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1. DJI Wynwood

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266 reviews
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DJI Wynwood

Address: 2349 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 471-6911

Business type: Hobby store

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DJI Wynwood: what do users think?

Kevin Jimenez: Harold and luis were amazing dude really appreciate all the knowledge they have share and getting me into the right direction of purchasing my next drone, you really see don’t honest vendor that will not push you for the expensive stuff. Harold really pay attention to detail on what I do and really show me the stuff I can do with certain drones which help me to pick up the DJI Air 2s. —————- See my work IG @polakev

Andrew Quinones: Went in on Saturday to your store to purchase an Air 2s and was helped by Luis G. Both Herald and Luis were very helpful and informative. They really helped giving me the info that could help me out on the long run with using my new drone for creative projects and in launching my own company. Very thankful for this. THANK YOU DroneNerds! You guys are the best.

Jeremy Fletcher: Great location in wynwood that is always stocked with everything you need if you fly drones or want to check out the latest gear. They have all products on display and great system to compare differences between each model.
Response: Thank you so much for your kind words!

Moshe: Staff is super friendly and patient. Gave me a full disclosure on products, let me try them out and did not push anything on me. I went in thinking I needed a very expensive item, after them hearing my needs actually recommended a less expensive item. Again great place.

Alvaro Hernandez: I called last week to see if they work on my type of older DJI drone. Eric picked up, took his time to listen to me and offered help right away if I brought it in, as he thought it could be a simple fix. The next day I walked in to the store and Eric was available to help me. He was eager to get his hands on the drone to see the issue was what he thought, a simple propeller fix. My android was giving major problems with the app and my frustration levels were high. Eric patiently told me how to download the apps another way and saved the day for me. Every shop needs an Eric.

Liquicityx: I just wanted to say Thank you Erick For helping me with balancing my new Dji RS2 . He was very informative,knowledgeable, and helpful about my device . I went to three other so called professionals and they didn’t know how to balance it all or even put the effort into trying. Thank You very much for helping me out Yesterday 🙏🏽
Response: Thank you very much for your kind review and for allowing us to assist you on this matter! It's been our sincere pleasure to be of support and we are always here for you!

Christian Mikkelsen: Just got the Mini 3 Pro drone, I had some issues with it regarding the range, I took it to the store in Wynwood they were able to resolve the issue and I’m very happy five-star service very friendly staff I can highly recommend the place
Response: Dear Christian: thank you for your kind review! It was a pleasure to be of support. Happy flying!

Douglas W. Bush, M.A. (Doug): This DJI dronenerds store and the people who work there are amazing. The store sells the highest quality equipment in drones, goggles, gimbals and accessories you’ll ever want or need. But, the best part are the people, like Louis and Ed, and others there. Very friendly, personable service. Salespeople spend dedicated and focused time explaining different models of whatever you might be looking at, and are never pushy. But, they do like to consistently sell their refurbished products at slightly lower prices too. I have bought 2 drones from them within the past month, and I’m going back here today to buy a gimbal. Parking can be an issue on Friday night and through the weekend so if you want to avoid the hassle, go on a weekday around 11 when they open, each and every day.
Response: Thanks for your kind review!

Dean Bush: I went back to DJI again in Wynwood to buy a camera gimbal. As always, Ed is very friendly and willing to take time to educate you on products they offer.

2. Scorpion Drones

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74 reviews
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Scorpion Drones

Address: 10801 NW 14th St #101, Miami, FL 33172

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 921-4322

Business type: Hobby store

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Scorpion Drones: what do users think?

Juan Pena: The service was great, the receptionist was very polite and helpful. The technician answered all of my questions and fixed my drone in the time promised and was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very thankful.

Sam Root: Nice shop , lots of stock, friendly service.

Osmel Fernandez: Great place , fast and profesional, I was in a rush because I have to shoot a movie next week and they fix my drone in the same day , thank guy for the service , I’m beyond greatfull.

