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1. Forever Love Puppies Miami

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403 reviews
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Forever Love Puppies Miami
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Address: 6805 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 871-9843

Business type: Dog breeder

Forever Love Puppies Miami: what do users think?

Elias Campos: My wife has been looking for a small dog for a while and after a thorough search we found the perfect dog for us. Forever Love Puppies is a great place, attention was exceptional and it was an easy process; they explained us everything from care, vaccinations and doctors visits. I highly recommend this establishment if you are think of buying a dog.

Elizabeth Corales: my bf & i have been trying to look for the perfect dog for years. this place was super helpful & explained everything in detail about this dog. the only issue was trying to finance the dog, their system was a little slow, but we’re so happy to have found our sweet baby

Gina R: I absolutely love this place!! Great customer service and super attentive. All the puppies looked amazing and the energy was full of love!! You need to come here for your new pet!

al b-easy: Great experience, great quality puppy. Only thing is I never got the papers from the dog. I was told it was AKC but I haven’t gone back to get paperwork. Maybe someone can send me an email

Ms. Hernandez: Purchased my Yorkshire terrier here. Service here was excellent. Great variety of different dog breeds. They allow you to pet the dogs and play with them and get to know each one. So happy with him! He is such an amazing pup. Thank you Forever Love Puppies! 5/5

Daliana Tabares: This is my second time getting a puppy from Forever Love Puppies! I love their customer service and how easy and understand they make everything! Anthony and Javier at the Bird Road location made it so easy for us!

Lucile Guichon: Katherine and Javier have been very helping and professional and we found our new puppy the second we got into the stores. Prices are reasonable and they explain everything to you.Thank you so much !

Joshua Valiente: Amazing experience, we love our new puppy! Javier is an awesome assistant manager and helped us with all out puppy needs. Thank you so much.

manuela quiceno: We have been looking for the perfect dog and we were able to find it here. They have beautiful dogs and very good prices. I absolutely love this place!

Martha Sesin: Had heard about this place a few weeks back and never noticed it even though it’s near me. Have been looking for a Shih tzu high and low and on a whim came today. Never expected to walk out with our little Lulu! Javier was amazing, welcomed us and made us feel at ease. He answered all our questions and was knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Forever Love Puppies! ♥️

2. Epic Puppies

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122 reviews
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Epic Puppies
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Address: 9541 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 703-6590

Business type: Dog breeder

Epic Puppies: what do users think?

Joey Sullivan: Wonderful experience! Chris and Gustavo were extremely helpful with getting me my dream puppy!! It was a very quick and easy process, and they allow you to reserve your puppy too! Thank you so much!!

Claudia Rojas: We are the happiest with the service and our new baby girl! Amazing treatment by Gustavo. Super professional and explained everything to us! Couldn’t be happier!

Kyle Langseth: Great place. Found our new Chihuahua puppy there, who we love. They have a lot of cute puppies. Very relaxed, nice environment to get to know the pup and to feel good about our choice. We felt more comfortable there versus other places, which is why we chose Epic Puppies.

Lisette Martinez: The puppies here are so sweet and happy. I was very impressed with how well they are maintained. Ivonne was very helpful and communicative with me. For all these reasons we purchased our new toy poodle here. I highly recommend Epic puppies.

James Carty: Amazing place, filled with cute dogs! We got our dachshund here! Fair pricing! I will never forget this place. Thanks Leo for helping us out by answering all our questions and getting us through all this process! Super quick and easy!

Ernesto Domenech: Took home this beauty today. I’ve been in search of miniature schnauzers for a while. I have visited several places and I must say…. I really appreciate the excellent attention and professionalism from the staff in this store. Thank you for making everything so smooth.

Ella Celina Catro Martinez: I recommended this store, the attention was spectacular... I bought my grandmother a dog and she is happy with it.... you can go look for your pets at that place.

Rocket Brothers: Best place to buy your new family member. Chris is the best and knows everything about all of his puppies. Best place ever.

Valerie Torres: We came across this place and I’m so glad we did! We were greeted and helped immediately. The customer service is great. Most importantly, we found the newest member of our family!

