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1. ERA Fit

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Address: 51 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (630) 865-5772

Business type: Personal trainer

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ERA Fit: what do users think?

Guillermo Leon: Amazing Gym, best I’ve ever joined. Life changing experience with every single detail specially fitted to my needs. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years and still improving every day ! I highly recommend taking Alex as your personal trainer. And I love Taki.
Response: Love you energy in the gym Guillermo! You're one of our hardest workers. Keep it up 😎

Emma Lincoln: I cannot speak more highly of ERA Fit and specifically Pauline. The gym is always spotless and the variety of machines is impressive. This is one of the few gyms that actually has proper racks which allows for more options when lifting. All of the trainers are friendly and knowledgeable, and focus on proper technique to avoid injuries. As a former D1 athlete, I’ve had my fair share of incompetent trainers and coaches who have made me hate working out. Pauline is the complete opposite. She is so fun, professional, and easy to work with. She’s also always on time which is rare in Miami. From day one, we aligned on my goals and she curated a workout and meal plan for me, which led me to losing 10 pounds and 3% body fat in 4 weeks of training 5x/week. She has an amazing ability to strike the perfect balance of being supportive but firm. She is able to motivate me to push myself without making me feel stressed as if I’m training for the Olympics. I recently underwent knee surgery (unrelated to my training) and Pauline has come up with very creative options for me to still be able to workout and stay in shape while accommodating my temporary limitations. Pauline has been such a blessing and I cannot describe how happy I am to have her as my trainer. I highly recommend training with Pauline (but not too much so she still has space for me in her schedule)!
Response: Thanks for all your hard work Emma! Love having you in the gym :)

Kevin Perez: Era Fit is by far Miami’s premium health and fitness center. The gym and staff are top of the line, highly professional and fully committed to the betterment of the customers. (Below are more details). Staff: Highly qualified and friendly staff that adjust their programs to each clients needs. I had the pleasure to work with Pauline and she was immensely helpful in adjusting my workout routine and eating habits. Facility: As mentioned above, Era has top of the line equipment (multiple stations). Eric has made a substantial investment into the facility and clients have access to new equipment. The gym also counts with a recovery center. I would highly recommend asking about this extra feature. Program: Each client gets to work with their trainer and has a customized plan. Plan are calibrated to account for eating habits and body improvements. Other: The gym also has an app that integrates your on-going results, program, schedule and meal plans. Note that expecting results in 24-48 hours is highly unrealistic. Era will support you on your long term health goals, but do not expect to be turned around in 1 workout session.

Camille Taylor: I started going to ERA Fit summer of 2021. I was teamed up with Elke. She is absolutely amazing. I was a beginner and she understood what that meant. She is patient and personable. I had to abruptly stop my sessions in person due to me moving. She checked in on me weekly. Once I settled down I reached out to her and she was more then willing to pick up where we left off. Although we aren’t in person nothing feels different. I love her. All of the trainers there KNOW their stuff. It’s not picking up dumb bells it’s them teaching and showing you how working out helps the body. The passion is seen n felt. Eric the owner is also awesome. He isn’t that owner who you don’t see on the floor. He trains and walks around and motivate the clients and their trainers. It’s definitely a vibe.

Kayra Yasa: I went to ERA Fit for 3 months before moving to a new city and I do not know where to begin! Prior to ERA, I had never particulary enjoyed going to the gym and I had never worked with a trainer one-on-one. My personal trainer, Pauline, always prepared the best program for me & my needs. The classes were just the right level of difficulty. Beyond workout sessions, Pauline helped me with my diet and lifestyle choices, which is a lot more than the norm! I would lose a few percent of body fat and gain a few pounds of muscle in a mere few weeks. The progress was incredible. And beyond the workouts & lifestyle recommendations, Pauline was incredible to learn from! :) We discussed at length women’s health (a subject she personally loves) which fed into my program, specifically tailored to me. I could not recommend ERA Fit, and especially Pauline, more!

Mireya Iglesias-Ayala: LIFE CHANGING! That is how I would describe Era Fit and the amazing team of trainers. The professionalism since day one was unmatched- there is very exhaustive and holistic onboarding process rooted in data and fitness knowledge. The vibes of Era Fit all around are motivating in every single aspect (you get to see puppies everyday too). As someone who never really worked out and who was shy about working out in front of others, I was energized by the environment. I worked out 4 times a week and for 9.5 weeks I lost 4% body fat, gained life long habits, and gained confidence. I owe this to the incredible expert Pauline - my trainer who quite literally changed my life. She is beyond knowledgeable and her ability to read you as an individual helped her push me to reach new limits. I also valued all of her insights around women health. Eric the founder is always overseeing the trainers and individual progresses, he is consistently involved and passionate about innovating the business. This is the best gym, team, and family!

2. Core Fitness Miami

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41 reviews
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Core Fitness Miami

Address: 162 NE 25th St, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 428-2642

Business type: Personal trainer

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Core Fitness Miami: what do users think?

S D: Great place to recovery after sports trauma or injury, they have doctors who can evaluate problem and define few best ways for you. Doctor Jeff Baker used ultra-siund to see whats going on inside my frozen shoulder, offered blood cells therapy shots. Feel good and on my way for fast recovery! In 3-4 days will start gym workout)

W. Robert Millar (dieselEdge): If you want a guaranteed amazing workout in a private setting than Core Fitness is for you. I couldn’t be happier with this gym. The trainers are the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had 6–8 different ones). For nearly the same price as a personal trainer at your gym you can go to Core Fitness and have the entire place to yourself. The location is perfect and there’s covered parking in the back. Walk in and it’s time to get to work! There’s even nice private showers if you want to get a session in before work. I’ve been going there consistently for 4 months now and the results have been great. I’m down 13 pounds now and I’m only going 1-2 times a week. I also confess my diet wasn’t the best until recently hah Connected to the gym is a full rehab facility. I used to struggle with lower back pains and they fixed me right up! Call and get in contact with Andy he’s really helpful. 💪

Peene Wally: Best place in Miami to train hands down!! If you do not train here you are missing out. They are not like any other gym, this is the real deal they care about their clients, motivate you and design workouts the fit your individual goals and needs. I have been training for a few months with great!! results and plan to continue training with them. Kenny and Andy are great!!

Daniella Padilla: I have been training with Core Fitness Miami for three years and I have to say, hands down, they are AMAZING! I have been modeling for six years and have had many trainers in the past, but never saw the results I wanted. After only two months of training with Core Fitness Miami I started to see good results. My abs were flatter; my lower back and obliques were stronger and more stable making it easier for me to accomplish more challenging workouts and build muscle where I wanted it! They pushed me to my best! After three years I am still training with them and am in the best shape I have ever been in! I am down to 13% body fat! Thanks Core Fitness Miami

Chloe Kuhn: I have been working out for many, many years with many different trainers and nothing compares to the training I get at Core Fitness. My body has changed completely for the better in just 2 months! My legs are firmer, my arms are thinner and I feel stronger than every. The equipment is unique and the training is personalized for what I need as an individual. I would recommend and have recommended training at Core Fitness to whoever asks about this facility. I am truly hooked! Chloe K

Stanley Matz: Definitely the best gym for one on one personalized Training. I have been a member for two years. Andy and the other trainers are all very attentive and knowledgable. Andy pushes me to my max every session and always there to make sure I am doing every exercise with proper form. The gym is equipped with all state of the art equipment. THANK YOU ANDY!

3. Peak Physique & Performance Personal Training

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Peak Physique & Performance Personal Training

Address: 760 NE 69th St, Miami, FL 33138

Telephone: (305) 674-8435

Business type: Personal trainer

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Peak Physique & Performance Personal Training: what do users think?

