Best Fun Places For Kids In Miami Near Me

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1. FunDimension

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Address: 2129 NW 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33127

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 360-1766

Business type: Amusement center

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FunDimension: what do users think?

sharon wooten: The experience was great. The kids had alot of fun . Everyone was very helpful. KRIS Dia a awesome job with my twins party.

Lashonda Johnson: Brought my Son here for his birthday. This is place is really amazing . He enjoyed every attraction ! We did LASER TAG, the 4-D Theater, light up bumper cars, arcade games, and the fun dimension indoor playground section! The staff was friendly and very helpful towards me and my kids. Food was good and I was able to have have an adult beverage as my kids played safely. First time here and it will not be my last. Highly recommend this place for any occasion and I definitely will be returning. 💙

Jennifer Mackoon: The staff is amazing, extremely attentive. They offer unlimited beer for $22. This place is very small, not recommended for children 10+.. I brought children age range from 12-17. They had fun rock climbing, laser tag room is awesome, bumper carts area is very small-restricted only 4 cars worked. The kids had more fun outside taking photos and playing tag than inside.

Ankush Kumar: Was there on Feb 2022 with family. My kid loves arcade machines and games. Though this place does not have lot of machines but we had great fun here. We even won a soft toy in one of claw machines. They also have food and beer and their chicken strips and fries were really good. Staff was helpful. They also had laser tag area. Good timepass.

Carmen: We love this place! My son enjoys the play area and endless arcade games. He never wants to leave. Larry the GM goes above & beyond to ensure we are taken care of. There’s something here for kids of all ages. Not to mention the food is good. Compliments to the chef!

Sabrina Perry: We had our daughter’s party tonight, and it was great. Staff was really helpful and super kind all the way from reservation to the day of the event. A special thanks to Troy who was in charge of our party. Kids had so much fun and you helped making it such a success. Thanks! We’ll be back for sure 🤩

angelina lopez: Susan was a great employee she made my our first experience here memorable . The bumper cars and laser tag were fantastic! While Susan was operating it with good music and happy vibes. I will be sure to come back soon without a doubt!!!

2. Jungle Island

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Jungle Island

Address: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: (305) 400-7000

Business type: Theme park

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Jungle Island: what do users think?

Renee Benaim: Attended the Candlelight concert series here. Pop on Strings. An amazing, romantic evening! Very organized event. Parking was $20 and right next to the Bloom Ballroom where the event took place. Food and drink are available. You order and pay on your phone and items are brought to your seat. Seating is separated for social distancing.

David Shusterman: This is a good place for a drink at the beach. We just rain is with lifeguard station. This is a nice bar area in a very Caribbean table well. The dress very good though I didn’t eat any food there.

Emilio Olan: I came for a tribute to Queen by Candlelight concerts. Done by Liteso string quartet. The venue was presented by fever. They have an app and you can find their information online too. The venue offer beer and liquor and assorted healthy and not so healthy snacks. The ambiance and environment was relax and pleasant. I would recommend whole hearted any events presented here at Jungle Island Events and any fever event.

Alicia Ostenson: I think this a great place to take kids. Did not partake in the theme park portion, more just the animal portion. It was still interesting as a few adults, as the vibrant amount of plants are very pretty and the amount of birds they have is quite grand. Did as part of the Miami go pass, which was definitely worth it. Saw a bird show, which was also great.

3. Just 4 Fun

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Just 4 Fun

Address: 5701 Sunset Dr #355, South Miami, FL 33143

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 763-8249

Business type: Children's amusement center

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Just 4 Fun: what do users think?

Otty BB: Perfect indoor playground when you want to have indoor fun. The kids love it. Safe, fun and so much to discover and play.

rosemary morell: I read reviews before hand to prepare myself for the worst. Turns out I had the best time, it was very child friendly, staff were very attentive and helped with a lot. The prices are very good. For the hour is 9.99 and the unlimited meaning the whole day is only 5 more dollars. Place seamed very clean and staff cleaned tables after every person. I would totally recommend this place to anyone with a toddler wanting to have some safe fun. The doors are gated and have someone there at all times. Kids loved the menu.

Lisi Echevarria: My 19 months old like it a lot, it was clean and secure, food was really really bad.I will be back, I recommend it.

Nancy Castellon: Small place but very clean, they have a smaller area for littles under 2. They have small place where you can order food. Prices are affordable , you do have to pay for parking since it is inside de mall.

Cristina Pujol: Given the South Florida heat, Just 4 Fun is an ideal place to bring the kids. My kids love playing here, but every time we bring them they leave with a special gift - a cold. Not sure what the cleaning procedures are but I could bet if my kids go play, they will be getting sick. It’s a shame, but after this last time, the whole family got sick (I didn’t even go) and we will be taking a very looooong break from Just 4 Fun.
Response: Hi Cristina, we Sanitize the whole playground every night with electrostatic sprayers to make sure the surface is clean. The incubation period for the common cold is typically between 1 and 3 days. This unsure from where is coming. Thank you for visiting us. 😊

S S: I took my 8 and 3-year-old here yesterday. Of course, with it being a Saturday, I expected over a thousand kids (and there were). Alas, I like this establishment, but there are a few drawbacks I’d like to share as well. CONS: 1. The physical set up of the play equipment is not optimal for parent supervision…especially those of us watching small children. The play area for ages 0-4 is set adjacent to the big kid play area, with merely a narrow “walkway” dividing the two zones. Mind you, there are a few scattered booths set up for parents to sit, but they’re all stationed around the general perimeter of the room…and most are taken. So those of us with smaller children are unable to sit near them in order to supervise. Rather, parents must either buy socks so they can stand (and block) the designated “play” zones, or they must crowd the dividing “walkway” in order to retain their soled shoes, which now impedes all movement back and forth throughout the room. Ideally, with the amount of equipment they’ve wedged in, the owners need a room with square footage comparable to Chuck E. Cheese. 2. Minimal areas to eat. Other than their off-limit party rooms, the only tables in the place are attached to two large posts. There is an empty place to eat in the rear of the room, but this area was reserved for painting pictures. Mind you, not one person was paying for this “painting” service. All 20 seats were empty…a complete waste of coveted space, time and money. 3. Shoes are stored in open cubbies based on a kind of “trust” system where you store, then grab and go. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but this is Miami in desperate times of COVID. I do not trust leaving my childrens’ expensive shoes out for all hands to grab. I think I spotted a few personal lockers tucked away in the back, but these were never offered to us for use. PROS: 1. They are horribly understaffed and the few staff members they have are young…but they were very much on the ball. I didn’t see any workers on their cell phones or off to the side chatting. There are way too many children running amuck for that. Rather, staff were out and about, monitoring the floor, asking parents to avoid stepping on play areas with regular shoes (if that heavyset girl told me ONE more time…good Lord!). I also watched as staff tidied up by picking up random legos repeatedly off the floor; they told children to stop throwing balls out of the ball pit; they asked parents to avoid sitting on tables and they monitored the amount of kids flooding the trampoline. Staff members were kind, yet somewhat assertive… (I imagine they would have to be with the amount of kids flooding the place.) 2. I love the way they allow customers to return…even after they’ve gone. Due to the lack of space, we ventured over to GameTime next-door for lunch. Once we finished, we promptly returned back to Just4Fun for two more hours of play. It’s a nice asset, especially for a mere $18 fee. 3. I like the way both parents and children are given ID bracelets with a corresponding number, rather than a frivolous blacklight stamp that can easily be washed away (Chuck E. Cheese). This ensures a heightened level of security (even though me and my son’s bracelets weren’t actually cross-checked when we left). Overall, nice little entertainment zone for youngsters, but way too small/crowded for optimal enjoyment.

