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1. TASCHEN Store Miami

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102 reviews
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TASCHEN Store Miami

Address: 1117 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +1 305-538-6185

Business type: Book Shop

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TASCHEN Store Miami: what do users think?

Eric Franz: One of the best coffee table books companies with their own store. Excelent for last min gifts or just some beautiful book for yourself.

philippe gabulon: Very beautiful and elegant shop with a great selection of Taschen art books. The shop is simply set with a good selection of rather large art books. You will also find ultra large and luxury books. At the end of the shop, opposit tpo the street side there is also a collectio of art works on display and for sale. The people of the shop are very nice too. We had te books we bought sent to New York for a sensible fee.

Gabby J: Stunning book store, I loved the artistic layout of the space. We were able to get our book signed by the legend himself Cristo. Everyone at the signing was very helpful and welcoming. The event was wonderful!
Response: Glad to hear, Gabby! Many thanks for the positive review. Hope you’ll come visit us again soon!

El Farto: Just lost 1:30hs of my time browsing the stuff inside this store, i wanted to buy everything... the attendants were very nice and answered all my questions, pay attention to the exquisite decor inside.

Nicholas Redding: Sandra was beyond helpful with us. She was very attentive and super kind. Amazing customer service experience. The store had so much variety and there is definitely a book for everyone. A must visit.

carlos camps: Flagship store of the iconic German publishing company. Taschen is a company with more than 40 years of experience on publishing books that are authentic jewels. The title selection, the cured content and the production transpire quality and attention to the detail. Definitely worth spending time!

Filip Berdek: the only bookstore left in south beach! i love this location and the staff is very helpful. the store manager is always extremely friendly and helpful.

Leifur Björnsson: I’ve visited the store on a few occasions when passing through South Beach for work. The staff is always super friendly and the selection is great. I normally only get a few small things since I can’t really be carrying heavy books around.

2. Exile Books

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1 reviews
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Exile Books

Address: 5900 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Telephone: +1 917-903-0907

Business type: Non-profit organization

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3. Kcull Shop - Little Havana

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24 reviews
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Kcull Shop - Little Havana

Address: 1358 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +1 305-342-9440

Business type: Shop

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Kcull Shop - Little Havana: what do users think?

Sussy Baka: “Everything is handmade by Miami local artists ” they said but one section of the store it’s LITERALLY overpriced SHEIN things

Anna Agharwal: Their CBD iced pops suuuuck. Do Not buy not worth it at all. Do not have any cbd.
Response: Hi Anna, We haven't had CBD pops in our store for over a year? Not sure why you would post a year later? Sorry you didnt like them.

Hany Fleitas: Extremely rude employees, all stones must be charged with negative energy because the employees are extremely mean and rude. Do Not buy there !!!
Response: Hi Hany, I'm Jen and I noticed your missing some information in your review and it may come across as misleading. Let me help you fill in:) You and your party never entered our store last night. You were waiting to be seated at the restaurant adjacent to our shop and durning your wait you and your party sat on the entrance staircase completely blocking entry into our shop. We politely asked you and your party twice to move off the staircase and you refused. Even when the owner of the restaurant asked you to move - you refused ...again. The question that I can't seem to figure out is why you refused to move when you were asked nicely 2 different times by the owner of the shop and then again by the owner of the restaurant? I'm sad to hear you had such a bad experience. Our shop features many different local artists and we are proud to be able to support over 90% women owned local brands in our shop. I hope next time you can stop by and actually come in and check us out.

Alex Matas: I’m going to buy that insane Mickey painting. Meta AF. Amazing ARTicules and more. A MUST.

Anonymous Anonymous: Great place to shop for local art and jewelry! Love this store!

Kiren Legón: A place with first-rate items, one of a kind. Variety of art concepts and high quality.

Omar Enrique Mazzei: Nice place! Delicious CBD Ice Pops from Kanaice!

Anne Hauschild: Cute little shop that supports local artists ♥️

Armando R.: Not friendly attitude. The thing that they sell are not from Miami artist that is fake.

Claudia Rodriguez: Cute little place.Huge variety of jewelry.

4. The Beaded Chandelier LLC

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10 reviews
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The Beaded Chandelier LLC

Address: 7900 NW 27th Ave KIOSK 3, Miami, FL 33147, United States

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 5PM ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Tue

Telephone: +1 786-402-0600

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

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The Beaded Chandelier LLC: what do users think?

jody bae: This evening I was fortunate to have met The Beaded Chandelier herself. The purchase experience was great. She took the time out to educate and to inform me on her deals. After not having what I was in search for I decided to leave. As I was approaching my car she found what I was looking for! Pure. Great person. Amazing Sprit.
Response: Honored to know that you had a great experience. THANK YOU. YOU ARE VALUED .!

