Best Green Indoor Park In Miami Near Me

1. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

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986 reviews
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Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
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Address: 15625 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33196, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-676-2400

Business type: Amusement park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park: what do users think?
La verdad aunque te duela
La verdad aunque te duela: This place is a lot of fun for the kids, but it has changed to the point of being concerning. They, like many other businesses, are running extremely short in staff. The problem is they still fill out the place to capacity. There are sections left completely unsupervised, not one staff member looking out. So the kids do whatever they want in those sections. You see kids getting stuck on the ropes course while there’s no one there to assist them, so you see 5 kids piled up on one platform. Children chilling on the foam pool of the battle beam instead of getting out, so the kids drop on top of each other when they fall. I went to ask for help at the front counter bc of kids piling up in the ropes course. There were three people at the counter, no customers bc they were closing, yet one person just nodded at me, the other two walked away and no one went up there to help the kids. If a place for children is understaffed, they should limit capacity according to staffing. Otherwise, the place becomes unsafe. I doubt that their insurance company knows they are running the place this way.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez: Paid $590 for a party of 10 kids with tip included not counting another $100 in extra food we ordered to use our table for 2 hours. 1st the table wasn’t ready for us to set it up 15 minutes before like they said or their emails and calls, I told them check your cameras we got there 30 minutes early and the employees told us to wait by entrance , 15 minutes before our time still not ready, 10 minutes after our time it was ready. The place was so overcrowded that the appetizers came out 1 1/4 hrs late of the 2hrs we get to sit on the table, i spend more time by the concession stand waiting for our appetizers than with my family & i got the food because i started complaining with other parents. I feel bad for the kids working at this place because they are trying their best but as much as they are charging, the amount of people at that place they should have more organization and atleast some more grown adults working there to help this kids. Anyone reading this always go by the dates of reviews to check latest reviews before you reserve here.
mario hernandez
mario hernandez: Had a great time with family and friends. Kids had plenty of exciting activities. If you go make sure to do zip line
Adriana: As a mom with teenagers I was so scared but somewhat forced to do the rope course 😂 the staff was so nice patient and reassuring I’m so glad I did it, I felt safe and had so much fun! Definitely fun for the whole family! Thank god got the parent pass! Saved me a ton of money
Rojas Family
Rojas Family: Attractions are fun but there is ZERO regard for safety! No system for children exiting the facility. No one at the exit. No one controlling how many kids are in different attractions such as the dodge ball. No health precautions at all. No limit on the number of people in the facility. Every business’ goal is to make money but this place makes it so evident that making money is the ONLY concern. Make all the money and to hell with the safety of the kids.

2. Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe - Miami

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150 reviews
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Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe
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Address: 2403 NE 2nd Ave Local 107 - 108, Miami, FL 33137, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 305-573-1379

Business type: Playground

Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe: what do users think?
Alicia Pardey
Alicia Pardey: A hidden gem for toddler parents! I thought twice about writing this review because I want to keep this place to myself! Mainly I love this place because you can rent out the whole space for such an affordable price! Especially for baby parties, it’s great because they have a special room specifically designated for babies with age appropriate toys and activities. My toddler absolutely loves the jungle gym and ball pit so it’s definitely a home-run for both age groups!
Response: Thank you 🙏 for your message, it’s our happiness to made a good memories and entertainment for our beautiful children 👶!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sandra Myrtue
Sandra Myrtue: This was wonderful for our toddler and the price is fair. You only pay entrance for kids ($10 for crawlers $12 for walkers). The toy selection for the little ones is great with bigger things like toy kitchens and cars as well as walking carts, ball pit and smaller toys and stuffed animals. The cafe is fairly priced, but you can’t bring outside food and no healthy snacks are available (pizza, popsicles etc). Definitely worth a visit 😊
Response: Thank you so much !!! :)
Damian Cleatin
Damian Cleatin: The best playground for kids! My son love it! Alessandra is the best there, she is able to help with any request u have. Thank you. ❤️
Response: Thank you so much 😊❤️
Sergio Bustos
Sergio Bustos: good facilities and very well equipped so that the child can celebrate his birthday and enjoy a beautiful moment with his friends. a good thing to mention good care for parents.
Response: Thank you 😊 so much !!!
Alejandro D'Andrea
Alejandro D'Andrea: Great place for kids, even 1 year olds like our twins. Clean, small, indoors, packed with toys and even a decent pizza. Will come again.
Sylvie Grey
Sylvie Grey: Wonderful playroom! Thanks for the different toys out there that made my kids enjoyed the most. They loved spending their time playing with the stuff, and as their mom, I was completely happy seeing my kids laughing and smiling. It was truly nice to make bonding in this playroom, for the staff was very accommodating and kind. Worth it!
Response: Thank you so much 😊!! It’s our pleasure
Helen Ferguson
Helen Ferguson: This is a must-see playroom! My kids had a wonderful time in this playroom. This spot is well worth the money because everything here is amazing and the services are well-kept and tidy. It was really a wonderful location and experience. I just want you to see what a fantastic place this is!
Response: Thank you so much 😊!!!

3. IGi Playground Miami - North Miami

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605 reviews
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IGi Playground Miami
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Address: 12885 Biscayne Blvd #3, North Miami, FL 33181, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Business type: Playground

IGi Playground Miami: what do users think?
Jean Pablo Magnani
Jean Pablo Magnani: This is an amazing place, we went there with our 16 months old baby and she had an amazing time, she loves it, It is a clean and a happy place and the price is good/affordable. Some places smells like bleach but at least it means it is clean. My little baby played for almost two hours, I highly recommend this playground to entertain our energetic toddlers, it is parents friendy as well, although parking is limited.
Jacquelyn Kennedy
Jacquelyn Kennedy: No Parking. When I called to ask where I can park & mentioned no parking a worker said “it’s not my fault.” A few parents that told me to park at the Publix across the st. It was raining. :/ It’s pretty from the outside & ugly on the inside. Cashier is not friendly. Food is pricey & just average. Playground is not safe! Zip ties came loose & laying around. Holes in the netting where they can slip through. I climbed with him as much as I could but it is NOT too parent friendly, it’s impossible to climb to the 3rd floor w/ out getting stuck. 1 monitor on the floor was helpful but stayed near the trampoline. It’s easy for a child to get lost a lot of parents spent most of their time running around trying to find their kids. Not the best for little ones. 6/7 years + sure. Not coming back!
IAM LENY SIVIANY: It’s had been a great indoor playground for me to take my boys just until they got evicted and everything was suddenly shut down. I miss this place very much! The 4 star rating is really for the management’s lack of communication.. since we are a community and have been supporting them from the start from memberships and referrals to making this place our second house..
Jose Alejandro Villegas Pereira
Jose Alejandro Villegas Pereira: Best playground in North Miami. My baby is just 10 months old and he loves to play here. They sell good food too. Its a place for the whole family.
Star Ambition Tatted Diamonds
Star Ambition Tatted Diamonds: So updated review .. after seeing this place was back open I gave it a shot and came. The parking is alittle difficult to find! So I would suggest parking across in the publix plaza. It is very affordable.!! Their lunch/Café area has great food options. The playground is really beautiful! I loved it . It looks like a mini jungle style but organized at the same time they also let parents in the jungle to supervise their kids with socks and also have shoe covers if need be.. The seating area is spacious and they have wifi. They also offer private party rooms in the back for birthday parties. Overall I like the place and I would come back . Sidnote: the staff are friendly and courteous.
Frank Valdez
Frank Valdez: The only thing going against it is the rookie management. But, I will not discredit this place. My kid loved it. Parents get quite a workout keeping track of their children. Overall, nice environment. Plenty of activity and very clean. The staff is always paying attention to the safety of the children. IGI Playground, welcome to the neighborhood!!! Glad to have you here.