Christopher: My daughter loved drawing here ! The staff is very friendly and I loved the environment !

Sita M Chill: I would have rated 5 stars because the place is definitely fun for kids to spend their time, but the 1 star is all i want to give and that goes to the customer service. As i read some of the previous reviews because i wanted to make sure i am right before judging wrongly, but seems that im not the only one having bad experience with their service. First the place is super expensive as what it is. Second they charged me an extra 5$ without informing me beforehand that if the time passes i will be charged, plus when i was about to pay my sister handed her card and immidiately collected the money without me asking if i have to pay seperate, i mean she is so unprofessional and all they want is your money! AND i had to buy 3$ socks for my 18 month old at check in. Unforetunately it will be my last time coming to Fun4kids.

Claudio Payret: The place is fun. A lot of games and the kids love it . But the strip mall is not updated ans looks old and abandoned. The place "just 4 fun" it selft looks fine but can be better. A couple of broken games and some ceiling tiles missing.

4. Miami Children's Museum

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Miami Children's Museum

Address: 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 373-5437

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Miami Children's Museum: what do users think?

Brian Campbell: This museum is great for the younger kids. Lots of hands on activities to explore. The best part for us was the quiet room, when our sensory sensitive child became overwhelmed with the chaos and noise, it was a great place to relax. I highly encourage all parents to please understand this room is here for a reason. Please don’t let your children run in and start screaming at the lights and bubbles as it defeats the purpose of the room. In the 10 minutes we sat in the room we had no less than 5 kids come in screaming because they thought it was cool. We probably could have been relaxed after 3 minutes if that hadn’t happened.
Response: Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback. Please click this link for more information on Sensory Saturdays

William Orozco: Kids paradise in Miami. It was easy to follow, very entertaining for children. I would say toddlers would love this but older kids too as I saw many there. Even parents will enjoy it because theres a lot to see and do. Worth the 12 dollars I think we paid per adult.

Amit Gupta: Love the multiple levels and plenty of options for kids for different age ranges. My kids really liked the ocean wall where you can scan your name on a colored fish, that swims around the wall. Exercise machines, supermarket, fishing, and sensory room for little kids, was also a hit. I especially liked their cruise ship exhibit. Parking is $2/hour. The only part I didn’t like was that they only have two hour blocks. Unless you time it perfectly, you’re going to be there 1-1.5 hours only at a time. They need to have at least 3 hour blocks. Family membership was reasonable at around $150.

Galina Niyazov: Very interactive museum for children 2 -7years old. Can easily spend 2-3 hours here. Food here only subway sandwiches. Tickets are $16 for 1 year and up for Florida residents and $24 for non Florida residents. Everything is clean and staff is friendly

Suzette Larson: Wasn’t sure it would be worth it but it really is. Best for younger kids.The 2-hour window to visit is just not enough and we will definitely be back. There is so much to do like grocery shop, play with blocks and simple machines, fire truck and pretend to be a veterinarian! My kids loved it!

SHANEL A: Great place for the kiddos! Lots of exhibits ..from health/fitness, music, water related , dr. Seus, Ninja turtles and more! Free the 1st wknd of the month for Bank of America card holders, 2nd wknd of the month is sensory- free in the morning for children on the spectrum. Definately worth the trip, the kids will sleep well after tiring from this interactive musuem!

Nadia Nour: Two hours is not enough to cover all of it. My kid was a little too young to understand a lot of things (18m), but still enjoying it a lot. We will come back when he is older.

5. The Great Escape Room Miami

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The Great Escape Room Miami

Address: 2315 S Le Jeune Rd #200, Miami, FL 33134

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Thu

Telephone: (786) 322-6619

Business type: Escape room center

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The Great Escape Room Miami: what do users think?

Lexie Holcomb: The workers were kind and helpful. If you are an avid escape game player, please read: The game itself was extremely simple (only four puzzles to solve for one final combo). When the game began, the host pointed out exactly where each of the puzzles in the room were, and what we needed to solve them. Then he told us where the final clue would be. During the game, he would correct us without us asking for a hint. Once when we were putting together a jigsaw puzzle, he began moving our pieces around to show us where they should go. The puzzles themselves were challenging, but not in a intuitive way. Because the host would Interject and let us know where to go next as soon as we completed a puzzle, we never got the feeling of accomplishment for completing something or engaging in the game play. As a family, we have played over forty rooms, and this one was very underwhelming.
Response: Hi Lexie, Thank you for sharing your feedback. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy our puzzles and in-room game master aspect. We've instructed our staff to interject less when it comes to seasoned escape room participants. We are also in the process of opening a new and even more challenging multi-room escape room in the coming months. It will take the reins as our most difficult room yet! We would love for you to come by and check it out. We appreciate your input, as we are always looking to improve so we may do better in the future. We would like to offer you a five-star experience, please feel free to reach out to our team at: [email protected] With any additional feedback. I hope to hear from you soon!

Coding Doctors Kids Club: Excellent. Everyone had a blast! The attendant was very nice. Wheelchair accessible. Couldn’t ask for more. Will be back soon!!!!

