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1. Hector psychic medium Miami FL

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Hector psychic medium Miami FL

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 285-3760

Business type: Psychic

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Hector psychic medium Miami FL: what do users think?

Mirta Lyman: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueMy experience with Hector was very positive. He is very intuitive and immediately started picking up signs and information that were surprising to me. He even had some names. He was kind, encouraging and informative. I felt much better at the end of the session than I did before. I would definitely recommend him.

Humfredo Bonilla: I had the best reading from Hector. He is very straightforward and tells you what you need to hear. He explained everything and was so spot on. He is such a kind soul and gave the best advice.

Nicolette Amico: I had a great reading with Hector. Right off the bat, he picked up on very specific things going on in my life, and validated a lot of what I’ve been feeling. He answered all my questions and provided the clarity i was seeking. I highly recommend him and look forward to booking another reading with him in the future. Thank you Hector!
Response: Thanks for this review, I appreciate when I get feedback, helps me improve and stay grounded, blessings.

Alex R: I booked a session with Hector and when I spoke to him he WOWED me with the very first sentence he said to me! Hector is Very intuitive and amazing! All I can say is WOW! Little advice:Have a pen and paper handy so you can keep notes because he gives you a lot of info. Guarantee you will feel the same way I do. Thank you Hector !
Response: Thanks for the wonderful review, it's appreciated

What’s Zay getting into today!: Got a reading from Hector today, and wow you can feel how truly genuine and gifted this man is! He tells it like it is. I’ve gotten readings done in the past but Hector is very detailed and gives a lot more information than anyone has ever given to me in the past! He is open to questions which I love because he has no problem answering them nor does he make you feel rushed! Money & time we’ll spent ❤️ Thank you so much Hector, I feel little less weight on my chest today !
Response: Thank you for this detailed review, I'm happy to have made a positive impact. Blessings

Chezney E: I’ve gone to Hector for readings a countless number of times and he is always a reassuring voice every single time that we speak. Whether it be from giving me insight and advice on career, relationships, etc., I always feel more relaxed about what path I should take after speaking with him. Hector is such a kind and funny soul, I definitely recommend going to him for readings, you will not regret it!

bebine bebine: Hector is absolutely amazing and very humbling and sincere. I am so grateful to have had my reading experience with him. He has given me clarity and direction to believe in myself..Thank you again Hector sincerely…
Response: Thanks for this wonderful review, it's appreciated

Kayla Vigil: Very kind soul and sooo spot on!! Hector gave great advice and helped me gain clarity on some things that I’ve been struggling with. I have some homework to do, but I’m glad to finally have understandings of myself. I’ve spoken with different people in this line of work and Hector is by far the best one I’ve talked to. He’s helped me in more ways than I thought he could. I’m very grateful and blessed to have spoken with him ☺️🙏🏽
Response: I'm glad to make a difference, blessings.

L R: Héctor truly had a gift. His insights, his advice, and his overall way of communicating truly give me peace and a sense of well-being. I look forward to sitting with him again to gain even deeper understanding of the forces already guiding and lighting my path.

Scarlett Palacio: Just had a reading with Hector and it was amazing. It’s like talking to a friend that only wants the best for you even if the truth is hard to face. He gave me confirmation on many things I was unsure about. Never seemed like he was rushing me and made sure all my questions were answered. I’m truly grateful to him and his guidance. Please do yourself a favor and book a reading with him. You won’t regret it ❤️
Response: Thanks for the wonderful review, blessings

2. Psychic Readings and Tarot Cards By Hanna

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79 reviews
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Psychic Readings and Tarot Cards By Hanna

Address: Psychic Reader, 865 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Telephone: (201) 423-5147

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Readings and Tarot Cards By Hanna: what do users think?

Gordon Miller: Highly recommend!!! Very accurate and responsive right away she was able to do my reading the first 10 minutes after I called she gave me so much insight and Guidance and she’s helped me come so far with my career and my love life. I have been working. With her over a year and can’t express enough gratitude! Thank you so much Hanna God bless

Amelie Lemelin: Biggest SCAM. She will take your money promise a reading or cleanse. She said she would send instructions for a cleanse after payment and stopped answering any phone calls after getting paid. I was not going to pay her in full until receiving the goods but she insisted. Her name is not even Hannah. She has several phone numbers and makes you pay on a venmo account that has no history of payment. Very sad to take advantage of people like this..

Fatima Miller: Highly recommend her I have been working with her since years and have been extremely satisfied and have had Great success! She’s a true angel sent from god to help people, she is truly blessed

alani morgan: Absolutely on point and accuracy was amazing Im so happy I called and got a reading by hanna ever since she has been helping me my life has turned around completely xoxoxo

June Miller: Accurate and very relaxing and calming experience ha d a reading over the phone and didn’t have to say a word she knew everything and gave me great advice I feel so much better already

edd guinevre: been working with her for quit some time now (wanted to wait before leaving a review) and i have to say she is amazing. she was spot on with everything, she completely blew me away! i love because she is caring, always there when i need her, and shes genuinly concerned. its so nice to finally find the right spiritual healer. thx hannah!!!

bianca mitchell: I had a reading over the phone with her last month so I waited awhile to post this and I have to say she was very accurate! I was able to get an appointment the same day. She was very honest and my reading was not sugarcoated, which is what I prefer she told me how things were and what I needed to do to get things back on track she answered my questions without me even asking them and gave me very detailed advice guidance and insight I cannot stress enough that she is the real deal. I highly recommend her!

me retard198: extremely accurate reading. she was spot on! she gave me a lot of insight about a current relationship that i’ve been struggling with and thanks to her we are doing much better. i can’t stress enough how amazing she is! highly recommend the tarot card reading i had it done over the phone. i look forward to our next session together, thank you so much hanna

3. Carmen The Miami Medium

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238 reviews
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Carmen The Miami Medium

Address: 15785 SW 180th St, Miami, FL 33187

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 303-6739

Business type: Psychic

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Carmen The Miami Medium: what do users think?