4. Dezerland Action Park Miami - North Miami

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1016 reviews
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Dezerland Action Park Miami
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Address: 14401 NE 19th Ave, North Miami, FL 33181, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: +1 786-590-5000

Business type: Amusement center

Dezerland Action Park Miami: what do users think?
Azalia Roach
Azalia Roach: The atmosphere is NOT what I expected. Many of the games are old/outdated, out of order, buttons on the guitar hero don’t work, slowed down my go kart, virtual games having technical difficulties, workers walking and moving with zero sense of urgency. At least the few virtual rides/games my brothers and I played were fun. Literally should’ve went with my first mind and went to Xtreme Action Park like I always do.
yarivey montoro
yarivey montoro: We had the most wonderful time at this park. Everything is super clean. The staff even though most of them are very young, they were super nice, polite, and efficient. Even the food was good! They went out of their way in various occasions to accommodate our numerous groups in all the activities we wanted to do. Our kids had a blast! The management team (Jen Hillmon and Anthony Johnson) is doing a great job!
Ilona Nesterova (ILONA_TRAVELONA)
Ilona Nesterova (ILONA_TRAVELONA): The biggest entertainment area in North Miami. Parties, carting, selfie room, roller skating, jumping trampolines and much more.We are blessed to have this cool spot. Will visit on vacations.
Caro: Super fun, so much to do for all ages; I love how affordable Dezerland is, a $20 game card will buy hours in the arcade, you can play every single game and more with only $20. Facilities are clean, good amount of staff on hand. I love how they update new areas such as a skating rink and billiards hall! Always something new when i we visit. Looking forward to going back and bringing our friends and family!
Response: Caro, Thank you so much for the 5-star review! We look forward to welcoming you and your friends and family back very soon!
Darinda Reyes
Darinda Reyes: Management and staff were very friendly. The Go karts are super fun. Facilities are clean. Arcade games and VR attractions are good. Some of the arcade game were not working though. There was a bit of confusion of where to go to purchase cards and tickets, then to activate them. The food is a bit pricey but decent portions. Now that we have a better understanding of how things work we will be back.
Response: Hi Darinda, Thank you for the 5-stars! We hope to see you again soon! ☺️☺️
kisha kher
kisha kher: Do not waste time or money at the arcade games. 80% machine are out of order. When you ask for refund they give you credit to play virtual reality games. Go cart, trampoline and roller skating is much more fun. Don’t waste money on buying arcade game cards. If you want to save money use Groupon 3 hours prior coming to this location.
Response: Kisha, we are working hard to upgrade and repair our current machines and hope you will give us another chance. So glad to hear you enjoyed the jumping and skating!

5. Jungle Island - Miami

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3472 reviews
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Jungle Island
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Address: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +1 305-400-7000

Business type: Theme park

Jungle Island: what do users think?
Renee Benaim
Renee Benaim: Attended the Candlelight concert series here. Pop on Strings. An amazing, romantic evening! Very organized event. Parking was $20 and right next to the Bloom Ballroom where the event took place. Food and drink are available. You order and pay on your phone and items are brought to your seat. Seating is separated for social distancing.
David Shusterman
David Shusterman: This is a good place for a drink at the beach. We just rain is with lifeguard station. This is a nice bar area in a very Caribbean table well. The dress very good though I didn’t eat any food there.
Emilio Olan
Emilio Olan: I came for a tribute to Queen by Candlelight concerts. Done by Liteso string quartet. The venue was presented by fever. They have an app and you can find their information online too. The venue offer beer and liquor and assorted healthy and not so healthy snacks. The ambiance and environment was relax and pleasant. I would recommend whole hearted any events presented here at Jungle Island Events and any fever event.
Alicia Ostenson
Alicia Ostenson: I think this a great place to take kids. Did not partake in the theme park portion, more just the animal portion. It was still interesting as a few adults, as the vibrant amount of plants are very pretty and the amount of birds they have is quite grand. Did as part of the Miami go pass, which was definitely worth it. Saw a bird show, which was also great.

6. Grapeland Water Park - Miami

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1372 reviews
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Grapeland Water Park
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Address: 1550 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33125, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 305-960-2950

Business type: Water park

Grapeland Water Park: what do users think?
Vica V. K.
Vica V. K.: Perfect place for a few hours pre flight! More fun for the younger swimmers but my 8yro had fun too.
Zahid Hussain Bootwala
Zahid Hussain Bootwala: Really a nice place to spend the day, kids really enjoyed the place and slides…there is something for fav lazy river 😀, ample seating space …only drawback is they don’t allow re-entry so pls be sure to carry everything you will need
Sabris S.
Sabris S.: We love it. It has a lot of safeguards in all of the pools. There is a list of prohibited items at the door (no food and no floats unless approved by the coastguard). They have life vests available at no extra cost. It is affordable to get in. I took 3 kids: 2, 5 and 11 and all of them had a great time.
Maximo Gomez
Maximo Gomez: I can’t believe the City has not been able to have it ready yet, while nearby cities have their water parks open already.
Brett Werner
Brett Werner: Inexpensive, locals discount, loads of life guards, clean, usually not crazy busy if you go at open. Movie night on select Fridays. Lockers and food available... "No outside food/drink allowed" - pack smart
Rosemary •Arguelles
Rosemary •Arguelles: Great place for the kids ! Small waterpark but it was fun for our children. We recommend
Fabio Cabrera
Fabio Cabrera: Great atmosphere, staff is attentive. Food is well priced at the cantina. Lots of parking, but you should arrive at opening for closer parking by entrance and less crowds.
Kay R.
Kay R.: First time visiting this water park, it was great for the most part. My 4 yr old loved it. There’s a side with slides for the smaller kids and a side for the bigger kids. Pool and lazy river for everyone. The only thing I didn’t like was the food. Not only was it over priced but it wasn’t even good. Sausage dog made me sick. $5 for school lunch slice of pizza. And they don’t allow any outside food not even water bottles. I suggest an early arrival because later in the day it gets very packed.
Erika Menera
Erika Menera: Its really good because my children went to the slide and said i really like this park

7. Marina Kids - Doral

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127 reviews
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Marina Kids
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Address: 3535 NW 83rd Ave, Doral, FL 33166, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 786-584-8489