Vanessa Arufe: Love the challenges and puzzles. We won with some time to spare. Since we’ve done it, we want to go back and do all other rooms. Would recommend to everyone above 14 years old. Some challenges are tough. We figured it out with 3 adults and 2 kids under 14.
Response: Hi, Vanessa! Thank you for visiting us and for taking the time to write such a sweet review. Happy to hear that you will be returning to try our other rooms. We look forward to hosting you again! Warm regards, Valerie Benitez, General Manager

Bertika Hernandez: We had an awesome time, we loved the room and the clues were really challenging. We recommend you all visit, I am sure you are going to love it! The staff was great!

Cristina Tolle: I did tons of escape room I never had a game master stayed in the room with you watching but it was helpful. It felt overwhelming and creepy. I’m huge fan of Sherlock Holmes
Response: Thank you for sharing your feedback, Cristina. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy our in-room game master aspect. This is a safety precaution as we are very keen on safety. I appreciate your input, as we are always looking to improve so we may do better in the future. We would like to offer you a 5-star experience, Please feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected] I hope to hear from you soon!

Priscilla C: This place has a lot of good reviews from people that haven’t experienced other escape rooms. Once you’ve done different escape rooms, you’ll understand that the way they do things in this place are just disappointing. My husband and I spent $127 here as a birthday gift to my father-in-law and I feel like it was money wasted. The employee sitting in with customers in the room is unnecessary as a safety precaution. They could do it like everyone else and have a video camera in the room while communicating through a walkie talkie or something. Then they could have employees sit and watch the customers remotely; and if anyone is doing anything to risk their safety or messing with property then an employee can chime in and stop the customers from doing so. The guy that sat in with us did not hype us up, he was not into it, he lacked enthusiasm, and he killed our buzz. We felt like we couldn’t be ourselves with him there. He volunteered hints when we didn’t ask for them. He also was not clear when he explained hints and was misleading. I don’t think he had the intention to do so or to be a certain way.. but that was the case. There no theatrics. Other places blindfold you while you walk into the room, they get in character, they get you excited, they lock the room door once you’re in, they turn the lights low, and they leave you and your friends ALONE to look around for clues and figure things out. Skip this one, try any other escape room. This is one is the cheapest but you get what you pay for.
Response: Thank you for sharing your feedback, Priscilla. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy our in-room game master aspect. This is a safety precaution as we are very keen on safety. I appreciate your input, as we are always looking to improve so we may do better in the future. We would like to offer you a 5-star experience, Please feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected] I hope to hear from you soon!

6. Dezerland Action Park Miami

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Dezerland Action Park Miami

Address: 14401 NE 19th Ave, North Miami, FL 33181

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (786) 590-5000

Business type: Amusement center

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Dezerland Action Park Miami: what do users think?

Azalia Roach: The atmosphere is NOT what I expected. Many of the games are old/outdated, out of order, buttons on the guitar hero don’t work, slowed down my go kart, virtual games having technical difficulties, workers walking and moving with zero sense of urgency. At least the few virtual rides/games my brothers and I played were fun. Literally should’ve went with my first mind and went to Xtreme Action Park like I always do.

yarivey montoro: We had the most wonderful time at this park. Everything is super clean. The staff even though most of them are very young, they were super nice, polite, and efficient. Even the food was good! They went out of their way in various occasions to accommodate our numerous groups in all the activities we wanted to do. Our kids had a blast! The management team (Jen Hillmon and Anthony Johnson) is doing a great job!

Ilona Nesterova (ILONA_TRAVELONA): The biggest entertainment area in North Miami. Parties, carting, selfie room, roller skating, jumping trampolines and much more.We are blessed to have this cool spot. Will visit on vacations.

Caro: Super fun, so much to do for all ages; I love how affordable Dezerland is, a $20 game card will buy hours in the arcade, you can play every single game and more with only $20. Facilities are clean, good amount of staff on hand. I love how they update new areas such as a skating rink and billiards hall! Always something new when i we visit. Looking forward to going back and bringing our friends and family!
Response: Caro, Thank you so much for the 5-star review! We look forward to welcoming you and your friends and family back very soon!

Darinda Reyes: Management and staff were very friendly. The Go karts are super fun. Facilities are clean. Arcade games and VR attractions are good. Some of the arcade game were not working though. There was a bit of confusion of where to go to purchase cards and tickets, then to activate them. The food is a bit pricey but decent portions. Now that we have a better understanding of how things work we will be back.
Response: Hi Darinda, Thank you for the 5-stars! We hope to see you again soon! ☺️☺️

kisha kher: Do not waste time or money at the arcade games. 80% machine are out of order. When you ask for refund they give you credit to play virtual reality games. Go cart, trampoline and roller skating is much more fun. Don’t waste money on buying arcade game cards. If you want to save money use Groupon 3 hours prior coming to this location.
Response: Kisha, we are working hard to upgrade and repair our current machines and hope you will give us another chance. So glad to hear you enjoyed the jumping and skating!

7. Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe

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Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe

Address: 2403 NE 2nd Ave Local 107 - 108, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (305) 573-1379

Business type: Playground

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Planet Kids Indoor Playground and Cafe: what do users think?

Alicia Pardey: A hidden gem for toddler parents! I thought twice about writing this review because I want to keep this place to myself! Mainly I love this place because you can rent out the whole space for such an affordable price! Especially for baby parties, it’s great because they have a special room specifically designated for babies with age appropriate toys and activities. My toddler absolutely loves the jungle gym and ball pit so it’s definitely a home-run for both age groups!
Response: Thank you 🙏 for your message, it’s our happiness to made a good memories and entertainment for our beautiful children 👶!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sandra Myrtue: This was wonderful for our toddler and the price is fair. You only pay entrance for kids ($10 for crawlers $12 for walkers). The toy selection for the little ones is great with bigger things like toy kitchens and cars as well as walking carts, ball pit and smaller toys and stuffed animals. The cafe is fairly priced, but you can’t bring outside food and no healthy snacks are available (pizza, popsicles etc). Definitely worth a visit 😊
Response: Thank you so much !!! :)

Damian Cleatin: The best playground for kids! My son love it! Alessandra is the best there, she is able to help with any request u have. Thank you. ❤️
Response: Thank you so much 😊❤️

Sergio Bustos: good facilities and very well equipped so that the child can celebrate his birthday and enjoy a beautiful moment with his friends. a good thing to mention good care for parents.
Response: Thank you 😊 so much !!!

