitos siempre .
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you for your comment, and we hope to see you again. (Original) Gracias por su comentario, y esperamos volver a verlo.

Veronica Fuenmayor: (Translated by Google) This company is the best .. super professionals and trained. I recommend them! (Original) Esta compañía es lo máximo.. súper profesionales y capacitados. Los recomiendo!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you very much for the recommendation. (Original) Muchas gracias por la recomendación.

Nickyfitmom PICP COACH: (Translated by Google) Very professional in their area, the courses are excellent in both shooting and self defense training to be less vulnerable (Original) Muy profesionales en su área, los cursos son excelentes tanto de tiros como de defensa personal entrenándonos para ser menos vulnerables
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you for your comment we hope to serve you again. (Original) Gracias por su comentario esperamos volverle a servir.

Amanda Martinez: (Translated by Google) Excellent work group. Very professional 100% recommended. (Original) Excelente grupo de trabajo. Muy profesionales. 100% recomendados.
Response: (Translated by Google) Thanks Amanda for your comment and recommendation. We will always be for servants locally and internationally. (Original) Gracias Amanda por tu comentario y recomendación. Siempre estaremos para serviles local e internacionalmente.

Juan Duarte: (Translated by Google) Excellent Work Team! Highly experienced, I was very happy to Collaborate with Global Elite Protection (Original) Excelente Equipo de Trabajo! Altamente experimentado, Quedé muy contento de Colaborar con Global Elite Protection
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you Juan, it was an honor to work for you. (Original) Gracias Juan, fue un honor trabajar para ti.

7. Global Security Solutions, LLC

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24 reviews
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Global Security Solutions, LLC

Address: 201 S Biscayne Blvd 28th Floor - Suite 2863, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (855) 357-0413

Business type: Security guard service

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Global Security Solutions, LLC: what do users think?

Robin Burr: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueWe have been using Global Security Solutions as our security for Miami Rum Renaissance Festival for many years and they are extremely professional and do a fantastic job. We highly recommend them.

Ark of The City: Global Security Solutions, LLC has done an excellent job for our company. They are professional, punctual, and go above and beyond to secure our business and make sure our customers are safe. I recommend them for sure to resolve your security needs!
Response: Thank you Ark of the City. We enjoy our partnership with you and appreciate your review.

Wanda McKinney: For security you want a company that will get the job done with precise execution. Global Security is professional and provides dependable, reliable service. I highly recommend them to take care of your security needs.
Response: Thank you Wanda for the review. We love working with you!

jerome berrian: Professional organizations hire other professional organizations to conduct business with. GSS is one of the premier security organizations in the country. They are a first class company run by professional, innovative leaders. The executives are visionary and have made significant strides in revolutionizing the security industry. Lastly, they cover all security needs, from small to large deployments.
Response: Thanks Jerome. We cherish your remarkable review! We look forward to future business.

Treska Rodgers: Very Professional working environment and centrally located to north, central, and south communities and businesses. Global Security Solutions, LLC is a premier first class organization!
Response: Thank you Treska! We appreciate your review.

Response: Thank you Gregory for your incredible words. We do care! All of our Global Team is here to assist with your security needs.

Team Bell Training: Global is the only security company that I’d use. Very professional, able to adapt to all kinds of environments/ events. Highly recommend
Response: Thank you. We appreciate your business and loyalty!

Terel McIntosh: Global Security Solutions is managed by a great staff. Excellent company to hire for all your professional security needs.
Response: Thanks Terel. We appreciate your review and we look forward to future details!

Dashonya Thompson: Global Security Solutions provide exceptional service. Reliable, professional, punctual, I highly recommend!!!
Response: We appreciate your review Dashonya!

jabbar baraka 305: Awesome location ! One of the most beautiful areas in Miami. I can feel the positive energy every time I come to the office. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Response: Thank you for your review. We love having you at the office!

8. Giordano Protection Services - GPS Security - PI Miami

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12 reviews
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Giordano Protection Services - GPS Security - PI Miami

Address: 5313 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (305) 925-7524

Business type: Security guard service

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Giordano Protection Services - GPS Security - PI Miami: what do users think?

diane lehmann: I was recommended to GPS Security and Jeff Giordano by an attorney This is the private investigative firm to hire. Jeff and his team were beyond amazing. Jeff was able to provide me with extensive background searches, surveillance and advice. He was always readily available. Highly recommend for handling sensitive matters.