Summer Munns: Carmen was incredible. She gave a reading to both my mom and I. She knew things that would only be known from sports coming to her. She helped us hear from loved ones and those who have passed who we may not have thought would come through. The whole experience was amazing. Her kind soul was warm and inviting. She made us both feel comfortable. We both knew that our loved ones were there with us communicating through her. If we lived in the area we would definitely book with her again. We left very happy after our reading and cleansing.
Response: Thank you Summer for your kind words it was my pleasure and feel very blessed to have met you and your mother many blessings 🙏

Anielka Arencibia: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Carmen is an exceptional person and professional. At first i was nervous and the energies on the ground, as soon as I entered the room I felt a positive energy that ran through my entire body. Her reading was incredible, very emotional and true. She helped me a lot and her energetic cleaning was incredible. I feel like another person. She is the best!! Highly recommend !!! Thank you 😊 Carmen, I’ll come back soon !!
Response: Thank you Anielka for choosing me It makes me happy to know that I was able to help you not only with your reading but with reiki energies as well love to see you in the future many blessings to you 🙏

Anastasiya Petryshyn: Carmen is the best! She gave me the most useful reading I have ever received. I was struggling with figuring a lot of things out when it comes to my spirituality, but she really gave me so much clarity. She focused on what I needed most at the moment. Her energy is so calming and she is very professional. I will be going back to her!
Response: Thank you, Anastasiya! It was truly my pleasure to read you and guide you spiritually looking forward to meeting with you soon! Many blessings 🙏

Laurina Elsner: Carmen was so warm and welcoming. I come from a very Hispanic household and just the way she talked to me made me feel like this reading was meant for me. I’ve had readings before and just felt like they weren’t connecting as much as Carmen did. She predicted some things of father who just passed that was not publicly known. She gave me more more information that I ever thought I’d get out of a reading and I’m forever grateful for the detailed reading. She gave me advice on how to be more in tune with myself and so much more. I needed this through this part of my life for more clarity and reassurance and that’s exactly what she gave me. I knew I had negative energy and she sensed it. I just needed more guidance. I will 100% see her again hopefully on a better state of mind too.
Response: Thank you Laurina I enjoy reading you and been able to connect with you was amazing you have a true beautiful Soul! Many blessings to you 🙏

starstereo007: Firstly, I would like to mention that I have had experience with mediums and psychics in the past and one that I read with for many years, but wanted to try someone different and in person and I found Carmen, who was gracious enough to fit me in. I was skeptical at first as I am with with any new psychic that I meet, because fro experience they are not created equal.But she quickly put that t rest. She’s very cool, warm and put me at ease and she is the real deal. I was very happy with my reading that was although intense, healing, enlightening and beautiful. I highly recommend her and if you’re interested should schedule something soon, because her waiting list if it’s not already, will be long soon.
Response: Thank you Starstereo I’m glad to have read you, you’re very blessed In many ways many blessings to you 🙏

Samantha Valdes-Diaz: Carmen was amazing. I definitely will be going back. I can’t thank her enough for the love she shows very seamlessly without even trying. She helped me realize a lot of things that needed to come to light within myself and as soon as I left I felt lighter and more confident in myself and my life. Thank you Carmen and see you soon!
Response: Thank you Samantha! Is always a pleasure to meet beautiful Souls. You are true light and an amazing human being many blessings to you always 🙏

H: Thank you for the reading! Carmen was really nice, professional and honest. She was very detailed with my life and helped me with any questions I had. I had the hour long reading over the phone and she told me things that confirmed certain things in my life that were spot on! I highly recommend her ☺️
Response: Hilary, thank you for the opportunity really love your energies. Wish you many blessings in everything that is coming your way. 🙏

4. Derek Newman Psychic Medium, Prophet and Life Coach

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Derek Newman Psychic Medium, Prophet and Life Coach

Address: 80 SW 8th St, Brickell, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue

Business type: Psychic

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Derek Newman Psychic Medium, Prophet and Life Coach: what do users think?

Emma: I did a reading with Derek Newman about a month ago. He told me many things about me that only God and me would know. But he is amazing and special because not only does he tell you your future, he also tells you what God wants for you. And what God wants for you is only the best. Derek is real and he is anointed and blessed my God to help us follow in the right path.

Mercedes W: Finding Derek online has definitely been life changing. To think just a few months ago the place that I was in and how I felt not knowing if I’ll ever find the direction I need to be going in, and knowing I caused majority of my problems, Derek still helped me. Before we got started he made it clear to me that he was here to HELP and not HARM me. He revealed his gift to me and demonstrated what great lengths he’s capable of reaching with his gift. I was amazed and felt a lot more comfortable with my reading. Derek told me things I tell you no lie, that only I would know, he helped and guided me through my situation and has continued to be loving and helpful since the very beginning. I’m writing to tell the person that may be reading this and unsure of what decision to make, GO SEE DEREK! He is the REAL DEAL. He is in no way shape or form intended to harm you in anyway he is more than kind, helpful, and professional. He has an amazing gift to help and heal others, and I have been blessed to have been one of those people that he help saved. Derek is BLUNT, respectful, and has a true passion to help other people, sometimes more than himself. Today, I live a grateful, joyful, mentally healthy, and spiritually conscious life. Derek told me what I needed to do and I LISTENED. The key to what he informs you on is LISTENING. I can assure you he will not tell you anything that isn’t for your own good and to better yourself. He is not judgmental at and has an amazing heart.