Lindsay Shapiro: Lyen was my personal trainer for many years. I first started when I wanted to get into shape for my wedding. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and succeeded above and beyond. I continued after my wedding and through my pregnancy. She was well trained, knowledgeable, and knew when to push me and when to hold back. Without her training I would not have been able to bounce back so quickly after giving birth. At one point I also had a foot injury and she was able to tailor the workouts around the injury to make sure we were to not aggravate it more. I would definitely recommend Lyen to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Response: Dear Lindsay, thank you for putting your trust in me and for the kind words. I enjoyed working out with you for your wedding and during your pre-natal training. I'm happy that we reached our goals, we had fun, and we became good friends. We have very good stories to tell lol ;) I'm always at your service.

Leticia Laurenti-Smuglovsky: PPP has been by far my best training experience. Not only was I able to achieve maximum results with my physique, but I was able to connect and build a great relationship with the trainers at PPP due to the fact that they truly care about your well being and progress. They’re accountable, professional, and knowledgeable. Lyen genuinely cares about her clients and wants the best for them. Her training style caters to your needs whether you’re 65 years old, or 25 - she absolutely knows what to do to keep you healthy and achieve your goals. Lyen prepared me for multiple NPC bikini fitness shows, which I placed top 5 in, and 1st place in my category. She also coached & prepped me for my audition to get into a Spanish network show called Nuestra Belleza Latina, aired on Univision. My audition was a success!!! My physique and talent definitely stood out from the rest and I owe it all to Lyen and PPP. If you have read this far, and really want to change your body, look no further THIS IS THE PLACE , & this is your sign! DO IT!
Response: Dear Leti, thanks for the awesome review! I'm happy and very proud of you :-)

Shifat Mirza: I was looking for a trainer to help me get in shape before I moved to another state for school. I barely ever went to the gym, always felt weak, and literally used to get tired just from climbing a couple of stairs. Lyen was absolutely amazing. She knows so much and is able to figure out exactly what you need and where you need the most work to strengthen your entire body. We did a different workout everyday, so my workouts were never repetitive. She also tailored them to my level exactly to make sure I wouldn’t get injured doing something I wasn’t ready for. So I started off training using just my body weight and then once I got stronger, we started doing weight training. I worked with her for two months and the changes I felt in my body in that short time were more than I ever thought possible. My endurance increased, I had more energy throughout the day, and I just FELT stronger. I wish I had found out about this gym earlier so I could have had more time to train with Lyen, but this was a great foundation for me to begin exercising regularly. I’m definitely going to try to go back to her when I’m in Miami for breaks.

4. Primal Fit Miami

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Primal Fit Miami

Address: 8200 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 951-6648

Business type: Personal trainer

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Primal Fit Miami: what do users think?

Grant Weeditz: There’s a unique positive energy inside this gym. You can tell the trainers and members have good chemistry that makes it an enjoyable place to be. Workouts are tough yet creative and fun. Easy access to I-95 and great location, even if you don’t live in Miami Shores.

Sasha Bass: Primal Fit Miami is the best! When I was looking to join a new gym a few months ago, I was immediately impressed speaking with Matt. After coming in to see the space and meeting Matt, I knew this was the gym for me. Working primarily with Billy during the small group training classes, my physical and mental fitness has dramatically improved. Both Matt and Billy have motivated me tremendously throughout my journey and progress would not have been possible without their energy and encouragement. I always look forward to my workouts and highly recommend Primal Fit Miami to all!

Jonerik Murphy: As a trainer I work with athletes from the youth level to the NFL level. To accommodate their needs it was necessary for me to find a gym which would allow me to train them to prepare for their seasons. Fortunately Matt has created a phenomenal facility in Primal Fit. At Primal I have everything I need to help my athletes get better. My guys are able to push their limits to help improve their own field performance. And Primal Fit isn’t just for athletes. The environment and people make it a great place for everyone to train. Every time I train one of my general population clients they tell me how much they enjoy working out at Primal. I would highly recommend Primal Fit to anyone looking for a great gym whether they are a professional athlete or just someone looking to get in shape and improve their health.

Jessica Bakeman: Primal Fit Miami is a beautiful, inclusive community. Matt and Billy are wonderful trainers who make everyone feel safe and empowered to take control of their physical health. I never really enjoyed exercise before joining Primal Fit, and now I genuinely look forward to every trip to the gym. It has been life-changing. Give it a shot! What have you got to lose? ;)
Response: Hello Jessica and thank you for taking the time to share your detailed feedback! We are thrilled to hear that you have nothing but amazing things to say about your fitness journey and our team at Primal Fit Miami. We're so glad to hear that we created a supportive community that made you feel comfortable each time you walk through our door. Take care!

Mirtha Alonzo: Primal fit Miami is a truly an amazing facility with a warm inviting ambiance to become a better you. I joined after a recommendation from my daughter, who was not a gym person until she came here. Friendly staff and admirable coaches, who are also great examples of strength and fitness. They offer versatile fitness equipment, strengthening and conditioning programs, great hours, shower rooms are available, and cleanliness throughout . The workouts are intense, challenging, but fun. Coach Billy is creative and is always encouraging us to do our best. He takes the time to understand our individual weaknesses and his concern for our safety is key. I travel from Broward, but the staff and the workout programs here are worth it for me. Coach Matt is always there to greet you and start your day off with great nutritional advise, upon your request. He is extremely knowledgeable on nutritional lifestyle changes. A conversation with him is always enlightening. I highly recommend Primal Fit Miami.

Erika Wilder: I started going to Primal Fit Miami in 2019 and I absolutely love it. Matt and Billy are amazing coaches and are so knowledgeable about everything fitness related. The exercises are always so unique which keeps the gym interesting so I never get bored of the workouts. To this day, sometimes Billy will give an exercise that I’ve never done before. I also have become way healthier outside the gym because Matt and Billy incorporate nutrition into their program. I have so many tools now, I can intermittent fast when I want to, I know to limit the processed foods that I have, and the best thing is, I feel way better mentally and physically. Another great tool that they offer is their InBody machine. Every month I am able to track my progress without having to worry about how much I weigh. Sometimes my weight will stay the same or go up, but I will see that I have actually gained muscle and lost body fat, which is amazing!! This gym is not like any public gym and I am so lucky to be able to go here and enjoy my time working out!!

Pat: Primal Fit is a great gym with a great vibe and knowledgeable trainers who push you in all the right ways. Group training sessions are a set menu but the trainers always pay close attention to your form and sometimes even change up the exercise to fit what you need to make sure you get maximum benefit. I’ve been training with Billy for the last two years and he is amazing.

Susan Howell: I have been working out at Primal Fit Miami for almost 3 months- and I love it! I am taking small group strength training and conditioning classes. I am not only getting incredible workouts- I am so enjoying myself. I was in good physical shape when I began but my body is getting stronger, leaner, and I have muscle definition I did not have prior to Primal Fit! Matt Pack, the owner, is fabulous as is group is trainer Billy Casimir. Billy has me laughing out loud and the mood of the classes are so upbeat. We workout hard but have fun! The music is great too! I am very happy with my experience at Primal Fit Miami and highly recommend this gym.

5. HIPERFIT Private Personal Training Studio

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HIPERFIT Private Personal Training Studio

Address: 7330 NE 2nd Ave #101, Miami, FL 33138

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM

Telephone: (786) 873-8908

Business type: Personal trainer

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HIPERFIT Private Personal Training Studio: what do users think?

CHRISTOFFEL Combrink: Amazing trainer. Keith is passionate and dedicated. He motivates me to push harder, and to believe in myself. He creates a comfortable and easy atmosphere that I have never experienced in any other gym. It allows me to push myself harder and achieve better results. I live the exclusive private experience and would not train with any other trainer in Miami. Highly recommended!