Jeffrey Giordano: We are rated one of the top Private Investigation Firms and are retained globally on criminal and civil cases. Our investigators are former law enforcement personnel with decades of experience.Jeffrey Giordano Founder

Shea Hayley Within Striking Distance: Giordano Protection Services and PI training helped me catch my wife cheating on me. Now she gets none of my assets. Your the best! Would call if you need any type of security service or Private Investigation service. 5 stars

Giordano Protection Services - GPS Security - PI Miami: Our investigative staff consists of reputable retired police investigators and a certified paralegal. We specialize in: Post homicide and wrongful death investigations, Fraud, loss prevention and workers compensation, Money laundering and real-estate fraud, Missing persons, runaways, owners of abandoned or escheated property, heirs to estates, Infidelity and cohabitation cases, The credibility of witnesses or other persons, Background investigations for employment, Ritualistic crime investigations, Accident reconstruction, GPS tracking, and Dignitary protection.

James Meyer: Well managed business, we have their services at our condominum building, guards are always very polite and in uniform. The company owners are always only a phone call away to ready to assist us with any matters that come up, they make our homeowners association a priority.

Salah hudine: Not the greatest experience working with them but everyone has to judge for themselves. Don’t let them disrespect you.

9. Empire Security Services

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17 reviews
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Empire Security Services

Address: 333 SE 2nd Ave #2000, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 913-7108

Business type: Security guard service

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Empire Security Services: what do users think?

Ron V.: Empire Security Services is hands down an awesome company. The staff are very professional and extremely courteous. Mauro was very helpful and friendly making my decision to choose Empire SS for my event very easy! Will definitely continue to use them for my events.

Jennifer Haley Studio Mixed Media Abstract Artist: The professionalism and continuous effort of Empire Security Services to achieve excellence facilitated a trusting and long lasting relationship. We have been very satisfied with their services and will continue to work with them for a long time.
Response: Thank you for your review Jennifer! It is a pleasure working with you..

Christian Kalb (Pro3 Properties): I had the privilege of working with Empire Security Services several times at high-profile conferences in luxury hotels in Downtown Miami. Mauro and his team have never failed to impress. Punctuality and reliability combined with excellent customer service make Empire Security Services stand out in the industry. Empire Security Services always met the requirements as per scope and went above and beyond expectations every single time. I highly recommend this Miami-based security company.

Rosemary Leon: I hired Empire Security Services for an event in Wynwood very last minute, and the owner, Mauro, was able to arrange for 12 security guards to be at my event. The staff were professionally dressed and very courteous. They are very reliable and I would recommend them to anyone. I would definitely be calling them again!

Ivan Prado: Professional Service, Fast response, excelent work in surveillance cameras installation with great quality of video cameras and signal.Officers are well trained. Over all, I recomend to every one this company.

John Correa: Positive: Professionalism, QualityThey provide well-trained security officers. Good customer service. Professsional look.

Gaby 2 Day: The people at Empire Security Services are very professional, from the proposal stage to acquiring their services.

Gerardo Garcia: Positive: Professionalism, QualityI have very good experience with this company and look forward to continue working with them.

stephany flores: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueReally Great Company!
Response: Thank you for your review Stephany! It was a pleasure working with you.

Sherby Pierre: Great company to work for!
Response: Thank you for your review Sherby!

10. Security Services

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27 reviews
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Security Services

Address: 600 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Business type: Security guard service

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Security Services: what do users think?

Edith Colon: Never hire this company for your security or Concierge needs. If I can give them 0 star I would.

Rose Mystic: Even though I no longer work at admiral I will always recommend and remember them as my first place of employment as a security guard while going through domestic violence the staff were supportive when I had to suddenly relocate to Vermont and when everything was safe to come back to Florida they gave me my job back which allowed me to provide for my family thank you admiral 🙏

Dennis Phillips: Security lt university of Miami 12 yrs first national bank of South Miami. 12 yrs. American Knights for 6 yrs until that contract closed lost my job because there was no conyract

regina Mansa: Stay away from this company Justin Mason is horrible to work with he will not pay you your hours nor will he give you your money back for your uniforms I regret working for them

James Gipson: Terrible security company to work for. Doesn’t seem trustworthy at all and they don’t pay.