Posh Miami by Dija Phaire- Real Estate Services: I am so happy a friend referred Derrick. He has changed my outlook on life and helped me through the darkest time when life was too overwhelming for me. He is REAL! He only knew my name and was able to uncover things about myself that I buried in my past and never told anyone ever. He will change your entire world after one conversation. I feel blessed to have him in my life now not only is he truly talented but a very sweet and honest person. Derrick is a friend for life now and I look forward to the future ahead with him guiding and helping me with his beautiful gift. I can’t thank him enough for what he does for me already.

Mike Behan: I was in such a awkward spot in my life when I came across Derek on social media. He truly has been a blessing. He is the real deal. He’s very responsive, respectful and talented. I was always a little bit of a skeptic but I now I’m a believer. Do not hesitate, this man will do nothing but help you anyway he can. Thank you Derek!

Heatheranne Twining: As a psychic medium myself, I’m extremely selective on who I let read me. The money I spent on Derek was well worth it, I can honestly say he saved my family. Thank you Derek for your precise directives, your confirmation, your compassion and your honesty always! You’re amazing. Keep being that big ball of shining white light. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! You inspire me.

Kona Kona: He is the real deal. I gave him my name, and just like that everything was unfolded. He is kind and sweet, but very blunt. He will tell you things that no other have. Will recommend him to anyone. Trust me, you will NOT regret speaking to him.

5. The Oracle psychic readings

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29 reviews
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The Oracle psychic readings

Address: 3112 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (305) 608-5752

Business type: Psychic

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The Oracle psychic readings: what do users think?

Mark Cope: This was the best psychic reading experience that I’ve ever had, it made me feel very comfortable. My reading was detailed and to the point. I left the place feeling safe,at ease and extremely elevated.

Jimmy Stephens: I was feeling lost & overwhelmed but after having my reading I felt like I could see things clearly & from a more positive perspective. I also felt motivated to make the necessary changes to be the best version of myself.

James Brown: I greatly appreciate the customer service and kind gesture
Response: Thank you

Darlene Mayes: After having a session at The Oracle, I realize how many things were so accurate. The insights have helped me identify and target the areas in my life that need focus and attention to heal and flourish in my spiritual and my career. I received a wonderful gift from the reading and looking forward more guidance in the future.

Connie Grigs: She has been doing my readings readings for over 2 years. If you are looking for answers do not hesitate to book a session with her.She is always happy to answer any follow up questions. Just Amazing!!! Thank you Oracle Phychic for always been there when I need you.

IRS 8003: When I did see her she was spot on but then she asked to get works done and that was 800 dollars which I didnt have and since then good luck trying to get a reading from her. Always lies about scheduled dates and always cancels.
Response: Excuse me unfortunately I don’t know who you are and I’m sorry for the inconvenience is there something that we could do to make it better for you

6. Hector Espinosa Psychic Medium

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23 reviews
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Hector Espinosa Psychic Medium

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 285-3760

Business type: Psychic

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Hector Espinosa Psychic Medium: what do users think?

D Varley: One of the best, if not the best, reading I’ve ever had. There’s something about Hector that immediately eliminated any nerves that I had about the reading. My reading was done over the phone. Hector was able to give me names, and describe the personalities of those that have passed and those that are still alive. He described how I’m currently feeling and his vision confirmed that my current plans (which I never mentioned) will come to fruition. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of ease that I had after my reading. The next time I want/need a reading, I’ll be scheduling another call with Hector.

Angela La Rocca: Hector is amazing! My reading with him was great. He gives details on things that no one knows about. He connected with my ancestors and gave me messages that I needed to hear as they pertained to what was currently going on in my life. He told me how to remove blocks and negative energy. He knew so much about my personality and who I was in my past life as well. He helped me realize what I need to do for my career and why I am having these feelings that I have. He really put me at ease. He is such a kind soul and very funny. I will most definitely be back for a reading with him. This will be the first of many. Thank you Hector!

Robyn DAmora: Wow! I cannot believe how on point everything is that Hector shared with me. He is amazing and would not have known such personal information about myself as well as my family if he were not truly gifted. I am just amazed at every detail of our conversation. What a blessing he is! Will definitely return for another reading in the future. Thank you, Hector.

Aneilia Cummings: I have been quite the skeptic of psychic abilities in the past, even though I have had many of my own personal spiritual experiences in the past and continue to every day. A part of me was timid and afraid to tap into this side of myself, so I lived in partial denial of it. However, after speaking with Hector I have no doubts in my mind of how talented and gifted this man truly is. He is very kind and easy to talk to, and I am amazed with the information he was able to relay to me from my guardian angels. My reading was extraordinary, and there is no possible way Hector could have known this information about me if his abilities were not genuine. He has inspired me to tune into my psychic side, and I have recruited many of my friends and family members already to get readings from him!! I would recommend his outstanding services to anyone. My reading was very healing and reassuring, even though I was worried to hear negative information about myself/life/future. He was able to get into contact with my deceased mother and grandfather, and pull out distant family history that is undocumented. I was amazed! Thank you for sharing your gifts with others, Hector!!!!

ME EE: Hector is very special, talented and great at what he does. He can give your names, details and you will leave the reading with a feeling of peace. 100% recommend. I have been going to him for several years.

Erika Alvarado Galleno: Hector is the best clairvoyant I have met. His guidance and advice are invaluable! I highly recommend him and I will definitely come back to him as I consider him a friend!

