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1. Hobie Island Beach Park

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Hobie Island Beach Park

Address: Old, Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30AM

Telephone: (305) 361-2833

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Hobie Island Beach Park: what do users think?

Gallo Pinto: Visiting in January from PA. Staying in Everglades so this was a day trip. Dog friendly. Plenty of room to spread out and free parking!!! The drive through Miami is irritating but I loved the skyline view once there. Food truck was pretty good too!

Sung ho Choi: I have been here now half dozen times. It’s a great place to go for a run, bike, or a swim. Just get there early to secure a parking spot. We went into the water for the first time, the water felt great as it’s fairly warm in June. For swimming, I find north beach to be a better place.

Carlos Lanza Jr: This was back at 2020, so I thought sharing my experience: I go to Florida every year to see families and I would often get bored going there, but I have to admit that the Hobie Island Beach Park was nice to look at and a good spot to go fishing. The sunset view were satisfying and calming to look at.

Jessie: Beautiful white sand beach, but it’s just a small strip of beach next to a strip of parking. Lots of people beaching it up. Even more people jogging, cycling, and otherwise exercising. Miami in general has tons of people exercising outdoors. It’s definitely clean and classy. No seashells. As far as a beach goes, overall hobie island isn’t that wonderful. Lots of better options nearby.

Melanie Marie: This beach is okay for a quick trip with your dog but it’s definitely not a beach to sit around and enjoy all day. The people visiting this beach are rude and a little dirty…the sand is full of trash and the water is ok. It’s a very touristy beach with low quality people visiting. There is a great view of the skyline and it’s a good beach for dogs because of the shallow water. Parking is free but difficult to find.

Alessandro Mancinelli: Never too crowded, very nice beach and free parking (recommend going early just in case)

Luis Medina: Excellent beach. Dog friendly, quiet enough to feel like you have space but not so quiet it feels awkward, that being said im sure during the summer this place gets packed, especially with the relatively small parking lot. There are food vendors which offer excellent food and overall this place is surprisingly clean (especially for being so dog friendly). If you have a 4 legged friend who enjoys the sun and the sand I highly recommend this place.

Priscilla Cheng: Nice park with lots of trees for shade. The sand is not as soft as there are branches and stones but good location for a lunch picnic or short nap. Can be quite busy even on a weekday.

Jaime Moreno: Very nice place to train triathlon you can swim, run and bike. And later you can enjoy the beach and asadito 😍

2. South Pointe Park Pier

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South Pointe Park Pier

Address: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Telephone: (305) 673-7006

Business type: Tourist attraction

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South Pointe Park Pier: what do users think?

G J: Serene and refreshing! Gentle morning breeze and the slow moving waves with turquoise color water brings peace to your mind! Perfect place for meditation and awesome ocean views .constantly moving boats and cruises doesn’t cause any interruptions to your inner peace. Rock bridges on both sides adds beauty to the landscape. The boardwalk itself is very well planned and laid out nicely. Love this place! Slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the city , this place is one of my favorites in this city. Come and enjoy the serenity of this place!

Steven Díaz Zalduondo: Spectacular views with a peaceful breeze! This pier has one of the best views in South Beach. From this point you can look at the beach and the buildings at the same time. They have some benches and a water fountain at the end of the pier. We also liked the art at the entrance of the pier. I recommend to go early in the morning when the Sun is not that bad.

Nick D: Very picturesque location. Good sunset location. So many people walking up and down the path leading up to the pier. Even saw a dog park in one of the areas. There is public parking available at the entrance to the South Pointe Park.

Yakup Content AI Manager: Such a beautiful place to stay for a while and enjoy the amazing sun of Florida and the ocean! It is clean and everything is relaxed; even if many people are here it is a great place to come and enjoy the sun! Definitely worth trying it! Just be aware that you have to look for a parking slot in the neighborhood!

Mallanagouda Patil: This is the end point of south beach in Miami. When you take the sea side walk this is the end point. It has got beautiful view of south beach and also amazing view of the downtown and Miami port. They are building one big path on the sea with rocks that’s in progress. Apart from that they already have one view point which is already built. There is also south pointe park where you have children playground and splash pad too make you cool. In the park there is small shop to get ice creams and other stuff. This is beautiful park and must visit if you are in a south beach.

María Fernanda Sánchez: Great for an evening stroll. We were not able to go into the pier but walked along the promenade and saw some beach cats hanging by the steak house. It is busy with lots of families and folks on bikes and skates, even in the evening.

Anna Svistunova: An amazing place with beautiful park and very clean beach in Miami. There are all needed services for rest with comfort. The south Park is good for families also because it has safe beach line and shallow entry into the ocean. Highly recommend it to visit!