Joshua Velasquez: Stay away from this company i havent gotten my check from my uniform since i quit in june

11. AoE Security

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6 reviews
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AoE Security

Address: 125 NE 32nd St STE 221, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 245-5723

Business type: Security guard service

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AoE Security: what do users think?

Jason Roberts: Hired for an last minute Event. Needed 10 guards and Richard was very personable and professional and took time to understand all of our needs. Guards were on time and professional. We will definitely use again in the near future!

Karri Todd: Positive: ProfessionalismHired aoe Security to monitor and control my store now that we are able to start opening back up. Called these guys for help they were very knowledgeable about everything that is going on with the reopening. The guard Steven that they sent has been a pleasure to have in our store.

Lakiesha Vaughn: Very professional. Security guard was there on time. And never had an issue. Thanks for accommodating us in such short notice.

12. G4S Secure Solutions

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77 reviews
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G4S Secure Solutions

Address: 7205 Corporate Center Dr Suite 304, Miami, FL 33126

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: (800) 275-8305

Business type: Security guard service

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G4S Secure Solutions: what do users think?

Joe Schmoe: This company works security in my neighborhood and they do nothing for us. In 2 months there have been several car thefts. The previous company the association had was much better and showed better results. The people working at this association are often caught sleeping on the job or just parked somewhere watching something on tv rather then actually doing their job. Sure sounds like a great job if you’re lazy or possibly just scamming the neighborhood?

Majela: I visited a complex today in Doral in the state of florida, and I had a terrible experience with a security guard, she disrespected me, treated me badly and even flipped me off. The employees lack professionalism. The company probably doesnt pay this employee much and thats why she has a bad attitude.

BygoneTundra: I’ve been in this company more than 2 years and I feel like I’m a new employee they don’t show no recognition for your hard work and loyalty, some supervisors are very unprofessional like Justin from Fpl Lfo account manager I sent him 2 emails regarding my jury duty and never got back to me very unprofessional and irresponsible person. Another thing you can be in the company 10 years and if you don’t have military background or criminal justice degree just a D license you stay stuck being a U.S.O low class no room to level up in the company, also you can work here a long time and someone new can start and probably start making more money then you this company is good to start in the security filled but don’t waste your time or loyalty with these people.

Eduardo. I: G4S is ok company. Not bad. Capt Tillman and Sojo.L are great asset for the company. The most professional Security Officers and high integrity. I would recommend G4S to anyone seeking a professional work place or Top quality security services.

Fritz Gerald Laroche: This is my current employer and all i can say i love this Security Company i hope i can grow with them . Why not

Tanya Garner: My training for class D licensing was great!Thank you to all the trainers and operation managers. Very organized and professional.

Alicia: Literally used this company to obtain my security license. The process to get hired here is long compared to other companies. management is very rude and supervisors are inconsiderate.

Keysla Mota: I honestly would give them a -star if they was one they are a very unprofessional company just take you off the schedule for no reason and says nothing ... doesn’t answer calls,texts or emails and at a point they went 4 months without paying me !! extremely unprofessional company.

13. American Security Consultants

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42 reviews
new review
American Security Consultants

Address: 3224 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33125

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 541-1982

Business type: Security guard service

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American Security Consultants: what do users think?

Raging Bull: Fantastic Place highly recommended. Great people. All your security needs. The staff is wonderful.

tony tabb: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueIt’s an amazing place for all your security needs. In fact it’s the best one! These guys really care about consulting and guiding you. Their moral and ethical commitment is their priority and it shows. Highly recommended!

Carlos Enrique: The BEST place for All your security needs. Need your Concealed Carry, come here, I recommend this School. Excellent Instructors and Great Precise Training!
Response: Thanks for taking the time to rate your experience, Carlos! We appreciate your feedback. Regards, The ASC Miami Team

Danielle Wendling: GREAT family owned business, and GREAT FFL location. Quick background check for CCW holders during Covid compared to other locations, and kept us entertained during the wait and had some cafecito. So friendly and helpful.

Robert G: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat family owned company that offers professional training for concealed weapons permits and security guards.

dee henderson: Instructor Peter Davila Was Friendly, Understanding, Work With You At Your Own Paste. Great With Hands On Training. And, Acknowledgeable With The Course...