Alejandro D'Andrea: Great place for kids, even 1 year olds like our twins. Clean, small, indoors, packed with toys and even a decent pizza. Will come again.

Sylvie Grey: Wonderful playroom! Thanks for the different toys out there that made my kids enjoyed the most. They loved spending their time playing with the stuff, and as their mom, I was completely happy seeing my kids laughing and smiling. It was truly nice to make bonding in this playroom, for the staff was very accommodating and kind. Worth it!
Response: Thank you so much 😊!! It’s our pleasure

Helen Ferguson: This is a must-see playroom! My kids had a wonderful time in this playroom. This spot is well worth the money because everything here is amazing and the services are well-kept and tidy. It was really a wonderful location and experience. I just want you to see what a fantastic place this is!
Response: Thank you so much 😊!!!

8. IGi Playground Miami

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IGi Playground Miami

Address: 12885 Biscayne Blvd #3, North Miami, FL 33181

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Business type: Playground

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IGi Playground Miami: what do users think?

Jean Pablo Magnani: This is an amazing place, we went there with our 16 months old baby and she had an amazing time, she loves it, It is a clean and a happy place and the price is good/affordable. Some places smells like bleach but at least it means it is clean. My little baby played for almost two hours, I highly recommend this playground to entertain our energetic toddlers, it is parents friendy as well, although parking is limited.

Jacquelyn Kennedy: No Parking. When I called to ask where I can park & mentioned no parking a worker said “it’s not my fault.” A few parents that told me to park at the Publix across the st. It was raining. :/ It’s pretty from the outside & ugly on the inside. Cashier is not friendly. Food is pricey & just average. Playground is not safe! Zip ties came loose & laying around. Holes in the netting where they can slip through. I climbed with him as much as I could but it is NOT too parent friendly, it’s impossible to climb to the 3rd floor w/ out getting stuck. 1 monitor on the floor was helpful but stayed near the trampoline. It’s easy for a child to get lost a lot of parents spent most of their time running around trying to find their kids. Not the best for little ones. 6/7 years + sure. Not coming back!

IAM LENY SIVIANY: It’s had been a great indoor playground for me to take my boys just until they got evicted and everything was suddenly shut down. I miss this place very much! The 4 star rating is really for the management’s lack of communication.. since we are a community and have been supporting them from the start from memberships and referrals to making this place our second house..

Jose Alejandro Villegas Pereira: Best playground in North Miami. My baby is just 10 months old and he loves to play here. They sell good food too. Its a place for the whole family.

Star Ambition Tatted Diamonds: So updated review .. after seeing this place was back open I gave it a shot and came. The parking is alittle difficult to find! So I would suggest parking across in the publix plaza. It is very affordable.!! Their lunch/Café area has great food options. The playground is really beautiful! I loved it . It looks like a mini jungle style but organized at the same time they also let parents in the jungle to supervise their kids with socks and also have shoe covers if need be.. The seating area is spacious and they have wifi. They also offer private party rooms in the back for birthday parties. Overall I like the place and I would come back . Sidnote: the staff are friendly and courteous.

Frank Valdez: The only thing going against it is the rookie management. But, I will not discredit this place. My kid loved it. Parents get quite a workout keeping track of their children. Overall, nice environment. Plenty of activity and very clean. The staff is always paying attention to the safety of the children. IGI Playground, welcome to the neighborhood!!! Glad to have you here.

9. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

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986 reviews
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Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Address: 15625 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33196

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 676-2400

Business type: Children's party service

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Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park: what do users think?

La verdad aunque te duela: This place is a lot of fun for the kids, but it has changed to the point of being concerning. They, like many other businesses, are running extremely short in staff. The problem is they still fill out the place to capacity. There are sections left completely unsupervised, not one staff member looking out. So the kids do whatever they want in those sections. You see kids getting stuck on the ropes course while there’s no one there to assist them, so you see 5 kids piled up on one platform. Children chilling on the foam pool of the battle beam instead of getting out, so the kids drop on top of each other when they fall. I went to ask for help at the front counter bc of kids piling up in the ropes course. There were three people at the counter, no customers bc they were closing, yet one person just nodded at me, the other two walked away and no one went up there to help the kids. If a place for children is understaffed, they should limit capacity according to staffing. Otherwise, the place becomes unsafe. I doubt that their insurance company knows they are running the place this way.

Alex Gonzalez: Paid $590 for a party of 10 kids with tip included not counting another $100 in extra food we ordered to use our table for 2 hours. 1st the table wasn’t ready for us to set it up 15 minutes before like they said or their emails and calls, I told them check your cameras we got there 30 minutes early and the employees told us to wait by entrance , 15 minutes before our time still not ready, 10 minutes after our time it was ready. The place was so overcrowded that the appetizers came out 1 1/4 hrs late of the 2hrs we get to sit on the table, i spend more time by the concession stand waiting for our appetizers than with my family & i got the food because i started complaining with other parents. I feel bad for the kids working at this place because they are trying their best but as much as they are charging, the amount of people at that place they should have more organization and atleast some more grown adults working there to help this kids. Anyone reading this always go by the dates of reviews to check latest reviews before you reserve here.

mario hernandez: Had a great time with family and friends. Kids had plenty of exciting activities. If you go make sure to do zip line

Adriana: As a mom with teenagers I was so scared but somewhat forced to do the rope course 😂 the staff was so nice patient and reassuring I’m so glad I did it, I felt safe and had so much fun! Definitely fun for the whole family! Thank god got the parent pass! Saved me a ton of money

Rojas Family: Attractions are fun but there is ZERO regard for safety! No system for children exiting the facility. No one at the exit. No one controlling how many kids are in different attractions such as the dodge ball. No health precautions at all. No limit on the number of people in the facility. Every business’ goal is to make money but this place makes it so evident that making money is the ONLY concern. Make all the money and to hell with the safety of the kids.

10. Miami Seaquarium

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12805 reviews
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Miami Seaquarium

Address: 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 361-5705

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Miami Seaquarium: what do users think?