Suxant: The pier is simply stunning. Located at the southern tip of the humongous Miami beach. One can pedal or walk to this beach across the Miami beach coast. The view is spectacular. The magnificent buildings at one side and the beautiful Miami beach on the other side. Simply a visual treat. This is a photographers paradise. There is beautiful park right next to this place. This spot is very well connected by public transportation. There is also a citi bicycle pick up station at the entrance of the beach. All in all, a must visit place.

Dragan Ange: The walk around the south point of South Beach is very beautiful with a gorgeous view from the pier. You can see the entire length of the beach. Rent a bicycle or have a nice walk/run. There is a place to buy some refreshments on the hot sunny day

3. Lummus Park

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Lummus Park

Address: 1130 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Lummus Park: what do users think?

Chanchal: Beautiful and clean park close to Miami beach. It can be accessed anytime, free of cost. During morning time it gets busy, people bike, exercise, walk, jog and relax here. It has many entrance to beach. A clean restroom is there. It has a bicycle stand, benches to sit, court to play volleyball, exercise equipment and kids play area. And the best part palm trees and birds. We took a morning walk there. It was soothing.In night lights around palm tree looks great.

Ezequiel Arredondo: great park with paver walk, lots of green spaces to just sit and relax, there’s definitely coconuts from the palm trees, try to get a local to get one down for you and open one. it’s also in front of south beach so there’s always something to walk to from here. good hang outs area as well

Yakup Content AI Manager: Wonderful and super relaxing park ! Just take a break and relax here with your kids and enjoy the beautiful view and sun! Highly recommend this place and already miss the park !

David Behbahani: Nice park, open spaces, restrooms. Bought a few cigars and brought them here. Told we can smoke here so we did. Windy but it is expected. Parking has to be done street side it seems. Wish it was cheaper 4 bucks an hour is insane.

robert bell: What a wonderful beach, me and my better half really enjoyed ourselves here. The water was so beautiful and e really enjoyed collecting different types of sea shells. This is truly a beach you will want to come to.

Martin Vanta: Wonderful park next to the perfect beach! The park is well-maintained, surrounded by palm trees, restaurants, sports area and is full of happy people.

4. Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

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Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Address: 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Miami, FL 33149

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 960-4600

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Historic Virginia Key Beach Park: what do users think?

Jessica Breazeale Consulting: Nice area. Plenty of beach and picnic tables and chairs. You can rent kayaks. Food truck with snacks and smoothies. Sand/ground Could be a little bit cleaner but not bad for a public beach. $8 per car.

Katherine Williams: Free public park. Dogs allowed. Shallow water with no waves. Very popular. Walking/biking trails. Food vendors. It is a beautiful and calming atmosphere. Bring a chair and sit under the palm trees.

Gena Lopezlira Ayala: Great beach to visit and relax. This beach is dog friendly and has a couple of food vendors (hotdogs, lemonades etc) you might like. Parking is close by. I go during the week as it’s much less crowded. Nice view of the Miami skyline

Susana Ramirez: Absolutely beautiful beach! Quiet and very family friendly. $8 entry, they accept credit cards. Will definitely be visiting again!

James Braaten: One of the best places where you can actually watch the sunsetting over the ocean in Maimi. Would be 5 stars if not for the small batches of seaweed and being shallows (yet also means great for little kids too).

Victor S. Yu: Amazing place! You can only get there if you have a boat or rent a boat, but it’s definitely worth it.

Tommy Vercetti: If you’re looking to find a getaway sunrise sunset whatever that may be to you this is your next place of destinations of choice highly consider anybody who’s looking for that escape from reality to further focus on the future to come

5. Alice Wainwright Park

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Alice Wainwright Park

Address: 2845 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33129

Telephone: (305) 416-1300

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Alice Wainwright Park: what do users think?

Vanessa Christoffel: Such a beautiful park. It is located in the middle of some pretty nice houses yet you find something so simple and elegant as this park. Named after a strong woman leader and advocate for the environment. It is fitting that this park reflects that. Love the playground and has a small bike path. I would not recommend bringing skates or skateboard because of the texture of path. It also has a small fitness area so perfect for a meaning workout with the air of the ocean to bat the heat of workout.

Z K: Great park for a picnic. Quite and has a nice view.Tip: there is cool FREE outdoor work out area with new fitness equipment.

Hassan Ishqi: It has great location. Although the park is currently under renovation and facelift but it’s still open for visitors to enjoy. The sea facing makes this an amazing place walking and running with soothing breeze gently hitting you giving an amazing experience. It has also some equipments installed for exercises for elderly and also swings and slides for kids. The area has a lot of greenery and close to famous Vizcaya gardens.