Charly Valle: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityHighly Recommend! Keith is awesome! He will keep pushing you to achieve more than you thought you could. Personalized workouts to fit you, great equipment, and a positive atmosphere. Level up!
Response: Thanks brother

Aurelia Byrne: Being a women at a gym can sometimes feel intimidating... at least for me. I felt comfortable and did workouts that will improve my overall health... and look great! I would recommend this gym. Both to men and women. Thank you Hyperfit!! Aurelia
Response: Thanks AB

Victor Herrera: Been a member for over 1 year and I have personally experienced great results with this personalized Gym! Keith The owner customizes the training to your specifics needs and in my personal experience, the results have been well beyond expectation. If you are like me who cannot stand a crowded (Miami type) gym... this is the place for you. The personal & professional treatment is A+++
Response: You the man!

Eduardo Vera: Best personal training gym in Miami. Keith will push and motivate you to the next level. Price is reasonable for what you get. I totally recommend it.
Response: Love you too, brother! I'll go easy on you tomorrow...

6. Underline Fit

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47 reviews
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Underline Fit

Address: 301 SW 17th Rd, Miami, FL 33129

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (786) 953-6802

Business type: Personal trainer

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Underline Fit: what do users think?

Igor Benchak: If you are serious about your fitness goals - this is the place you’ve been looking for! Super professional and friendly staff, nice equipment, always sparkly clean facility. Our trainer Dean was amazing!!! He was always ready to explain every detail regarding the session, very friendly and supportive. The place has a great energizing vibe and atmosphere that makes you push harder every time. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to get in shape and maintain good health and be satisfied with the training routine! 👏👏
Response: Thanks a lot for the amazing review, Igor! Keep crushing your goals 👏💪

Katherine Moya: Great work out environment at this fitness studio. Small groups where everyone gets a personalized work out plan according to their needs and goals. The trainers are amazing. Very knowledgeable and great at motivating you to constantly push for more and do your best.

Darlene Cole: We are so fortunate to have Underline Fit, an excellent fitness studio in Brickell. In late March 2022, I began my exercise program at Underline Fit with a most knowledgeable, experienced, and caring trainer, Dean West. Since starting the semi-private classes twice a week (only six people per class), I have lost four pounds (without dieting) while building muscles. Dean is fantastic at pinpointing what the person needs and balancing it with their physical challenges. Soon, I will be increasing my exercise workouts per week and looking forward to a healthier, more muscular body. Dean keeps the atmosphere caring, challenging, and pace constantly moving.

David Lopez: The group classes are awesome. Underline Fit has an army of amazing trainers on hand to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking to make significant and lasting change on the road to health.

Kayla Martinez: I’ve been a member at underline fit for close to a year, and I absolutely love it. Everyone from the trainers to the members are so welcoming and encouraging, but most importantly, I feel like I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been before. My trainer, Dean, is passionate about his work, encouraging, and can answer any fitness related question I have. The thing I appreciate the most about his training style is that he always challenges me, but makes sure that I’m not causing any strain/injury. He also gives a ton of nutrition advice which helps me build healthier habits to reach my goals. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, I highly recommend trying this gym out. There is so much to learn from these trainers, and you’ll certainly make friends along the way!

Emily Krasnow: I was an intern here while completing my Masters in Applied Physiology at the University of Miami. I was able to experience first-hand the level of professionalism and passion the coaches have for mentoring me and helping others achieve their fitness goals. If you are looking for a caring and knowledgable coach to work under or train with, I would highly recommend Dean, Diego and Hugo. The members are also a fantastic group who are committed to improving themselves and supportive of one another, creating a family atmosphere that is ideal to work in.
Response: Thank you Emily 🙏

Stephanny C. Troconis: I jumped from gym to gym until I found this place. Such a great gym and coaches! Here they make you feel part of a group of friends, who care about you and who take the time to help you achieve your goals. Super recommended.
Response: Many thanks for highlighting this, having a great environment is extremely important for us to keep you motivated to achieve your goal. You will look amazing for your wedding, keep working hard!

Eric Maradiaga: The concept behind this Underline Fit is amazing. The trainers are very knowledgeable and always keep the environment fun. I have been working with Hugo for a few months now and have definitely seen some progress. Keep it up guys!
Response: Thank you Eric! We are proud to help you with your personal fitness goal. We have great fun with you!

Carlos M: Underline Fit has been life changing. The Coaching team is A+ and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great gym experience. Come prepared to work hard.

Amrit Kapai: We LOVE Coach Dean. Not only is he incredible at coaching and weight training, he is so genuine and nice. It’s so wonderful to find a coach who is not intimidating. A+!


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44 reviews
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Address: 1001 SW 67th Ave, Miami, FL 33144

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 793-0343

Business type: Personal trainer


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CONCEPT 21 FITNESS: what do users think?

Rick Pujals: Concept 21 Fitness exceeds all expectations. Yanniel is knowledgeable and professional. He motivates and encourages us to work harder to achieve our goals. He is friendly yet focused and keeps the ongoing training productive. He asks questions regarding eating habits and recommends meal plans. Scheduling is also easy. We are incredibly pleased with the progress and excellent results, and truly look forward to our training sessions. Highly recommend!

juan carlos gonzalez: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityOverall it has been a great pleasure working with Yanniel. He is very immersed in the fitness world. He would easily motivate you to meet your fitness goals and help you feel at your greatest. I highly recommend him, you will not regret it.

Ashley Perea: Yaniel is a great trainer that helps you achieve your goals! He asks you what areas you want to work on the most and he incorporates exercises that will give you the best result. He also helps giving advice on which foods to stick too and stay away from which definitely makes things easier. In my own experience I’ve had a back injury from a previous incident and once I told him he took it into consideration when choosing my exercises! Super personable and amazing trainer

Ed: I’ve been working with Yanniel for about 4 months and he has been the best. Great workouts that are personalized for you. I highly recommend Yanniel as your personal trainer. I’m leaving the state for work, but if I wasn’t I would continue with Yanniel. He has helped me immensely and he will help and motivate you every workout. He cares about his clients.

Amanda Perea: I have been working out with yanniel for about 6 months now and I would definitely recommend him. He is very knowledgeable in all things fitness. He works with you and tailors the workouts to you in order to reach your fitness goals. 10/10 !!!

Yumanela Candelaria: Yanniel is a phenomenal trainer. When I’m at the gym he’s very patient as well as aware of all his clients. He keeps up a concise flow throughout the workout and motivates me to push past my limits. I do the online program with occasional gym sessions and I see he has true interest in my progress. The meal plan he provides is also very easy to follow and has a variety of options. I highly recommend him and Concept 21 Fitness!
Response: Thank you Yumi!

Electra Abigail: Yanniel is a really great personal trainer. I Used to be unmotivated to go to the gym. I had Yanniel as my personal trainer, and he is really patient and professional on personal training. and now I noticed a positive change in my appearance. I am happy and now more confident with myself. I definitely recommend concept 21 fitness to anyone looking for great quality personal training!!!
Response: Thank you so much!

Maria Chavez: If I could give Yanniel more stars, I would. I have never ever ever been the type of person to workout or do any type of activity. I have always hated the gym and everything that comes with it. My eating habits were terrible and so on until I decided to make a change after quarantine as this was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I started seeing Yanniel back in May of this year right after quarantine and I have never looked back only to the pictures of my old self where I never want to go back again. So far I have been able to loose almost 30 pounds and tons of body fat all with hard work and the consistent motivation that Yanniel provides me with. Personal training is an investment but what better investment that investing on yourself? Yanniel is professional, caring, kind and he always motivates me to be a better version of myself. On days where I don’t feel like working out, I remember how far I’ve come and I get my workout in. I have so much more energy now and just overall feel better with myself. Can you believe he has even gotten me to go and workout at 6:00 AM? That’s how good this man is. Do yourself a favor and hire him as your trainer, you won’t regret it.

Ale Dieguez: I started with concept 21 this year and have managed to lose 20 pounds the healthy way. I’m so appreciative to the reliability of the trainer, Yanniel, especially during quarantine. He went above and beyond to make sure I stayed consistent with my goals!!! I’ve tried many other gyms and trainers and have never remained so consistent as I have with Concept 21!!