Business type: Indoor playground

Marina Kids: what do users think?
Emmy Aragon
Emmy Aragon: Just celebrated my daughters young wild & three birthday and we had the best experience at marina kids!! We got there like any other invitee at our party time, I was stress free with all the details. Marian was so amazing and brought all my vision to life. The marina kids staff were all amazing especially Valentina who was in charge of our party refills, food, cake etc. Great place for toddlers, kids to actually enjoy their day! Thank you marina kids we will be back soon ♥️ Highly recommend :)
Response: Thank you very much for sharing your experience in our Super Fun World, we loved receiving you and together we celebrated a special date, an unforgettable moment. We hope to see you soon! #TheEcoPatrol✌️😁
Fernanda Cury
Fernanda Cury: We had such a great experience celebrating our son’s 5th birthday at Marina Kids! They were super flexible and very creative with the decorations for my son’s unique theme. All of the staff was very courteous and the event space itself is very clean and spacious. Looking forward to many more celebrations here!
Response: Thank you very much for sharing your experience in our Super Fun World! It was a pleasure for us to be able to share such a special date with you, we look forward to seeing you soon! #TheEcoPatrol ✌️
Stephany Zakhia
Stephany Zakhia: I celebrated my daughter’s 4th birthday, and I can’t be more grateful to them. The whole experience was amazing and I was so gladly impressed by the decoration, the service and how easy they made it for me. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!
Response: Thanks for your comments Stephany! ✨🐳 #TheEcoPatrol
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza: I had my 5 years old daughter’s birthday in Marina Kids and it was amazing. My girl had a unforgettable time. Decoration was perfect. Service team is the best. Highly recommended for indoor kids activities. Thank you, Marina Kids!!!
Response: Thanks for your comments Joel! ✨🐳 #TheEcoPatrol
Patricia Miralles
Patricia Miralles: We did our daughters 5th birthday here. Everything was great, the food was delicious, all the decorations where incredible and the team was very helpful, great service!! Perfect place for a private party, they do everything
Response: Thank you for your comments Patricia, we loved creating memorable moments with you and your family. #TheEcoPatrol 🐳✨
Anelis Leon
Anelis Leon: I celebrate my daughter’s birthday here and it was an amazing experience. The place is beautiful, the kids enjoy so much and the service was the best!
Response: We loved creating memorable moments with you and sharing such a special date, thank you for choosing us! #TheEcoPatrol 🙌
Andrea O
Andrea O: Oh so lovely! Great place for kids party! The service was outstanding!
Response: Thnaks got your comments, we are waiting for you!!! #TheEcoPatrol
Augusto Daneri
Augusto Daneri: A Really Amazing and Incredible Play Ground to bring your Kids to play, they have All Type of Games overhere and The Customer Service is Super Good. A Cool Place to bring your Daughter or Son, come and Enjoy!!!!! 🤗
Response: Thank you for your comments, we are glad that you had fun in our Super Fun World. #TheEcoPatrol

8. Trampoline High

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305 reviews
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Trampoline High
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Address: 12395 SW 130th St #111, Miami, FL 33186, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Wed

Telephone: +1 786-233-8381

Business type: Children's amusement center

Trampoline High: what do users think?
Brett Burnbaum
Brett Burnbaum: We hosted a private joint party for my 2 daughters who were turning 4 and 6. It was a great space - spacious with 2 separate trampoline areas, allowing the kids to spread out, and even with 40+ kids it never felt crowded! The kids all had a blast - and even several adults got in on the jumping fun. Most kids stayed the full 3 hours we rented the space! Michelle and her team were wonderful to work with - they took care of all the set up and break down and were on hand to help. I’d definitely recommend this as a party venue!
Veronica Campos
Veronica Campos: I had a private party for my son at Trampoline High and it was so much fun. Michelle and staff were so wonderful to work with- they were very organized and did an amazing job with set up. All the kids had a blast!
Angela Mancle
Angela Mancle: It was a very nice place. I went with a huge group of about 40 people. They had many areas in the facility. Many long trampoline lanes. Different sections of trampoline stations. The kids said they love it and they had a blast jumping around. They also loved the area where they had like 20 soft balls to throw to each other like doge-ball... There where 2 spots on 2 different locations on the trampolines that sunk way more n it felt as if there was something underneath idk just a weird weak spot. Might want to check all around. The staff was great. They where attentive and very friendly. I would recommend this place of business for anyone who wants to throw a private party like we did for a birthday celebration. Hope this was helpful to someone out there.
jmouttet1: A great time. We just had our sons birthday party there and Michelle and her team handled everything!! All I needed to do was bring the cake and goodie bags … very affordable and totally worth it!! My kids and everyone at the party (parents included) had a great time. I will definitely be planning future parties here!!
S C: Just had my daughter’s birthday there and everything was amazing! The whole staff was super attentive! Michelle was amazing and super helpful . Everyone loved the party and had a great time.
Diomarys Delgado
Diomarys Delgado: Joshua was amazing! I had the best experience ever!!! My kids had a blast! Thank you!
Alicia Pardey
Alicia Pardey: Loved this place! Very spacious and COVID-friendly, but also such an amazing place to take the kids to have fun and exert their energies! There’s a dodge ball area, bouncing areas designated by age group, which I loved because my two year old still needs space to find his own balance and also lots of space for parents to sit and watch as their kids have fun, and on top of all this Amazingness, it’s super affordable!
Karin Wright
Karin Wright: Great entertainment location for kids of all ages. I felt safe during these times. I think they took all the necessary covid precautions. This was very fun!Parents: they have amazing massage chairs!
Tatiana: Best birthday party event for all ages! We had an amazing night with our Dreamtastic Sleepover Party ! The staff is great they were attentive and helpful from beginning to end with all details of the party. The kids and the adults had a blast jumping and playing all night! Great experience for any age birthday celebrations!

9. Box Greens - Miami

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4 reviews
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Box Greens
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Address: 296 NE 60th St, Miami, FL 33137, United States

Telephone: +1 844-204-0002

Business type: Farm

Box Greens: what do users think?
Laurie Swedroe
Laurie Swedroe: THE best greens! Tasty, true green natural flavors. You feel the nutrients when including these greens in your salads and sandwiches. Love the microgreens! If I could give 25 stars I would gladly!
Response: Wow! 25 stars. xoxo
Anna T
Anna T: Best lettuce in the city! Always fresh, delicious and crunchy.
Response: Thank you for your support #LettuceLover!
Brian Stoker
Brian Stoker: Love the greens. Healthy and tasty.