Jakelyn Rendon: Thank you for helping us find our perfect baby boy! Super clean and professional location!

3. Gorgeous Puppies

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138 reviews
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Gorgeous Puppies
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Address: 7931 SW 40th St SUITE 27, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (305) 266-7324

Business type: Dog breeder

Gorgeous Puppies: what do users think?

Ethan Pike: This store owner is a con artist. He will cheat you. He will mislead you. He will lie and lie. When things are not going his way he will make up more lies. When things are not going his way he will also act like he does not understand English. He will cheat and lie to you. Buyer be ware. Do not fall for his tricks. I support good honest person/puppy stores 100%. This is not one of those.

Abraham Palacios: Everyone beware when purchasing any puppy from any store, but more so from Gorgeous puppies. We though we had purchased a healthy schnauzer since we went to their vet right after purchasing her and they did a wellness check and Lily was good and healthy. Not even 2 days later poor puppy started throwing up at a rate of every 15-20 minutes. I had no choice but to take her to the emergency that evening. To our surprise she had a virus and bacteria. Parvo virus and Giardia! Both very contagious to other animals and Guardia can even be transmitted to humans. Parvo is deadly to any dog with a low chance of survival rate. The next morning the store owner forced us to take her to their preferred vet and didn’t make it past 1 day, hate to feel they just put her down to avoid any expense but that’s just my though on how I was forced to surrender her back to the store so I had no say on any decision. Please please research these two viruses so you understand the risks you most likely will put yourself and your family through if you decide to purchase from this place. Also don’t trust their vet, please take your new puppy somewhere you trust and test against these two viruses as I do expect many of their puppies are infected either of parvo or Giardia or worst both like Lily was. To make things worse for us by loosing Lily, we could not even get compensated for the 500 dollars we spent on the emergency visit, that by the way the owner did take full advantage of the test results by sending it to the breeder to get his money back! Here’s a pick of Lily so everyone can see she was a living thing, because for my family she had become part of us in just 48 hrs that she spent with us, not a merchandise or a toy you just throw away, we will forever miss our Lily and please do your best to find another option than this store. Avoid the pain I put my family through please.

Isaac Diaz: Amazing customer service. I went last week to purchase my French Bulldog and i can tell you the experiance was great. The Owner and his staff have alot of patience and have the best prices around. They even give you a free vet visit with reputable vets. I will recommend this location hands down.

Jasmine dionico: It’s been 3 years since I bought my puppy from here who is now a 3yr old long haired dachshund. It was a good purchase. She was perfectly fine when we bought her. After reading most reviews I am terribly sorry for anybody’s bad experiences. In future purchases I hope the best for you all.

Stef T (Steff): I waited a year to write a review out of fear something would happen to my dog because of the reviews but I was wrong! I’m sorry to those that had a bad experience but mine was great. I got my golden doodle, Benjamin, from this store. He’s strong and now a year and five months. The only thing is I was informed he was a mini and he’s definitely not 😂. But it’s ok i prefer it! Will buy my next puppy here again

Brett Kantor: Awful experience. Please beware. Gerrado is not a reputable business owner. Purchased a mini pinscher from this place. Went to their vet who claimed dog was not sick . After returning home with the puppy he was gasping for air. We has to take him to our local vet who informed us that both of his lungs were completely filled with fluid from pneumonia. The vet said he would have to stay overnight and there was a chance he would not make it . Luckily he was able to get better over the next few days because we were smart enough to bring him to our vet . In the hospital discussing the situation with Gerrado the owner he explained that the medical bills would only be covered if i bring the dog back to his vet who misdiagnosed the dog . I told him not only did we feel uncomfortable doing that clearly because we were in this dilema because of his vet but also the dog was hooked to IV and respirator and could not be transported. He understood the severity of the situation and agreed to pay the hospital bills . The following day upon receipt of the medical bills he refused to pay . He is not honest and has a history of selling sick dogs . Unfortunately I didnt do my due diligence before choosing to go w Gorgeous Puppies. Please go to anyone else that can fill your puppy needs . Please avoid this place at all costs .

Sandra Arjune (Sandy): We traveled 2 1/2 hours to come get our fur baby, Geraldo stayed and waited after hours for us to get there thank you so much for that! when we reached the store he was very friendly, knowledgeable. Thank you for a great experience!!!