Christina Cheng: This park is still kind of under construction. There’s a basketball court, a kids playground, some bbq and picnic shelters and a nice walking path along the water. The walking path near the water is made with gravel. It’s worth it to note that there are quite a few homeless people that live in this park near the big picnic shelter. They congregate and sleep there so those picnic spots are usually not useable. They mostly keep to themselves and do not wander into the kids playground though.

Alicia Martinez: Park is under renovation, but the play area and basketball courts are open again. Love the views of the ocean from this park. Parking on the street is limited so get here early. Love coming here to look at the water.❤

Elizabeth Soriano: Love the view of this park but not how they remodeled it. They removed all the trees that provided shade. They also removed a lot of the little huts you could use to have small gatherings. Be prepared to be in the sun or take an umbrella. The parking is also a mission so get there early.

6. Matheson Hammock Park & Marina

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Matheson Hammock Park & Marina

Address: 9610 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL 33156

Telephone: (305) 665-5475

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Matheson Hammock Park & Marina: what do users think?

Patrick Alam: Great spot to relax has everything a park can ask for. Marina, beach pool, restaurant, park, trails kite surfing. If you have kids the beach pool is perfect. They have life guards and provide bathrooms with change rooms nearby.

Tricia Diaz: Beautiful park on the water. Nice atoll natural pool for families to safely swim surroundied by groomed sand. Fun to watch kite surfing to the north with view of downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. Easy parking except when tide is in and lot partially fills with water. Clean nice restrooms. Great Red Fish restaurant with Chef Adrianne was exceptional. Very fresh fish entries ($$$), variety of appetizers and good drink menu. Amazing views from bar and outdoor tables. Rooftop tables are probably open when it is warmer. A lot of great photos on here. I will add some from after dark. Beautiful drive to get there through expensive neighborhoods with amazing and unique old Banyan trees!

Desiree Arenas: Secluded area but beautiful scenery with kayaking available along with other water sports, cleanliness, lifeguards on duty. Can’t wait to go back!

Bella Ruiz: An incredible place, with a spectacular view of Miami, the best place to find peace, breathe fresh air and enjoy board sports in the sea.

John Paul Neal: Great little spot to park and walk around take in the scenery. Had a beach and a restaurant

Gisselle Ginarte: Park has great views. Good for biking, running or relaxing. The inner beach is a good option for the small ones.

Roxx Lynee: A Very beautiful and peaceful sandy beach with a wonderful breeze and makes for a beautiful picnic day! Pity swimming was prohibited on this day.

beautiful world: Place was nice. Parking was around 7 for the entire day

7. Crandon Park

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Crandon Park

Address: 6747 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (305) 361-5421

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Crandon Park: what do users think?

Vivianne Maduro: Beautiful South Florida beach with well preserved dunes. Palm tree lines beach provides shade in certain areas. The ocean is very shallow and if you time it right, you get to see the sandbars that form that also create shallow pools that are so much fun for children. There is a road along the sand for biking, roller skating or scooters. It’s also a great place for picnics, as there is a huge grassy park area between the parking lot and the beach with plenty of picnic tables and grills. There is also a playground and little water park for children. A cafe is now open that serves sandwiches, drinks, and surprisingly good conch fritters. Overall a great place to spend the day with the family and friends.

Travelwith Soph: This was one of the best park/beach I’ve been to. It was so peaceful, clean, not a lot of people. It have the grills for barbecue you can have a get together picnic day there. There’s beach chair, lifeguards, and a huge parking lot available. At first I thought it wasn’t safe but there’s police cars around the area. It’s worth going to visit, you’ll get the feeling of being on a vacation staying under the palm trees 🌴 lol just see it as a cheap vacation getaway. One downside we had to pay for parking it doesn’t matter how long you stay you pay the same amount it’s good if you stay all day but it’s not fair if you only visit for one hour.

Nicole James: We were here on an overcast weekday, but it was not crowded at all. There was plenty of space on the beach. Nice sand. Little to no seaweed. Lots of palm trees. In the park area, there are some picnic tables and small grills. PLENTY of parking space. Would recommend.

Dr Chris Wagner: Beautiful beach, esp in the early morning. Always empty. Great sand. Lots of room, picnic tables, umbrellas, sea gulls, vultures, bikers, joggers... a nice mix... and on the key is fun by itself!

Hassan Ishqi: It’s one of the famous park in Miami on the Crandon beach and spread over a large area. It’s located on the key Biscayne. The park has sheds for get together which can be reserved in advance for party’s. It’s also less crowded than other beaches like south Miami beach and better for families outing. Also, the enjoying drive and greenery in this key is nice experience. You will get a lot of parking space which is paid and flat fee of $7 for a day paid through PayByPhone app. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Landquist & Son Bifold and Pivot Closet Doors: Nice park- easy parking, bathrooms on sight. A beautiful beach on the Atlantic.Stretches with no people or built up areas- a great spot to get away.