Macarena Baigoria: I recently visited Scorpion Drones in Doral and received excellent service. I was shown different options and walked through step by step on the process of purchasing and upgrading a drone. I definitely recommend this place! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Lou Babich: I bought at Scorpion Drones. But it was a defective and Scorpion Drones would not assit me with my $1,600 purchase. They referred me to the manufacturing company. That also has not been to helpful. As a photographer, I need my equipment to work. Two thumbs Down for Scorpion Drones and The DJI company!! 👎🏼👎🏼

robert rodriguez: Excellent service..... I had the technician upgrade my antenna .. I had the stock antennas he put in a ltelite dbs range extended antenna.... for the phantom 4 pro.....first run went 15000 feet full bars..... could go further but I was concerned about battery life .......also bought radio from them....great prices... friendly staff....HIGHLY RECOMMEND

3. DroningHard FPV

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3 reviews
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DroningHard FPV

Address: 374 NE 80th St, Miami, FL 33138

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: (786) 600-2487

Business type: Drone shop

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4. Hobby Pro Inc. - Miami Hobby Shop

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187 reviews
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Hobby Pro Inc. - Miami Hobby Shop

Address: 12700 SW 122nd Ave #118, Miami, FL 33186

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 252-2112

Business type: Hobby store

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Hobby Pro Inc. - Miami Hobby Shop: what do users think?

Joseph Puerto: Hobby Pro is one of the best shops in Miami !!! great customer service great pricing always friendly and helpful and always points me in the right direction Always recommended to everyone I know Mike is the goat

Chris Silva: This place is classic, old school Hobby shop. I mean hang out, talk to the owner and the family. Super knowledgeable and comfortable. This place is opposite to the arrogant, snobby shops that are out there that simply make you wanna run out. I mean, the owner was part of Orange Blossom hobbies 🤠. That’s how great this place is. Best in town.

Travis Hitchcock: Great place. Everyone was so helpful with getting my cheap but upgraded mini car up and going. They fix and sell all kinds of stuff. They are very knowledgeable and I appreciate the help today

My Business: Love the new location. Wish they had more inventory. But Mike and Shannon are incredibly nice and helpful so I try to get what I can from them.

All2cute Vlogs: If you are into RC this is the shop to go to don’t order online support local. The owner Mike and his wife are so nice genuine people that love RC and take the time to get to know their customers that’s rare these days. My daughter and I review rc cars on YouTube and this will be our go to shop for all our RC needs they have a lifetime customer!!!

Brian Edward: Best hobby shop in Miami-Dade by far. Extremely helpful in helping every customer that goes in the store and going the extra mile to be courteous to all hobbyist that come through their door
Response: Thank you so much for the awesome review Brian. We really enjoy what we do & are happy to help.

Keith Sherrill: Called earlier today to see if they had what I needed since I don’t live in that area. Spoke to what I’m assuming was the owner. Very nice on the phone and had what I needed. Made the trip and in person he was just as nice and very helpful, as was who I’m assuming was his wife. Would highly recommend to new hobbyist up to advanced. Can’t beat (or find) customer service like that nowadays. Support your local hobby shop!!!

5. Drone Nerds

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434 reviews
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Drone Nerds

Address: 20614 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 438-3322

Business type: Hobby store

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Drone Nerds: what do users think?

reb burch: Very happy with your work. You kept me informed every step of the way. My only concern was that the FedEx return label I sent with my drone was lost and I will be paying twice for the return. Even with this label confusion I am very happy with the service and will continue to use this company.
Response: Thank you for your kind review and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience with the shipping! We look forward to continuing being of service!