Rose Planche: Hector is awesome!!! Im a repeat offender!!!🤩🤩🤩

7. Psychic Life Solution

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30 reviews
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Psychic Life Solution

Address: 6610 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 357-4469

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Life Solution: what do users think?

giovanna plowman: wasted $300. I came in for a cleanse, she charged $300. Told me to come back next day, demanded $2500. I explained to her that I didn’t have that money. I believe she lives on the property. Behind “the white curtains” It’s very unprofessional. Her child is there also and will come interrupting your session so be prepared for that. She sent me off with a candle, oil, and a salt for the bath. And she’s right by my house so I have to see her all the time handing out her flyers. I never felt so robbed
Response: Hi I’m so sorry you feel disappointed with the service you received from me , When you came in that day my nanny had an emergency and I did not want to cancel your appointment For the amount you payed you received several sessions ( in one of many where you told me how much better you were feeling and since I started my cleansing process with you ) and Materials that I gave you to work with on your own. I offered you more options of different services and you did not want to move forward with them , and that was fine so we continued the work for the amount you paid, My location is an office only where I offer many different type of services that range in various different pricing I am sorry that you were dissatisfied with the service you received and I am more than willing to work with you to make it right. Namaste.

tiff: Beautiful experience, I was called to her cozy store where she read my cards with accuracy, I loved my reading, it was all I needed to hear. 10/10 recommend!

Courtney Puckett: I had the Tarot reading and I was very moved by the accuracy of the past and present readings which gave me more confidence in the accuracy of the future. She was very kind and attentive as well to my words and I felt demeanor.

kike johns: Julia is a great healer and very intuitive, I was blown away with how much she cares for her clients

Jasmine Loston: Absolutely loved this reading! I traveled to Miami looking for a different experience and without giving any indication to who I am, she provided very in-depth and on the nail readings.

Will Roof: Was very sweet & she told me things I very much needed to hear, and planned to do in the future. I definitely recommend:)

Brulicia Rasco: She did an awesome reading, definitely gave me optimism and I’m ready for what the future brings!!

Breanna Dinsmore: She connected well with me, and I felt comfortable sharing with her. Beautiful shop and I definitely recommend!

Yolanda C: Julia was on point with my reading. I highly recommend. 10 stars

Tin G.: Psychic Julia is a real and wonderful Psychic!! ❤🌠. I will wait for her predictions to happen!

8. Psychic Miami

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27 reviews
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Psychic Miami

Address: 3345 NW 48th St, Miami, FL 33142

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 405-8259

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Miami: what do users think?

Ciara Friesen: My tarot card reading was okay, but my horoscope reading was incredible! I have always loved astrology, but my psychic took it to the next level. She explained things to me that I never even knew about.

Yasmine Hintz: She provided a clear in-depth look into my love life and everything I needed to improve upon. She is very good at what she does. I will definitely be seeing her more often.

Clifford Ortiz: She took so much time to explain the entire reading along with any questions I had. She truly wants you to have the best experience possible and wants to help you. She had so much patience and was so kind.

Lois Christiansen: I was really nervous about taking the LSAT. I needed someone to restore my faith in both the universe and myself. It was important to me that my psychic reading felt personal and didn’t make me feel like I was wasting my time. My psychic was amazing and I will return.

Meaghan Windler: She has helped me several times with life decisions and ultimate results. She is encouraging and truly a special person! I will continue to see and trust her

Georgia Temme: She is awesome. Very honest and to the point and will not waist your time. She is accurate and I look forward to allowing her to help me heal as soon as I can.

Doris Clark: She has an extraordinary level of compassion. But, what makes her exceptional is her exceptional extrasensory perception coupled with how she communicates what she sees so meaningfully.

Abbigail Skiles: I enjoyed my reading good or bad just some stuff you need clarity on.. She hit the spots ull need to hear good or bad.. Shes very kind and I wish the best for her future..

Konopelski Maeve: She was amazing, spot on, brutally honest. Readings are done in a confidential setting so it can be more open & honest. pricing is very reasonable.

Mac Haag: I was really nervous going into my psychic reading . I don’t know how to be truly emotionally vulnerable with a stranger, but my psychic made me feel so welcome. I loved it!

9. Miami Psychic Readings and Astrology

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92 reviews
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Miami Psychic Readings and Astrology

Address: 3618 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 722-0106

Business type: Psychic

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Miami Psychic Readings and Astrology: what do users think?

Anon Anon: nice atmosphere but the reading with Brooke wasn’t really in depth. She definitely has intuitive abilities but I could have done a better tarot reading for myself. Didn’t really give me much clarity and just relayed general statements. It was still a great experience I just think the price for a reading with Brooke is way to high. It’s clear she has ability but this wasn’t a full blown psychic reading. I think I would have got a better experience out of my reading, more psychic insight, actual clarity and my moneys worth if it was done by the more experienced Sara who clearly has true psychic ability.
Response: I’m sorry to hear that however I have to inform you to practice Tarot card reading‘s on yourself not practical and we do not recommend it if you would like to reschedule we could offer you a discount on a reading with Sarah please contact us if you have any concerns

Jordan Suco: Sarah is absolutely amazing!!!!! I went there with questions coming out of me ears about a situation that I needed help with and with out even saying anything at all she just answered everything for me. Every single thing. I went in there with anxiety and confusion and left absolutely calm and it felt like a huge worry and the weight of the world was taken away from me. I absolutely recommend her for anything. Calm, cool , collective and straight forward. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Sarah God bless you and your amazing gifts. See you soon !!!!!!

Thalia Dorta: I’ve been wanting to get a reading done for a while, and I was told about this place by my cousin. The reading was a full life reading and it resonated with my situation, It was done by Sarah, she is an amazing reader, very welcoming and truly helpful. I believe I got a lot of clarity and I felt comfortable. Will be coming back l and the price is great!

AESHA PATEL: Sarah was amazing. She did a palm reading and she told me things that only I would know about myself. She has given me hope about my future and I’m so happy I came here. Don’t overthink coming here, do it! It’s worth it!! Thank you sarah.

lisa free: Sara was wonderful and spot on my reading!!! She has been very helpful and intuitive. She has a wonderful gift. I will continue to see her.