8. Bilel Bell #1 Personal Trainer in Miami

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78 reviews
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Bilel Bell #1 Personal Trainer in Miami

Address: 650 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4AM

Telephone: (786) 620-4346

Business type: Personal trainer

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Bilel Bell #1 Personal Trainer in Miami: what do users think?

Steven Sarfati: This is one of the best personal trainer I ever had. He has a really good approach regarding the goals of each one, a good adaptivity also. He’s passionate, and we can feel it, he is really determined to help people to change their lifestyle, not only a loss of weight to prepare the summer. The program and the diet were built based on my goals, in only 2 months I saw a huge difference I recommend x100
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you Steven that makes me very happy 💪 (Original) Merci Steven ça me fait très plaisir 💪

J Raul Gonzalez: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityBilel is awesome trainer! Motivating , dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, and a great sense on helping you archive your fitness goals. I recommend to anyone!!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you very much 🙏🏼 (Original) Muchas gracias 🙏🏼

Bryan Amouyal: Best personal trainer in Miami Florida. Good vibes, great communication and the best results. If you looking for personal trainer in Miami, Bilel is your guy 👍
Response: Thank you for the review Bryan 💪 see you in the gym !

zack ezzaki: Bilel is an amazing trainer as well as a great person. He is so flexible when it comes to a crazy work schedule and makes sure to always fit in. Every day he pushes harder towards goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me motivated and goal oriented, without making me dread working out. I highly recommend him. Your money will be worth the pay. Thank you Bilel for all the hard work you do! 🙏
Response: It’s a pleasure thank you.

French VIP Service: Very good personal trainer and very qualified!!

Aliza Lira: Can’t believe how happy I am with my shape & fitness level. I came back from an injury and I had no motivation but Bilel helped me enjoy going to the gym again. His training was also fun and always different. I learned how to box as well! He is super educated on anatomy. The diet was easy to follow. I dropped 10% of body fat and gained 8 pounds of lean muscle. Highly recommended!!
Response: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure !

Olivia Bessis: Bilel is an incredible coach, professional and passionate. I got results thanks to him. I recommend him. Thank you Bilel 💪🏻
Response: Thank you Olivia !!

9. Elite U Personal Training and Sports Performance

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61 reviews
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Elite U Personal Training and Sports Performance

Address: 3020 SW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33145

Telephone: (786) 922-0006

Business type: Personal trainer

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Elite U Personal Training and Sports Performance: what do users think?

Alberta Estrada: Great gym, great trainer. Willing to help everyone in the public. Whoever needs help diet wise and physical wise, they have male trainers as well as female trainers always available for assistance while working out at the gym. Very nutritional and healthy smoothie and salad bar! Great music, people and environment to be around!

M Petersen: I worked out at a larger franchise type gym for about 2 years before moving on to Elite U. All I can say is that the experience and the results are night and day. The WODs are varied and while challenging at times, always a lot of fun. The coaches are great, the facility is clean and organized. After working out at Elite U for about a year, I am in the best shape I have been in for years. Highly recommended.

Sara Ruiz: ELITEU is not just a gym. It is a great family-oriented-facility that offers unmatchable top of the top training provided by knowledgeable and certified staff. The owners are humbled and share their passion for fitness with relentless kindness. This creates an unbeatable team of quality people that are willing to give, and share their knowledge with you, while providing the best training in many and varied programs. The soccer programs for kids and the adult soccer program are great venue to get together with family and friends while sharing one of the healthiest sports ever invented. The top quality field is kind to your joints and is carefully maintained. No matter what your goals are, ask for a one on one with Nicholas Soto. He will design a plan based on your needs, and you will get the opportunity to interact with an unmatchable human being that possess wide professional knowledge on all types of training and a huge-generous heart. (He is easy on the eyes too) Give yourself a chance to uncover your healthiest- happiest self. If motivation is keeping you from trying, you will find it there! Join!

Michelle Calderon: The gym, the trainers, the classes, everything in here is great. The trainers are always motivated to give their best guidance to their clients. I never felt so good in my own skin since I started at Elite U.

Nicole Santander-Valencia: The trainers are knowledgable and helpful during every workout. They are careful to work through any injuries or modifications you may need. One of the best gyms in Miami.

Katiana Hurtado: Nick and John are very motivating always cheering you on to complete each workout. EliteU incorporates a plethora of excersises that aim to target every muscle. Overall the coaches are great and encouraging and you feel like you always have the support to meet your fitness goals.

Steven Garcia: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThis place will definitely get you in shape if you go to the group classes as long as you make it to the gym.

10. Ofri Fitness Miami

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25 reviews
new review
Ofri Fitness Miami

Address: 92 SW 3rd St #1104, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (786) 246-8836

Business type: Personal trainer

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Ofri Fitness Miami: what do users think?

Olivia Refile: I can’t recommend Ofri enough! If you need motivation to work out and learn how to use gym equipment like I did, highly recommend. I love that he is very dynamic and will customize the work outs in the spot and push you harder at each workout. I have learned so much from him and how to workout effectively for me personally. 100% best investment to learn fast; taking the guess workout for you to eventually know what your doing on your own. This was my First time with a personal trainer and well worth it! Ofri is also funny and professional at the same time. He is truly a pleasure to work with!

Danielle Fried: I am one of the few people that will admit that they don’t enjoy working out…which is why I need a trainer. Ofri has completely changed my mindset by making working out fun and enjoyable. I started working with Ofri a few months ago and I am so grateful that he was recommended to me! He is motivating, dynamic and adaptable. I have worked with many trainers over the years in NYC and had a hard time finding someone I really clicked with in Miami who was also an exceptional trainer. I actually look forward to seeing him because the workouts are different and challenging. I feel stronger and healthier and have gotten into a consistent routine because of him. My only qualm with posting this is I hope it doesn’t make him so busy he doesn’t have time for me anymore! :)
Response: Thanks Danielle for an amazing review! I will always have time for you

Ryan Shemen: What an incredible experience! Ofri customized the workout for my wife and I. He was kind, upbeat and a true professional. I’ll 10000% hire him again and will be sending my friends & family to his classes. Ofri offers personal training as well as group sessions. I’ve done both and highly recommend his services as he’s on point and will help get you in the best shape of your life!
Response: Thank you Ryan. I love people who work out even while on vacation. Have a safe trip back to NY.

pwsizzle: Ofri has been great. New and creative workouts keep things exciting. He has a great attitude and is always on time and prepared. He definitely makes you work each session and i have had great results.

Erly Thornton: I started working with Ofri on my fitness several weeks ago. Ofri took measurements when we started then we trained several times per week. The routines always varied with Ofri adding more advanced exercises as I got stronger. After our first set of 15 sessions were done we took measurements again and I was significantly down in body fat and 6 inches smaller in the stomach. I am middles aged so getting those bars to move at this age is not easy. I am very happy with Ofri. He is always in time rain or shine, he is a good motivator and truly demonstrates he is interested in my success, not just going through the motions.

Jeysson miranda: I saw Ofri’s class at Brickell and wondering if he does private session (1-1) and he does it. I booked him few days later and it was amazing! I really liked the way he trained, he comes to me building in downtown and trained me in my building gym twice a week. He always on time, good energy and always checking how I’m doing during the week. I see progress and definitely recommend him 100%. If you are looking for a really good personal trainer Ofri is the one to go with!
Response: Thanks Jeysson, its alway fun to workout with you

Mario Landin: Ofri is an amazing personal trainer, he is very experienced and passionate about his work.The best thing about him is that he created a workout plan that is best suited to my body type. I feel accomplished and successful. Thank you, Ofri.
Response: I love to workout with you. Thank you

Gabriel Lewis: Ofri might not completely transform your health, endurance and appearance but I bet that he will. He is a tireless hard worker committed to making you healthy and fit. The workout routines are tailored for each person and they are FUN. He consistently changes up the exercises and incorporates new ways to work muscle groups. I look forward to waking up early to attend the workouts. Ofri is not a pushover and keeps you on track during your workouts. He is always punctual and professional. Highly recommend. You will see results.