Kaitlyn Arlotta: Beautiful park with snacks, food, drinks, playground and beach. Unfortunately we were unable to swim today but the beach was still beautiful and being from the Northeast to be able to drink and eat on the beach was a treat!

8. Miami Shores Aquatic Center

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Miami Shores Aquatic Center

Address: 10200 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (305) 795-2241

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Miami Shores Aquatic Center: what do users think?

jose v Arcieri: This place is amazing for kids. Pools and activities are fun and safe.

Lashonda Johnson: Disappointing to know I live less than 10mins away from here and I brought my kids in 6 and 4 for a quick water fun and they advised me only Miami shores residents, This place is literally dead. And its just a shame. Imagine being that parent having your kids all excited to be let down of why they cannot go in. I guess once they lose enough money, They will let other people in.

Labuby A: I’ve lived in Miami shores for 11 years and hosted my birthday party’s numerous times for both my kids, but this year was completely different. The party was from 3 to 5:30 I got there at 2:45 and nothing was setup, no tables no chairs I had to complain to get them to do it. Once my guest arrived they complained about them not being from Miami shores, which to my understanding Bal harbour citizens are welcomed…once proof was shown they lived in bal harbour the manager said it was fake and that they didn’t live there. Embarrassing my guest and making them feel horrible, every kid that attended that party are my daughters’ classmates from Miami shores Presbyterian school. I can’t believe of all people the manager is the rudest and most disrespectful of the staff. We were even kicked out 30 minutes early because they had an event at 6, which has nothing to do with me and doesn’t meet what I paid for. Apart from them staying with our deposit they treated us good and didn’t meet what I paid for.

Alex Levchuk: Great for kids. Really one of the best local waterparks around. Beware of open times as they close at 4:30. Hopefully, management will change that

Esteban Giugovaz: Nice pool. Great for lap swimming, heated during the winter. Opens early.

Rose Cabaniss: Absolutely ridiculous to only allow certain residents in to the water park.

9. Miami Swim With Dolphin Tours

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Miami Swim With Dolphin Tours

Address: 247 SW 8th St #275, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (305) 556-5085

Business type: Tour agency

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Miami Swim With Dolphin Tours: what do users think?

Jocelyn Quiroz: It was the best experience ever! I have always wanted to do it and it was just incredible. The staff is great and makes the experience super fun. The dolphins are just adorable and fun to play with. You are always doing something with them and get to touch them and interact with them. The swimming part is super fun and unforgettable
Response: Hi Jocelyn, Thank you for 5 star review!

Mike McCarthy: My daughter did research first on the park to make sure it was a good place for dolphins. The entire experience was exceptional and not just swimming with the dolphins. It’s an experience that my granddaughter, daughter, nor myself will ever forget. JJ in guest relations went out of his way to provide us with truly exceptional service. The dolphin show was great and it’s a well run establishment. Thanks for the memories!
Response: Hi Mike, we are so glad you had a great experience. Thank you for your 5 star review!

Kara Robinson: I was very impressed with educational information provided on Dolphins and the Dolphins we would be interacting with. I felt very comfortable interacting with the Dolphins after learning the history. The instructors truly love their careers not job and it showed. They were very loving towards their babies. I was in complete disbelief of how smart the Dolphins were and able to respond to commands. I was very nervous at first but it was adventure of a lifetime.
Response: Hi Kara, Thank you for your 5 star review.

Shelly Murphy: We had an absolutely wonderful time swimming with the dolphins. It was an amazing experience. Fall is the time to go to the Seaquarium. The park was not busy at all so we were up close and personal at all the shows. The climax for our day was donning wetsuits and getting in the pool with the "girls". They were beautiful. We all got to touch, play with and swim with one of these majestic creatures. Our guides/teachers were very knowledgeable and answered so many questions. This was the highlight of our trip.
Response: Hi Shelly, thank you for your wonderful 5 star review!

Debbie Oliveira Cantone: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueHad a blast swimming with the dolphins!! The staff are so knowledgeable and taught us so much! It was a such an amazing experience and I would do it again!! All the animals are so loved and well taken care of!
Response: Hi Debbie, Thank you for your 5 star review!

Tammy Black: My husband and I took our five-year-old son to the Miami Seaquarium for the dolphin interaction, and it was so much fun! The dolphins were adorable, and the trainers were very knowledgeable. I also like how they allowed everyone to take several photos with the dolphins. It was an experience my son will never forget!
Response: Hi Tammy, thank you for your review.