Bill Griswold: Read the yelp reviews and you’ll get a better idea of this operation. Got a “warrantied” refurbished drone as a Christmas present and when I went to use it for the first time and took the cover off the camera the camera swiveled to right itself and disconnected and hung there without being able to connect. Sent it back and after endless back and forth I was told “they’ve never seen this before” . I was told I could have it repaired for hundreds or dollars, sold a new one or they could “recycle” it for me. I ended up buying a new one because it was a negligible price difference compared to the repair. Ended up taking my broken one to a local shop and had it repaired for half the price in the same day. This place is a chop shop for drones and drags out repairs and communication. Don’t believe me? Go check the yelp reviews.
Response: Bill, we are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced, but your review lacks fairness towards our hard-working Service Center. You stated the drone arrived with a dislodged camera. In fact, the gimbal camera is broken off its main arm. This ordinarily indicates an impact or crash. Be as it may, we did not dispute that it arrived in that condition and we advised (twice) that the indicated course of action would be to process a warranty claim through DJI Support, which would have cost you nothing. We also mentioned that you may have wanted to contact our RMA team rather than our Service Center, if you were not interested in diagnostics and repair. You were adamant that you did not wish to move forward in that direction, therefore, as a courtesy, we waived the diagnostics fee, we offered a discount on a new DJI Refurbished kit, and we also waived shipping. We parted ways amicably and had no indication that you were not pleased with the service received. That being said, we will do our very best to take your feedback to heart and improve the quality of our service as well as our response time. We do hope you continue enjoying your drones!

Michael Toron: do yourself a favor and buy from the manufacturer directly from DJI or whatever product you are purchasing it makes absolutely no sense to buy from them instead. I did for the sake of convenience since they are so close to me and each and every time I did so I received a defective product so it is on me I made the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt so I deserve it. latest one was I purchased the Dji FPV came come the battery defective then they swapped then turns out the controller is defective and they blame it on manufacturer so I got to deal with DJI instead of them so makes no sense to purchase anything from them it is like a roll of dice 50/50 you are getting a defective product it legit feels like ordering something from a Chinese super store.
Response: Dear Michael - we apologize for the inconvenience experienced. As a DJI Enterprise Platinum Partner, we strive to provide top quality and service. The situation you describe is very unusual, namely two defects. However, batteries are fairly sensitive components and sometimes do need to be swapped. As far as the remotes, as you know these units are sealed from the factory, therefore we can hardly be held at fault if there's an issue out of the box. DJI Support should be able to provide you a no-hassle, no-cost exchange if the item has a manufacturing defect. Please if you need further support, give us a call and we will try to provide guidance on how to request said warranty exchange through the manufacturer. Thank you for your feedback and for giving us a chance!

Julian Gigante: Harold was amazing he took care of me in a great way helped me to purchase the mavic 3 pro and was very kind and gave me great advice on my purchase!
Response: Dear Julian: thank you for your kind review! It's been our pleasure to be of assistance! Happy flying!

Bruce Hawkins: Extremely happy with their service. Kept me in the repair loop, fixed the problem (remote was shot). Just flew my drone and it worked perfectly! They linked my drone to the RC, so it was returned ready to fly. Pricing was very reasonable. Yes I will use them again and would highly recommend Drone Nerds to anyone with a drone problem.
Response: Thank you for your kind review! Sincerely appreciated the opportunity to serve you.

Brent Zoellner: These guys are top notch! I had a malfunction on my phantom 4 pro and had no idea what to do with it, then i found Drone Nerds. Robert and the team is very professional and do a phenomenal job. This is how I received my drone, they packaged it extremely well and it flies like it is brand new.
Response: Brent, we appreciate your kind feedback and your working with us on this! Happy flying!

6. FlyWorx Drone & Media Services - Miami

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1 reviews
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FlyWorx Drone & Media Services - Miami

Address: 1000 Brickell Ave Ste 715 PMB 5149, Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (844) 359-9679

Business type: Aerial photographer

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FlyWorx Drone & Media Services - Miami: what do users think?

AirBase Network: Great service from Flyworx team. Fast and know what they are doing in regards to drone tech. Will use again.


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80 reviews
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Address: 7500 NW 25th St #237, Doral, FL 33122

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (786) 343-7212

Business type: Training school


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USA DRONE ACADEMY: what do users think?