Valentina Moss: I been training with Ofri since a 6 weeks now, I was completely out of shape! slowly I see results and I feel much better, He adjust the workout based on the level of strength however he know how to kick my butt so that I can maximize and been more productive in the training. I was so amazed and his very professional and I choose to continue to do more weeks! Definitely his caring and his there to support my Journey. I’m super happy!!!! I will recommend him a million time!
Response: thanks Valentina, its fun to working out with you and seeing your progress.

11. Get FineR Program: Personal Training

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22 reviews
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Get FineR Program: Personal Training

Address: 895 SW 67th Ave, Miami, FL 33144

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 503-5344

Business type: Personal trainer

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Get FineR Program: Personal Training: what do users think?

Krystina J: Angelica is great! I love how she builds a class around different muscle groups so by the end of the class you’re muscles are burning! She really thinks about building a strong all around fit body. She explains everything and makes sure you’re doing all the movements correctly, and watches to make sure you’re doing it right. And best of all she makes it fun. If you want to change your body, become stronger and look great, check out Angelica!!
Response: Thank you!

Brenda Gonzalez: Angelica is awesome. She genuinely loves what she does and connects with every single one of her clients. She’s fun and engaging and makes sure you’re pushing yourself to be your very best. She’s always teaching us new exercises and is constantly motivating us to do more. Hands down, one of the best trainers!
Response: Thank you for the review! I appreciate it! It’s awesome to get feedback from you all! You’ve improved so much and always do your best! Thanks for coming to the classes and I’m so glad you enjoy them!

Michelle Bueno: Been training with Angelica for about a year now, she gives me top notch workouts & is always making sure that my form is on point (one thing I absolutely love). Angelica is also extremely welcoming and has a great sense of humor, I felt so comfortable talking to her about my fitness goals & health plans. My body and mind set have completely changed since becoming a part of her team, I can’t imagine having anyone else train me. If you’re looking for a clean fitness facility & a passionate coach look no further, it’s all right here! #Astrong #killsmeeverytime
Response: Thank you for the review. I appreciate it! And I’m so happy and grateful you like it! 💪🏼💗 I have to challenge you; you are a beast!

Marcela Pereda: Well from where should I start? Personally I’ve tried many gyms, studios of many different workouts and trainers trying to find someone and something that makes me want to wake up in the morning saying “i got this!” Well it happened when I found Angelica she is the best trainer ever!!! She is personalized, super knowledgeable, professional and above all you can tell she loves what she does and that makes all the difference ❤️ Give yourself a chance to have the body you deserve!
Response: Thank you for the review. I appreciate it! You’ve gotten stronger! I’m so happy and grateful you like me 😜! 💪🏼💗 and that my passion shows!

josephine bauza: Angelica is one of the best trainers Ive seen in a while. During group classes, she cares about our form, and stops to help you, or find you an alternative. It can be intimidating to start a diet or working on your body in a group setting, and she helps you feel seen and ok . Ive never felt so good about the way I look!!

Crystal Parra: Angelica is amazing! She focuses on the areas that us women want to improve and always helps me with my form. Having her as a trainer has truly motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle and reach my fitness goal.
Response: Thank you for the review. I appreciate it! And I’m so happy and grateful you like it! 💪🏼💗

Yuni Martin: Angelica’s is a great trainer, she makes sure you have the correct posture when doing the exercises and she motivates you to finish it. I find her classes very fun and is a great balance between Crossfit and her class. When I do her class after Crossfit I want to die but next day I feel 120% alive. I highly recommend her classes!
Response: Thanks Yuni for your review! You are a beast! It’s two different styles of training. I’m glad you enjoy the classes! Keep it up! 💪🏼

12. Andrew Stearns FITNESS

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23 reviews
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Andrew Stearns FITNESS

Address: 1100 S Miami Ave Suite 1402, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (973) 479-8130

Business type: Personal trainer

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Andrew Stearns FITNESS: what do users think?

María Luisa A.: I hired Andrew because I wanted to get stronger (to improve my performance in other sports) and “look better” (drop a size or two, tonify and reduce fat); and I can say and I am very happy with the results. In the time that I have been working with Andrew (~4 months), I have gotten stronger than I have ever been, I’ve reduced my body fat % considerably and shifted my overall lifestyle towards a healthier one. The three things I like most about working with him (and that I have not necessarily experienced with other trainers) are: 1) Consistency – his wholistic program helps me stay consistent (and persistent!) both in my strength training and nutrition goals. Even when I need to travel, Andrew prepares training routines for me to do when away and sets achievable goals with regards to nutrition, making it possible to stay on track even outside my daily routine. Thanks to this consistency I am seeing sustained changes in my body shape and strength. 2) Convenience – Andrew comes to my building gym at Brickell, making it super convenient for me as I only have to take the elevator down to work out. Also, given that we train at my gym, he also shows me movements and routines to do on our “off-days” with the equipment that I have available. 3) His energy! – I have a tough schedule for Andrew (very early in the mornings or late at night) and his energy has been outstanding at every single session, which makes the training fun and something that I look forward to.

David Aquino: I chose Andrew as my trainer in Brickell because he has 25 years of experience, understands the importance of diet and nutrition, and caters his training program specifically to your body and metabolic type. Andrew brings the right intensity and attitude to the gym which has pushed me to hit new strength goals. His guidance on proper technique and form along with vast knowledge of different lifts have produced amazing results for my body. I continue to reach new weight max’s which I thought would take much longer with the exercises I did in the past. I am very happy with the muscle gain I put on in the past two months. In terms of diet, I’ve always had trouble gaining weight and muscle. Andrew crafted a daily diet plan for me to follow that included things like number of meals I should be eating, what type of food, protein and carb percentage, and even taught me to cook some delicious and super easy to make recipes. I’ve even gained 10 pounds of muscle in the last 60 days which I thought wasn’t possible. If you are looking for someone to help reach your fitness goals, Andrew is your guy!

randell geuy: Andrew is the best in-home personal trainer I have had the pleasure of knowing. I had put on stubborn pounds during the pandemic that were not coming off like they used to at age 50, and his nutrition plans and comprehensive approach to training at home and weight loss really works! I dropped 15 pounds without dramatic lifestyle changes, just tweaks to nutrition and workout regimen. He makes in home training enjoyable and convenient for a working professional. He also has loads of good tips on gear and proper technique that despite being experienced in multi-sport, I did not know. Thanks again, well worth it, very competitive rates. High quality all around.

Shawn Tyrrell: Andrew as helped me with all of my fitness goals in the 5 years I been training with him. I went from 260lbs with 35% body fat down to 200lbs with 10% body fat. Andrew has combined my weight training and cardio mixed with a great diet. The whole combo experience has got me into the best shape of my life at the age of 48. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone that needs to lose weight and gain muscle. I now have so much more energy and my sense of well being has increased ten fold. Thanks for all your help Andrew 💪

Jay Luiz: I met Andrew several years ago when he purchased one of my paintings. Staying connected over social media and turning the big 55 it was time to hire him to help me better my life and get healthy. Never having much passion for wanting to exercise….starting to work with Andrew was a real challenge. He patiently developed a work out program and nutritional plan for me. The best part is we were able to do most workouts together on my laptop over ZOOM. This helped my busy schedule because I didn’t have to travel to get the “in person” training session. Even when I traveled we could get in a few workouts. I strongly recommend this man if you are looking for that life change to better health and well being.