10. Myles Green Lawn & Cleaning Services

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3 reviews
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Myles Green Lawn & Cleaning Services
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Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 754-971-0416

Business type: Lawn care service

Myles Green Lawn & Cleaning Services: what do users think?
Gregg Davis Sr
Gregg Davis Sr: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueThe service I received was incredible. Overall I was pleased with the maintenance of the yard and my neighbors complimented the Lava rock landscape. The owners were very detailed and professional.Services: Yard work, Deep clean, Weed control, General housekeeping, Lawn mowing & maintenance
Shawn-Telle Williams
Shawn-Telle Williams: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat customer service. They are not only professional but also offer quality service. I am impressed. I definitely will recommend them from commercial and residential.
Sierina Sierina
Sierina Sierina: Services: Standard cleaning, Lawn mowing & maintenancePositive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

11. Just 4 Fun - South Miami

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367 reviews
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Just 4 Fun
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Address: 5701 Sunset Dr #355, South Miami, FL 33143, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 305-763-8249

Business type: Children's amusement center

Just 4 Fun: what do users think?
Otty BB
Otty BB: Perfect indoor playground when you want to have indoor fun. The kids love it. Safe, fun and so much to discover and play.
rosemary morell
rosemary morell: I read reviews before hand to prepare myself for the worst. Turns out I had the best time, it was very child friendly, staff were very attentive and helped with a lot. The prices are very good. For the hour is 9.99 and the unlimited meaning the whole day is only 5 more dollars. Place seamed very clean and staff cleaned tables after every person. I would totally recommend this place to anyone with a toddler wanting to have some safe fun. The doors are gated and have someone there at all times. Kids loved the menu.
Lisi Echevarria
Lisi Echevarria: My 19 months old like it a lot, it was clean and secure, food was really really bad.I will be back, I recommend it.
Nancy Castellon
Nancy Castellon: Small place but very clean, they have a smaller area for littles under 2. They have small place where you can order food. Prices are affordable , you do have to pay for parking since it is inside de mall.
Cristina Pujol
Cristina Pujol: Given the South Florida heat, Just 4 Fun is an ideal place to bring the kids. My kids love playing here, but every time we bring them they leave with a special gift - a cold. Not sure what the cleaning procedures are but I could bet if my kids go play, they will be getting sick. It’s a shame, but after this last time, the whole family got sick (I didn’t even go) and we will be taking a very looooong break from Just 4 Fun.
Response: Hi Cristina, we Sanitize the whole playground every night with electrostatic sprayers to make sure the surface is clean. The incubation period for the common cold is typically between 1 and 3 days. This unsure from where is coming. Thank you for visiting us. 😊
S S: I took my 8 and 3-year-old here yesterday. Of course, with it being a Saturday, I expected over a thousand kids (and there were). Alas, I like this establishment, but there are a few drawbacks I’d like to share as well. CONS: 1. The physical set up of the play equipment is not optimal for parent supervision…especially those of us watching small children. The play area for ages 0-4 is set adjacent to the big kid play area, with merely a narrow “walkway” dividing the two zones. Mind you, there are a few scattered booths set up for parents to sit, but they’re all stationed around the general perimeter of the room…and most are taken. So those of us with smaller children are unable to sit near them in order to supervise. Rather, parents must either buy socks so they can stand (and block) the designated “play” zones, or they must crowd the dividing “walkway” in order to retain their soled shoes, which now impedes all movement back and forth throughout the room. Ideally, with the amount of equipment they’ve wedged in, the owners need a room with square footage comparable to Chuck E. Cheese. 2. Minimal areas to eat. Other than their off-limit party rooms, the only tables in the place are attached to two large posts. There is an empty place to eat in the rear of the room, but this area was reserved for painting pictures. Mind you, not one person was paying for this “painting” service. All 20 seats were empty…a complete waste of coveted space, time and money. 3. Shoes are stored in open cubbies based on a kind of “trust” system where you store, then grab and go. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but this is Miami in desperate times of COVID. I do not trust leaving my childrens’ expensive shoes out for all hands to grab. I think I spotted a few personal lockers tucked away in the back, but these were never offered to us for use. PROS: 1. They are horribly understaffed and the few staff members they have are young…but they were very much on the ball. I didn’t see any workers on their cell phones or off to the side chatting. There are way too many children running amuck for that. Rather, staff were out and about, monitoring the floor, asking parents to avoid stepping on play areas with regular shoes (if that heavyset girl told me ONE more time…good Lord!). I also watched as staff tidied up by picking up random legos repeatedly off the floor; they told children to stop throwing balls out of the ball pit; they asked parents to avoid sitting on tables and they monitored the amount of kids flooding the trampoline. Staff members were kind, yet somewhat assertive… (I imagine they would have to be with the amount of kids flooding the place.) 2. I love the way they allow customers to return…even after they’ve gone. Due to the lack of space, we ventured over to GameTime next-door for lunch. Once we finished, we promptly returned back to Just4Fun for two more hours of play. It’s a nice asset, especially for a mere $18 fee. 3. I like the way both parents and children are given ID bracelets with a corresponding number, rather than a frivolous blacklight stamp that can easily be washed away (Chuck E. Cheese). This ensures a heightened level of security (even though me and my son’s bracelets weren’t actually cross-checked when we left). Overall, nice little entertainment zone for youngsters, but way too small/crowded for optimal enjoyment.
Christopher: My daughter loved drawing here ! The staff is very friendly and I loved the environment !
Sita M Chill
Sita M Chill: I would have rated 5 stars because the place is definitely fun for kids to spend their time, but the 1 star is all i want to give and that goes to the customer service. As i read some of the previous reviews because i wanted to make sure i am right before judging wrongly, but seems that im not the only one having bad experience with their service. First the place is super expensive as what it is. Second they charged me an extra 5$ without informing me beforehand that if the time passes i will be charged, plus when i was about to pay my sister handed her card and immidiately collected the money without me asking if i have to pay seperate, i mean she is so unprofessional and all they want is your money! AND i had to buy 3$ socks for my 18 month old at check in. Unforetunately it will be my last time coming to Fun4kids.
Claudio Payret
Claudio Payret: The place is fun. A lot of games and the kids love it . But the strip mall is not updated ans looks old and abandoned. The place "just 4 fun" it selft looks fine but can be better. A couple of broken games and some ceiling tiles missing.

12. Zoo Miami

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16641 reviews
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Zoo Miami
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Address: 12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-251-0400