Anthony Mathis: Loved this spot. . Always . Great aura. Loved my oils . Very professional!

fsmw21 -: great open hearted individual with a heart of passion & strong determination. awesome service

Dan Johnson: Love the service. Great personalityShe knows her stuff.

Jamar Davison: Best in the business I really enjoyed the professionalism the patience in taking time out to getting me exactly what I need !!!!!!! I will definitely recommend and be back!!!!!
Response: Thank you so much. It's so great to share an awesome experience with you!

Moses Zuri: She was a great help and her knowledge of the craft is excellent
Response: Thank you for visiting THE BEADED CHANDELIER .

Keondra Shelby: My shipping was super fast & I love the quality

Azrael Harris: Fast Shipping . LOVED MY HEALING BRACELET. Authentic!
Response: Thank you so much. So glad that you are happy with our store!

Erica Edwards: Best bracelets around and everything is great qualityyy🙂

Jermaine Canty: Miracle was very nice to me

5. Miami Book Fair

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130 reviews
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Miami Book Fair

Address: 600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue

Telephone: +1 305-237-3258

Business type: Non-profit organization

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Miami Book Fair: what do users think?

Zarifa M. El: Awesome, smaller than usual because of the pandemic, I suppose. The Porch is in a different area and larger stage.

Mindy Harris: Never disappoints. Despite rain fair was well attended loved hearing author and actor Allen Cummings. Plenty of volunteers and beautifully staged.

AmandaLuise Pereira: Great experience! Not 10$ worth unfortunately. I recommend you go the first night they offer free

Gisela Kwon: Greatest place on Earth, for book lovers.

melissa fields: I had a lot of fun. I bought some things from functional products that are made in Italy and the USA. They came in handy at a great price. Great deals on everything except food and drinks. However, there was one stand that ran out the first day for a book I seen advertisemented at their stand. They should of had more of. I will order on Amazon. The food and drinks where not cheap but good. They also had lots of children books. All kinds of books and the authors where present. Some doing signing. Something new and fun if you are into reading.

Diana Lopez: Amazing! So much to see and do. For young and old alike. Truly a book lovers paradise!

Andrea Hoelscher: An awesome event. Kids got over 25 books... some free and autographed and some as little as $1.Story Booth is such a good experience. Meeting such great minds! So many local authors.

Jenny: Had a great time at the book fair. There is all sorts of fun stuff for everybody, from books to break dancing. My daughter enjoyed it very much. There’s also delicious food for all kind of cravings.

6. Luna Bohemia

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63 reviews
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Luna Bohemia

Address: 8233 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +1 786-274-0123

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

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Luna Bohemia: what do users think?

Jeanie Silver: I’ve been coming here for years, I love their selection of rocks and crystals! I just found out last year that they have sound healing classes. It’s only $20 and that is well worth the price! I’d pay double that price for sound healing. I usually go on insight timer to listen to sound healing or sound bowls when they have live sessions. I’ve been looking everywhere in my area for sound healing sessions in person and I can’t think of a better place than this one. I signed up for my first class today. I’m very excited!

Vero: I was looking forward to attending the sound bowl meditation. My coworkers and I booked it 3 weeks in advance. We called the day before to confirm and to ask if we needed to bring anything. On the day of, we got there 10mins prior to the scheduled time. When they told us that the “instructor” had started 2minutes ago and we could no longer join. We explained and told her we came from far and that we had arrived right on time. She apologized and said we could not join. After going back and forth she offered to give us our money back AND 15% off. However, once we agreed, she said no I meant money back OR 15%. We left very disappointed with the customer service. It was not our fault that the instructor started early!! 😒 I would definitely NOT recommend this place!!

Dayana Rubiera: My first experience with this shop set up the only experience I would ever have. Some friends of mine and I decided to try out the Meditation Sound bowl on December 10th, 2021 at 6:30pm. We arrived at 6:20 due to the amount of traffic on the highway. The rude lady in the register spoke to the instructor about us arriving, and the instructor refused to let us attend the class. (Everyone else in the class was already put down). We came all the way North from the shop, taking 45 minutes to arrive due to the highway traffic. Which I specifically told her but she did not care. I explained to her that online the time says 6:30 why weren’t we allowed 10 minutes before! That I found super disrespectful and not caring for their customers. She proceeded to offer our money back, of course that’s the least she can do, and also offered 15% on all of her fake crystals. We booked three weeks in advance or even longer before and even called the day before to confirm. Yet she refused to take us in. Then she changed her mind and said I will give you your money back OR 15% off her fake crystals!!! What type of professionalism is this!! She needed to make up her mind. She lost 5 great customers that were very interested in the sound bowl meditation. Now she made my anxiety worse!!! So, with that being said, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ESPECIALLY IF YOU NEED TO DRIVE FAR! A waste of money, a waste of time, and a waste of energy. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!!