Lina Ruiz: I hit my 40’s and started feeling sluggish and lazy and gained 15 pounds… I was mortified!!! Met Andrew through a mutual friend and he changed my life. Andrew setup a meal plan, a workout that was so effective, that’s it’s been 2 years and I’m still working with Andrew! I’m down 11 pounds but the most amazing thing is that he made me gain 6 pounds of muscle. I feel amazing!!! Thank you Andrew!

13. Austin Morell Training

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22 reviews
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Austin Morell Training

Address: 488 NE 18th St, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 226-7643

Business type: Personal trainer

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Austin Morell Training: what do users think?

Angela Misko: I worked with Austin to get in shape for my wedding and I ended up going down 3 clothing sizes within a year! Following his workout and meal plans helped me to lose weight, get more toned, get stronger, build confidence, gave me more energy, and in general I felt better (GI issues and skin improved!) I recommend him and I am even considering obtaining his services again because fitness isn’t a destination it’s a journey and if you need help just get it!
Response: Angela! we are so happy with your review and your results. Thank you for choosing us.

C B M: If you have a goal in mind Austin will get you there! He’s exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to exercise, diet and technique. He changes up workouts and has the innate ability to push you to your limits in a safe manner while motivating you at the same time! Highly recommend him to experienced gym goers or beginners and those who want to build muscle or lose fat. My husband and I are the fittest and strongest we’ve ever been in our lives thanks to Austin!
Response: Thank you for your positive review! We can't wait to continue working with you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

mario toro: AustinMorellTraining has been a life changing experience for me. After my first week working with the trainer I lost a good amount of weight which gave me a lot of energy i am able to actually play with my children for long periods of time without the feeling of loss of breath or feeling fatigue which is my #1 goal. I definitely bring them up to anyone who asks what I am doing different about my weight. I see myself using them in the future even after my 12 week program is up just because I trust them that much for guidance.
Response: Mario! Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate training you.

N: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityHad the pleasure of having Kristine as my PT she’s the best!! Works at your pace and your level always making sure you leave sweating hard. Prior to my sessions with her I had no experience but now I can say I’m confident enough to do this on my own! She’s the best if you can book her do so!!
Response: Thank you so much! Kristine has been an incredible PT to work with and we are happy you find her training great.

Amber Bass: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI was new to South Florida and looking for a new personal trainer. I found Kristine and she is amazing! Not only is she super kind, but she is really knowledgeable and gives me a great workout every session. Highly recommend!
Response: Thank you for your kind words Amber!

Lori T.: Kristine is a great trainer! I’ve had the pleasure to work with her for 3 months. She’s was always mixing up the work outs and tailoring them if I had any injuries. Highly recommend her :)
Response: Thank you for your positive review Lori, we're happy you enjoy working out with out PT Kristine.

Zhen Hu: Austin is professional, doesn’t upsell anything, and gets to the point. I told him my goals, what I was already doing, and how I was going to continue to execute, and he explained to me what he does and how he can help me. I needed to get my blood work done to check my hormone levels, and I needed to change my diet. He himself said I knew what I was doing in the gym (that’s where I met him and he saw me workout) and said I don’t need any help there, but clearly my diet was a mess. We got a on plan right away, delivered the food the next day, and he checks up on me and answers all questions I have. The food is actually very good, and although it’s only been a week or so, I can see and feel a huge difference thanks to his guidance. Will update again in 3 months, but I’m confident Austin will get me where I want to be.
Response: Thank you Zhen, it has been a pleasure working with you!

Alexander Grimaldi: Everyone has a goal on how they would like their bodies to look or feel. Getting there on the other hand is another story. My fiancé and I tried following YouTube videos and other workout apps, but nothing seemed to work. So we decided to look for a trainer and with great luck we found Austin. After meeting with Austin, he walked us through workouts, eating habits, what to change, what to keep, went through our pantry and fridge, told us what worked and what needed to go in order to achieve our goals. Let’s just say I wasn’t an easy costumer. I ate way tooooo many snacks and he could tell during our workouts. I was definitely stubborn but he worked with me and got me going. His process is very thorough and the reason is because it works. I play rugby and was coming out of a surgical procedure, and he worked me back up to speed and strength. As for my fiancé, he setup different works outs for her and meal plans to help her reach goals. Overall he helped us both reach our goals and for that we are both extremely grateful and happy. Definitely 5 stars in our books.
Response: You’re the man 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 always supporting appreciate you!!

Sam Oropesa: Austin was a great trainer and worth every dollar. The transformation I saw in myself in only a few months was incredible. He rarely has you do the same exercises twice and is always switching it up. He’s always punctual and doesn’t let you slack not even a little. I appreciate the fact that he was always available via text during the day if you had any questions. Nice guy and always kept it professional.
Response: Sam! We appreciate your review. We look forward to working with you and seeing you achieve your fitness goals with us.

Dina: Positive: Communication, ProfessionalismIf you’re looking for an exceptional trainer, look no further, Kristine is fabulous ! Your fitness goals become a reality.
Response: Thank you for your kind words Dina!

14. Train Miami

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12 reviews
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Train Miami

Address: 4108, 3446 SW 8th St #201, Miami, FL 33135

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 767-6795

Business type: Personal trainer

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Train Miami: what do users think?

Nilsa Oquendo: I brought my son looking for strength his muscles after the car accident he suffered, and I found here more than that. Here you have a person that know so well about exercises, but also about motivation. Tony takes time to explain every step encouraging the client/patient to incorporate the movements in the everyday life. Good experience and great results.
Response: Thank You So Mach!!👍🤛👊🙏

Linda morgan: Very pleased with the rapport he has with my son who is a TBI patient. Tony is able to stimulate him and get some response. I would highly recommend his services.
Response: Thanks for the trust, I miss you !! Say Hello To Jason From Party👍

ANDRES MOROCHZ: Tony is a great trainer, motivator with a big heart. He helped strengthening not only my muscles but also my mind. Awesome experience!!
Response: Thank You So Mach!!🙏👊🤛👍

Paolo Stucchi: I highly recommend Tony. Good trainer great motivator. The good thing about Tony he read how your day it’s going and push you to keeping up . If you need a trainer for Bodybuilder or Physique competition it’s the right person to choose !!!!
Response: Thank You So Mach!!👊🤛👍

Hector Millan: Excellent facility, Tony is great! Not only as a trainer and motivator he is married to a dietitian and he has taught me what to eat to keep me healthy.You get MORE than what you pay!Héctor Millán
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you, I miss you !! 👍🤛👊🙏 (Original) Gracias Se Te Extraña!!👍🤛👊🙏

Andy Oquendo: Tony Garcia, A.K.A Tony macaroni, has to be the best, most motivating, and understanding provisional trainer to hacer ever walked the earth. I mean that, wholeheartedly.
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you friend. (Original) Gracias Amigo Se Te Extraña!!

Francisco Santana: Awesome experience. Change your life with new exercise habits while creating structure. Great work out and a positive environment!
Response: Thank You So Mach!!🙏👊🤛👍

Maya Vilaseca: (Translated by Google) Tony is an excellent coach who adjusts the exercise plan based on the needs of each person. He knows how to listen to the client, dispels doubts, and focuses on everything he can to ensure the success of the plan. (Original) Tony es un excellente entrenador que ajusta el plan de ejercisios en base a la necesidad de cada persona. Sabe escuchar al cliente disipa dudas, y enfoca en todo lo que pueda para asegurar el exito del plan.
Response: (Translated by Google) Thanks for the trust! 🤛👊🙏 (Original) Gracias Por La Confianza!🤛👊🙏

diosvany echevarria diaz: (Translated by Google) Excellent personal trainer that helps you focus on the results you want to obtain, very professional and with a lot of experience in the field of training and rehabilitation in people who have suffered some type of accident that limits their movement Recommended 100% You will receive personalized and quality attention at a reasonable price Thanks Tony for all the support !!!! (Original) Excelente entrenador personal que te ayuda a enfocarte en los resultados que quieres obtener ,muy profesional y con mucha experiencia en el campo de entrenamientos y rehabilitación en personas que han sufrido algún tipo de accidente que limite su movimiento Recomendable 100% Recibirás atención personalizada y de calidad a precio razonable Gracias Tony por todo el support!!!!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you, Friend, I miss you !! 👍🙏👊 (Original) Gracias Amigo Se Te Extraña!!👍🙏👊

Anthony & Ady Blankenberger: (Translated by Google) Thank you for your professionalism and experience. (Original) Gracias por Tu Profecionalismo Y Experiencia.
Response: Thank You So Mach!!👍🤛👊

15. Miller Fit | Personal Training

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22 reviews
new review
Miller Fit | Personal Training

Address: 400 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (919) 225-7811

Business type: Personal trainer

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Miller Fit | Personal Training: what do users think?

