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1. Wynwood Paintball - Miami

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Wynwood Paintball
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Address: 2728 NE 2nd Ave #33137, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: (786) 830-1703

Business type: Paintball center

Wynwood Paintball: what do users think?

Orlando Perdomo: This is not a paintball place is a soccer field

2. Family Paintball Center

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Family Paintball Center
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Address: 220 NW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33182

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 268-9208

Business type: Paintball center

Family Paintball Center: what do users think?

Christine Williams: The place was nice and the staff were super friendly and helpful. They were also very accommodating, which is an A+ & serves as a reason for an additional star. We came here to celebrate my sons 13th birthday and they had plenty of tables, if you had decorations. They also allow you to bring your own food & drinks which I think is awesome. All in all, my boys & their friends had an amazing time & we’ll be back again.

Melissa Morales: My kid and his friends had a blast and the staff is friendly and helpful. They were very accommodating to us when a few of the player were late even though we had reservations at a certain time they worked with us.

Ignacio Palacio: Best paintball experience in Miami! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They have 3 fields. The facility is clean and organized. Make sure to carpool because parking is tight!

T B: Late to review but we celebrated my sons 14th birthday party here in December. It was a major success. Great customer service. All of the employees were really cool and the atmosphere is family-oriented.

Tim Dames: It’s a Cool paintball Park with good refs and a very clean environment, but it with only has 2 small fields. The Day I went there was a lot of young kids and like 4 Birthday party’s going on that made it hard to find people to play with. The prices are reasonable but you must use field paint only but a of paint is only $45.00 that’s not a bad deal...

Tony Perez-Pinon: Great customer service and friendly staff. Great place to spend time with the kids playing paintball. They have three different game fields all super fun. All ages all skill level playing together. Fun fun all around!

Alex Comesanas: Just took my son and his friends for his birthday. It was the first time for half the group. We had an amazing time and practically had the place to ourselves. Our kids are homeschooled so we took them during school hours. All the rental gear worked flawless during our 2:30 hr of playing. The staff was professional and easy to work with. We are looking forward to returning.

3. Action Town Family Fun Center - Hialeah

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Action Town Family Fun Center
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Address: 7802 NW 103rd St, Hialeah, FL 33016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Sat

Telephone: (305) 647-3343

Business type: Paintball center

Action Town Family Fun Center: what do users think?

Kyle S.: Dropped by here on a Saturday to play some Mini Golf and laser tag. The mini golf is very reasonable on price, and perfect for kids. The laser tag is inside a 50ft Long inflatable space ship with tons of little internal rooms and hallways that you can duck into - perfect place for kids’ parties and adults that want to kill some time :-)

Delia Lovelle: We took 84 students on a field trip and I was very surprised that everything went as smooth as it did. The kids had a great time and they were able to do all 4 inside activities. Staff was great. Christian handled our reservations and food. He was awesome! We look forward to our next field trip. Thank you!!!!

Joe Zayas: My son had turned 16 and he wanted to have a paintball party with family and friends. Found this place online and have to say its a winner. One notable highlight was that they are a Groupon participant so that helped. This place was fun and well worth it. The staff was very helpful. The instructors were attentive and safety oriented. Management was also very helpful. My son and his friends as well as family had a blast. Could not stop talking about how much fun it was on the ride home. They also gave me a tour of the rest of the facilities as they offer much more than just paintball. Will definitely be coming here again as well as getting my job involved in some organizational outings. I highly recommend this place!

Morris B.A: This place is great for both new and experienced paintball players. They have 2 fields for different kinds of play field experience. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They different play packages which all include up to 3 hours of play. Overall had a great experience here and plan on returning.

Raul Granda: Loved the experience for both paintball and indoors. Would go back with the kids most definitely. Staff was nice and helpful and many of the officials seem to be interested in what they do. They coordinate different games like last man standing, seek and destroy or shoot to kill. Awesome place!

4. The Paintball Shop

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The Paintball Shop
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Address: 3955 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33175

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (786) 621-5093

Business type: Paintball center

The Paintball Shop: what do users think?

Rubi Roman: Good place with many different weapons for paintball and airsoft. Prices are an upgrade and way more cheaper than others shops I seen (10$+ difference). 100% recommend if trying to get into paintball/airsoft but dont want to pay too excessive prices.

David Spencer: Great paintball/airsoft shop, great variety of weapons, equipment and accessories and a great staff that are friendly and very knowledgeable about the products.

Mr. Lopez: So I did back research to get a little bit of knowledge on paintballing and the sport itself. I walked in and the person working there was super friendly. He helped me get my 1st paintball gun and gave me more info on what I will need. I ended up getting a paintball gun, hopper, tank and 2 cases of paintballs. Compared to other prices I seen online Id say I got a good deal. I will be coming back due to the great experience I had.

LFTD STX: This place is great. The guy that was there when I went was super nice and he was very honest. They also have great prices and they will most likely have what you need. The place is pretty small but they have a pretty good verity of of paintball and airsoft equipment. I recommend coming here if you are looking for great prices and great customer service.