olivia dav: Luna Bohemia is a magical place with excellent attention where I found everything I was looking for to continue learning about the Tarot. I value their kindness and will to help with programs of self development so needed. Great prices and a good selection of earthy item, gem stones, homemade/handmade natural soaps. Thanks a lot Luna Bohemia for such a amazing deal.
Response: Thank you for this review!

jack lew: My expectations were extremely satisfying.The owner is very friendly and they have a lot of good supplies. The staff is wonderful, always helpful, and friendly. I highly recommend this store for all your spiritual instruments and needs.
Response: Thank you for this review!

7. The Café at Books & Books

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107 reviews
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The Café at Books & Books

Address: 265 Aragon Ave #5008, Coral Gables, FL 33134, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +1 305-448-9599

Business type: Cafe

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The Café at Books & Books: what do users think?

Isa Morales: I love coral gables Books and Books, Raul at the bar is amazing!!!! He makes drinks and Lava Lamps like no other!!!! Friendly atmosphere I love to go there. I can’t wait for the live music to come!!! Isa Morales
Response: Thank you for this!! Raul is loved by all!!

Justin Germaine: I always come to Books and Books as I enjoy supporting local businesses. Their bookstore is amazing. However, their cafe has been slacking and continues to. I waited for 30 minutes for someone to give me just a menu. I was sitting there making eye contact with the waiters, and crickets. Very disappointed with the customer service lately. Do not eat at the cafe.

Cassie Grimm: Suuuuch a cute spot! Several healthy options on the menu (plus, iced tea!) Also, of course, a great spot to peruse some books afterward :)

Scott Brandon: Great atmosphere, good food, excellent lunch spot. Only con is that service can sometimes be slow.

Sara Garcia: Excellent service. Try the lavender cappuccino!
Response: Thank you for your kind words! We love that cappuccino, too!!

Spencer Ash: On of the best underated restaurants in the city. Every experience at the books and books cafe is fantastic

Carlos Alamilla: Great dining experience and shared a talk with an excellent author talking about the Shakespirian Book Store in Paris.
Response: Thank you, Carlos, and always wonderful to see you!!

NAC: Good Cuban sandwich.

8. Artistic Calligraphy

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18 reviews
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Artistic Calligraphy

Address: 7026 SW 110th Pl, Miami, FL 33173, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +1 305-665-8243

Business type: Calligraphy lesson

Near Artistic Calligraphy:

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Artistic Calligraphy: what do users think?

Lyan Borges: Monica is truly great at what she does. Highly recommend her for any calligraphy services. Been her client for many years now and glad we found her!(She has helped us with calligraphy for diplomas, adding graduates name & date)
Response: Lyan, thank you for the compliments. It's always nice to have you here when you visit my studio. I am proud to be the artist giving you service for so long. Your business and your kindness is much appreciated!

Iris Grus: I have to say, the finished product of Monica and Artistic Calligraphy for my daughter’s wedding invitations surpassed my expectations. The mix of a soft blue ink and the script was so beautiful, I didn’t want to mail them out, I wanted to keep them for myself! Thank you!
Response: It's been my pleasure to personalize such a beautiful set of invitations. Thank you for your words!!

Carla Gallardo: Monica is amazing!! I am extremely satisfied with her work!! I ordered my wedding invitations online and had the worst experience ever. The company that I ordered my invitations had a technical problem with their envelope printer so they delayed my delivery for almost 2 weeks without any solution, I ended up deciding getting white plain envelopes because my wedding was only a month away. I just wanted to have my invitations with me, so when I finally received my invitations with the envelopes I contacted Monica, she was very helpful and professional. She did an amazing job on my envelopes. They look so classy and elegant!! The best part of all, she did everything really fast and I was able to send my invitations on time. We have received many compliments for the envelopes, everyone loved how they look. Thank you Monica for all your help!! GREAT job!!

Boda Salas Custidiano: Monica saved my life! My wedding was a destination wedding and I brought from New York my place cards ready but a few people cancelled their attendance while I was already in Miami and had to make last minute changes on my seating chart. I found Monica and gave her a call since I had to make 5 new cards and she was so kind and professional she was available and wrote the cards in 20 minutes beautifully and perfectly written very similar to the ones that I had, you could barely see the difference and she charged me a reasonable price. I recommend her 100%. While at her studio I could see her work on invitations and beautiful work.
Response: I enjoy being useful, particularly in situations like yours. All these years of education and practice pay off at some point. Thank you for your kindness and for taking the time to review my services.