Jake Raulerson: Matt is one of a kind! He helped me form a great habit of working out and am down 27 pounds since I started working with him. If you want to be pushed, held accountable and reach your goals, give Millerfit a call!
Response: It has been a pleasure working with you Jake! At MillerFit we strive to provide proper guidance and motivation for the kind of lifestyle change it takes to see results, but ultimately, it is the client who must put in the work. You certainly have, and your results are testimony to that hard work.

Casey Long: Matthew and his team have been great for our teen age daughter who is looking to learn the correct way to work out. Megan has been great and has helped our daughters confidence and passion for health and fitness.

Emily Gossett: Absolutely LOVE Miller Fit! I have been training with Xander for almost 6 months and have already seen a noticeable difference in my level of fitness. He listens to my goals and works around my schedule. We have truly become friends! Super grateful to Matt and the team for setting me up with such a great situation.

Christoph Henrici: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe traing units i had with Miller Fit with a perso trainer where perfect. The trainer adapted the training program to may personal situation. It was demanding, but adequate and i really benefited. I can recommend Millar Fit!

James Newmeyer: Matty is hands down the best trainer there is and an even greater gem of a human being! He is professional, always on time and makes fitness fun again! I am grateful and honored to have met him and call him my dear friend. I would blindly recommend him to anyone that would ever ask me for a referral and would even go the extent of convincing someone why they should cancel their gym membership and hire his services! If you want to take your health and fitness seriously and push yourself to new levels of athletic prowess there is only one answer. MATTHEW "MATTY" MILLER FIT!

Martyn Curragh (US): Matt runs a top class personal training business. Trainers are professional and knowledgeable and sessions are always varied to keep them interesting and challenging. Highly recommend Matt and his team to support building and fitter/healthier/stronger you.

Steve Crutchley: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityGreat trainers that care about your wellbeing. My trainer understands my particular requirements and helps me make the best of every session. Always fun but professional in the approach to my wellness.

Janelle Widi: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityMatt is a great trainer, very knowledgeable. I always get the results I am looking for with his help. He not only trains but gives you good/diet recommendations based on what you are looking for

16. B-Fit Biscayne

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52 reviews
new review
B-Fit Biscayne

Address: 5080 Biscayne Blvd Suite 1-B, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (786) 422-9885

Business type: Personal trainer

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B-Fit Biscayne: what do users think?

Daniel Valladares: I’ve been coming to this gym for the last 3 months. Over the course of 3 months I’ve lost excess body fat, started lifting heavier and overall have felt better about myself. The coaches are great motivators, they correct your form, lower your weight when needed or when they see more potential they tell you to go higher. It’s small group training and no class is ever the same. The members are also friendly and motivate each other as well.

Daniel Silver: I had been weight training for 20+ years prior to going to B-Fit and I was able to learn new exercises and advanced training routines after a few of their sessions. The trainers really know a great deal about exercise physiology and proper nutrition. I especially liked how the weight training classes were composed of 6-8 attendees and 2-3 trainers, so there was a good amount of private instruction going on in the group sessions. There is no reason to not check out B-Fit as they offer a complimentary class to first timers. I would recommend B-Fit to anyone interested in improving their physical fitness no matter their level of training.

Jamie Kravitz: I found B-Fit through ClassPass 2 years ago and fell in love with the program and the environment. They do an amazing job of making you feel welcome and the small-group format really gives you a personalized experience. I became a member within a few months and it is now my second home. The trainers are motivating and super knowledgable about form and technique and can modify any exercise based on your fitness level. You WILL become stronger and more confident with working out after a short time at B-Fit. I am so thankful for B-Fit and the community they have created.

17. 786 Fitness

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51 reviews
new review
786 Fitness

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5AM

Telephone: (786) 370-0318

Business type: Personal trainer

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786 Fitness: what do users think?

Brenda Torres: I highly recommend 786fitness. Albert cares about getting his clients results. He helps you set goals your fitness goals and then creates a detailed plan to reach them. He keeps you focused and motivated like no other trainer I’ve met.Thank you Albert for all you do.

María Gomez: I started training with 786fitness 2 months ago. I can say I’m a very happy customer. I’m down 18 pounds and my energy is better than ever. Albert is definitely a results oriented trainer! Ty 786fitness!!!
Response: (Translated by Google) Ty (Original) Ty

F Lakhani: Albert is not only a personal trainer but your personal cheerleader. He is motivating and helps keep you focused on the end goal. I feel healthier, stronger and am losing weight. So glad I have become a client of his!!
Response: Thank you so much for your review. You and your son Saif are amazing!

cjmd05: I’ve been working with Albert for the past two weeks and I can truly say that he is an excellent trainer and motivator. He’s very professional and definitely the push that I need to get to my goal. In the past two weeks that I’ve been working with Albert I’ve lost a total of 21 pounds and counting. Success comes with a price and I can truly say that it has been worth it.
Response: (Translated by Google) Ty (Original) Ty

Patrick Martin: I came to 786fitness looking for motivation, accountability and a skilled professional to help me reach my fitness goals. I found all 3 with Albert. He is the best trainer in Miami. I’m so grateful for Albert!
Response: (Translated by Google) Ty (Original) Ty

Miriam Fernandez: Albert is Miami’s best personal trainer. His gym has state of the art equipment and pared with his top notch personal training equals amazing results. If your looking for a trainer in Miami Albert’s the trainer to call. Thank you Albert!!
Response: (Translated by Google) Ty (Original) Ty

Odalys Tyson: Professional atmosphere at the gym. It’s always clean and neat. Great up beat music 🎶. Perfect location and parking. If you are seriously considering one on one training, this is the place to go 786Fitness. Check it out, you won’t be sorry. They have everything you need when it comes to fitness and healthy eating. Alberto Gonzalez is a very dedicated trainer. He listens and strives to meet your goals. He not only is an experienced trainer but is also experienced in healthy eating/plans. His work outs are amazing and he is very positive and supports his client’s every step of the way. Guaranteed you will reach your goal and be a happier and healthy person but Not until you meet Alberto and get started with him! Look no further, your professional trainer is here! 💪👍
Response: Odalys I know I’m doing my job when I get reviews like this. Ty! You are amazing!!

18. CMT Fitness

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21 reviews
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CMT Fitness

Address: 31 SE 5th St, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (570) 762-2322

Business type: Personal trainer

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CMT Fitness: what do users think?

Calvin Azadi: Anas is a 5 star and A+ trainer. Understands the science behind the human body and trains you accordingly. Helps you lose fat while gaining muscle in the right places. Workouts are challenging but not discouraging and he adapts them so you don’t get bored. Very professional and respectful of your time and capabilities. Recommend him with my eyes closed. 4th trainer I have hired during the last decade and the best one.

Valentina Montané: My training with Anas has been great. He is really a pro who understands what his client wants. In a period of three months, I passed from 23% body fat to 18%. Also, I have 3% more muscle and many other improvements in my body and physical condition. I really recommend CMT fitness if you want to have a coach that is focused on what matters.