Business type: Zoo

Zoo Miami: what do users think?
Kaitlyn Arlotta
Kaitlyn Arlotta: Best Zoo I have ever visited! It is beautiful to see the education along the way for the public and ways that we can help make a change globally. Natural habitat exhibits and we spent 4 hours walking which felt like it went so fast. Every turn there is another animal to see and learn about!
Katya Rusova
Katya Rusova: The zoo itself is great. They have a large variety of animals and they provide educational information. I really recommend purchasing your tickets online, it saves you time and money. Some of the exhibits were closed but we still had a lot of fun. As for food, it was average, just like in any other park or zoo. Overall a great experience and I will definitely be visiting again.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to review us. We hope to see you again soon!
Andrea Echeverria
Andrea Echeverria: The best zoo! My family and I had so much fun. The environment is calm but you get to also have fun. They have some great animals and experiences. The animals and their cages seem well taken care of. The zoo is clean and very big. The cycles are also an amazing option to walk a little less. Inside you will find everything you need, there are lots of souvenir and snack stands all over. The refreshing stations are also very useful. I absolutely recommend this place!! Especially if you are looking for a zoo that really cares about their animals.
Response: Thank you! Great photo of the giraffe feeding! We hope you will visit us again soon.
Madds: 🎟ORDER TICKETS ONLINE🎟 💵 CASH FOR VENDING MACHINES💵 🚫Tram/Monorail Closed🚫 This zoo is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. Every animal appears well cared for and it was the only zoo I have been to where every animal is active/alert. This place is huge and I’d recommend for anyone to rent a pedal bike. They cost a bit much but because the zoo also has a botanical garden, there’s a lot of plants and no animals on some trails. The bikes come in different sizes to accommodate family size. There’s a water park for children and a playground. Remember to bring bathing suits and sunscreen. There’s also boat rentals and a variety of hands on educational activities. 🦒 Giraffe feeding Parrot feeding 🐫 Camel feeding 🦏 Rhino feeding 🐘 elephant presentations 🦉 animal encounters (check website)
Response: Thank you for your visit and for providing such helpful tips for our guests!
Sportbikepc 1
Sportbikepc 1: Awesome Zoo! We had a great time. We rented a bike to get around it Made it a bit easier but you better be in shape .. grounds and animals appeared to be very well kept. The water park was also nice for my girls.. Hope to come back again!
Response: Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed your visit. :)
Jeremy D. Boyd
Jeremy D. Boyd: Quite possibly the best zoo in the country. The cageless feel to the place is really amazing but this is a large, sprawling zoo with such a great deal of experiences. Downside right now is the monorail being temporarily closed and there are a few animal exhibits being revamped but still an amazing park. Highly recommended. We spend hours and hours there when we go!
Pat: The zoo has only gotten better with time. The family vehicles are a must if you have at least 2 adults and 2 kids. The vehicles are perfect for keeping out the sun but you need 2 or more people with leg strength to pedal it all day. I loved how they even had row boats to rent to go on the river. The food was pretty good for a zoo. My least favorite was the little river ride near the entrance that was a fee and you basically saw nothing. It was a complete waste of time and money. Other than that it was a good experience

13. Mawi Play Cafe - Doral

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232 reviews
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Mawi Play Cafe
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Address: 8850 NW 13th Terrace #101, Doral, FL 33172, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Tue

Telephone: +1 786-953-7196

Business type: Indoor playground

Mawi Play Cafe: what do users think?
Jonathan Fernandez
Jonathan Fernandez: Worst place to do a party. Please do yourself the favor and look elsewhere. Owner and his wife are extremely rude! The husbands wife lacks customer service and will treat you horrible and has zero control over her emotions. We scheduled a party with them and they said that they were going to do all the decorations. After our deposit, we find out that not much decorations are allowed in their play area. I purchased decorations for the tables and dropped them off the day before so they can put them on the tables before the party. We walk into the party and no decorations are put on the tables, the bag we gave with the decorations are sitting on a table untouched. We are immediately disappointed and my wife told them how upset we were because they didn’t do anything. They wife immediately blows up and tries to defend herself saying they didn’t even have to do that (The day before said they would take care of it which is why we wasted our time dropping it off in the first place). After my wife expressed her upset, the owners wife said she’s never been disrespected like this, started slamming stuff, began telling us that some of our decorations weren’t allowed, and will not calm down and started talking garbage to all her employees and to her husband. The amount of inconsideration from these owners was extremely upsetting. Also, now I understand why they don’t allow stuff in the play areas, because they don’t clean the play area. The mats were nasty, there was garbage thrown everywhere, dust, and very unkempt. I promised them a terrible review on Google, so here it is. Please spare yourself and your kids from this filthy place and unfriendly environment. UPDATE: just spoke to owner and he’s still rude, he lied about his response, we threw a small party and our whole family knew the issue and thought the place was nasty and dirty, no one liked the food (reheated pizza and dry empanadas),so NO ONE would ever ask to do business here. Owner didn’t like the truth so he hung up the phone. Now I see why his wife hung up the phone before our party, because they’re both rude and unprofessional. UPDATE 2: you can clearly see how the owners lack of customer service shows throughout their updates. Apparently he’s never been yelled at before since he doesn’t really know what yelling is. He would rather just fight with customers when he still knows he’s in the wrong. Please take your $2000 elsewhere. There’s better, cheaper, and cleaner facilities to enjoy your child’s birthday. Thank you Carlos A Rubido and Maria A Rubido for letting us endure you’re disgusting attitude and facility.
Response: Serving a client does not mean tolerating yelling, humiliation, mistreatment and threats, the emotions of anger from clients for situations that do not commit Us are unacceptable. Absolutely everything agreed under contract was done to them and the chosen party package, we DO NOT hide anything, the extra how to assemble and put the centerpieces that a client brings is part of a courtesy on our part. It was not our obligation to assemble the centerpieces that you brought. It is hard for us to understand such a negative comment when you yourself apologized to me (owner) for the bad time that your wife made us go through and the misunderstanding, at that moment I let you know that for more than 7 years we have worked impeccably, correctly and always complying with every detail that we offer in the party packages, with respect for our customers and service. We are a small family business which we have worked with ethics and dedication managing to overcome the great difficulties of recent times. For us it is incredible to imagine that some parents come to celebrate their son's birthday with a rude, disrespectful and humiliating attitude, if they did this hostile and humiliating attitude with the owners, we cannot imagine how it would have been with our staff. The work on our part was impeccable and on time. You brought the piñata the day before, which was placed. and 2 bags that contained, one with: cups, napkins and plates of the theme and another bag with items (many) that they told us they wanted to put on the tables. We are NOT required to assemble everything in the bag, however we were doing it out of courtesy. At the time he was removing the items, his wife rudely, yelling and disrespecting (we have witnesses and videos) yelled at us in a very hostile way as if we were slaves, that they had brought him here before, that his guests they were arriving and at once he yelled that he was going to give us a bad review on google, all this happened when not even 5 minutes had passed since his arrival at our