David Magee: Visited on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The “shows” are geared towards kids primarily but fun to see as adults. The park seems a bit run down. Bathrooms we’re in good shape. It was not near as busy as we expected it to be. We arrived at open and left after 5 hours. Great walking. Easy to follow their maps. FLIPPER was neat. Top Deck Dolphin show was great. Sea Lion show very entertaining. Too much talking in each show. Not enough tricks and flips. A nice day in the sun and they do not really gouge you here in the pricing of trinkets, but it is expensive as most attractions are.
Response: Hello, we appreciate your positive feedback about your experience. We are so thrilled that you enjoyed your time with us and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Luis Felipe Rios: The dolphin show was extraordinary. They got two shows in different parts of the aquarium and it was simply amazing. I’ve never seen such an amazing dolphin show. The other spectacles were great too, the seals and sea lions had a great one too. The only thing I didn’t like was the habitat for the penguins. They looked terribly sad in a small place. I wasn’t able to see the whale but hopefully I’ll be back later this year to see it. And I also hope the penguins get a better place.

Tahsin Tahmid: Has lots of varieties of sea animals and birds. The shows are enjoyable. The animal show time when we went were: 11am (The Dolphin show) -12pm (Sea Lion) -1pm (Flipper show *Best*). 2hrs is more than enough to explore the entire Seaquarium

Hadi Karanouh: Honestly not worth the 50$ at all Highly disappointing experience , many shows were not available , the place is really old and in urgent need of a renovation. We went to many other aquariums abroad and locally and they were all cheaper and better. However truth be told the staff are really friendly and helpful and i admired that about them.

Tibor Szekely: The animals are nice to see. That in itself is an experience. Disappointed with the service relating to dolphin show. Their camera "malfunctioned" and we only got limited amount of pics from the end of the dolphin interaction. Flew here from Canada, spent $700 for my kids to interact with the dolphins. Would have liked the cameras to be working. They gave me a free print out of a pic that worked for compensation. Mixed experience.
Response: Hello Tibor, Allow us to take a closer look at this for you. Please contact us at [email protected] with your information so we're able to best assist you. Thank you.

Chance Lambert: Very very disappointing. Only about a half hour worth of animals to see, and the best thing was their birds surprisingly. A lot closed at this point, might be slightly better in the future. Just too small altogether though.
Response: Hello, We are sorry that you are disappointed but appreciate your feedback. We are committed to providing you with a great experience and hope you give us another chance in the future.

Maria Torres: The place is nice , but I was disappointed. My kids and I were expecting to see Lolita , the map shows the big killer Wale so we were exited for the experience But when we were there we were told it was up for renovations. 😏 Then don’t advertise it. And the price is high for the shows we see there . Also the Sea lion show was kind of boring the speaker was bad you couldn’t hear what they were saying. And the shows are very short. Food is very expensive also.

11. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

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Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Address: 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 434-9600

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science: what do users think?

G J: Lovely science museum covering marine life, astronomy, human physiology and rocket science! Their planetarium is one of the best I have seen in the recent years. Extensive exhibition of marine life including stingrays, hammer head sharks, fishes and corals is the main attraction here. Ice age exhibits, rocket science exhibits and Me labs provides lot of insights for the young adults and grownups! A must visit place for all aspiring scientists! The observation deck and solar spot at the top floor and food joints within the building are plus points!
Response: Thank you for your visit and supporting the museum!

Maria Briggs: Amazing place! My 9 year old son and I spent almost 5 hours there and were really impressed by a lot of exhibits. There is an aquarium, all sorts of informational and interesting things to do. The movie with a dome screen was amazing!!! Even cafeteria lunch was great as it included really healthy options too with grilled salmon, brown rice, fresh avocado and very reasonably priced! ))). Definitely would recommend.
Response: Thank you for visiting!

Yakup Content AI Manager: Such a wonderful place to visit with your family ! Even if your not much interested in science this place gives adults and children wonderful ways to interact and think about science ! It is definitely a must go place in Miami and worth every penny! You have so many different topics like health, space and nature! The only thing that was annoying sometimes were the big groups that visited also the museum; but we went there on a Friday, so maybe during the week it is more relaxed. Still worth visiting the place !
Response: Thank you for visiting!

Gustavo Rozo: Awesome experience for my son. He enjoyed everything. Went during the week in summer figured it would be best to avoid the weekend traffic. There was some summer camps there but it was great. The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit was also very interesting. My son wants to come back
Response: Thank you for visiting! We definitely invite you to come back and experience our Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition opening in October.

Jake F-Y: Very cool museum covering a wide variety of interests! The highlight for us was all the live animal offerings, which impressed us in variety and scope (shark tank is a must from multiple angles!). This topped with all the other interactive components left things engaging for all ages. Well worth an afternoon
Response: Thank you for visiting!

12. Fox in a Box

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Fox in a Box

Address: 28 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (786) 630-3330

Business type: Escape room center

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Fox in a Box: what do users think?

JUAN DIEGO LA MADRID: we did the 3rd one, which has like 26% of success so yeah it was hard. So I took us like 54mins and you just have like 1 hour to complete the dungeon. SO YEAH HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tara Peart: We had such a great time the staff were super nice and funny. We definitely recommend the prison escape room. Also the rooms are super clean and very creative. A fun thing to do with families! We will definitely visit again soon. Steven is the staff member that helped us today thank you so much!

Sulaymi Torres: Been here a couple of times but came back with some of my friends for their first time to do the prison break room and our game master Shaun was so sweet and funny he truly carried the whole team. We came back again because we had so much fun and made sure we had Shaun to guide us! The staff overall is so sweet and the rooms are such a fun experience, definitely recommend ♥️

Oskar Finneran: The place is amazing. They check your temperature according to the cdc guidelines. You can chose which escape room you would like to do from their multiple escape rooms (I belive it was 7). Before your room begins they give you a story about your room and what is your task. The room itself is really nice and full of smart and strategic puzzles absolutely loved it. The staff is supper friendly.Highly recommend place and for sure I will visit again.

sony: fox in a box is the BEST! 10/10 recommend! the puzzles are super fun and the rooms are decorated really nicely. everyone there is so friendly and kind. my partner and i especially love STEVEN! steven is the best game master and everytime we come, we want to see him! so far we’ve only finished the zodiac but we want to check out all the other games here. stop thinking, just book!

Tami Nguyen: Ugh Steve!!! This was so fun we have done already two of the rooms here which were confinement and the zodiac killer. Enjoyed Both!!! And loved our host, can’t waitttt to go back.

Annie Fernandez: Amazing experience we did the zombie room and couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us with the room. Shaun was amazing the whole time and made the experience 100 times better! Can’t wait to go back to another room in the future!

Imani D: Completed the Zombie Lab with the help of our guide Sean. He was so nice and helped us through when we would get stuck. He made the experience worth 10 stars.