Jorge Suarez: Excellent academy! Very professional and acknowledgeable people. Really good energy in the class. This is a whole new world of possibilities the one you understand by training with them. 1000% recommended
Response: Thank you for your comment, we are always ready to serve you

Poche Guillen: Excellent academy, definitely handle the issue and helped me get my remote pilot license. A special thanks to René and Fernando.
Response: Gracias

Jorge Alberto Linares Fereira: I want to thank the people of @usadroneacademy for the course that I took with them to train as a certified Drone Pilot. I openly recommend this academy

Cesar Marquez: (Translated by Google) A cordial greeting to the family of @usadronacademy, super happy with the support and quality of treatment towards the participants, I can say that it is a staff with a high level of knowledge for the training of others in the different courses they offer. Widely recommended. Thank you and keep going. (Original) Un saludo cordial a la familia de @usadronacademy, súper contento con el apoyo y la calidad de trato hacia los participantes, puedo decir que Es un personal con alto nivel de conocimiento para la capacitación de otros en los diferentes cursos que otorgan. Recomendados ampliamente. Gracias y sigan adelante.
Response: Gracias Amigo Cesar

Freddy Medina: (Translated by Google) Excellent guide to pass the test for the drone pilot license, the truth is that before taking the course, I did not understand practically anything, after taking the course I was able to have enough understanding to pass the exam, which I passed without difficulties, thank you USA DRONE ACADEMY for everything (Original) Excelente guía para lograr pasar el test para la licencia de pilotos de drones, lo cierto es que antes de tomar el curso, no entendía prácticamente nada, luego de tomar el curso pude tener un entendimiento suficiente para pasar el examen, el cual lo pase sin dificultades, Mil gracias USA DRONE ACADEMY por todo
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you for the Trust Freddy. Congratulations Pilot (Original) Gracias a ti por la Confianza Freddy. Felicidades Piloto

Marcos TV: (Translated by Google) Excellent course, the teacher explains everything necessary to learn the most important things necessary to pass the exam and be able to start a successful career in this new world of drones, I recommend it to everyone (Original) Excelente curso, el profesor explica todo lo necesario para aprender las cosas más importantes necesarias para pasar el examen y poder comenzar una carrera de éxito en este nuevo mundo de los drones, lo recomiendo a todos
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you friend Marcos and congratulations on your license 👏👏👏 (Original) Gracias amigo Marcos y Felicidades por tu licencia 👏👏👏

Paul Brito: (Translated by Google) I thank USA DRONE ACADEMY and its team of trainers for training on Unmanned Aerial Systems technology, how to use them responsibly and properly based on current national regulations. Thanks … I thank USA DRONE ACADEMY and its team of trainers for training on Unmanned Aerial Systems technology, how to use them responsibly and properly based on current national regulations. thanks (Original) Agradezco a USA DRONE ACEDEMY y a su equipo de formadores por la capacitación sobre la tecnología de Sistemas Aéreos No Tripulados, cómo utilizarlos responsable y adecuadamente basados en la normativa nacional vigente. Gracias … I thank USA DRONE ACADEMY and its team of trainers for training on Unmanned Aerial Systems technology, how to use them responsibly and properly based on current national regulations. Thanks
Response: (Translated by Google) thanks paul (Original) Gracias Paul

José Alejandro Chacón Requena: (Translated by Google) If you want to learn professionally how to fly a Drone/sUAS/UAV/RPAS from anywhere in the world, with digital content and the latest updates of this new world that is here and has a future in many areas, it is the best option. If you want to learn professionally how to fly a Drone/sUAS/UAV/RPAS from anywhere in the world, with digital content and the latest updates of this new world that is here and has a future in many areas, it is the best option . (Original) Si quieres aprender de forma profesional como volar un Drone/sUAS/UAV/RPAS desde cualquier parte del mundo, con contenido digital y con las últimas actualizaciones de este nuevo mundo que está aquí y viene con futuro en muchas áreas es la mejor opción. If you want to learn professionally how to fly a Drone/sUAS/UAV/RPAS from anywhere in the world, with digital content and the latest updates of this new world that is here and has a future in many areas, it is the best option.