Patrick Richards: It was nice, I have always wanted to ride a dolphin. For those that have never interacted with a dolphin it will be even more unique. The website and emails are conflicting as the site says no life jackets are given out (they are) and the emails say a wetsuit must be worn (the swim group wears life jacket not wetsuit). The workers are very nice. Timing at our visit was a little painful as we were instructed to arrive at 1:30pm for a 2:00 show which we did, then they told us to come back at 2:20, at which point we watched a circa 2001 video about ocean life conservation for 10 minutes before going out. So a full hour of nada.
Response: Hi Patrick, we just switch over in Miami from Wetsuits to Life Jackets. So now it is life jackets only. Thank you for your review.

10. Grapeland Water Park

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Grapeland Water Park

Address: 1550 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33125

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: (305) 960-2950

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Grapeland Water Park: what do users think?

Vica V. K.: Perfect place for a few hours pre flight! More fun for the younger swimmers but my 8yro had fun too.

Zahid Hussain Bootwala: Really a nice place to spend the day, kids really enjoyed the place and slides…there is something for fav lazy river 😀, ample seating space …only drawback is they don’t allow re-entry so pls be sure to carry everything you will need

Sabris S.: We love it. It has a lot of safeguards in all of the pools. There is a list of prohibited items at the door (no food and no floats unless approved by the coastguard). They have life vests available at no extra cost. It is affordable to get in. I took 3 kids: 2, 5 and 11 and all of them had a great time.

Maximo Gomez: I can’t believe the City has not been able to have it ready yet, while nearby cities have their water parks open already.

Brett Werner: Inexpensive, locals discount, loads of life guards, clean, usually not crazy busy if you go at open. Movie night on select Fridays. Lockers and food available... "No outside food/drink allowed" - pack smart

Rosemary •Arguelles: Great place for the kids ! Small waterpark but it was fun for our children. We recommend

Fabio Cabrera: Great atmosphere, staff is attentive. Food is well priced at the cantina. Lots of parking, but you should arrive at opening for closer parking by entrance and less crowds.

Kay R.: First time visiting this water park, it was great for the most part. My 4 yr old loved it. There’s a side with slides for the smaller kids and a side for the bigger kids. Pool and lazy river for everyone. The only thing I didn’t like was the food. Not only was it over priced but it wasn’t even good. Sausage dog made me sick. $5 for school lunch slice of pizza. And they don’t allow any outside food not even water bottles. I suggest an early arrival because later in the day it gets very packed.

Erika Menera: Its really good because my children went to the slide and said i really like this park

11. Venetian Pool

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Venetian Pool

Address: 2701 De Soto Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 460-5306

Business type: Tourist attraction

Near Venetian Pool:

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Venetian Pool: what do users think?

Liz LaRosa: Such a fun experience to do in Miami! Although it does get busy at times, the pool itself is huge so it never feels too crowded! There is a smaller “beach” area to relax, as well as areas around the pool. Lounging chairs can be rented for $7 as well. Food was your typical snack shop foods (chicken tenders, fries, hot dog, etc.) and took a while to actually get. I would eat beforehand if possible! Overall, a great experience to go do in Miami if you have never done! Not sure if it is worth it to go again and again, but for the experience I would go at least once!

Holly Mann: We had an excellent time at the pool. On a Thursday morning to mid afternoon it was relatively empty. The caves would close and then reopen every 30 or so minutes. While we personally did not try it, the food smelled delicious (especially for pool food!). Lounge chairs can be rented but there is free seating as well. Plenty of shade, too. At this point in the season they are charging less than what is lost online (for non residents). I would recommend checking the prices at the ticket booth when you arrive and oursading directly from them or online at that time.

Brandee Smith: Wonderful place to spend the entire day! You can bring your own food and drinks, but no coolers, alcohol, or glass. They limit how many people can enter per day so I suggest getting their 1st thing!

Josie Jose Olivas: Love this place. The water is not heated, a little cold & chilly, once you get use to it, not bad on a hot humid day. They have chair rentals if you come early, for $ 7, you can buy tickets online or at the window. They have a sand area or a non-sand area, tables and umbrellas to eat at.

Phil Tatro: A real life Oasis right in Coral Gables!! Fed by an underground spring water aquifer, this pool is over 800,000 gallons! Drained and refilled every other day, with only 1 gallon of chlorine added, so almost like swimming in a clean, sterile lake, and oh, so refreshing! 2 waterfalls, grotto like caves make this a unique pool unlike any other. Tropical, lush landscaping, plenty of shaded areas with umbrellas, picnic tables and trees make a great spot for a picnic. Numerous areas with sand, wading pool, and benches. Locker room with showers, and lockable storage. On site snack bar as well. Numerous life guard on duty. Just a relaxing spot.