13. Planet Air Sports

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Planet Air Sports

Address: 1950 NW 92nd Ave, Doral, FL 33172

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (305) 800-4386

Business type: Amusement center

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Planet Air Sports: what do users think?

Sheldon Rodriguez: I had made review about not having water readily available. I was assured that can you ask for water free of charge. So grateful that this was cleared up because I love this place My kids love this place I tell everyone I know about this place And will continue to do so

Sugey Morales: Love this place so much because of the variety of games and it is very safe for kids and families.
Response: Thank you. That is what Planet Air is all about!

Leynier Diaz: Nice place for kids. I was in this place with my family to play bowling and we enjoy the time its just small how i say better for kids and my recomendation to this place please open a second place where order food o do somenting to get a pizza an a pitcher of beer we spend more than an hour so bussy..
Response: We always welcome the recommendations of our customers. Nevertheless, this is not a small place by no means; it’s 46,000 sf! We have a large variety of attractions, and they are not all necessarily big. The bowling alley only has 8 lanes. But we have a large trampoline area. Usually, pizzas come out within 15 minutes of placing the order. Please accept my apology for the extreme delay you experienced. It must have been a very busy day. It’s still unjustified. Please try us again. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Most people love Planet Air because it’s a fun place and the food is delicious.

Damian Watson: Kids and I had a blast!! So much to do.
Response: Thank you for your excellent comments and review. Please come back soon.

Pedro Pacheco: Planet Air is awesome, I believe is the top trampolin Park in Miami, My Family and I love it. There are many great activities to do, lots of fun and enternaiment, and also you have food options in a great dining area which is really spacious. The staff is friendly and willing to help, they have rules that they enforce but I understand it is for the kids and adults safety. I really recommend this place.
Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please come back soon.

Mitsouko Chatelain: This place is awesome. They have so many great different type of activities. It’s like an American ninja warrior for kids.The kids had so much fun and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

José Daniel Avila: Went to try the Ski simulator. Was a little skeptic about it but I got a big surprise, it’s awesome Ismael was really nice, kind, and patience (and he’s bilingual), he knows how to teach the technique and give you confidence Totally worth the trip I’ll come back for sure 5 ⭐️
Response: Thank you very much for your comments on the ski simulator!

Liliana varela: Super fun place, lots of exciting games for kids and teens. My kids loved it. My middle wanted to celebrate his birthday there and we were just 5 so we didn’t rent a space but they have the option to pay a fee and bring the cake. They gave us table cloth and what we needed for the cake. We ordered food and it was excellent! All very clean and well kept. I totally recommend it!

Edgar Acosta: Nice place for kids. Great variety of food. 100% love it. I will come back again with my daughter

14. Grapeland Water Park

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1372 reviews
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Grapeland Water Park

Address: 1550 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33125

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: (305) 960-2950

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Grapeland Water Park: what do users think?

Vica V. K.: Perfect place for a few hours pre flight! More fun for the younger swimmers but my 8yro had fun too.

Zahid Hussain Bootwala: Really a nice place to spend the day, kids really enjoyed the place and slides…there is something for fav lazy river 😀, ample seating space …only drawback is they don’t allow re-entry so pls be sure to carry everything you will need

Sabris S.: We love it. It has a lot of safeguards in all of the pools. There is a list of prohibited items at the door (no food and no floats unless approved by the coastguard). They have life vests available at no extra cost. It is affordable to get in. I took 3 kids: 2, 5 and 11 and all of them had a great time.

Maximo Gomez: I can’t believe the City has not been able to have it ready yet, while nearby cities have their water parks open already.

Brett Werner: Inexpensive, locals discount, loads of life guards, clean, usually not crazy busy if you go at open. Movie night on select Fridays. Lockers and food available... "No outside food/drink allowed" - pack smart

Rosemary •Arguelles: Great place for the kids ! Small waterpark but it was fun for our children. We recommend

Fabio Cabrera: Great atmosphere, staff is attentive. Food is well priced at the cantina. Lots of parking, but you should arrive at opening for closer parking by entrance and less crowds.

Kay R.: First time visiting this water park, it was great for the most part. My 4 yr old loved it. There’s a side with slides for the smaller kids and a side for the bigger kids. Pool and lazy river for everyone. The only thing I didn’t like was the food. Not only was it over priced but it wasn’t even good. Sausage dog made me sick. $5 for school lunch slice of pizza. And they don’t allow any outside food not even water bottles. I suggest an early arrival because later in the day it gets very packed.

Erika Menera: Its really good because my children went to the slide and said i really like this park

15. Kubo Play- Kids Party Place Miami

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Kubo Play- Kids Party Place Miami

Address: 1701 Northwest 112th Avenue Unit 105-106, Unit 105-106, Miami, FL 33172

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 718-0595

Business type: Playground

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Kubo Play- Kids Party Place Miami: what do users think?

Katrina Gonzalez: Kubo play was the best decision! My son’s first birthday was perfect. Everyone had a great time. The staff is so efficient and responsible . The minute I walked in they were asking how they could help . The place is clean and well kept. Everything ran smoothly and on time . I am so happy! If you are looking for a place to host your child’s birthday Kubo play it is ! You won’t regret it

Kristen Dixon: Excellent decor excellent service friendly staff catered to both adults and all kids needs. This staff went above and beyond ! The food was way more than we expected ! We showed up to a fully decorated party ! The place was extremely clean! Bathrooms were extremely clean ! We were so happy with our daughters palace pets party and will recommend to everybody !

Nelly Ortega: More than a 100% satisfied with this place, my daughter’s celebration was totally perfect, the space in the place is more than enough for the kids to have a wonderful day, the staff I do not know if it is the best part but they are really kind and nice, they are able to help with anything you need and always with a big smile, the entertainer was so nice with kids, she made the celebration even more special and the decoration was so pretty! For sure our next celebration will be there Thanks Kubo and thank you guys, you are the best!

Anna Sfakianaki: Nice play and nice idea but they use Styrofoam cups! And lots of them. Would give better rating if they considered the planet!

Francys Pena: Wonderful experience! The decorations was absolutely beautiful! Super clean and spacious to play and have fun! Parents had such a great time. Kids play all the time! All ages were entertained and happy. The Birthday Girl who is 2 had a fantastic celebration! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Maria Elias: I did my son birthday #2 in this place, it was amazing, the attention, the services that they provide!!

Flia Pereavil: Best Kids party place in town. We had celebrated parties there with very good results. The staff is awesome, the place is super clean and modern and the food is great. Highly recommended.