facilities, his wife yelled at us for not having their centerpieces set up, a situation that is intolerant. By the way, her guests and relatives were delighted with everything and asking for information for other events. Regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the park, I inform you that we always work to make it a clean and safe place, that is why we avoid decorations that can generate garbage and risk, we have replaced the entire area for babies and we continue to make changes and replace all mats of the park, it is clear that his intention was to harm through this channel. We have had and will have many wonderful, respectful clients who value our work and facilities, because we work with ethics and respect. This comment for us is nothing more than an act of abuse and outrage equal to the act as he did just arriving at his celebration. Update: We will immediately publish our response to your comment, we received a hostile call demanding that we remove our answer, because according to you we are lying. (Why if you make a comment and it's true, do they call us to demand that we take down our answer?) and so they make an update. I tried to talk to you and yet he yelled at me, according to you we should not respond to your hostility, also in the call you introduce yourself as a specialist in digital marketing , we already understand why your wife yelled at us that she was going to make a bad review to us, and now she uses social networks to disqualify using their "profession" to discredit family businesses and justify the rude and hostile behavior they have had.
Elias Da Hora Jr.
Elias Da Hora Jr.: Great place to take your children with lots of energy. Place is small enough for you to sit in one place and watch them from all angle. Seating is limited so maybe call ahead to ask if the place is packed or not. Food is simple and delicious and gets the job done.
Mario Morera
Mario Morera: Just celebrated my sons first birthday. The place and staff were spectacular. Only small downside is that with the 80 plus people we had the walkway was a bit cramped. No big deal. Everyone complimented the place and had a great time. Definitely coming back soon.
Veronica Parra
Veronica Parra: Extremely rude staff. If I could give this place less than a star, I would. My 3 year old and I visited it for the first today. Google said they were open at 3pm. We got there at 3:20, doors were wide open but no one was at the front to help. Waited 10min and decided to walk right in hoping that we would run into someone that would help. There were kids inside the playground, my daughter was excited so took her shoes off and climbed up. Someone finally approached me to say there was a party going on and they would open to public in 30min. I apologized and said this wasn’t clear at the entrance and that it was our first time. She walked away and a second person came back who was extremely rude, demanded I dragged my daughter out. I asked her to calm down and I said she clearly didn’t know kids if she expected me to drag my 3 year old out to justify 30min. She gave me attitude and said she didn’t care and that the people hosting the party had paid $2K to have it. I said I understood that and I would try to get her out but that this was on them. It is so shocking when businesses like these hire people and don’t train them on customer service. This place is on a fast track to dying. This person insisted on mistreating us and I said to her I would never come back she said “we don’t need your business”. So obviously, she’s not the owner because (for 30min) this is the most ridiculous and rude treatment I’ve ever received at a place meant to be a place of joy and entertainment. Learn to treat your customers well and find solutions. You lost a customer who is also a successful business owner and we will never come back as well as never recommend a visit. Update: in case the owner sees this: I’m only adding some customer service advice here because I believe in small businesses and have invested a lot in others’ success. Next time, try guiding a mom in this situation politely out of the playground and offer some food or beverage options by the entrance while the 20min left of the party end. It is your responsibility to your business to come up with solutions that make every single customer in your premises feel welcomed and comfortable (ESPECIALLY if this mom found herself inside after waiting for someone to help by entrance). Many indoor playgrounds will host parties and still open to the public. Learn a valuable lesson if you want your place to survive: the customer is always right. But I know this is not an advice you’ll understand based on the other bad reviews I didn’t get to read until after I left. Good manners and business etiquette don’t seem to be an integral part of how this place functions.
Response: We are very sorry to hear about your experience. As a business we respect our clients and the investment they do in their kids birthday parties. We politely asked you to wait until the PRIVATE event ended. However, ten minutes come to pass and you were still in the party. We asked you again to please wait the remaining time and explained this was a private event, and that you are a stranger among children and other family members celebrating a birthday party. Logically if a stranger came into your birthday party, it would be disrespectful and would extremely dislike it. Immediately after your attitude was very rude. When trying to explain that the owners of the party invested a great deal in this event. You requested to speak to them because you wanted to stay the leftover time they had on their reservation. Afterwards, proceded to claim you were unable to get the child out of the park. As a playground we follow very strict protocols to ensure the safety of everyone. Disagreeing with this protocol comes to show that valuing the privacy and safety of other children and yours is not a priority. It is very unfortunate that you and your child weren’t able to experience our indoor playground and taste our very delicious food.
Tiffany Russo
Tiffany Russo: Very nice indoor play ground for children ages 1-7. The staff is very nice and the area is very clean. My daughter loves it and she is turning 3 years old. The price is also great. I thought it was only for birthdays but you can walk in and play. The food is also great 👍🏼
Gisella Gomez
Gisella Gomez: This place was sooo dirty. And I know these indoor parks are never gonna exactly be clean. But it was disgusting. There was black gunk everywhere and the toys they have for the toddler area don’t work. As in broken. Not that they’re missing batteries. I felt like donating some toys because it was honestly sad and unsafe since some toys had sharp edges. Will not be going back
Response: Hi Giselle We think this review is out of time, because we renovated toddlers area about 6 months ago, and we no longer have any toys with batteries, thanks for reviewing
Roberta Lopez
Roberta Lopez: Excellent Place to take my kids,the have a toddlers area perfect to my 2 year old,recommend 💯
Stella Ruzak
Stella Ruzak: They offer group ons, but some how when you present it they don’t seem too happy about it. The voucher says to buy the socks with the entrance for first time users. This was the second time that it was used but I was still told to buy the socks. My daughter had her own socks. I had to climb in one of the playgrounds because my daughter was stuck. I was told I can’t be up there only for kids. I had to explain myself that my daughter got stuck and I needed to go get her. She was clearly crying telling me to help. I climbed and noticed some nets of the playground are broken and out of place. I wanted to use the video game section, I was told that it is for the bigger kids. Then kids were jumping and crossing the bridge in the playground, the owner started telling all of them to get out of there. That usually bigger kids go through the bridge and that their feet can get stuck. All the kids that were there were 4 years old. The section for younger toddlers was separated but for up to 3 years old. So i dont understand, the bridge and play area they were in was for their age. Then the place honestly looked extremely unsanitary. My friends son got a rash on his leg and arm from this place. We didn’t notice until we got the car. At that point I was just ready to leave, saying anything to them wouldnt get anywhere. I feel like they were frustrated and exhausted. Ive been to soo many indoor playgrounds and Ive never had staff ontop of us like this. I watch my child very carefully and I make sure she isnt doing anything incorrectly. The first time I ever brought her here, the place was fairly new and she had a good time. This place is cute and fun but it needs maintenance and friendlier staff.