Natalie Alatriste: Monica is professional, prompt, and responsive—but best of all, her calligraphy is beautiful!! I will be coming to her for all of my invitations and calligraphy needs in the future! Highly recommend

Ana Lanzas: I’ve been taking private classes with Monica for over a year and it’s been an amazing experience. During each class she is 100% dedicated and extremely passionate and patient; each lesson is filled with professional insider tips that you’ll never learn from watching YouTube videos or reading books. I highly recommend taking private lessons with Monica if you’re considering learning calligraphy as a hobby or to learn a new skill.
Response: Aw!! Ana...those words are super kind!! I am very happy to share my knowledge on this ancient art ,and as a bonus, to have the chance of meeting marvelous people, such as you. Thank you!!

Damian Pratt: Monica has worked with us for providing personalized invitations and holiday cards for our clients. She has always gone above and beyond to ensure the style, theme and presentation was unique and perfect for the occasion. Despite always asking her for the work to be done during busy holiday periods with a short deadline, she always delivers on time, ensuring attention to detail.

Angel Medina: Monica is an amazing teacher and a master at her craft . She was able to cultivate artistry in me when I believed there to be none. As for her calligraphy it is second to none beautiful and flawless. I highly recommend her for instruction and all matters of calligraphy and arts of the pen.
Response: Angel, it's been a real pleasure to introduce you into letter forms and this beautiful and ancient art. Thank you for your nice comments.

9. Paper Boutique

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41 reviews
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Paper Boutique

Address: 5900 SW 73rd St Suite209, South Miami, FL 33143, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Telephone: +1 305-661-1449

Business type: Invitation printing service

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Paper Boutique: what do users think?

Katrin Downs: I worked with Paper Boutique for my wedding thank you cards and they were extremely helpful! They had a variety of options to choose from! Their response time with any questions I had were quickly and helpful. Always answering all my questions and providing with additional options if my initial request was not available. If you need any personalized cards this is the place to go!
Response: Thank You

Lissette Riera: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueAlways a great experience shopping at PB. Great place for gifts that are nice, pretty and inexpensive plus the wrapping presentation is very nice. I also needed additional presents during Christmas and I called and bought them and when I picked up, everything was ready and beautifully wrapped .
Response: Thank You

Pia Cosculluela-Sague: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI have been shopping at Paper Boutique for decades! It’s my “go to” place for invitations, custom note cards and gifts. The owner, Christine, is extremely helpful and can always provide what I’m looking for. She carries great beach bags and unique hats during the summer months and beautiful decor & gifts for the holidays.
Response: Thank you we always appreciate all of our loyal customers throughout the years.

Alexandra Arguelles: Paper Boutique is the place to go for invitations and gifts. They have a been a huge help to me in planning my wedding... 3 times now thanks to COVID. They did my save the dates, my invitations, and my thank you cards. Oh and they did my bridal shower invitations as well. They really do have it all. Make sure this is your first stop if looking for invites or anything like that!
Response: It was our pleasure!

Vicky Jordan: Paper Boutique did an amazing job with our wedding invitations. They came out absolutely beautiful! Christine went out of her way to get our invitations done, the way we wanted them, and within the time that we needed them, while also making sure we were 100% happy. I highly recommend Paper Boutique!
Response: Thank you, we try our best to work closely with all of our customers and getting their vision executed.

Rebeca Boudet: Look no further for the most stylish, quality and unique stationery/paper products on the market. This adorable shop will satisfy all your printing needs and then some. The owner makes sure to always have other unique offerings like jewelry, candles, cards and trinkets perfect for yourself, your home or gifts. Paper Boutique is a South Miami gem!!
Response: Thank you so very much for those kind words. It is always our pleasure. Hope to see you soon

Suzette Martinez: Loved my Christmas cards!! I have them done every year here and they always turn out great. Girls are super attentive and the owner is always willing to create my unique look. Can’t wait to order my sons communion invitations this year as my daughters turned out beautiful and elegant. Thanks again
Response: Thank you looking forward to helping you again this year

Rodriguez Maria: I love shopping at Paper Boutique. The staff is courteous and helpful and always has suggestions for the best gifts. I had my granddaughters christening cards printed there and got a lot of compliments. Great local business! - thank you!
Response: Thank you, we believe that customer service makes a difference and we are always happy to help.

10. Frangipani - Miami Boutique and Concept Store

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18 reviews
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Frangipani - Miami Boutique and Concept Store

Address: 2239 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +1 305-573-1480

Business type: Boutique

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Frangipani - Miami Boutique and Concept Store: what do users think?