Sian Wilkinson: Amazing experience with the friendliest and most welcoming Sarah, very grateful for the reading and made to feel super comfortable. highly recommend! ❤️

Fatima Perez: The service and care in this place was impeccable. they were so nice and they really just made my day. It was really fun and interesting to be read by them. I really suggest visiting them on day. Very kind and professional.

10. Psychic Readings By Leeza

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24 reviews
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Psychic Readings By Leeza

Address: 18518 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 262-7277

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Readings By Leeza: what do users think?

Dakotta Lee: Very impressive, profound how experienced Elizabeth is and how much of an expert she is.

Arelys Rodriguez: Positive: QualityAmazing experience! I have had two psychic readings in my life, which were probably more vague than anything else. However, this tarot reading with Leeza was AMAZING, ON POINT, REAL, words cannot describe how accurate things she said were. I am grateful I stopped by.
Response: I am very happy that you are pleased

Rachel Broche: I made an in person appointment with Leeza over the phone. I went to her location on the day of the appointment. Called her multiple times and sent her a text message. No answer. Till now she has not returned my call or message. I have attempted to call her but she does not answer. I am always hesitant to leave someone a bad review because I know how difficult it can be to grow a business. However this was very unprofessional and inconsiderate.
Response: Iam very sorry I was ill with covid and I another psychic to fill in I just saw your Text and how disappointed you were if you can forgive me and let me make it up to you I will give you a 50% discount for all the inconvenience you went through I apologize for what happened

Stephanie Stevenson: Positive: ProfessionalismHad another reading done by leeza today and it was no surprise she was on point with all of her predictions from a previous reading I had with her,I am truly amazed at her accuracy and very thankful for all of the advice and clarity she has given to meThank you again!
Response: Thank you Iam very Grateful for your review glad your satisfied

Austin Canadezo: Positive: Professionalism, ResponsivenessAll I can say is wow!!! I was skeptical at first coming to any psychic but i decided to give Leeza a chance and I’m so glad I did she knew things before I could even say them picked up on my energy right away and just absolutely blew my mind away. Thank you Leeza!!

Aubree Maxey: Definitely what i need to hear and very eye opening!

Psychic readings and tarot cards Hanna: Great The psychic came in with a lot of skepticism and I was a bit nervous but she made me feel very comfortable she never asked me any questions and told me things that nobody would ever know highly recommend coming to see her

Stephanie Stevenson: Positive: ProfessionalismVery accurate and on point! She knew things about me that I never even told her! So glad I decided to stop by.

macy perez: Scammer. If she tries to make you pay for anything other than a reading do not even waste your money.
Response: Please I would like to know what I wanted you to pay for I do have crystals and chakra balancing and psychic cleansings and jewelry I don’t know what you were upset about but please get in touch with me and I will correct it for you please do not categorize me as a scammer

andrea bedoni: Amazing !!! So great. 🧡

11. Psychic Rose Theresa McGill

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22 reviews
new review
Psychic Rose Theresa McGill

Address: 2227 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 609-6744

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Rose Theresa McGill: what do users think?

Jet Gear: Best experience I’ve ever had. When I walked in I was very skeptical but then when I sat down it was like she knew me all her life… very accurate … I extremely recommend.. been to many psychic but not as accurate as her! Thank you again
Response: Well thank you I appreciate your review hope to see you again soon

Chinenye Ulasi: She’s a fraud. Scammed me earlier this year of first $2400 and then a week later an additional $3500 after i flew out to Miami to see her. so in total paid $5900 with no result..shes a big big fraud and takes advantage of vulnerable people. Just do her regular $50 reading and don’t pay anything more. Because I promise she will try to sell things to you and tell you she can fix your problem. Of course anyone in pain, weak and vulnerable will fall for that. She will engage you and make you feel like everything you paid for is working but it’s not. It took me a while to have the strength to post this but I’m stronger now.

Adriana Cabanas: She will try to scam you and tell you that she needs to cleanse you of a black spell you have for a charge of $500. This is utterly shameful of a person to try to scam people in such a way. I wish I never went to her. It’s been a while and I’m still in disgust of her words.

Sab Chavez: Her reading was somewhat accurate i paid for the $45 reading. She was very rude for answering her phone in the middle of my reading !!!!! Then tried to push a $500 soap on me and I’m seeing she pushes the soap on everyone I really wish I would’ve read the review first before coming

Hajar Benghazala: Best psychic ever !!! Everything was so true and such a good reader ..

Eudes / Odo Roi de France: I was there in 2018. She did see my difficulties from her Tarot reading. But when I asked her for clairvoyant, she began promoting her $2,000 cleansing ritual by purchasing the special soaps she made. When I tried again to ask her for future direction, she said she would make my wish come true ONLY after I use her soaps! On the phone for making appointment, she said the fee would be $35 for palm reading & $45 for Tarot; but at the site, she asked for $55. She even has a ATM machine right in her office! My advice is....if you already know your difficulties and am seeking for clairvoyant like I was, save the $55 (as of 2018) because she will less likely tell you about that, and instead will promote her $2,000 cleansing ritual to you. She promoted her soaps to me very hard with a long time........
Response: Yes I do offer different services and yes I do try it for my services I am not a scammer it’s not nice that people would say that about me however I’m sorry that you feel that I’m that kind of person because I’m truly not I wanna business as many people do and we do have different charges for different things I’m only able to do good

dixie b: I went in THINKING THIS IS A SHAM, but came out shocked. i wanted to talk about how i am still missing my Auntie, who passed 10 years ago. But Madame Rose, told me , that i have no problems making friends, & how friends see me as fun to be with. How i am good with money BUT also a hard worker..then she said the P word ... how i give people so much but my Patience is limited and once you cross this line, its over for me ..AND this is why my current marriage in dying , because he has used up a lot of my Patience, and that i am looking to make a big change . I went in wearing no ring! not even a tan line !! and she knew !! she told me more..but i think this is when i felt things shift , and she knew more about me than i wanted her to know .. i will go back to her next time i am in town ..