14. Greenstreet Cafe - Coral Gables

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3688 reviews
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Greenstreet Cafe
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Address: 3468 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: +1 305-444-0244

Business type: Restaurant

Greenstreet Cafe: what do users think?
Carelis Enriquez
Carelis Enriquez: GreenStreet is a great place to make a brunch and enjoy with family, just as a tip to come without haste, because it is very frequenting and it is a long waiting list, but you will not regret. the service was great our waiter was Jorge, excellent he speaks English and Spanish, and he explains each dish, we tried multiple dishes, all dishes highlight the flavors. My congratulations to the chef.
Stuber Velasquez
Stuber Velasquez: We enjoyed the outdoor dinning. The place had a great atmosphere. We had Lasagna and a Cheese burger. The Lasagna was incredible, full of flavor and had plenty of meat. The burger was nice and juicy and cooked to perfection. They had a great selection of draft beers which paired greatly with our meals.
Response: Thanks for the 5 Stars! Glad you enjoy your time with us @ GreenStreet!
J B: Absolutely delicious! Great food, awesome cocktails and specialty juices. Huge space with beautiful decor and artwork. Indoor and outdoor seating. Usually very busy so expect to wait a while for food. But definitely worth the wait! Friendly, attentive service! I highly recommend!
Response: Glad you had a delicious meal @GreenStreet and enjoyed our decor and artwork. Thanks for the 5 stars review!
N Brown
N Brown: OMG I loved this place. Me and my sisters went on a Monday mid morning and they were busy but we only waited 10 minutes if that long for a seat. Our waitress was extremely kind and helpful. We sat outside closest to the parking lot. The service was fast and all the food was delicious and big portions.
Response: Thank you so much for the 5 star rating & your patronage, we are so happy you had a great time, food and service & hope you come back soon to GreenStreet I Coconut Grove!
Margo Bartlett-Oridge
Margo Bartlett-Oridge: My favorite restaurant. I have been coming here for years. It is such a staple of Coconut Grove. This is my go to spot. I have been here for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. The drinks are good. The food is awesome. Sometimes I come to sit outside and people watch. I love coming here alone or with family and friends. Either way, it’s a vibe
James O'Callaghan
James O'Callaghan: I’ve passed by this intersection many times and never had stopped for a meal. So, finally I decided to bring my wife for brunch last Sunday… and it happened to be Easter Sunday. First, we found parking without any problems, there are public parking lots next to the restaurant, around the block and there is also street parking which you can pay with mobile apps. We beat the Easter brunch crowd by 10 minutes or so, and we sat immediately on an outdoor table for two. Keep in mind they do not accept reservations for brunch, it is on a first come, first serve basis. The ambiance is typical from a restaurant with outdoor seating, they have a lot of tables on that corner, the place is buzzing with patrons and staff. The décor is simple, there is a canopy and sunbrellas that protects you from the sun and rain. However, I wouldn’t sit outside on a hot day in August. They also offer regular seating inside the restaurant. This is a prime location in Coconut Grove to entertain people watching. Our waitress Jenny was effective and on point with our order. She also was very busy attending her other tables. She gave us a tall bottle of cold water; our drinks and our food came out in less than ten minutes. We both ordered Bloody Marys to begin with, my wife ordered the egg benedicts and I ordered a mushroom omelet. There is nothing really to highlight from the cocktail and the meals, they were just that… nothing memorable. If I could provide some feedback to management, it is that they need to do something else to the dishes in the menu or the place (perhaps live music) to make it extra-ordinary. In my opinion Greenstreet café is a good place to meet for brunch with friends and family. But do not expect to be WOW’ed by the service and the meals. I would like to return for dinner and see what they have to offer.
Response: Thank you James for the detailed review and the 4 stars! Hope to see you for dinner soon. Easter brunch is always a Little Rock n'roll !

15. Evelyn Greer Park - Pinecrest

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467 reviews
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Evelyn Greer Park
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Address: 8200 SW 124th St, Pinecrest, FL 33156, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 305-234-2110

Business type: Park

Evelyn Greer Park: what do users think?
William Trattler
William Trattler: Evelyn Greer park is a wonderful park for all ages. There is a running path around the park - with two baseball fields, a hitting cage, a Gazebo, swings and a fun modern jungle gym that has a canopy. Definitely a great place to bring the family
christine marcelle
christine marcelle: My daughters love this park. Always clean and peaceful. We live 1 hour away and we always come on weekends to play.
Diana G
Diana G: Amazing park for kids, my little one had so much fun 🤩 excellent playground and so much space to do any sports 🏀 🏈 ⚽️
Elaine Alvarez
Elaine Alvarez: Love how shaded this park is. Great for kids of all ages. Lots of open space as well for the kids to run and burn off energy. There’s also a nice a walking/jogging trail for the adults.
Adam Tabachnikoff
Adam Tabachnikoff: Our favorite park from back in the day. Plenty of sunshine. Clean bathrooms. Safe option with fencing all around in the heart of Pinecrest.
Mario Avalos
Mario Avalos: Great playground. Great place to take the kids out of the house.
Stephen D'Agostino
Stephen D'Agostino: Great small park with a coffee shop just over the road! Not too busy on a weekday late afternoon.
Sanjay Nair
Sanjay Nair: Good jogging track with fitness circuit.The floodlights, gazebos, kids play area and baseball cum football ground is well maintained. It also has free Wi-Fi

16. Maurice A. Ferré Park - Miami

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4288 reviews
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Maurice A. Ferré Park
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Address: 1075 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 305-358-7550

Business type: Park

Maurice A. Ferré Park: what do users think?
Angela Davis
Angela Davis: Clean, relatively large park right by the water! Great for people watching and taking a stroll. Beautiful on a sunny day like we had. Took the Baywalk Path from here down to the big yacht, this was a good place to start.
Beatriz Garcia
Beatriz Garcia: Honestly this place is pretty cool and interesting. I enjoy coming here. I will come back again. It was a nice place to bring kids. I would definitely bring my younger brother with me next time
Vivian Maurice
Vivian Maurice: Great place for outdoors recreation! Being your bikes, strollers and sport shoes! You can forget you are in a big city for a moment. Is a place to feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the nature. We love to bring our family here, there is parking and also is pet friendly.
Micah Marie Johnson
Micah Marie Johnson: I love this park. It’s sprawling with lots of trees and green grass(and a parking lot!). They ever added in a gated dog park, and have started to add benches inside , etc. It has one of the best views of the bay, where you can watch giant cruise ships turn around, and you can see the Ferris wheel too. Great for a workout, walk, jog, bike, picnic, or a nap on your yoga mat. :)
Brad Vickery
Brad Vickery: We visited the Frost science museum at the park. Lots of fun for kids 4-12 ish. Plan for about an hour per level. We were there about 5 hours.
Christopher Vinson
Christopher Vinson: Great park to walk. Picnic. Watch the boat drive by. Family friendly. Skate boarded, rollerblade, bicycle
Dennis Saul
Dennis Saul: Looks like a beautiful park to spend an afternoon. We were there for a rally, but will definitely return during the day

17. Bayfront Park - Miami

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15129 reviews
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Bayfront Park
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Address: 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: +1 305-358-7550

Business type: City park

Bayfront Park: what do users think?
Willie Zackary
Willie Zackary: Great place for outdoors recreation! Being your bikes, strollers and sport shoes! You can forget you are in a big city for a moment. Is a place to feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the nature. We love to bring our family here, there is parking and also is pet friendly.
Jeff: Beautiful open space with a waterfront promenade. There’s a kids playground so you can sit and take a breather while the kids can burn of some craziness. It’s surrounded by sky scrapers but it feels like you’re out of the city if you’re facing the water. Perfect place to take a break with or without kids.
Dr. Tachi
Dr. Tachi: Great venue for outdoor concerts! We had a great time at the D-Nice presents Club Quarantine. And the staff was very friendly and welcoming!
Angela Davis
Angela Davis: Not a whole lot to see, but a nice green space that can be connected to other spots along the water heading north! A Christmas tree was set up when we visited, and the fountain turned off, but it was a nice area.
Jack Kaz (HyeProfile)
Jack Kaz (HyeProfile): Simply the perfect venue for Ultra Music Festival. The ocean views, the towering skyscrapers of downtown, the ideal climate... Bayfront has it all...
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson: Bayfront park in Miami was awesome. I’ve always stayed in south beach and staying near here wasby A good take and good time and I can’t wait to go back.
Utkrisht Shah
Utkrisht Shah: The boat tour starts from here. There is also a Ferris wheel where you can enjoy lots of scenic stuffs like top of hard-rock guitar and the sea. The palm trees and coconut trees gives you the vibes of the Caribbean.
Sandra Olabode
Sandra Olabode: The boat tour is so enjoyable. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke clearly in English and Spanish were every one could understand. The mansions of the stars were beautiful. It is a very nice tour and worth the ride. Also great drinks from the bartender.