OB SPACES: Very nice store! However, customer service is very poor… I came in wanted to buy a gift for a friend, I heard great things about Frangipani so decided to check it out. When I came in there was a young lady at the counter, she didn’t even greet me as I walked in. Then a few minutes later a few more customers came in and she stays at the back of the register… now I’m not sure if that’s a way to monitor what is going on in the store but it’s not welcoming at all. ASK PEOPLE IF THEY NEED HELP!!! It was my first time there and it will be my last.
Response: Hello. Im very sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience at frangipani. We try very hard to make all of our customers feel welcome. Hope you’ll give us another try.

Diana Beze: Love this store. This christmass I went like 3 times in a row😂. Every time I go a find something new . Cute pieces. I would love if they open sooner
Response: Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon.

Nicole Rodriguez: i got earrings at their store that were very cute and were $30. When i got home i found all of the earrings in a pack on amazon for $8. I feel scammed.
Response: Hi Nicole. I am so sorry to hear you are disappointed. Our jewelry artist does not sell to Amazon do they cannot be the same pieces. However if you are unhappy with your purchase I would be happy to refund you. Please reach out to the store. We don't want any unhappy customers!

Jamie Fuller: This store has SO MANY amazing gifts that are all on the funky side that any recipient would love. Hats, towels, accessories, jewellrey, oddities. I could spend an hour in here and a lot of money if I had no rules! I will come back next time I am in Miami.
Response: We've added even more! We moved to a larger location and updated our website! Check them out when you get a chance. Thank you for your review Jamie!

Ricky Studds: My favorite store on the Wynwood strip. Has funky fresh calligraphy, custom Greeting cards with prices less than Publix. Cool patches and pins, Wynwood local coloring books. This is a great place to get something for a loved one as a gift.
Response: We really appreciate that you had a great experience at our store! The store is still open, come check out our new location!

Suzan McDowell: Frangipani is a simply wonderful array of gifts and notables- the offerings are beautiful, and unique, I found the perfect gift for my sister Thank you 🙏🏽
Response: So glad we were able to help Suzan! We switched locations, and moved to a larger space. That means more gifts and more unique items!

Justa Czyk: Great stuff
Response: Glad you like our stuff haha. Thank you for your review Justa!

archie archambault: Beautiful shop with a brilliantly curated selection.
Response: Thank you for your review Archie! We've moved to a larger location and updated our site with new products! Check them out when you get a chance!

11. Nocturnal Press

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2 reviews
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Nocturnal Press

Address: 290 NW 73rd St, Miami, FL 33150, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue

Telephone: +1 305-646-1065

Business type: Print shop

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Nocturnal Press: what do users think?

Kimberly Slaven-Hauth: Nocturnal Press did an incredible job printing our wedding invitation suite. We already had a design and they helped us put the finishing touches on it with colored envelopes, address designs, and really capturing the over all aesthetic. Caro and Ingrid were a pleasure to work with and it was wonderful using a local business!

Kelly Cammarata: Being a graphic designer, I designed our invitations and was struggling to find a print shop that was willing to print my design. Someone recommended Nocturnal Press and I’m so happy I found them! I met with Jessica to discuss what I needed and she was willing to do whatever it took. She gave me detailed quotes with several printing options for each part of my invitation suite so I could pick and choose in order to stay within my budget. The finished product was exactly what I had envisioned my design would look like! I highly recommend Nocturnal Press and hope to be able to work with them again on future projects.

12. Sir Thrifty

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29 reviews
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Sir Thrifty

Address: 8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Telephone: +1 305-989-0519

Business type: Op Shop

Near Sir Thrifty:

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Sir Thrifty: what do users think?

Big Lou: Selling memories. Incredible collection, blast from the past and prices too good not to take some memories home with you. Awesome owner and great shop.

Liz Snyder: Friendly staff, cool environment and lots of stuff to look at. I was very impressed with the thrift store prices. I was not expecting the vintage/one off pieces to be so much just from seeing the thrift store prices but honestly they have some great things. I recommend visiting this place.

Karloz Torres: THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!! Not only did I get the coolest Joker poster ever but I also found out about all the awesome things happening in this space! Definitely the coolest thrift store in Miami

David Magazu: Excellent service, excellent store some really cool vintage gems as well as great casual thrift store. Will return again for sure.

kimberly rabeiro: So many cool items! Loved the art work and jewelry, bought three purses and it was an absolute steal! Will definitely be back and am excited to donate clothes as well

April Nicole: I am a major thrifter and Sir Thrifty is positively excellent. Great central location, lots of parking, friendly staff, and a well-curated assortment of items for sale. Aside from that, they have local vendors set up in the shop selling handmade items, fun music, tarot readings, and more. Fun place to drop in and spend some time browsing and meeting local artists!