Diana Q: I got my furry love here 2 months ago from Gorgeous Puppies & Kittens and I could not be happier with my adorable Boston terrier. The staff was extremely helpful and my little puppy is perfectly happy and healthy. He has no congenital diseases or issues at all. I understand the need to adopt but if you are interested in buying, this is the best place in Miami. I looked at another Boston terrier at another store which was way too more expensive! The store was clean and the staff were very helpful, friendly and courteous, they gave me the chance to play with him before making a decision, and mention me the huge responsibility to have a dog. The whole experience was great! Healthy, quality, beautiful puppies from Gorgeous Puppies & Kittens! Diana Cox

Sarah C: Very nice and attentive! So happy to find a pup to add to our family!

4. Imperial Puppies

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182 reviews
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Imperial Puppies
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Address: 8173 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 717-6476

Business type: Dog breeder

Imperial Puppies: what do users think?

Yuru Herrera: I found my pefect puppy here, they take care of all their puppies with love. They always have the most perfects puppies, different breeds, colors, sizes... what ever you are looking for they have it there! All the dogs are vaccinated and the prices are very reasonables. My dog is 1 year old now and he keep going back for the hotel service which is amazing, when we are out of town we are 100% sure our dog is happy, playing all day with other dogs, they send me at least one video daily when we travel and that gives me peace of mind. I recommend this place to everyone who asks about my precious dog.

Niamh Browne: Cool store with beautiful puppies! - Alejandra was extremely helpful, she helped me find the perfect dog for me. Thank you!

Owl Seeyou: It was great to meet Alejandra. She helped us incredibly in choosing our newest addition "Astraea". Thank you so much. From Orlando

Jose portillo: I went in this store not sure of what breed I was looking for, and seeing so many cute puppies really made it that much harder. Thankfully, the lady Ana who works there helped me narrow it down to 2 puppies and then to just one-- my baby Chloe. It is evident that they treat their puppies extremely well and maintain their store clean unlike many stores I visited that day

ivan meza: They get their dogs from puppy mills, most likely from South America, where dogs are basically confined to small cages and females give birth an insane amount of times a year. Find a reputable breeder if you want pure breed, if not, just adopt.

Andrea Gonzalez: Awesome service, the puppies seemed happy and healthy.

Milagros Oliva: I got 2 two month old puppies from this location. At the beginning everything seemed good. Before I bought them they told me the puppies had a guarantee that if they came with genetic disorder or defect you would get your money back. BOTH PUPPIES CAME WITH GENETIC DEFECTS. They said they would pay for the surgery but it is not fixable with surgery.

Flora Torres: Great experience with seller. Was very informative.Left with a beautiful puppy.

Luis Ruiz: Amazing service, extremely helpful. Purchased our family’s first dog!

5. Forever Love Puppies Aventura - Aventura

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478 reviews
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Forever Love Puppies Aventura
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Address: 19030 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33180

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (786) 751-4705

Business type: Dog breeder

Forever Love Puppies Aventura: what do users think?

Pattie Kvachuk: My son and I were heartbroken after my fathers passing. The minute we walked into Forever Love Puppies it gave us so much joy and happiness!! We fell in love at first site with our beautiful little girl Golden Retriever❤️She makes our sad days happy and our tears into joy!! Ricky and Sabrina were so helpful and answered all of our questions!! We have gotten several follow up phone calls after bringing her home to see how she was doing.I would recommend Forever Love Puppies to anyone that wants to be smothered with unconditional love and happiness…..not to mention also tons and tons of kisses💕💕💕💕

Milka: Love this place! Bought my goldendoodle puppy from them 8 months ago. She is super healthy, friendly and loved by my entire neighborhood :-). The staff was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I come back and buy my puppies food there regularly. Everyone is always very nice. Thank you for bringing my lil pup into my life.