Maria Hernandez: In just 3 weeks training with CMT Fitness I can honestly say I feel healthier than ever. I’ve struggled with fitness for a long time as I get easily injured and have anatomical issues that make it difficult to work out. This trainer is extremely knowledgeable in exercise and physiology which is huge for clients with pre-existing conditions like myself. He’s able to modify work-outs when issues arise, always keeping you safe and injury-free, but at the same time achieving your fitness goals. In 3 weeks I increased my muscle mass without injury, and lowered my body fat percentage without dieting much at all. I’m 31 years old and didn’t think it was going to be possible to get back in shape as I was in my early 20s, but with only 30 minutes a day 3 times I already achieved results. I’ll recommend him with my eyes closed!

Julian Baccash: Anas is a trainer who knows his craft very well. He is thoughtful about his workout routines tailored to each client and very creative about incorporating a variety of gym equipment into the gym sessions. I was impressed by the way he always had a plan for each workout ahead of time too. He is also a pleasant person to be around and quick to enjoy a laugh when not focusing on training.
Response: I appreciate the kind words Julian!

Saul Sanders: I have had many excellent trainers in the past and Anas definitely makes that list. He is extremely knowledgeable and customizes our workouts to meet my exact needs. We start off with a summary of what is happening to my body that week, how I am feeling and he then quickly modifies that week’s workout routine to achieve my goals. The training sessions are intense, fun, and always careful to respect any injuries and limitations that I have. Anas is a caring trainer and pushes me hard but just to the brink and gives me a great workout. Having worked with him for a number of years, I highly recommend Anas as a personal trainer!
Response: Thank you very much Saul!

Abrar Aman: Positive: Professionalism, QualityAnas is an expert when it comes to personal fitness and coaching! Deals with his clients with exceptional attention and care, and treats his clients like family! Would highly recommend Anas to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level, and make a lifelong friend in the process 💯
Response: Ahh, I appreciate that my man! Organically transitioning a client to a genuine friend is one of the best case scenarios in my profession. I’m grateful to the person who referred you to me!

19. Valt Fitness: Downtown Miami

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46 reviews
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Valt Fitness: Downtown Miami

Address: 341 NW S River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 640-5859

Business type: Personal trainer

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Valt Fitness: Downtown Miami: what do users think?

Omar Herrera: This is by far the best private gym in the area. Great quality of equipment, great views, and great people; feels like home.Very professional and knowledgeable trainers for those looking for athletic/sports performance.
Response: Thanks so much !!!

Brigitte Torrens: Ferrino Sports Fitness Club makes my family and I always feel at home. Not only is the view and breeze of the Miami river wonderful, but the staff is filled with positivity and encouragement topping off the whole experience. I always feel accomplished walking out of those doors and feel the improvement in my health, thanks to my amazing trainer! The environment is always clean and organized, filled with many activities to workout with, leaving you satisfied. Ferrino Sports Fitness Club is truly awesome. I would totally recommend if you are looking for a place to workout!
Response: Thanks so much Brigitte 🙌🏻

Carlota Jimenez: This sports club that really makes the difference. I joined when I was looking for a place to workout with a personal trainer and what I found was much more than that. This place has specific workouts for what each person needs, the level of professionalism and dedication amazes me constantly, and the staff besides being qualified is friendly, you are not just a "customer" they take the time to understand your goals and limitations, always thinking on the long term results. About the facilities, high end equipment and it is always clean. Location is great, if you are lucky enough you will get to see some amazing sunsets, and the flexibility to work around my own work schedule it is a big plus. I hope Ferrino Sports Fitness Club stays in business for a long time.
Response: Thanks so much Carlota!! You are part of our fitness family!!

L A: I was able to drop in to this gym last week. I can say that the coach Silvio was attentive to making sure my weightlifting movements were executed properly. Ferrino and all the members + coaches were very welcoming and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this gym for someone who wants to better themselves in their olympic lifting movements, they also offer other classes. I hope to be back very soon! I would like to thank Ferrino for the generous gesture he did! Obrigato!
Response: Thanks so much Lenie! It was a pleasure to have you training here with us!! 💪🏻💪🏻

20. SICO training

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25 reviews
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SICO training

Address: 3075 SW 28th St, Miami, FL 33133

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (786) 797-2424

Business type: Personal trainer

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SICO training: what do users think?

Daysi Tellez: I’ve been training with Luis over a year now and he is a great person to train with! He is very knowledgeable in what he does and there is never a dull moment. You never know what to expect because his workouts will always be different and challenging. When I first decided to get a trainer I only wanted to do 6 months and then be on my own, but Lu is so motivating, knowledgeable, and honestly picky about our form during workouts that I don’t want to let go. I have accomplished so much, not just physically but mentally, as I’ve been able to do workouts I never thought I could do. If you are looking for someone who cares about their clients and their goals, I highly recommend him!

Yvette Veras: Best personal trainer in town! Luis has a lot of knowledge in the fitness field. He pushes you and will not accept no for an answer. Being a part of the SICO training family is always a fun time. Every workout is like a wild ride and he will always challenge you with something new. You will never get bored and you will ALWAYS feel good and look great!!! He is fantastic with children (especially my boys) as well. I workout and he entertains them. Its the perfect combo! HAHA! Definitely recommend!

Jimmy Lopez: Luis is the absolute best. I started with him about 4 months ago with the goal of being consistent with my health and work outs, he’s not one of those trainers that just sits around gives you the workout and walks away, he’s there every step of the way helping and pushing you to do better. In fact, I also came to him with some prior injuries that he has helped me strengthen and better along with the countless of stretches he knows for every part of the body. He most definitely knows what he’s doing, if you’re looking for a trainer give Luis a call, you won’t regret it.

Brandon Alvarez: Positive: ProfessionalismLuis is the best trainer I’ve ever had by far! His workouts are always different and fun. He pushes me to be better, you could tell that he really loves what he does. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been with the help of Luis! 10/10 recommend

Katherine Mesa: I’ve trained with a few trainers before and by far, my body is the strongest and BEST it’s ever looked training with Luis! I was able to loose body fat all while maintaining MY CURVES! The workouts are always innovative and intense, but we always have fun at the gym. 10/10 recommend. I LOVE MY SICO Family 💪🏼

Priscila Arcos: Lulu has always been very accommodating to your schedule. Definitely gives you a really good workouts and pushes you to your potential. Always cheering you on! Also I love that he runs a non-profit for children. He has a great passion for this. Definitely recommend!!!

Jose Rivas: Positive: ProfessionalismIn my experience with SICO Training I have to say it has paid off. Luis is a great mentor and he always puts you through an intense workout. He is also very flexible when it comes to scheduling. I started out by taking the FREE CLASS and never stopped going ever since. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and ask about the FREE CLASS.

Matthew Delavega: I joined Sico training during the COVID lockdown, I gained 40 pounds during quarantine. When I started training the pounds would just fall off and I felt so better health wise. All the workouts are set before hand and I’ve never done the same workout twice. Luis always keeps you on your toes and sweating. Stretching is a big part of training which reduces the chances of getting hurt or pulling a muscle. Sico training put me on the right path and I’m so thankful for there professionalism, the way your pushed, and how comfortable Luis makes you with him. It has been the best training I’ve been part of. I’d recommend 10 out 10 times!

Michael Villanueva: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityLuis is a very dedicated trainer who has helped me get bigger stronger and faster through a couple years. He has helped me develop as a football player as well, he really knows what he’s doing and I would recommend him to any football player or athlete.

Michelle Coffey-Garcia: My son plays high school football and working with Lulu is the best decision we made. Lulu was referred to us and was highly recommended by several well-known and highly respected football coaches in the Miami-Dade area. Love watching the improvement our son has made and glad Lulu will be on this journey with us.

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