18. Peacock Park - Coral Gables

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1290 reviews
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Peacock Park
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Address: 2820 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 305-533-3550

Business type: Park

Peacock Park: what do users think?
Christina G. lovelife
Christina G. lovelife: Love it and I could bring my dog and my son at the playground at the same time.
MM 360 Agency
MM 360 Agency: Great place to visit with your dog. The bay is a wonderful place to take in the ocean and watch the sunset in the evening.
zaida chirino
zaida chirino: Beautiful place to spend a day outdoors and enjoy with family. Great for kids
Mitchell Otero
Mitchell Otero: Playing softball there , not a bad little field! South Florida club sports!!Parking kinda sucks but eh you may get lucky...
Dr Chris Wagner
Dr Chris Wagner: A wonderful family park! Great paths with a great soft material for the feet. Great exercise equipment. Nice fenced area for dogs to run free. A short but nice walk along the water. Benches throughout. Some playground equipment. Volleyball courts. A peaceful crowd of families. Just two blocks to Starbucks and restaurant. Parking a little lacking but usually available...
Claudia Santamaria
Claudia Santamaria: Such a beautiful hidden place in the grove... just walking in you start feeling you are in another world. Everyone there is so sweet and with a smile 😊 Food wise, their spicy egg casserole with chorizo has the right combination of ingredients to leave u happy for the rest of the day. The very berry mimosas are delicious and huge! I had to share mine with my sis 🍓 🍾
Norlan Tolon
Norlan Tolon: Great place to sit and enjoy open space. Great dog park too!
Maria Paloma
Maria Paloma: Beautiful, wide open green space in the town of Coconut Grove with historic significance. Love that they offer soccer for the kids - also check out Glass and Vine, a delicious restaurant located in the park!

19. The Green Chicken - Sweetwater

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217 reviews
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The Green Chicken
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Address: 737 SW 109th Ave, Miami, FL 33174, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 305-300-5035

Business type: Restaurant

The Green Chicken: what do users think?
Didi !
Didi !: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love this restaurant with a passion, it is a locally owned restaurant where the healthiest of foods are made with love straight from the owner. I’ve lived in the area for a year And have been coming here since the moment I moved into my apartment. I love this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner… anything, you truly can’t go wrong with this place. I believe it is the best restaurant in this area, their prices are perfect for a college student, despite their recent rise in prices I still believe them to be perfect for the food and quality that you’re getting. I don’t go as often as my friends but the owner and employees still recognize me and my order. If there’s one thing I can recommend it is everything on this menu! My favorite however is the pineapple mango smoothie, the caramel iced coffee, their bowls and #5 breakfast. Every person that I bring to this restaurant always falls in love with it and go back constantly. 20/10!!!
Mister E.
Mister E.: I love going to locally owned restaurants, they are so creative!The food and service were outstanding, you can get the food to go or just stay and eat there. I highly recommend this place. Step out of your "comfort zone" and go here for a change, support local businesses!
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie: The Green Chicken on 109th Street in Miami is a great place to go for food that is fresh and delicious. I really like their salads and wraps here. The staff is very friendly and accommodating to make sure that you have everything that you need. Good overall experience coming here.
Esa Kavtaradze
Esa Kavtaradze: THE BEST FOOD IN MIAMI! The owners are amazing and authentic people. All the ingredients are fresh and the specials are always so good and unique! Never have had a bad meal here!
Subhan Khan
Subhan Khan: Just next to FIU. Very good taste and friendly staff
2KISMET9: Yoooooo they’re lit. I’ve lived in california, nyc, orlando, and tampa… NOTHING compares to their food. They are all so genuine and portions are generous for an amazing price. The owner is flipping amazing, so sweet and kind. They take care of you and all their food is FRESH. I’m truly amazed on how they do it considering the times we are in. Jerk chicken is the best jerk ever.
Simonie Simoniee
Simonie Simoniee: Food is extremely good & the staff is very friendly and genuine. Good vibes all around. I highly recommend the Jerk chicken fries and the waffles are the best I’ve had.
Eli Garcia
Eli Garcia: This place is great along with the customer service, definitely recommend a quick stop on the run.
Emily Delaguila
Emily Delaguila: Came here for the first time and OMG they got the best jerk chicken and shrimp Cajun pasta EEEVVVEEERRRR!!! My new go to spot for sure! And Brian was sooo amazing and so helpful, no wonder he’s the favorite! Awesome new spot!

20. Bluegreen Vacations Solara Surfside Resort - Surfside

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526 reviews
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Bluegreen Vacations Solara Surfside Resort
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Address: 8801 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL 33154, United States

Telephone: +1 305-868-9994

Business type: Hotel

Bluegreen Vacations Solara Surfside Resort: what do users think?
Asia Hatfield
Asia Hatfield: Stayed here last May 2021 & we are going back this year. The staff were super nice, the hotel was really clean and honestly I have no complaints.
Alexis Watson
Alexis Watson: Nice room with a very pretty view of beach. The staff was very rude and had attitude for no reason and was not helpful when asked questions. Also another thing is you have to make reservations to go to the pool and swim. Other than the staff the place was worth it.
Response: We appreciate you taking the time to share your insight with us, Alexis. We would like to extend a sincere apology regarding the issues you experienced. We will share your feedback with our team.
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy: Nicely upgraded. Still needs some cleanup work in the bathrooms (bathroom door), but overall comfortable. Staff is always friendly. Unfortunately, I am a premier owner and have yet to be treated as promised, especially upon check in.
David Hall
David Hall: The room was nice, and it was a good location but that is where the good ends. They would not let any delivery drivers come bring your food to you, you had to wait at the elevator for 5 minutes and go down and get it yourself which defeats the purpose of social distancing in the first place. Whenever you needed towels or hand soap you still had to go to the lobby to get it. The customer service was awful, when we checked out they hit us with a $30 valet fee... surprise, there was NO valet parking.
Response: Hi David, we’re sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your recent stay at Solara Surfside. We would like to learn more about your experience. Please email us at [email protected] and reference your Google review.
Cesar Torres
Cesar Torres: Hard to believe there is too many good reviews for this place. We stayed here for NYE for 3 nights and the place was dirty everyday. Rooms are outdated and the windows are foggy cause they dont clean the windows. The parking lot had trash everyday we stayed there. Pool is restricted to one hour reservation due to covid. When we used it, there was empty cups and hairballs. Im sure a lot of the reviews must be fake
Response: Hi Cesar, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We would like to extend a sincere apology for your experience and would like to learn more. Please email us at [email protected] and reference your Google review.
George Shaughnessy
George Shaughnessy: Sad to watch this property fall apart. Used to be an awesome place. While renovated its mostly lipstick on a pig. The area is convenient to Haulover which is only reason we go. This time we were in room 701. The elevator clanked so loud we couldn’t sleep. They moved us to 501 but it was only a little better Both elevators eventually broke down and we were stuck carrying all our luggage down :(. Also the place is still Covid crazy. Sad. Anyway. Used to be awesome but it’s showing it’s age
Response: Hi George, we appreciate you taking the time to share your insight with us. We would like to extend a sincere apology regarding the issues you experienced. We will share your feedback with our team.

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