Bianca Barrero: I loved my experience at Forever Love Puppies Aventura! Picking the right pup for our home was such a sweet moment for us! Ricky and the staff were so kind and helpful in guiding us through the process. The price was great and our puppy is even greater! Thank you so much for helping make this Christmas extra special 🙏🏻

R 911: The best place to get your dog they have for much the best price for dogs And their puppies are really cute. Customer services is amazing they treat you like family and you will have the dog of your dream. I will recommend to anyone who wants a dog at best price and in perfect conditions. Thanks

Cathy Oliveira: This is my first time getting a puppy at a store and it was a pleasant experience! The place is clean and the puppy’s look happy. They have a broad selection of breeds and the prices are much better then other puppy stores by far! Sometimes they even have sales so be on the lookout! The girls that work there were very friendly and took their time to answer my questions. I love my mini Goldendoodle!

Amy Love: So I want to start off by saying that the two girls that helped me when I purchased my puppy were extremely nice and very helpful. I love my puppy but I noticed right away that he was coughing. Took him to the vet and they told me he had a respiratory infection and had to be put on antibiotics right away. Some time after his first vet appointment I noticed he was scratching his ear more frequently and starting to whine took him to the vet again and they told me he also had a bad ear infection and was put on more medication. My puppy had to go to the vet again after his 2 vet visit due to his cough getting worse. Gucci my puppy is finally better after weeks of Vet visits and medications. My vet has put him on a immune booster supplement since he’s had such a rough start. I’m grateful for this place because I found my fur baby and I love him so much but please be aware that you might get a puppy that is sick and might require a few vet visits.

Michelle Villalobos: I had been looking for a puppy to bring to home, and after weeks of looking I finally found the one! Ricky and Sabrina were very helpful and made the experience very pleasant and smooth. If you are looking for a new member to add to the family come to the Aventura location (:

Jordan Abrams: Amazing customer service here. I went bought a puppy for my girlfriend’s birthday a week ago and it was a success she loves it. I was helped by an associate named Ricky who knew how to do his job very well. From helping me pick out which puppy to explaining to me how to care for the puppy properly. I will definitely be recommending others to come see Ricky here and get there puppies from this location. Thank you for having such great associates like Ricky.

6. Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc. - Hialeah

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36 reviews
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Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.
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Address: 410 Palm Ave, Hialeah, FL 33010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1:30PM Wed

Telephone: (954) 297-8882

Business type: Dog breeder

Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.: what do users think?

Jeanette B: I was very skeptical at first buying here due to the reviews but we traveled all the way from Orlando to pick up our little angel right before the pandemic hit. The people were extremely nice and helpful and our little baby Reese was absolutely adorable. We’ve had Reese for almost two years now. We bought her when she was 8 weeks. She’s now 35 pounds, and extremely active and healthy. Throughout the time we’ve had her she’s had very minor health problems due to her simply being a bulldog. She’s extremely loving and absolutely perfect we really couldn’t have asked for a better add to our family. Thank you so much!

Stacey Leppo: I have never seen the facility but 13 yrs ago I bought a beautiful frenchie. He died in 6 months of a bad heart. Martin replaced him with a beautiful little girl. I had to do some begging but not much. She is 11 1/2 and still like a puppy.I also purchased a frenchie from a well known breeder and visited them and picked a boy frenchie out. He was sick since he was 8 months. He fought cancer his whole life. He did live to be 11 but cost me a fortune.I think you just take a risk know matter what now. I am really mourning my baby boy

Kay Fullilove: We bought a French Bulldog from Martin 4 years ago. Our dog has the best temperament and is super healthy. He probably could have been a show dog he is the perfect weight and stature. I would definitely buy another Frenchie from Martin and Beverly Hills bulldogs. I reached out a few months ago to see if those parents were still breeding but unfortunately they had been retired.

Ed Anderson: We bought our French Bulldog puppy from Martin 3 weeks ago. She is an adorable dog who is well-behaved and very active. We could not be more pleased. Martin was great to deal with through the entire purchase process. Zoie had to be flown from Miami to Indianapolis. Martin made sure she was prepared for a safe trip. Very impressed that Martin came back 3 weeks after our purchase to ask if we were still satisfied. I think that shows his commitment to providing great puppies to his customers.