Hae-Yang Chang: Sir Thrifty has one of the most eclectic selection of goods of any thrift store in Miami. Their vintage wares are especially choice picks. Highly recommend for rare items and funky fashion finds!

Jehssy Arter: Cool place. A tad overpriced for some things. A LOT of things didn’t have prices which I didn’t like…it seemed as if the prices were given based on person and appearance. When asking the prices on items with no tag the man working would say “like (this amount) or (this amount)”👎🏾

Daria: such a nice boutique, they have some really nice vintage things, and the person that works there is the nicest!! I will definitely come back here and i definitely recommend this shop <3

13. Mima Market

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101 reviews
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Mima Market

Address: 9725 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +1 305-751-4300

Business type: Shop

Near Mima Market:

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Mima Market: what do users think?

M. Ferrer: I love coming here. I try to make a trip at least once a month from coral gables to support local businesses in Miami. The food is fresh and because most food is local and made in small batches, the quality and taste are superior to prepared foods found in Publix or even Whole Foods. I love that this market exists..We need more intentional spaces like this in Miami!
Response: Thank you so much, M! Your support is appreciated.

katia bechara: If you are looking for a place to purchase all locally made products this is the best place in Miami! Their selection is beautiful and the owners are very sweet and attentive. You can purchase from kombucha to medicinal mushrooms.
Response: Katia, thank you very much! We appreciate your participation on this family.

Paola Aguilar: Our favorite local store in Miami, all locally sourced and truly high quality products
Response: Paola, thank you for your lovely review. Also for being part of our family.

Carmen Castellon: Great shop that features produce and products from local businesses. Supporting them is support local vendors. They even carry local beer and wine 👌 Highly recommended!
Response: Thank you, Carmen!

Loren Michelle: I love the passion and the intention behind Mima Market🧡💛a space to support the community by selling locally made and hand crafted products in their shop, like 🍪cookies,🍫 chocolates, 🧀cheese, 🍝pasta, ☕️ , shampoo, soaps, candles, earrings, empanadas, 🍦ice cream, and more ! my ultimate favorites @radiatemiami piña caliente kombucha, @brownbagpopcornco pop corn cookies & cream, all alfajores by @paulasbakeshop, crackers by @primal_bakery all handmade by a real human you can see walking around and to me that’s so so inspiring! ✨ 🌟⭐️✨🤩 Mima Market not only gather it all in the cutest ever changing space of all but they also do pop up events with live music and do classes and teach how to make things yourself with some of their workshops! Go and check it out!
Response: Thanks so much for your constant support, Loren! We love you.

Antonia Maistrova: This market has something for everyone. If you are ever looking for a gift, shopping for local made products for yourself, or want to grab a bite - this is the place ! The owners are super nice and welcoming, they also do events and it really feels like coming over to your favorite friends house. We love stopping by on the weekend for their farmers market too. Check it out, you will love it!
Response: Thanks for the kind words, Antonia!

Kathryn Mason: We are so lucky to have this amazing shop in Miami Shores! The items in this shop are all local and so well curated. The owners know their goods inside and out and can always give direction on what to buy. You can find food (we love the granola, sauerkraut, cheese, empanadas, donuts, juices and cold brew) and goods like jewelry, handbags, lotions and shampoos. Must stop in!!
Response: Thanks so much, Kathryn!!

Douglas Barnes: Mima Market has been a wonderful addition to Miami Shores. Alex and Raul have enlivened our downtown with their selection of delicious food, locally-made handicrafts, and events. It is a pleasure to shop there!
Response: Hey Douglas, thank you very much for your support! ❤️

Jelianny Soliman: This place feels like going to my family home to share good food with friends. Strongly recommended!!!!
Response: Thank you Jelianny, you are family!

Yuri Glez: Mima Market is a wonderful place where you can meet people with the most beautiful soul. Nobody can miss the opportunity to enjoy the good quality of the products that Mima have. Now I’m living out of the state and when I think in Miami Mima Market always come the first as a great full memories. Keep doing that only you know how to do it well. To make people around you happiest. LOVE
Response: Thanks so much, Yuri, we look forward to seeing you when you're back in town.

14. Happy Monkey

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26 reviews
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Happy Monkey

Address: 8210 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue

Telephone: +1 786-615-3512

Business type: Toy store

Near Happy Monkey:

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Happy Monkey: what do users think?

Kate Walsh: I’m a grownup but don’t tell me that when I go to Happy Monkey! I love it just as much as my daughter! We have made it our weekly outing. They have the best of everything and when I’m not buying gifts, I get to add a little something to my Maileg collection.