Nelly Haira: She said some things that were true but very rude and contradicting. Tried selling me her cleansing soap and said I will experience bad luck forever if she doesn’t cleanse me.

Bessie Butch: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueVery accurate Help me with my aura and also on how to meditate thanks for all your help

Jack Harding: Critical: Quality, ValueMaster manipulator. Nickel and dimes you. Once the money stops, so does she. Take her word with a grain of salt. Proceed with caution.

12. Amanda Luna Tarot

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23 reviews
new review
Amanda Luna Tarot

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Business type: Psychic

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Amanda Luna Tarot: what do users think?

Clau: From the moment you meet Amana you feel her beautiful energy and professionalism. She has been a wonderful source of guidance in my worst moments. Her insight is right on point. She also teaches you tools for you to apply them in your everyday life... same tools she has applied and continues applying. You are always learning from her because she shares with everyone everything she knows. From the tarot reading to the Hebrew pendulum, I would recommend Amanda to everyone, and anyone who needs not only spiritual guidance but also to overcome situations or obstacles you may find difficult to overcome. She empowers you!!! Thank you Amanda for your guidance, advises, help, and above all your friendship.

Habib Hasbun: Her insight is amazing!!! Very profesional and right on point! Would not change her for anything. I have not only consulted with her for the tarot cards, I actually took her course on reading tarot cards and I have learned so much from her it’s incredible. She did the Hebrew pendulum on me and one hour later I felt my whole energy changing and being revitalized and the feeling lasted for weeks. I definitely recommend Amanda for all your spiritual guidance needs. She is very dedicated to her work and has helped me through, what I definitely call, the most difficult time in my life! Thank you Amanda for all you do, for your guidance, for your advice, and for, what I now consider, your friendship!
Response: Thanks . It has been a pleasure to work with you. Beautiful soul

Ana Perez: A beautiful path to your light. Since you contact Amanda for an appointment, it is an incredible experience!!! You can immediately feel that you care and that he does it with love. Talking with her goes beyond a regular psychic reading; Not only because she can see precisely what happens and will happen. Its because you feel that you start to move towards your light. 100% recommended. She’s Awesome. ( Speak English and Spanish)
Response: Thanks so much Adriana, It was a pleasure to read you and help you in your connection with your guides.

Estefania Mones: Amanda Luna truly is a special Tarot card reader. She is so intuitive and she has been able to help my family through the toughest of times. I highly recommend booking a session with her and I also highly recommend her courses. She is one in a million! Thank you Amanda!

VeeVee S: Amanda has wonderful positive energy and I would recommend the Hebrew Pendulum to anyone that wants to clean and rebalance their chakras. It left me feeling light and refreshed.
Response: Thanks! I’m very happy for you.

janet whitehead: I have had many psychic readings. None as good as hers. Amanda Luna has done several very precise and accurate readings for me. I do not hesitate to recommend her.
Response: Thanks for letting me read you . Blessings

Guillermo Brillembourg: She is so incredible. She is able not only to clean your aura but to see what is coming and how to handle it. I recommend her 200%.

Dominic Guzman: This business is not a brick and water business and it does not exist anywhere near me are in the area
Response: I just moved to North Carolina . This is not a brick and mortar business . I attend from my place . I am very sorry you feel disappointed about this . If you want to have an appointment I am more than happy to attend you through video conference.

Giselle Sécola: (Translated by Google) I loved! Besides, he taught me that the tarot is a beautiful tool to develop your intuition! (Original) Me encantó! Además que me enseñó que el tarot es una herramienta hermosa para desarrollar tu intuición!
Response: (Translated by Google) Thank you 🙏 (Original) Gracias 🙏

Benily Ramos Alzualde: (Translated by Google) Amanda is dedicated, responsible, organized, she is excellent, and not only I say it as a professional but as a person. I feel totally grateful and satisfied with your help and guidance, you have a great gift. Anyone who needs its light, without a doubt, I recommend it 100% .... (Original) Amanda es dedicada, responsable, organizada, es excelente, y no solo lo digo como profesional sino como persona. Me siento totalmente agradecida y satisfecha con su ayuda y orientación, tiene un gran don. Todo aquel que necesite de su luz, sin duda contáctenla la recomiendo 100% ....
Response: (Translated by Google) Thanks for allowing me to help you. (Original) Gracias por permitirme ayudarte.

13. PSYCHIC & LOVE ADVISOR - Accurate Psychic & Tarot Card Readings

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59 reviews
new review
PSYCHIC & LOVE ADVISOR - Accurate Psychic & Tarot Card Readings

Address: 2301 Laguna Cir, North Miami, FL 33181

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (917) 499-9051

Business type: Psychic

Near PSYCHIC & LOVE ADVISOR - Accurate Psychic & Tarot Card Readings:

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PSYCHIC & LOVE ADVISOR - Accurate Psychic & Tarot Card Readings: what do users think?

Faye P: update: 5-12-2022. Just wanted to give an update and its rare I give updates. The spiritual guidance Linda offers is truly a gift. I am still doing the work and its tough to see and feel your life shift in a way where you are uncertain and honestly scared. To have the guidance of someone that will pray for you and over you and offer transparent and wise counsel is a blessing. Not only does she do that but she still encourages you to seek Christ above all things. My spiritual journey is being tested and strengthen all at the same time. If you are looking to heal and break spiritual strong holds give Linda and her daughter a try. :) Linda has given me reassurance in many areas of my life. I also love the fact that her faith is very important to her. She is 100% transparent when you speak with her and helps you find solutions in areas of your life where you feel stuck. If your looking to speak with someone who has strong faith, who is transparent and accurate then Linda is the person you should speak with.
Response: Thank you so much God bless you i’m very happy that my readings and advice gave you peace and direction

William Coffin: Best reader in Miami. was very accurate told me everything I wanted to know very understanding very explanatory had all the questions to my answers! EVERYTHING WAS VERY ACCURATE. Come get your reading, she was very good. If you guys need a reading she’s the one for it.!