Jose Jaramillo: (Translated by Google) I want to thank USA Drone Academy for the Part 107 course for Drone pilot, today I present my exam and pass, I recommend them since here they give you the basics and they explain all the necessary topics to be successful in the exam, thanks to René and professors Fernando and El Capitan Chacon for all the advice, thank you! (Original) Quiero agradecer a USA Drone Academy por el curso de Part 107 para piloto de Drone, hoy presente mi examen y pase, se los recomiendo puesto que aquí de tan las bases y te explican todos los temas necesarios para tener éxito en el examen, gracias a René y los profesores Fernando y El Capitan Chacon por toda la asesoría, Gracias!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you Jose for the trust placed in us. Congratulations on that Pilot License. (Original) Gracias a ti Jose por la confianza depositada en nosotros. Felicidades por esa Licencia Piloto.

8. Crown Hobbies

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146 reviews
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Crown Hobbies

Address: 7435 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (305) 264-3964

Business type: Hobby store

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Crown Hobbies: what do users think?

Josue Aranda: If you want an excellent service .!! Just let Mr.Robert take care of your RC Car .!! He’s the best .!! My jatto is just suppose to reach 65 mph !! He reach 72 mph .!! Amazing !! Crazy .!! 🤣🤣🤣 I’m very satisfied with the service .!! Thanks !! Crown Hobbies !!

Lexus IS350 Toyota Made: Bought a r/c car from them recent. Had a issue with it so I called them and they told me to pass by within minutes I was out and enjoying my car. They have alot r/c cars to choose from and great customer service highly recommend them thank you again crown hobbies.

Jose6point2: Great store with super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Always have what I need in stock as well. This is my go to hobby shop!
Response: Thank you for your support!!!

Jonathan Bessin: Had an issue with our RC car and brought it here Not only did Robert troubleshoot our case thoroughly, after realizing what the issue was, he called the manufacturer and was able to replace the broken part via warranty replacement when I was unsuccessful in doing on previous personal attempts. For service that goes above and beyond, NEVER go anywhere else. Thank you, Robert!!!

Devon Mccoggle: Dropped off my hoss to 1 guy who said my car will be ready same day. Never received a call from him that day. Called the next day & truck still wasn’t ready. They store hours are from 10:30am-6pm and they didn’t open till 11:50am on Monday March 14th
Response: Thank you for your review!

Julian Matos: Few years ago came here and purchased a super cub, the person at the shop back then was an older gentleman. He was attentive and informative. Helped me make a decision based on my experience. I felt pretty good when I was there and happy when I left. I recently called to purchase some accessories and the person on the phone sounded very dry and not very welcoming. I gave the benefit of the doubt and went anyways. When I walked in the store there was another customer inside being helped and the person behind the counter seemed to be glad to help him. As I was asked how I may be helped, the way I was addressed felt just like the phone call. As the other customer was picking up to leave, the counter person again seemed glad to help. When it was my turn, I didnt feel that same enthusiasm. I felt somewhat uncomfortable. Hope it was just me overreacting but not too sure I was.
Response: I guess you overreact because we treat every customer in the same way and always try to fulfill every customer’s need. If you feel comfortable please see me at the store (Manuel) and I will personally take care of it thank you for your support!

Joey Lombardo: Went into the store last week, they were very aggressively acting towards me and my friend but ended up buying an rc car. Then went home and couldn’t figure out the car so we called them and the guy on the phone was very disrespectful towards me when i couldn’t figure it out he started to yell at me, then proceeded to hang up after he says “when you could figure it out call me back”. Both times in and out of store was zero help whatsoever, Do NOT recommend and will NOT be recommending!
Response: We are very sorry that you feel that way. We are very respectful with all our customers and we always try to help as much as we can our customers. I invite you to come to the store again and see what the problem with the car is cause we guess that you still have the problems figuring the car out since you don’t know it Thank you for your patronage

Marie Orret: Inventory is great! Workers are super nice and helpful! Prices are great! Cars trucks boats helicopters planes… etc
Response: Thank you for your support! 👍

enrique diez: Robert was super nice , the Shop was beautiful. It had a bunch of old and new items. I was able to get the dope I needed for my model.