Megan Peterson: I am absolutely blown away with the customer service at Happy Monkey! I ordered a dress from this boutique for my daughter for my brothers wedding. Unfortunately the dress never arrived. Though I am abundantly grateful for shipping insurance, Nicole went above and beyond to accommodate my situation. She personally called, sent pictures, and worked with me to see my needs were met. I will be a Happy Monkey customer for life!

Ksenia Kondratieva: Hidden gem of Miami! Visit to this toy store is a part of our weekly routine. Happy Monkey has the most amazing toy selection, high quality, beautiful, well priced. Customer service is ALWAYS above and beyond! There is a cute area at the entrance for the kids to play, so you can fully enjoy your shopping experience!:) Also, if you are Maileg fan, Happy monkey has the best selection. Everything about this store is just magical from its energy and decor to its inventory and customer service! Did I mention Happy Monkey offers points reward program?

Vanessa Steelman: Nicole is unbelievably helpful and has a very fast turn around time On shipping. she’s extremely knowledgeable about the industry too! The store has a wide variety of toys and if they don’t have it, she’ll help you get it. Prices are very reasonable too. Couldn’t ask for a better local shop to buy from!

Samantha Simeon: So happy to find this store! I had no idea such a wonderful store was so close to me till recently, and their selection of toys was just what I have been on the hunt for. When I went in to look for a few things the woman who was working that day was extremely sweet and helpful and the being in the store felt comfy/homely. I can’t wait to buy more things from here soon.

Alexi Poston: I don’t even know where to start. There were things I purchased on the site that were not even in stock and there was no disclaimer saying they were not in stock. After weeks I finally emailed them and they said that they didn’t even have the items stock still and sorry for the zero communication. The rest of my order had said it was shipped, but did not actually ship for another week. Then another week goes by and they still have to emailed me and I still haven’t received the rest of my stuff. I email them again and they STILL haven’t received it. This is about 3 weeks now. And they did not let me know again. I received attitude when I continued to contact them about my missing orders. HORRIBLE communication and customer service. I will never shop here again. Such a disappointment. Edit to add: the owner is trying to act like I was upset about an item that I knew was preorder not shipping fast enough. This is incorrect as I’ve tried explaining to her multiple times. There were multiple items displayed for sale on the site that I purchased and she failed to tell me she did not actually have the items until I emailed her. They were no listed as preorder on the site. Not only myself, but my husband were disappointed in the way I was spoken to in the emails. And I was not offerered the items I had had weeks long issues with, until I brought it up myself. They felt as if they were always right and did not even try to understand what I was saying. I do not appreciate the company trying to cover up the issues with my experience with a false response. After they persistently were emailed me telling me to take down my review, now they are trying to falsify my statement.
Response: Hi Alexi, Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with your order. We are a very small business and we work very hard to provide great and caring customer service and it makes me sad to see your review. Your order was placed on Nov 2nd and it included one preorder item. I think the perception of us taking a long time to ship came from the fact that by default all items in an order including a preorder item(s) ship once all items are available. We received the preorder item on Nov 10th and packed your order that same day. The 11th was a holiday so USPS picked it up on the 12th. According to the tracking, you received the order on November 16th, which seems to be pretty good shipping from Miami to Hawaii for USPS ground. When we were packing your order on the 10th we realized there had been a mistake in our inventory and 2 small items in your order were out of stock. We were waiting on updates from our suppliers for shipping so we couldn’t give you an update right away. We didn’t want to hold your order for those two items and we wanted to ship it quickly so it could arrive before Christmas so the order was shipped. I offered a refund on two occasions when you reached out to us as the items seemed like they were going to take too long. You said you didn’t want a refund and preferred to wait for the items but were unhappy with the time it was taking so we processed the refund for them. It makes me sad to read that you think we had a horrible communication with you and gave you attitude. I went back to our emails and they all were cordial and I replied very quickly to all of them with the updates I had at the moment. We didn’t feel good about your experience and once we received the backordered items, we shipped them at no cost for either the merchandise or the shipping. We were happy to see that you received them before Christmas as the initial intention was:) Thank you again for your feedback and we hope your little one enjoyed the beautiful gifts you got for him. Kind Regards, Nicole

15. The Artisan Market Company

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8 reviews
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The Artisan Market Company

Address: 2750 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133, United States

Business type: Flea market

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The Artisan Market Company: what do users think?

Yian Chang: This company is totally a scam. The owner James Lamorte didn’t refund more than 50 vendor estimated $35,000 in total rent. He pretended he is going to refund us to shut us up and then disappear again. This is not a right way to do business at all. I hope all the vendor learns the concept of “services not rendered” - No matter what the contract writes, when a service is not provided, then you have every right to dispute and ask for a refund. — I hope you will not be able to do business in Florida. Karma will come back to you.