The LonaLisa: I love her!!!! You can tell she really wants to help her clients. I knew from the moment we did our phone reading she was genuinely into my case and truly wants to help. Definitely recommend 10/10.

Silvia Gonzalez: She was on point in her reading and very detailed also! Felt her great energy and I could tell she is willing to go above and beyond for you. I’ve vistes many Tarot Places but by far she is hands down the best i’ve had!

Yey Lindsay: I have been going thru a rough period in my life. I woke up one day. Just n rage 😡 not feeling very much like myself. I had a voice speak to me briefly in my head and say Google spiritual advisor near me. So I googled it. She pop up as the second one on the list . I was immediately Drawin to her !! So I called her and ask her about her a reading she has a few different readings with very affordable prices for each option. When I called her she said I’ll do the reading via over the phone 📞 you just have to Zelle or cash 💰 app first!! Because of the Covid which is totally 💯 respect ✊ able !! So I sent a cash app!! And when I did that she proceeded to my reading !! She knew me about me and what I was going thru better than myself. She gave me the best tips and advice. She also help me work on my Situation. She did her godly work and helped me fix my situation to get negative energy away !! Her family has a long history and is known for there good work . She is the most trustworthy person u can meet. When I talk to her it’s like talking to a sister I don’t usually feel comfortable talking to people about my personal life because people can be untrustworthy but as soon as I spoke to her I felt immediately comfortable!! I am so blessed 😇 to have met her !! I know she is God sent !! She my family now I will continue to work with her!!
Response: I am so happy to hear that, God bless all gods blessings upon you.

Zeze Douglas: I left my session feeling light. The heaviness lifted off my chest. She offered me advice , which I am definitely going to take. Thank you.
Response: I am very happy that I gave you direction and Clarity in your life, God bless.

Sheila Martinez: I reached out to Sally because I had gone to another psychic that, in essence, I was extremely skeptical about because nothing resonated. I really felt and needed spiritual help, and Sally was exactly what I needed. First, she was extremely accommodating to my time, staying extra to make sure I could receive a reading on the only night I was free at an early time. She made me feel so welcome and comfortable and made me feel comfortable enough to share with her my experiences. She was very very accurate about the situation at hand and the past without me telling her, I was shocked at how well she had described both my emotions and my situation. I searched for her because I have been going through a hard time recently in love and relationships, and she had given me so much clarity in understanding the dynamics of my love life and what to expect in the coming months and years. I would recommend her to anyone, as I truly feel that a weight has been lifted after visiting her. I have been to multiple psychics, and Sally truly made me feel seen and understood. :)

samantha todd: Unbelievably on point! Sally was able to speak about very specific details of my life within minutes of our conversation, even down to the exact initials of names! She even knew there was a child involved! I didn’t have to say anything at all about my life before she just started in! I was in shock! I called her not knowing what to expect but just hoping for some sort of guidance and she was able to provide that and more! Very impressive. I look forward to working with her in the future.

14. Psychic Medium Emary

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5 reviews
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Psychic Medium Emary

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12AM ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 326-1411

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Medium Emary: what do users think?

E. E.: I often recommend Emary to any family and friends who have experienced a significant loss (or are just looking for spiritual guidance) because I truly believe in her gift and the power of her readings. Her healing energy and genuine nature is felt immediately and is consistently reinforced throughout your reading as she brings forth confirmations from your loved ones on the other side. The service I recommend for this is the spirit communication reading. Trust me, it’s worth it! Readings with Emary have changed my life by bringing me much needed peace & comfort.

Bridget Eguiluz: The Reading I had with Emary was Amazing. She spoke to me about things that happened that no one else knew about! When she was passing on a message from my loved one, it was almost like hearing directly from them myself. She also gave me messages for other family members who definitely needed help. Thanks Emary❤

15. Rachels psychic center

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25 reviews
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Rachels psychic center

Address: 1506 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 226-7535

Business type: Psychic

Near Rachels psychic center:

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Rachels psychic center: what do users think?

Bryan Bulnes Piedy: Did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but definitely told me what I needed to hear.If you need a psychic, I recommend Rachel.

nakahia wilson: I didn’t know what to expect because I never had a reading done before. I was a walk-in and she took me in immediately which was nice. It lasted about 30 minutes and felt real and genuine. I didn’t give her any info but she knew I was trying decide between two people in my life and gave me advice which was great because I’ve been a mess. She was right that I wasn’t enjoying my vacation because I was too busy worrying about my love life. Very detailed and specific so I know it had to be real. I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them which I really appreciate! At the end of it I felt like a weight was off my chest and like I could finally enjoy my trip. I felt like a really got what I paid for and would do it again if I lived locally. They only thing is that it’s a busy street so parking is better done on the side street and you have to pay for the meter but it wasn’t expensive so I would say it should not let it stop you. Hands down one of the best experiences I had on my trip to Miami.

Michael Laibach: Rachel is a wonderful woman who has a very strong nurturing energy and profound connection to the divine. She has been so incredibly helpful on my spiritual journey and healing. She will get to the root of the issue and make you feel safe. Highly recommend!!!