Gilbert Adames: The staff is very nice and friendly! Top notch place! I wholeheartedly recommend!
Response: Thanks for taking the time to rate your experience, Gilbert and for sharing your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Regards, The ASC Miami Team

Carlos Smith: Good place to take your testing nice people very nice so far everything is great 👍
Response: Thanks for taking the time to rate your experience, Carlos and for sharing your kind words! We hope to see you again soon! Regards, The ASC Miami Team

14. Boost Security Group

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44 reviews
new review
Boost Security Group

Address: 1600 Ponce de Leon, Miami, FL 33134

Telephone: (305) 428-3341

Business type: Security guard service

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Boost Security Group: what do users think?

Mitra Boodram: I was very happy with the service provided by Robert and his team. He was friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about our requirements. Robert made a facetime call so I could meet him, surveyed the venue ahead of our event, made appropriate recommendations and had a excellent team appropriately placed. His guards were well attired and blended well with our guests. I felt very secure knowing that his team and Robert himself was there till we all the left venue. I know that I will call Boost security if the need ever arises. Thank you Robert.

Aliyah Edwards: Wow, what an amazing group of guys. Boost Security was extremely responsive and helpful. My mother came to visit me and thought she saw an individual in the parking lot that looked suspicious. She flagged the security guard and he made her feel so safe. He not only checked the premises to make sure this individual wasn’t there anymore, but he also offered to walk her back and forth to her vehicle. My mother is 71 years old and her fear absolutely disappeared. Thank you Boost Security. We need more of you guys around.
Response: 😊Thank you!

Preston Mason Jr: Great company! The owner and team are all very professional. It was definitely a pleasure to work with this company. Highly recommend! I’m sure I’ll be working with you all again in the near future!
Response: 😊Thank you!

Mario Vuksanovic: The owners are great people..I love them.

Jesus Batista: Very nice and helpful company! They are willing to train you and they pay you while you’re training and help you achieve a higher purpose. Management at the account i was placed was very nice. Never once did I have a hard time with this company.
Response: long as employee follow the protocol mainly; be vigilant, do the report and scan everyone should be happy. Thank you.

Miguel Angel Rosabal: The best security company, with quality and excellent service.
Response: Thank you.

Miguel Rosabal: A great company with excellent service.

Jennifer Alexandre: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueBoost Security is awesome, I could not ask for better service. Very professional and responsive to any questions or concerns you may have.
Response: Thank you you for taking the time to send us kind words. Greatly appriciate it😇 thank you for the 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Maryrose McMahan: Much respected staff… felt safe and was able to handle duties I had.. thanks boost security .. I highly recommend 😎🤗
Response: 😊Thank you.

Muriel Llewellyn: Great company responsive to client’s needs as well as the employees owner is definitely a professional and reliable.
Response: Thank you for your kind words!!


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22 reviews
new review

Address: 12787 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami, FL 33161

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 942-1235

Business type: Security guard service


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Gary Maxwell: Wancito and his staff showed excellent customer service. I needed to get a Florida instead of my NY license and they were helpful in sending me to the right place. I am currently taking my G course and they will help with job placement. They teach professionalism.

PHOENIX CARGO SERVICES: This Company is real a great one. as a security company, as a security school they are so professional and they know what they are doing. I definitely recommended them to anyone.

Damion Watson: One of the best security company in this world very clean well-educated also they want you to succeed wonderful staff at the front

CODIO AUTO SALES, INC: great company to work with .....especially the owner Wancito Francius

Fawzi Bidawi: Lion Security has the highest quality Security guards and a well managed operation.

Mr Z: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValuePhenomenal service.

Pierfise Louis: They are very professional in what they do.
Response: Thank you so much.

VICAMA FASHION: Amazing employees and Amazing school.

16. Delta Five Security

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121 reviews
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Delta Five Security

Address: 13595 SW 134th Ave Suite #211, Miami, FL 33186

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 635-6200

Business type: Security guard service

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Delta Five Security: what do users think?