C C: All the companies that charged for events in 2020 returned the money because they are aware of the Pandemic, it is a global problem. But this company kept the money of more than 30 people to whom we paid $ 350 each, did not return anything for the Lummus Park market that did not reopen

James LaMorte: Brand new start up promoting the best Artisan and Farmers Markets in Miami

Juan Gutierrez: Stay away.....this company steals money from Vendors during COVID

16. NINI and LOLI - Promenade Shops

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211 reviews
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NINI and LOLI - Promenade Shops

Address: 20335 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +1 305-469-8906

Business type: Baby store

Near NINI and LOLI - Promenade Shops:

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NINI and LOLI - Promenade Shops: what do users think?

INDI: A month ago or so I visited this store. I bought the Joolz thanks to Mimi for her recommendation. I waited to do this review to test my stroller and I absolutely love it. She was right I was not going to regret spending the money on it. Super light weight yet strong, it folds to a medium handbag size and this is perfect for when I flight. My baby is comfortable on it she loves it

Ksharan Chander: This store is a gem. Needed to see a demo of a bugaboo stroller. Drove way out of the way to buy buy baby who had the stroller on their website but is an online only option with no demo. Called the store and spoke to someone on phone first to confirm they had it on display. They were super nice over the phone. Got to store and was immediately helped by both employees. They were able to showcase the stroller and show us all the options available. Also had the car seat we were looking for. Showed us accessories that we could get for the stroller. Went ahead and created the order which was for delivery within 2 business days. The thing I appreciated the most was they called me today to let me know the stroller I ordered was recently opened and used a store demo. They also let me know they were not comfortable with packing it back in the box and sending it to store for pickup and I really appreciated that as I would not have liked it if I got it and it looked like it was opened or demo’d. They were really nice with rescheduling the delivery to a week later. Will definitely be going back. They also have a good rewards program. Thank you!!!!

J Coronel: Great store!! It has everything you need and the service was excellent! Sofia was amazing and guided us to the process of choosing our strollers. She even assembled them for us!! Totally recommended !!

Olga Korpusha: I found this is shop a week ago , need it to buy stroller for my baby girl , that I aspecting in few weeks . I love the shop , easy parking , all European quality brands and very friendly personal . Olga helps me , she amazing , she understood what I needed , then helps me to put a car seat and install my stroller for new born . I m very satisfied, it will be my favourite shop and Olga my favourite sellsmen . Thank you so much . Highly recommend it .

Jackie Rodgers: amazing service and coordination done by firstly Brinell, then gabby, and most importantly Christine who did a fab job coordinating all the pieces and making sure it was purchased and delivered the same day packaged and ready to go! Our executive was visiting from Canada and we had to deliver it to the hotel and all logistics were taken care of in a timely manner. Great people, great customer service, and great patience. THank you Nini and Loli :)

Joshua Laurence: My wife and I arrived with our nine month old daughter and had a lovely experience. We purchased the BabyZen Yoyo stroller. Sophia assisted us. She was patient, personable, knowledgeable, and professional. Sophia even built the stroller for us. Thank you so much for making this a positive experience.

Ximena Zimeri: Best experience. Great customer service and great products! Sofia was very nice as well and extremely helpful.

Irini Kacaj: Sofia is THE BEST salesperson ever. Always go to her she gives the best advice on baby products and great customer service. I highly recommend her.

17. Lux Lunae Apothecary

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7 reviews
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Lux Lunae Apothecary

Address: 12100 SW 132nd Ct #103, Miami, FL 33186, United States

Telephone: +1 305-926-1333

Business type: Candle store

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Lux Lunae Apothecary: what do users think?

Estefania Reyes-Andrade: Kendall’s Hidden Gem! This is the spot for not only the best handmade candles, soaps & room sprays but the center of all things magical. Crystals, Jewelry, metaphysics books and more! Pass by to shop around and then relish in the Instagram worthy aesthetic that is their lounge area. Central perk who? This is Kendall’s new hangout!

Millie Ramos: This is a hidden treasure! Forget every candle you have ever bought before! The scents are amazing, presentation and quality unmatched! You walk in and you just don’t want to leave! Highly recommend it!

Corey Vega: This is such a Hidden Gem!!!! Located is a quiet corner and absolutely magical!!! The highest quality candles and soaps, as well as crystals, and items for spiritual enlightenment and self care. Affordable and family friendly Local business that’s worth the love! 💚

Mary Vega: Great place to shop! Lovely candles and scents. The soaps are fabulous! Love the vibe!!!

Sarah Sweeney: The staff was very nice and accomadating. Great experience

Ernesto Mendieta: Great staff even better environment.

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