Joann Rosales: Family vacation from NJ to Miami. We decided to stop by this area and try out the pool. The entrance was a bit pricey for the size but parking was a pro. It’s rare to find free parking in Miami. Very nice experience. I would definitely recommend this place to others that come out to visit.

Oliver Solorzano: This is an amazing Landmark. A safe, welcoming, comfortable experience for south Floridians. Enjoy a man made cenote, cave like swim, waterfalls, layout on the man made soft sand beach, enjoy a lunch, and plenty of pool water. 👍. Highly recommend this small paradise.

Yojana Rodriguez: Venetian pool continues to be a staple of my summer experience. Coming here since my YMCA Summer Camp days as a child, to counselor, to a mother accompanying my own chidren on their on trips. The beauty has been preserved, still clean, still cold, still fun. You should make it a part of your summer experience too. Cheers to almost being 100 years old ❤️💯

12. Normandy Isle Park & Pool

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Normandy Isle Park & Pool

Address: 7030 Trouville Esplanade, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 993-2021

Business type: Tourist attraction

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Normandy Isle Park & Pool: what do users think?

Gri F: I love having Such a convenient place in the neighborhood for recreational activities. The community pool is clean and well maintained, the lifeguards are very nice people too . The are also basketball courts , park for kids and lot of green space to do your yoga or work out routine .

Danny Reyes: Good place to play some pickup basketball. The courts are not entirely well-maintained. One hoop was missing the net and another hoop was bent. But there are 3 full length courts, 6 hoops. Competition was friendly. I would return.

George Giron: Great place for family entertainment... awesome playground area for children

Thomas Monaghan: Hidden Gem , Avoid Rush Hours 5-7pm other than that. Pristine - Clean - Kind Seasoned Lifeguards & Impeccably Clean Water ☀

Salo Uribe: Overpriced for non Residents. $15 for adults and $10 for youth. Children 2 and under are Free...

G. la Belles-Lettre: Fun park. Playground is always clean and plenty basketball courts are always maintained.

Nahomi Hung: My daughter learned how to swim and float here at just 2 yo, via the amazing coaching staff! Highly recommend the city provided programs for all.

Greg Tran: A little too expensive if you don’t live in Miami Beach. Not a lot of swim lanes but beautiful spot

13. Margaret Pace Park

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2358 reviews
new review
Margaret Pace Park

Address: 1745 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 533-3552

Business type: Tourist attraction

Near Margaret Pace Park:

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Margaret Pace Park: what do users think?

NeKesha A.: The Prymus Angels Cheerleaders and I did the 2021 International Coastal Clean-up Community Service Event at Margaret Pace Park! The staff was amazing. The event was well organized and ran quite smoothly!

Martin Vanta: Nice place that can be used for sports, walking or relaxation. It offers beautiful views of Biscayne Bay.

Josh D'Alemberte: Volleyfest was amazing! We really need a third court there!There are 2 nice beach volleyball courts there and friendly players!

Kat L: This park is a gem. I took a stretch class there on Friday at 4:30pm and really loved it! Great workout with a beautiful view!

Hanan M'barki: One of my favorite Parks in miami. It is located over the bay and do offer some great activities around such a basketball court, tennis courts, playground for kids, dog park. It is also a great area for work out or running as well for picnic.

Chad Knapp: Beautiful park right on Biscayne Bay. Fun to watch the hub of activities on the water and in the park!

Brian: I come to this place often and love energy in this area. Everyone is out there living their best life. It makes you want to do the same. They have a nice dog park where I take my Jack Russell all the time. I can join the yogis they always seem welcoming. I can kick butt at the volleyball court or bball court. The calisthenics area is like a gymnasium. Endless possibilities here. Time to soak up that sun and go hit some dips 😎💪🏽

Manuel Hernandez (Manny): A good albeit small park to walk at a leisurely pace, jog, play tennis, play beach volleyball, or simply sit down and contemplate the bay.

14. Gibson Park Public Pool

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75 reviews
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Gibson Park Public Pool

Address: 401 NW 12th St, Miami, FL 33136

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM

Telephone: (305) 960-4641

Business type: Public swimming pool

Near Gibson Park Public Pool:

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Gibson Park Public Pool: what do users think?

Jeremy Fletcher: Great public pool just blocks from downtown - open daily for lap swimming. Clean and very nice 40m pool. Plenty of lanes!

Victoria Tubbs: Clean pool, nice for lap swimming, nice staff, rest rooms could have been cleaner. NO LOCKERS.

Eddie Vendetta: My kid was attacked in the park. It is not safe. Nothing was done about it. The staff was very unhelpful.

Cici Iverson: The staff and swimming instructors are outstanding in their services.

Real Rare: It was awesome. The food drive went Great!!!