9. House of Power Hobbies

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115 reviews
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House of Power Hobbies

Address: 9472 NW 13th St suit 75, Miami, FL 33172

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (954) 380-9395

Business type: Toy store

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House of Power Hobbies: what do users think?

Subaru_ManFL: Best place for all RC needs. I drive from Sebring FL to visit my parents, and I when I am here I drive to get what I need from them. They have batteries and the little things I use on my RC Planes, but they also have full RC model car they are there to serve the needs of the RC Community. Support local small business like this one. They are the ones who give back more to your community than politicians do.

FlickHouseStudios Navas: The guy that was there was not helpful at all. Came in for repairs and told me that my plane was pretty much useless. He was rude. Not helpful. Didn’t offer any solutions. I would never come here again. Next time actually try to be helpful.

David Gutierrez: Nice place to buy and good attention from the Puerto Rican guy. Being out from the RC cars hobby from more than 30 year. I have a lot of questions, and he was very informative. Thanks a lot keep the good work.

Emerio Diaz: I placed a post commenting on this Hobby Shop, House of Power, and I was wrong. there could be a ton of reasons for my dissatisfaction at the time, as well as a ton of reasons on the part of the owner. Every single one of us has had a share of problems at one time or other. I visited the place recently at their new location close to FIU, and I quickly realized that the place is well stocked [despite our present situation with Covid-19], the salesman behind the counter is very knowledgable and helpful and will sterr you in the right direction. I recently bought two rc cars for my grandkids and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Also, one of the specialties of this hobby shop is airplanes, and here there is no better place than this, not to mention that the owner knows his stuff when it comes to planes. Besides all that, for hobbyists that we are, I feel that we have to support our local hobby shops because online purchases are ok, but there is nothing like being there in person, be able to talk to a person behind the counter that will not only help you with your purchase, but will also be there for any problems we may have. I recommend this place, and I hope that it will be there for many years to come.
Response: 1- Your appointment was at 10am, you arrived at 12pm. 2- At all times you are advised as what you wanted to do is not the beginning of a plane of foam (apprentice) since the main thing is the weight (light) of the plane. 3- Part of our work is to repair, to program, to build The fact of buying does not mean that the work is included. In addition to the heap of flames that you did in reference to the APPRENTICE were always attended to. But not everything can be guided by the phone to avoid work. 4- I DONT questions their 40 years of experience, but it seems that they were not continuous. sorry to bother! BY: FRANCO DI MAURO.

Gerardo Ocando: House of Power caters to the local hobbyist. The store is located right across Markham park which makes it really convenient to all the regulars. Vern, Rob and Matt are friendly and helpful and they have many years of experience in the RC world. Every occasion that I have visited I get a few tips on how to improve my planes from the friendly staff. They go out of their way to make you feel that you are appreciated as a customer. I know I will continue to shop in House of Power for my hobby needs.

Tom Tate: They had the rc airplane parts I needed today. The online competition was going to backorder. What I needed was a new prop and battery. Thanks for being there for us. Love the new place and the new counter guy was very helpful.

Stephany Cuellar: Lots of parts for motorized air plane models! They also have drone accessories! Shop is a little tight but great for hobbiests. No Japanese models, or trains that I saw.

Jose Rivas: HOUSE OF POWER HOBBIES by far the best service from start to finish. Not only do they sell the product they stand behind it. They help you in the build process. Then go above abd beyond and assist you in the field of flight until you are comfortable. Glori is great at getting you what you need and Franco not only does he sell you the product but also sets it up. Very happy with my overall experience and highly recommend.

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