Mario Artiga: The dude working there at the time was very knowledgeable and super helpful. He was very patient with me and my constant questions regarding paintball. I can tell this place is most likely going to be the only place for me when it comes to paintball.

Anthony Siles: They are very nice and very friendly and helpful

Ruth Alon: Service is great. Prices are amazing and Franklin is extremely helpful...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Michael Romero: The place says it opens at 12pm on weekdays but truthfully is a waste of time as noone get to the store until about 3,They kept me waiting on 2 different occasions just because noone wanted to work early, great store but the staff really needs to fix their schedules.

Jorge Piedra: It was a pleasure to experience such great customer service as I received in this shop. every questioned was answered and I had plenty. Made a new fan of the sport and THE PAINTBALL SHOP.

5. Paintball Madness

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Paintball Madness
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Address: 12839 SW 42nd St, Miami, FL 33175

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 227-3556

Business type: Paintball store

Paintball Madness: what do users think?

antakapchung21: My first time getting into paintball..this store was definitely helpful shared alot of knowledge on certain brands took the time an patient definitely one of the best places I been too..

Jesus Esquivel: Unprofessional. bought a gun there with a missing piece in good faith as they said it would arrive in a week. It’s been over a month now, I’ve called weekly, today the guy told me check back in a month. Prefer them to be honest that string me along. You’re Better off buying your gear on your own.

RT F: This is a place from the beginning type of Paintball shop You can see and feel the welcoming from this mom and pop shop..they have a lot of selections on new and used markers as well as airsoft.Tech on location and gets it this place and prices are very fair,look around you never know what you may find especially if you are an old school player..Great People.

Joan Pimentel: Great store. Luis and carlos are the best certify gun mechanic in Florida. The store has great prices and full of merchandise. They follow Covid regulations and take the time to talk with you about any paintball question you have.

Bryce Hosaka: Best store in the area! Carlos is friendly, trust worthy, runs a great business, and cheap prices. Will definitely be doing more business with them in the future.

Frank Pou: This place is the best paintball store in town hands down!!! They have a large variety of gear and equipment and the y also repair your marker for a good price in no time. They have prices for everyone in here you could find the most expensive item to the cheapest one and the service is always nice and friendly.

Carlos Pimentel: Great store, great prices, customer friendly full of paintball and Airsoft. Been coming to this store for over 10 years now. Feels like home.

6. Extreme Rage Paintball Park - Hollywood Seminole Reservation

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Extreme Rage Paintball Park
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Address: 6401 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (954) 986-9089

Business type: Paintball center

Extreme Rage Paintball Park: what do users think?

Juan Gomez: I absolutely love this location!! Beginning to end was amazing I even stayed more then expected and made a whole day out of it!! VERY AFFORDABLE with me and my 6 boys… They assigned a very friendly employee Gibson also know as Spank. He walked all the kids throughout the park and let them play each other ONLY, amazing customer service! Seen him with another group and not a difference did it make still attentive and worried about us….. Bald nice guy at the register 😉 Did an amazing job with his crew they were ALL so friendly and energetic… If I had more stars to give I would definitely deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‼️💯 THANK YOU‼️

Be Inspired: My crew and I had loads of fun! I celebrated my sons 14th birthday party here and it was a major success. Special thanks to Bones! He had such great customer service. All of the guys were really cool and the atmosphere is family-oriented. Special thanks to the owner as well. ❤️

anderson fernandez: excellent experience had good time with my kids.The bold I guess the manager is great customer service.also field guide was great got me play on all the fields. His name is Derran good guy.

Denis Melucci: this place is very good , people are very friendly and has everything you need to have a good time playing paintball, usually on weekends it is full of people many birthday parties and large groups of people , If you do not have your equipment to play they offer to rent it from them and it is not so expensive $ 45 and they give you a mask, a marker (weapon) and 500 paintballs and unlimited air to be able to play for as many hours as you want, and if your group is large they give you good discounts and it is cheaper

Malcolm C.: This place is great for a weekend of fun. You can come here and play many rounds of paintballing in the different maps that they offer. I came here for a birthday and it was overall really fun and easy to play. I thought it would hurt but after being shot by one it just felt like if someone pinched you. Super fun and a great place to spend with the kids or friends. I would recommend you map 3 because it’s big but not as big as map 2 but not too small as map 4. Great place 8/10

Hector Serrano: Neat paint ball experience for kids and adults alike. Birthday celebrations and other gatherings. Gear can be rented or purchased on site. Food trucks and refreshments in the area for most appetites.

Karen Jattan: Great birthday idea for older kids. But yes they do get hurt by the paint pellets. Wear long sleeves, long pants. Wear padded clothing or layers if possible.

COOKEMCHRIS: I probably had one of the best paintball experiences at this. When we came in, they got straight to the point and gave us a great advisor who went by the name of Spank. He gave us pointers on the game and allowed us to play in the 4 various arenas that they offered. This place to me was extremely fun.

Carter Guerra: My kids had such a great time at ER park! They’re 9 and 11 y/o and came for a birthday party. The party attendant/referee Rafael was amazing! He was attentive, patient and made sure the kids had a great time. Although the park was busy when we went, the kids had enough time to get multiple rounds in. We’ll definitely be back!