Ken Davis: We came for the basketball gym which was nice but they had a leak which left water on the court stopping me from rating it higher

Jose Granda: The pool s measure is too much over for adult laps I am small heights

Yoni Azoulai: Excellent Staff. Very Attentive, even let me borrow some spare goggles!

15. Haulover Park

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15168 reviews
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Haulover Park

Address: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (305) 947-3525

Business type: Tourist attraction

Near Haulover Park:

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Haulover Park: what do users think?

Priscilla Molerio: We absolutely love Haulover Park... the beach is wonderful and the area around the rocks is perfect for building sand castles! It is quiet and the parking is great. We go at least a few times a month. Highly recommended.

Miss White: Parking is key here be careful and read the signs or you will get a parking ticket. Park at the side with the marine port and use an small short-walk tunnel under the busy road to get to the other side. There are only two volleyball areas one for little kids and one for adults. Lots of picnic tables but they are for whoever gets them first and they will get full fast!

Misty Tda: Love this place. Everything all in one. Bike rental. Picnic area. Beach View fishing area. Kite for sale. It is Beautiful place. We went out n March. Water was so blue and green.

david dees: A great beach whether you get nude or stay clothed. Lots of people. 18 to 80 is the age range It’s well worth the price to park.

Kandy Johnson: Every wedding anniversary my husband and I love to go to the ocean. I love the fact that is not crowded! The water is always great!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BOO 13 YEARS AND COUNTING!!!

Michael Gushwa: Great place to throw a BBQ, go to the beach, catch fish all in one spot. No glass bottles, and parking is cheap. No matter what time you go there is parking. Also rentals. Make sure you pay for the parking. The guy is out walking and checking. The picture is where I was fishing, the beach is right behind me. Picnic tables and shade also.

Faisal: The beach is very pretty.The part facing the intracoastal is a bit boring.Parking fee is good for all day. I went In January 2022. It was 7.50 for all day.

16. Shenandoah Park

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992 reviews
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Shenandoah Park

Address: 1800 SW 21st Ave, Miami, FL 33145

Telephone: (305) 533-3510

Business type: Park

Near Shenandoah Park:

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Shenandoah Park: what do users think?

Rose Suz: Awesome park I love coming here always...clean, sheltered playground, sponged ground and nice and curtious people 😊

Antonio Divine: Great place to go with your family and friends to have fun and interact with neighbors and police officers. #NationalNightOut

Elissandro Garcia: Good to have fun with kids. There are tennis courts too.

Jesus Marmol: Nice park, with lost of options. Soccer, tennis, basketball, racquetball, volleyball, pool, and more...

Al Silverspoon: We had a blessed day with ISCHS on the field day At the end it’s our community and we support it The park open late which give you a chance after the kids comes from school and walk to the park while the kids on their scooter or skates, very friendly environment without forgetting the activity during the year from the park staff

GLORIA HURTADO: Excelent to bring our kids

Diego Leyes: Best place for my kids activities..

Hello: Great place for all ages. There is something to do for everyone in the family even the parents. Whether you want to be active or sit down enjoying the fresh breeze under the shade. Also, the water fountain is cold. DEC 2021 UPDATE: Renovation going on, but the park is still open, such as the tennis court, playground, library, and center. The city is renovating the exercise equipment, pool, soccer field, basketball courts, adding more trees and sitting places.

Fabio Cabrera: Located in the heart of Shenandoah. Parking is limited. Plenty of playground activites. Tennis Courts & in-door activity center.

17. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

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8773 reviews
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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Address: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (786) 582-2673

Business type: State park

Near Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park:

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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park: what do users think?

Maria Andrews: This state park has a very nice beach that’s perfect for small kids, as it’s fairly shallow. Gorgeous views from the fishing side of the park. It has picnic areas, a fishing pier, and even a birding trail. Be warned, April-October, large amounts of sargassum seaweed make it to the shore and can be a bit stinky when it decomposes. As of June 2022, it’s $8 per car for entry.

Ilse Orsel: Beautiful park, close to Miami. You can enjoy walking or cycling here. Bicycles can be rented in the park. The beaches are beautiful. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a relatively low price. It is cheaper here than on the other beaches near Miami. The beach is flanked by an iconic lighthouse.

Cale O'Day: The park is really quite pretty, but we were clearly not the only people that seemed to think that. There were so many other people there. But most of them were congregated in the west beach, so if you leave there it can be very nice

Jennifer Groff: This park was fun to walk all around on the pathways and trails. Loved all the history and learning about why it was named after someone who was a WWII Veteran and a local man from the area. The lighthouse area was very cool as well even on a day when no tours are available to do. No tours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Avijit Nayek: Great place to enjoy nature. You take a bath in the ocean, enjoy natural beauty. Here you can get bike rentals too. There are some great eating options. We enjoyed sun set from here.