A S: Positive: QualityI have a 9 yr old English bulldog and recently purchased a French Bulldog in November. Both dogs are exceptional in health and temperament. We absolutely adore them both and have had zero health issues typical of the breed.

ron navarrete: We bought an English Bulldog from Martin a few weeks ago. Could not be happier with her. The family loves her and they are very easy to work with and Martin was very good about informing us about the parents and the shipping of our puppy. Great and very helpful

patty monne: i adopted a female adult dog recently and the dog was not in great condition however. definitely all was easily treated this is a puppy mill and when i was there i noticed many dogs kept in small poor cages in addition my vet told me the dog had excessive c sections this place should investigated by the Humane society

7. Sonoline Rottweilers

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18 reviews
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Sonoline Rottweilers
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Address: 7810 SW 83rd Ct, Miami, FL 33143

Telephone: (786) 417-0169

Business type: Dog breeder

Sonoline Rottweilers: what do users think?

Jennifer Runza: I am writing here to warn other people, so what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. I bought a Rottie from Dr Sal in 2017, my dream dog! He gave me the whole speech about how he carefully selects his dogs to improve the linage, etc. At exactly three years of age he had his first seizure, something that would only become more frequent as months went on. We started by taking him to our regular vet and after bloodwork he tells me my dog is fine. A month later another seizure, this one a more aggressive one than the first. I decide to take him to a Neurologist (southeast Veterinary Neurology on Bird Rd), after an MRI and a Spinal tap ($5000) he is simply diagnosed with epilepsy!! How I asked?? “oh one of his parents had to have it….” Coincidence you say? My husband working one day meets a man with a beautiful bulldog, they start taking, this man mentions that his Rottie, Cyrus began having seizures shortly after his 5th birthday. While discussing this, he told us he also bought a dog from Dr. Sal in 2011. That’s not it, he has a friend that received a Rottie from Dr. Sal a couple of years earlier (that dog is now 7) and began having seizures around the age of three. As you can see, all three dogs are from different years, different litters, different parents. I am attaching both litter certificates for authenticity, the 3rd we don’t have. To understand how this affects the dogs, and more so, the owners, the majority of these seizures take place in the early morning hours, usually between 4-6am, the seizures are violent and they lose control of their bladder. In addition, each dog has to have complete blood panel done every 6 months ($250) because the toxicity of phenobarbital goes directly to the liver, but it is necessary to manage (not stop them completely). Then you also try to find other meds to mix in so you aren’t killing the dogs by trying to stop the seizures, not to mention it’s an exhausting and an expensive task and sometimes requires you to give meds three times a day. My Rottie also has chronic ear infections and skin allergies his Dermatologist is Miami Veterinary Dermatology Dr Rosales. I spend an average of $300 a month on Keppra and Phenobarbital for his seizures and around $200 a month for his RX food not to mention all the visits and medication for ear infections and skin allergy (I lost track). Sadly, It’s a matter of time whether the seizures, which have not stopped despite our constant tweaking/ adding new medications, or the liver gives out and we lose our beloved fur baby! Rottie lovers be careful when you are looking for a new dog and be aware that as of the date of this post we only know of three dogs of Dr. Sal that have/had seizures.

David Vranicar: We got our puppy from Sonoline. The experience has been wonderful. They are very patient and are truly interested in finding good homes for the pups. They have answered many questions after the fact and have made us much more comfortable with the whole process.....HIGHLY Recommended

Mia Monroe: Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueWhen we went to have our female Rottweiler bred with his male Rottweiler he was just rude and arrogant, disrespectful and just not someone you’d want to do business with let alone be around, gave off a very negative vibe and the atmosphere was extremely toxic.

Bill Fallen: Best dog I have ever had ,too smart

Teddy Soto: I inquire about a dog they were very nice about every thing thks

Alberto Marrero: Great experience, great owner, great dogs.

ana orantes: I like them. They are cute.

Angel Romero: Thinking bout it

Lawless Justice: Friendly breeder

8. Yorkie Puppies for sale - Miami

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3 reviews
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Yorkie Puppies for sale
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Address: 175 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130, Miami, FL 33133

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (256) 743-3450

Business type: Dog breeder

Yorkie Puppies for sale: what do users think?

Priscilla Reeves: This place is a scam...beware

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