Lama Tinder: Please guys, stay away from Rachel she’s a scammer & bad person. All she want is money and charge so much . Do not go to your bank take money out when she ask . She will make you take thousands of dollars and saying the spirit asked her to tell to do it. so she can take bad spirit out. She’s scammer and never give her cash 💵 contact the police 👮‍♀️ on her immediately

Kara Brown: She was very good and inviting

Adriana Granados: Beautiful woman. Very positive and caring and only looks forward and you can tell she is all about helping you feel better and positive and healing 🙏🏻

16. Blunt Psychics, Inc

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41 reviews
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Blunt Psychics, Inc

Address: 6750 NW 186th St, Hialeah, FL 33015

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (786) 254-7754

Business type: Psychic

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Blunt Psychics, Inc: what do users think?

Vilasini Devi Dasi: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI am so pleased with the reading I received. Yoly was thoughtful , kind , and so exact on point. She has read for me for years and she is always so incredible. I give her ten stars.

Lylliam Lacayo: Highly recommend Yoly! Before my reading I was anxious and confused and after speaking with her she left me at ease and EVERYTHING she told me was accurate. Also unlike other psychics I have spoken with, she doesn’t fish for answers. Speaking to her felt as if I was speaking to a friend who had my best interest in mind. Thank you Yoly I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends because I know you are using your gift to help others and not take advantage of people.

itsGenie: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueThis was my first time doing a reading and she answered all of my questions. Lady Yoly really put my mind to ease and was very calming and soothing. She even did a little bit of meditation towards the end. I will most certainly come back again.

E: Positive: QualityYoly was very kind. Made me feel very comfortable. She gave me a lot to look forward too. She’s amazing, will definitely be booking another reading.

MariaK Hernandez: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueLoved her reading, very accurate. She elaborates a lot throughout the reading, which is something I really liked. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to have a reading done. Very professional.

Veronica Gonzalez: I got my reading with Yoly and it was comforting and gave me clarity on what’s going on in my life. Thank you 🙏🏻

Diana: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueAll I have to say is Yoly is on point. I’ve had 2 readings so far and she’s been so accurate. I definitely trust her gifts.

17. brickell psychic

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12 reviews
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brickell psychic

Address: 640 S Miami Ave #209, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: (305) 608-5752

Business type: Psychic

Near brickell psychic:

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brickell psychic: what do users think?

Pricila Perez: Very nice and gracious but her readings basically empowerment speeches where much is not being said just encouraging. She will ask for money for "work" she wont explain she will do and herbs youll never see. She took money she still owes me due to i feel was a fake separation from her husband. She stopped answering her calls once i was not convenient, mind you i never bothered her i would just go to my planned sessions. I am not sure if she has done this to other people maybe it was just me it was a vulnerable period in my life. Either way it is what it is.

Tori Sharpe: READ!!! Don’t think twice about booking or going to someone else! Make that appointment with her after reading this, I promise you, you won’t regret it. I found so much clarity after my reading. Not even a minute into my reading and I was already crying.. good tears! She keeps it 100% real and will not hold back anything; what else could you ask for when looking for a TRUE reader? She covered so much of my past. Current events and future before i had spoke! Amazing.. I don’t see myself going to anyone else! Everyone around me will know about Brickell psychic. And you should get that experience too.

Jack Ryan: I was having a rough day full of anxiety and emotions. Her reading was very spot on and helped figure out situations. Very thorough, amazing !

Dubai Dubai: Critical: ValueShe will ask for a lot of money lol she doesn’t talk much she just asks for a lot of money lol

Luca Ross: An unbelievable Psychic. Absolutely will recommend anyone to get in touch with her

Jaylon Lewis: Had an amazing experience, finally got answers I was looking for and got some closure thank you so much for helping me I really appreciate it

Valentina Brunzini: A little pricey but worth it if you’re willing to pay. Lia is amazing and was spot on about a lot of things. I would recommend it, very good experience

Glow Up Miami: I was calling to request a quote and this person did not sound pleasing over the phone. Does not make me want to book at all. Please cheer up in order to gain more customers. Thank you bye!

Ewan Owen: Thanks for a good reading and for giving me hope for the future

Harold Baldwin: Amazing Healing Remotely treated.

18. Psychic Readings By Bianca

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6 reviews
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Psychic Readings By Bianca

Address: 1425 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12AM ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: (305) 915-1499

Business type: Psychic

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Psychic Readings By Bianca: what do users think?

Karol Gomez: I had better readings than this. Worstttt of allll. What a ripped off... so much money alll for nothing. 😡😡

bianca mitchell: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

19. Psychic of the Angels

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13 reviews
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Psychic of the Angels

Address: 1462 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Telephone: (786) 276-9593

Business type: Psychic

Near Psychic of the Angels:

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Psychic of the Angels: what do users think?

Kyle Porter: I came here with my boyfriend and our friend, she gave me a palm reading and it felt very genuine and accurate. My hand started shaking a little when she was giving me the reading and I’m not sure if this is normal, but I wish I could talk to her more. I was only visiting Miami.

Jean Newwhere: Very sweet and honest lady didn’t sugarcoat anything to make me feel better Told the truth And predicted changes for the year in my love life I wanted to give it some time to see if anything came true and just recently I seen predictions come true The reading was well worth it I will be coming here a lot more

Art Crystal Gallery: I am the owner of the shop, I do not know why you are an unsatisfied customer. I had an emoyee that worked for me and if you are not satisfied I will gladly do a new tarot card reading for you, complementary.

Sophia Price: Wasn’t really big into the spiritual world but one reading had convince me she is the real deal thank you for everything

sonny costello: I was on my vacation when I passed by This psychic shop I was very curious to find out things about my future I had a Tarot card reading she begin telling me things about my future everything was right on point I was very well satisfied and I cannot wait to call her again I highly recommend her

Simon Andersen: The woman is scamming people for money... The only thing she tries to read, is your wallet.

liz jusino: Very persistent to pay in cash for a healing tried to scam me for 1000 to lift curse

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