Umar Illahi: Delta Five “ Government contract “ is the great organization to work. I was the part of this organization for almost three years and in that time never had a single issue either with my schedule or pay. Twice I’m awarded officer of the month with bonus. The administration staff is very professional especially the VP Mr. James. They really take car of their employees. I left the Delta Five because I joined the Law Enforcement. Thank you so much Delta Five for the opportunity I was given because now I’m very close to achieved my goals.
Response: Hello Umar, Thanks for taking the time to share your positive feedback. The team at Delta Five remembers you as a highly professional reliable officer and we are confident that you will excel and experience many accomplishments in your law enforcement career. As a retired law enforcement officer, I know how difficult it is to make it through the selection process. Only the finest applicants with outstanding credentials and skills are trusted to become police officers. We wish you the best. Be safe out there!

sharon roberts: At one point my daughter got sick out of town when we were on our family trip and she wounded up coding. So I informed Francis of the situation and told her that I didn’t know when I would be back because I couldn’t leave my child alone. At another time my mom had her toe Amputated so I was there at the hospital and I called and inform Francis of that situation. Then Recently my grandson took very ill. I went to the emergency room earlier that day but somehow it took longer than I expected. So I called to inform them of where I was. And Francis got upset and started talking crazy and threatened to terminate me if I didn’t show up for work when I actually was calling to let them know that I was at the hospital in case I was going to be late. Francis was pretty disrespectful and unprofessional. The things she said wasn’t called for
Response: Ms. Roberts, Google Reviews is not the appropriate forum for employees to air their grievances with their employers. It's listed under Conflict of Interest section of the Google Reviews Guidelines. This platform is for customers to provide feedback. We're very sorry to hear about your family's medical issues. We are very supportive, understanding and accomodating with our employees' needs, but you as an employee also have responsibilities to fulfill and administrative procedures to follow. You were instructed on what information and documentation you needed to provide and you failed to comply multiple times. Do not blame us for your failure to comply with company policies and procedures.

Niurka Diaz: I am a resident of Silver Palms community. Delta five security team are really doing a great job in our community by keeping us safe and helping us find our lost pets. My neighbor lost his dog this morning and Delta five found the wondering dog and kept it safe until they located the owner which is my neighbor. Delta five team is really making a difference. I now can come home and feel safe. At times they have waited for me to enter my home. I can truly see the positive changes occurring on a daily basis within the community by Delta Five management and team. Delta five team is doing an awesome job.
Response: Thank you so much, Niurka!

Jessica Fowler: I love my Delta Five security team here in Silver Palms. They are so helpful any time I need anything. They are all so friendly and I can tell they really care about the residents here. Jennifer Pizarro and Ana Echeverria are the officers that have helped me most often but everyone I have spoken to has been great. I really like the way that they always follow up anytime I have an issue. They call me back right away to let me know that the problem has been resolved or what they plan to do. Thank you for keeping us safe!
Response: Thank you so much, Jessica!! We appreciate the feedback!

Cheryl Bovastro: I’m having work done on my home and Ana Echieverra was super helpful in addressing my needs for the workers. Jennifer was also quite helpful. In my experience, Delta Five in Silver Palms East has done a tremendous job addressing whatever concerns that I may have. Kudos to their teams for being on top of our neighborhood concerns.
Response: Dear Cheryl, thanks for rating our company and sharing your experience with others. Always a privilege to serve you.

Nadine Roach: Delta Five Security is Awesome. They are professional, dedicated, and consistent. We have a parking issue that has really taken away from the beauty of our home. They have taken on the project and have already made a difference. Jennifer and Anna are the best! Thank you for your perserverance and help with solving this issue. Teamwork makes the Dream work. Thank you for protecting my home! Sincerely, Mrs. Roach.
Response: Thank you so much, Nadine!

Nancy Pineda: I am the property manager for The Landings and The Preserve communities. We have been using Delta Five for almost a year and we are very satisfied with their service. Ana is always available if there are any issues, no matter the time. All of the guards are awesome, it will take me all day to name them all. We will keep using their services.
Response: Thank you so much, Nancy!

17. Black Night Security School

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37 reviews
new review
Black Night Security School

Address: 4303 NW 7th St suite c, Miami, FL 33126

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (305) 444-1080

Business type: Security guard service

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Black Night Security School: what do users think?

Bianka Orjuela: Leticia the receptionist is extremely rude and unprofessional. Every time I call she has an attitude. I called to explain the situation and she failed to provide assistance. I pay rent and was told I am not able to park my car in the condominium where I pay rent. I paid your company a lot of money in association fees to be treated this way. I am the customer and as an employee you should learn to treat your customers better especially if they are the reason you have a job.