7. Miami AirSoft - Hialeah

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Miami AirSoft
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Address: 7810 NW 98th St, Hialeah, FL 33016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 972-3198

Business type: Paintball center

Miami AirSoft: what do users think?

SGA_ PANZER: This Is my favorite field. I go every Thursday or Saturday. Great Staff they help me always when my gun makes trouble, and they take safety very serious with Covid and the Airsoft Guns. The field is big enough for a fun experience if you like stuff of Military you should go here. Its sometimes hot but I can live with it. They have new chairs and I love them very comfortable. On the field it sometimes gets chaotic, but staff has it under control. There is a lot of joking around before a Match starts with staff so you start happy. Ofc there are cheaters but Ref’s tell them to stop and mostly it works. For Parents: If you want that your kid trys airsoft they should, Airsoft is save. Its not brutal just fun, there are people that dress funny or just are really nice. So you don’t need to worry :) On the bottom you can see some pictures ⬇️ From: SGA_Panzer

Brian: Don’t get me wrong this is a great place to go and play and also one of the only places in south Florida to play however the staff it terrible the act like they don’t wanna be there most of the time they never have a smile on there face or even ask you if you need anything when at the counter they’ll just sit there until you say something also on multiple occasions I’ve asked for a rental battery and they don’t even check to see if they have any they just say they don’t as if it’s a inconvenience to go check when I’ve literally asked then like 10 minutes later someone will go up and get one some how. You guys are mediocre and the owner needs to get his staff to tighten up big time. But Sean at the actual store is a great employee he’s always taken care of any of my needs!

Javier (JD): The field and store are absolutely great but the staff just ain’t it. I pay $30 for entrance and buy bbs, grenades, and other items from the shop, only to be for the staff to be rude to the players unless it’s a buddy of theirs, pick and choose when the rules apply to one person or another, and even ask things like “Why are you all here with all this rain?” in an annoyed tone like if they didn’t want to work. There was even an altercation between an adult and a minor which he caught on video with his GoPro and when the kid showed them the footage they did nothing about it and let the guy still play. We just want to have a good time at the field but we don’t need the terrible attitude or the neglect to protect younger players.

Elias Benichou: Went here last week for the first time and loved the cqb experience. Met lots of friendly people that were down to play some games in the future. Staff is chill and the space for putting your gear down is great. Of course there will be the typical arguing in game with individuals but that’s nearly impossible to avoid with airsoft games. The parking was a bit confusing as there’s not too much space to go. Wish there was more parking space available. Overall great experience will be coming back.

Philip Adamo: Went there for the first time with a few friends after making the switch from paintball to airsoft and excited to play. We arrived about 12:15 on Sunday evening and left about 5:50 only to play 2 games the whole time because they pretty much only cater to the birthed at party that was there. And kept playing melee games for the 10 kids that were there. Still after being a little upset after paying 90 for entree and then 120$ in there pro shop to upgrade a gun. The tech Shawn was very nice and helpful but after purchasing my items he’s like you have enough time to test out the gun and make sure it’s shooting properly. We made our way back to go play and then all the refs said they were giving the last game to the birthday party. How were we there at an airsoft place and only got to play 2 games in 6 hours so we went and tried to get a refund or a pass to come back. The refs sent us to the head ref Steven who was pretty much like yea I don’t care I’m not doing anything for you guys. Mind you we were a party of 3 that drove over an hour to come play and there was a party of 11 behind us that only played one game and (Steven) would not do anything to accommodate any of the customers. Told everyone tough luck it is what it is. The whole staff is pretty much ran by kids that take 20-30 mins to start a game after every game and cater to birthday party’s. I was talking to a lot of regulars and they say they do that all the time. I don’t think that’s very professional to treat your repeat customers. Nice place to play but staff is horrible and not friendly at all. Hot shots is awesome to play at just need some airsofters to come out there. I’ll prolly take my business elsewhere since refunding 30 or even giving a pass to come back it to much for them to do there. Sad! You guys really need a new head ref his customer service skills by far are the worst I’ve seen in a while.

Zedstrakt Azazle: I really enjoyed the staff very friendly with a big smile on thier face especially Luis and Aiden overall, great place except head ref Erick kinda serious dude would come back for sure love the energy. I recommend the party since you get private games

Juan Pimentel: Field is decent, but some of the staff is incredibly disrespectful. They do not know how to address players and constantly threaten with permanent bans for the silliest reasons. I’ve been going constantly for around 8 months and the rules are extremely inconsistent. They chrono’ed and approved my gun (same one i’ve been using for around 6 months at MA with no prior issues), and I was nonetheless pulled out mid game saying it was running hot when it wasn’t (335 FPS). At this place, all players suffer the consequences of a single player’s wrongdoing, which is just frustrating. Unfortunately, this is not a place to play airsoft seriously at any level. First-timers might have a blast, but you go enough times and the terrible attitude of staff and just how they run games gets to you. I’ve been to a bunch of airsoft fields and unfortunately this is my least favorite.

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