16. K1 Speed - Indoor Go Karts, Corporate Event Venue, Team Building Activities

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1684 reviews
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K1 Speed - Indoor Go Karts, Corporate Event Venue, Team Building Activities

Address: 8600 NW South River Dr, Medley, FL 33166

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (786) 838-0612

Business type: Amusement center

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K1 Speed - Indoor Go Karts, Corporate Event Venue, Team Building Activities: what do users think?

Dragan Ange: Yay 1st place 🙌 What a fun place to spend few hours practicing and testing you skills. I was lucky there was not to many people and everyone were good drivers. Buy yourself a pass and plan on coming back to improve your maneuvers, for everyday Miami traffic 😁

Jeremy Howard: Had a fun time here. Love the atmosphere. Although, having your kart slowed electronically for half the race was no fun lol. Finally after some time, my kart was allowed to go as fast as it could.

Arely C: This place was overall really fun. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star review was because those at the front desk were acting kind of rude towards me and my friend. However, the guys inside were super attentive and helpful. The races are short, it’s around 7 minutes per race, which is $26 per race. So this is why i gave it 4 stars.

Maziel Sodre: I thought the place and location were awesome. We had my sons 9th birthday party there. Everything was great and clean and easy. The staff was very nice. The only reason I gave them a 4 instead of 5 is that they placed the pizza and cake in the room but didn’t really help with the serving/cutting. It wasn’t such a big deal because I had a small party but for the amount paid I would’ve like to see more service or assistance in that regard from them. I didn’t ask so it’s not entirely on them but maybe I shouldn’t have to? Anyways it was great and the kids all had a lovely time.

Josue MANFUTT: Lots of fun. Very clean and extremely friendly staff. Staff fully vigilant and always looking out for safety issues while riding. Great experience overall and well worth the price. Thank you for making it such a wonderful event.

CHRISTINA MORRISON: My husband and I went to celebrate his birthday and it was awesome! This place is great and safe.... There is a snack section where you can get wings, burgers etc. There are massage chairs 💺 that was so comfortable too Lol, not to mention mini game rooms.

AdrianUNO: We were lucky, we went early and was empty. We also enjoy the arcade and the loaded nachos were very tasty.

17. Sky Zone Doral

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2032 reviews
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Sky Zone Doral

Address: 5450 NW 82nd Ave, Doral, FL 33166

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (305) 640-5424

Business type: Amusement center

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Sky Zone Doral: what do users think?

Cindy Aragon: Very fun for kids. We went for a birthday party and it was great. They were delayed on room since they were running a bit behind. Gave us coupons to play an extra hour that was very cool. Definitely will be back

Miguel Maal: Very odd and confrontational attitude from the front desk. No enforcement of safety rules, several staff just scrolling on their phones. We were at the Cutler Bay unit TODAY and it’s a different universe. Staff is helpful, keep an eye out for excesses. Coming here made me appreciate them a lot more.

mario hernandez: Fun place to visit but service is declined since last I visited. bathroom was nasty. All the tables were filthy and it was overcrowded they need to train staff a little better. Still a fun place and a good workout

yarie godoy: Had fun with the my brother and his friends. But, the lady from the mini Cafeteria was in a bad mood and handle everything we bought like she was mad. We are never the type of people to not tip, but she well deserved it. Horrible service!

Carlos Lara: Is not as big of other site on the square, but definetly is a alternative option. Limited option, better good looking establishment, i do recall some area of my infant. Try hang out, and see by yourself, no question.

Ana Compton: Amazing place for little ones and adults alike. They have different days with events so no matter what age you are you will have fun here.

Candace: Great place to bring kids to blow off steam. Parking is extremely limited, though.

18. MegaJump Doral Trampoline Park and Laser Tag

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926 reviews
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MegaJump Doral Trampoline Park and Laser Tag

Address: 8901 NW 20th St, Doral, FL 33172

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (786) 266-6326

Business type: Amusement center

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MegaJump Doral Trampoline Park and Laser Tag: what do users think?

Barbara Morana: Excellent venue for birthday parties. This place is not only super fun but also has wonderful service. We planned last minute for my son’s birthday party and it was really the best choice. Mr Carlos was always super kind and knowledgeable, and did everything to please our requirements. Also food is very good and the salon looked super pretty. The assigned helper also was extremely kind and helped us a lot. Thank you from Luca Aneas and his family!
Response: Thank You for Celebrating with us! and We are all so happy that you had a great time! Happy Birthday Luca

Master Vicente Albuerne: Great place for kids the place is very big and safety for everyone going to play, the staff very friendly and professional attention to the customers.I going every year high recommend

Maria Fernanda Lopez: We celebrated our youngest daughter’s 9th bday party at Mega Jump Doral and we had an unforgettable experience. The staff and service was above and beyond …Maria our party helper, was the sweetest and respectful assistant ever!! She was on top of everything!!! Ana, the manager, since my first call to make reservations was also very kind and helpful. Is the first time as a mom that I don’t have to worry for keeping our guests attended in one of my daughter’s parties. The place was clean, amazing and safe environment. The best part: my daughter was sooooo happy and we she went to bed told me: “thank you mom for choosing Mega Jump, it was my best party ever!”
Response: Thanks for celebrating with us! Your opinion and review means a lot to us.

Jose Rodriguez: This place is in terrible condition, dirty, unsanitary. There is no sitting area for parents, there is no seating area to change your socks, trash cans full, tables full of trash, staff completly lost and rude so sad because it use to be one of the best trampoline parks in our area, I have celebrated my kid birthday at this place to not even coming back ever again.
Response: At the end of the day on high traffic shifts, we have several clean up shifts. Kids are kids and leave socks on the floor sometimes and we clean after them periodically during the day. Sorry that you were annoyed and experienced that on that particular day. We strive to have a clean fun place for the kids.