Raquel: This is by far the worst customer service. The receptionist is extremely rude, unprofessional, you can tell she has no customer service skills. Doesn’t like helping people, has no knowledge of any questions asked. Tip to the owner, your receptionist is making your company look bad. She needs to be trained on her customer/people skills. If she doesn’t like helping she needs to find another job! NOT with the public. By the way, people that call in are also customers not only the ones you have in front. She certainly needs to get trained! If you could avoid doing business with them, do so. Terrible receptionist

casey baker: I contacted this company in reference to a contract I lived at that they do security for, I wanted to offer my experience and knowledge.I wanted to apply for a part time job in order to benefit my community. They told me I can’t do that. That is fair. Policy is policy. I asked if there are other opportunity, yes. Then she goes into a rant about how unreasonable the people at my community are and how the client is never satisfied, and that if I worked there I would be gone in a week. Like who am I for you to be unloading your baggage on when I’m looking for employment opportunity but unfortunately I will never be able to apply for a part time position with this company because they are only open Monday through Thursday until 3 or 4 pm and I work Monday through Thursday 7a-7p. The only reason I gave the company two stars instead of 1 is for the woman’s honesty about the challenges that are presented by the contract. I highly respect that honesty and I wish her the best moving forward.
Response: Sorry for the inconvenience our school have closed due to County order to protect our county. We are not hiring at the school you have the wrong company. Please call our school to service you better. The Security School will reopen on JULY 13, 2020 to the public. Please come in person and register today for your 42 hour course D-license.

mabel de las casas: The women in the front office has the worst customer service. Every time I have to go into this office for any sort of service she responds with a really bad attitude and as a result new tenants have also backed out from moving into my place. This is the first time I leave a nasty review but the person of whom I speak of is just so rude and I really think black knight should reconsider who they hire for the front desk. I am not the first person this lady has had an issue with I am even surprised she still has her job!

Juan Artiles: Extremely disrespectful company. There is not a single person at the office that shows any level of professionalism or willingness to help, on the contrary. Their rating by the Better Business Bureau, the customers or anyone that has dealt with this company is the worst. This is a pathetic, arrogant & disrespectful company. I would encourage anyone looking to find a place to lease to find a place where this company does not provide their services.

leticia puentes: I contacted this school for my D-license ... they were very good and very professional. They even found me a post to work immediately. Looking to start a new career... start one today with Black Night Security School. If I could give them a 10 star I would. Thank you , Black night.

Jessica Lazodelavega: Critical: Professionalism, ValueThis place sucks the lady that works there is completely unprofessional and rude. I would never recommend you to anyone.


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12 reviews
new review

Address: 370 NE 75th St, Miami, FL 33138

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (305) 748-5645

Business type: Security guard service


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SPECTRUM FLORIDA INC.: what do users think?

Lorne Wray: Spectrum has been an added value to our Firm, and our Fifty thousand square feet facility, known as the Square One Business Complex, located in Pompano Beach, FL. . Spectrum management, staff, & officers have been pleasant, professional and polite to each of our vendors, clients and tenants alike. The company’s owner and staff is easy to work with and offers advise and solutions for a better security management services to our business, which provides an added value and service to our Tenants, clients and vendors. Thank you Spectrum Team, we look forward to having a long term business relationship. Respectfully, Lorne W. | CEO Investments SWK, LLC

Virginia Aguilar: Spectrum is absolutely 100% professional and reliable. I would definitely work with them again!! Emmanuel the owner had great communication with me about every single detail and their guards kept our new facility safe (while we installed our alarm system). I would highly recommend!

Alena Lavoie: Michael was our security for our weekend in Miami. He was very professional and made us feel safe. Definitely worth it.

Eric Magid: spectrum has a reliable staff that watch and secure the entrance to my facility they are courteous and attentive to their job duties at the same time of maintaining order and control they have worked for me 6 months and have maintained the same guys weekly for which i have enjoyed the comfortably of knowing that i do not have to retrain every week the job duties assigned

French Alex: Using them as night patrol interventions for my Airbnb. Great service

Alexxis: Great company to work with, easy and very professional. Look foward to using their services.