Always Vibinnn: Mega Jump, a great place for kids and teens. Me myself being 18 and coming with a group of friends, it was fun jumping around and playing. There is a lot of kids however, but it does look like a fun place for birthdays and good times. However it is ran by all teenagers and all of them don’t care in the least. Being a teen myself you can see their work ethic is pretty pathetic. They sit behind their desk or in their chairs and just wait for the shifts to end. The place however is great itself if you take charge in the dodge ball area or the fun games they have around. All kids come in and play with you and have a good time. Recommend for teens looking for a chill place to hang and for parents wanting to bring their kids somewhere so they don’t have to hear them on the drive back home because of their tiredness. Truly is a hidden gem

Nicole Jimenez: This place has the worst staff. I was there standing for 10 minutes while calling them to be able to get my 5 kids time to jump. Staff has absolutely a different definition of customer service, specially Jose, he saw us, we said good evening can you please call and he completely ignored us, when we yelled the manager turned around and came to help us but did absolutely nothing about it (not even apologize) he continue like he did a great thing by ignoring customers and then continue their chat among their coworkers while the place is a mess, everyone looking for kitchen staff to buy from the cafeteria or to buy time. What is this? This place needs at least 2 mature person that know what their doing. All bathrooms dirty!! toilet paper even outside the bathrooms, the bench to sit down to put socks on dirty as well. And the cafeteria floor full of crumbs and garbage.

two brothers: Bad management, toilets aren’t clean empty soap dispenser empty towel dispenserwe also lost 20 minutes signing in with 40 kids even tough we where 40 minutes earlier manager didn’t not care. Worst thing is there are around 250 kids on the trampolines and all exits are blocked off Hugh safety concern! In case of emergency this is a death trap!!!!
Response: Good Evening, I’m sorry that you had that experience with us. Although you did arrive 40 minutes early we also have other parties to accommodate that were scheduled before you guys. As it happened when your party arrived, at least 40 percent of the people did not have the waivers. As much as we had all the guests that had them, jumping on time. Then you demanded 15 minutes extra for the party and he explained we couldn’t. then you threatened to leave 20 bad reviews and we explained we would answer them. In reality, we let your whole party to jump at least 10 minutes extra and you still were upset. The customers that knows us, appreciate our efforts to make their events unforgettable. There were less than 100 kids on the platform since our system controls them and our park has capacity of much more of your mentioned amount. We take your comenta serious and we take positive actions.

19. GameTime Miami

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1309 reviews
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GameTime Miami

Address: 5701 Sunset Dr #330, South Miami, FL 33143

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 667-4263

Business type: Amusement center

Near GameTime Miami:

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GameTime Miami: what do users think?

PharticusMaximus: One of the last arcades left. Lots of nice games for any age, I like that they have some really big rideable games as well. Pool tables upstairs, good food as well

Gerardo Aponte: I went here because it was one of the options to watch the UFC Conor vs Cowboy fight. The place was pack even that the location is pretty big all the table was taken, luckily after 30 minutes I, my sister and brother in law was able to find a table. We share a few appetizers The Fried Calamari good and delicious calamari that is dusted in flour and served with a tasty marinara sauce. The calamari was very tasty and crunch. The Party Appetizer for 28.99 you can get a family-style offering of our most popular appetizers: With Chicken Tenders, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Tex Mex Rolls, and Buffalo Chicken Wings. Served with honey mustard, salsa ranch, marinara sauce and blue cheese dressing for dipping. The staff was on point always checking on the table making sure that we had everything we need. I can recommend coming here for a big sports event but my recommendation is to come early to grab a nice table with a good view.

Karin Wright: Great place to have fun. Great games, food, and drinks.

Emily Horlacher: Really fun place about a 20 minute drive from Miami Beach. Lots of games. Great food. And so great that you can take drinks around the entire place with you. We went late the last night we were in town and wished we went earlier so we could have spent more time there. Such a fun time!

Angela Marshall: Awesome! All the games you can play and the hamburgers are delicious. Yummy yummy!

Yanai Perez: Had a lovely experience at this arcade today. Came in for a birthday party we were invited to. My kids loved the amount of time they were able to play with the game cards provided from the party. We also ate at the restaurant here before leaving. Fred was our server and he was wonderful! Truly GREAT SERVICE!!! Thank you Fred!!!! We also had a drink from the bar and the bartender was great too. The food was well made as well. Overall great experience!

Anthony gonzalez: Nice place to sit back and chill. The games are a lil pricey but if you try their “ play with your food” option it’s kind of a steal. I usually get pizza and the game card comes free with 80 credits. Enough for an hour of fun for one person.

Alexis Canadate: Really nice place for everybody. It was very colorful and pretty with the games. The music was very diverse playing county,pop, r and b, and hip hop. The waitress we had was amazing her name was Hannah, she was polite, friendly, and patient. The food was also very good. I did not play the games instead we sat in the dining area where they had many t.v screens playing a variety of sports. Really cool place.

Jose Diaz: 100. I recommend it. Let the kids have fun. Let them get tired. You can drink there after 4:00 but you better take an Uber home if you do. Have a great one everybody.

20. Escape Hunt/Escape Room Miami

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302 reviews
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Escape Hunt/Escape Room Miami

Address: Second Floor, 226 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (786) 577-0990

Business type: Escape room center

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Escape Hunt/Escape Room Miami: what do users think?

Kristina Dominguez: Did an escape room with this company months ago and it was great. Decided to come back and try another room and it was a HORRIBLE experience. The staff was so unprepared and unprofessional. They were not paying attention to the game and anytime we asked for a clue it took valuable minutes for a response and it was already information we had obtained to escape. Meaning, their clue was behind our actual game since they were not being attentive. Do yourself a favor and spend the money elsewhere. 1/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND.
Response: We are very sorry. I hope you can go back to visit us to try another game.

Bodhi Martinez: Great service, the employees were really friendly and the room was super fun! Definitely going again with more friends

Taylor W: The concept for the room was good but the execution didn’t really work out. One of the tasks was to knock on the door and we did about four or five times and no one answered so we figured the clue was wrong. It wasn’t until we asked for help that the staff paid attention to the knock. Then, we got stuck on a combination lock and figured we had the combo wrong and again asked for help. Turns out the lock was jammed and we ran out of time waiting for a clue. I really wanted to like it but I think the room could use a refresh.
Response: Sorry for that. If you would like to call us, we would happy to offer you a better experience.

Azucena Ramirez: We came for our son’s 12 birthday. It was a fun experience! The rooms were cool . I would definitely recommend it.
Response: Thank you very much for your comments . Our escape rooms are fun and entertaining for the kids especially the room The treasure of Blackbeard.

Julliette Lucas: Escape Hunt made for a very fun night for our group of four (two couples). Stephan was excellent and very friendly! The escape rooms were located upstairs in an abandoned building, and you take a spooky elevator up which added to the whole experience. We did the Wynwood experiment room - a fun challenge!
Response: Thank you so much for your review . What a great experience for Halloween!

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