Douglas Tinsley: Received tutoring and consulting services from spectrum florida through vocational rehabilitation. Emanuel Fields is a great educator and consultant he helped me with my course and even helped me get a great job oppertunity!

Gerald Dunne: Professional , on time. Easy to work with and plan

Tania Delgado: Excellent service very professional, I contracted them to watch my house while the termite tent was up and after removal until we were able to be back at the house

María Berríos-Pizarro: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

19. Capital Security Academy

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83 reviews
new review
Capital Security Academy

Address: 7175 SW 8th St UNIT 201, Miami, FL 33144

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 498-3132

Business type: Security guard service

Near Capital Security Academy:

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Capital Security Academy: what do users think?

david miller: Very happy with the services they provide…the instructor is amazing i went three weeks ago to get my conceal permit im hoping to receive it soon..i learned alot in the class, its highly professional i felt safe all my questions was answered the staff are very friendly…i highly recommend anybody who wants to really learn about there firearm amd how to properly use it take this class..they go the extra mile for there students…if i would have decided to take the course somewhere else im confident i wouldnt have learned what i did and received the excellent customer service that i was provided. thankyou very much for everything

malccolm knowles: Been dealing with them for year always a great experience staff and management team never lets me down I love this place

Josh Duarte: Completed my “D” License course with this academy and it was a breeze. When it came time for my “G” License with this academy, my application was denied. Update: The Department of Agriculture asked for a copy of a Proficiency form to clear the mix-up and the academy obliged without a problem. Now I’m just waiting on the department. Much thank you to the guys at the office for their eager help. The issue was not a typo like the Dept. of Agriculture mentioned just a missing SSN. The copy the academy provided proved it to be a simple matter. Thanks again!
Response: Thank you for your review.

Red: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueExcellent, Luis and Roxana are the best ever,very professional and excellent customer service.

Tony Montana: Critical: Professionalism, Quality, ValueIn the website, it said $75 for the CCW and when I went to the office to sign up they told me $107.

Kandi Reigns: Super helpful & accommodating staff... The literature is completely comprehensive and El Presidente "Luis" es caliente como el infierno!!!... Sorry, it simply had to be said... No disrespect intended of course...
Response: Thank you

j d: Love this place. Luis and his staff are top notch.

20. JCC Security Agency

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24 reviews
new review
JCC Security Agency

Address: 558 Hialeah Dr #1, Hialeah, FL 33010

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 226-4893

Business type: Security guard service

Near JCC Security Agency:

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JCC Security Agency: what do users think?

Judith Rodriguez: I called JCC Security at 4 PM the day before I needed a guard for the next couple of days. Jermaine was friendly and professional and followed up the next day to make sure I still needed guard for the time designated! He showed up, as did his guards promptly and reliably at a fair price! Thank you. Very happy with their service.
Response: Thank you

Kate Maude: We needed a last minute security guard for an event and JCC Security Agency, LLC came through in a pinch! Jermaine was incredibly friendly and we greatly appreciate his flexibility in showing up for us last minute. Thank you, Jermaine and JCC Security Agency!
Response: You are well come kate thank you

Alex Cruz: I am in the Medical Field and my business hired JCC for 24 hour security services during Hurricane Irma. They always show up on time. They are very professional and curteous. My business and employees are always protected. All their employees are highly trained and always willing to help. They wear buttoned down uniforms with security badges and all the equipment to do the job. Jermaine, the owner, is also one of the guards that showed up to work for many of the shifts. He always answers the phone and keeps me updated on my business at al times. I will use nobody else for my security needs.
Response: You are welcome sir

Biofit Miami: Jcc security is the best. I am a single female entrepreneur and start ups can use the help of very professional commercial services. Also is very friendly and works wonderfully with clients. Excellent service. Highly recommend.
Response: Thank you

Constantine Simpson: JCC Security Agency provide professional security services, their officers have Law Enforcement Background and always have a good approach to deal with situations.
Response: Thank you sir

David Carpenter: I apologize for the misunderstanding the head of the organization is well highly trained and took the time out to teach me everything I know and it been a pleasure working with the company thanks for the opportunity.

Smily Felix: The owner is so friendly and so kind he was working as a security guard and I didn’t know he was the owner..
Response: Thank you sir for your kind work at JCC

Patricia Brown: HaS great customer service been with them for years!
Response: Hello how are you doing

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