Jen: Loved this park where it is located near Miami. Enjoyed the day walking around and exploring for the first time and the price for entrance for one person was only $4. Loved all the history and learning why it is called after a man who was a WWII Veteran. He was also a local man from the area to make sure the land was preserved instead turned into more condominiums.

18. David T. Kennedy Park

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2064 reviews
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David T. Kennedy Park

Address: 2400 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Telephone: (305) 416-1133

Business type: Tourist attraction

Near David T. Kennedy Park:

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David T. Kennedy Park: what do users think?

Claudia Santamaria: I just started going to Kennedy park every week to the volleyball courts 🏐 and I love that is so close to the water, the view in the deck is so beautiful 😍 There’s always parking available in the early afternoon, and their trail is short but cute! From 11am-5pm enjoy a frozen lemonade from the truck in the parking lot 🍋

Christina Cheng: Great park to go for a walk or a jog. Has a nice view of the water from the bridge. There’s also a playground for kids, outdoor gym and exercise stations, 3 beach volleyball courts and a dog park. Plenty of picnic tables and benches for people to use. There’s also a frozen lemonade truck at the parking lot. The only down side is parking is hard to come by on weekends. There is a second parking lot near the sailing club though.

Maafin Paafin: Another great park in Miami. One of the best running paths in Miami. I liked the volleyball group and exercise facility. There is a nice Bay view from the watching deck. You can also bring your dog- your dog can play on the dedicated dog play zone.

Hector Alejandro Perez Quintana: Great for walking your dog, running, meditation, calisthenics workout, sun bathing, beach volleyball, all outdoors and pure fresh air right next to the see

Kel Ruiz: My dog ​​loves this site. Excellent park where your pet will be very happy

Joel Franco: Cool little park in historic Coconut Grove with benches for a meal. Boardwalk views of the water and mangroves are relaxing. There’s also a dog park, playground, volleyball court and several workout equipment throughout.

Burak Öztürk: A wonderful quiet place. And there are a lot of squirrels, if you come here you should definitely bring food for them.

19. Athalie Range Park

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132 reviews
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Athalie Range Park

Address: 525 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL 33150

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (305) 757-7961

Business type: Park

Near Athalie Range Park:

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Athalie Range Park: what do users think?

Faith Temperance: My kids attend karate at this location. Love the program. The sensei was awesome. Though I think the female sensei could use some nurturing skills and learn the difference between constructive criticism and demeaning..but overall my kids learned alot so far

Jamila Davis: Decent park. Has a basketball and tennis court. Has a pool and sports field and a kid play area.

Krystal Vpk: My children has been enrolled in this program at this location for about a month and i must say, not only do i love the activities there, but the staff is AWESOME!!! They’re very understanding and really Really cares about the children . They have so much patience for the kids there and are really awesome with the kids that have behavioral problems . I’m so glad i choose this park for my children. They really live by the law “it takes a village to raise a child “. A few names i could throw out is Mr Ken (awesome and patient). Mrs. Renee is caring and kind and really loves the kids. Miss Ashley is very young but is great with the kids. They even provide karate (free) for the kids. I could go on and on about this park. I’m just happy to have my kids there .

Scott Keever: Well maintained and clean park. Amazing views from the lookout and top of the main building. It has great hiking trails and a playground for kids. Must visit once. Highly recommended.

Regina Jones: Still here graduation party for great great niece. clean park great location for the neighborhood

A Brown: Nice looking park, directions are confusing from Google maps. Took me the back way where there was no parking lot. Had to go around like I was getting in highway to get in.

jesus martinez: Great safe place easy access to the freeway.

Patricia Jackson: The park hosted a " Say no to gun 🔫 violence Gospel Concert" featuring, Shirley Ceasar and Kirk Franklin. It was a night to remember.

20. Pelican Harbor Marina

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508 reviews
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Pelican Harbor Marina

Address: 1275 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (305) 754-9330

Business type: Tourist attraction

Near Pelican Harbor Marina:

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Pelican Harbor Marina: what do users think?

Patricia & Samantha Garcia: Great place to spend some time outdoors while practicing social distance.

Seattle ProWash: Really Quite a good Marina I had a great time jet skiing And boating Here

Robert Lee: Great location! Staff was very helpful and grounds were very nice. We rented a slip for a few days and I was very pleased. The docks are sheltered from the intercostal which I am thankful for.because we had a very bad storm one night. I will absolutely return to Pelican Harbour!

Gabby Menardy: As an FWC officer I work with Pelican Harbor a lot and they taking so many made of animals and provide an invaluable service. Please support them if you have the means!

Alan Cohen: We were married at Pelican Harbor five years ago and we had our five year anniversary party there last weekend as well. The General Manager Tommy and the captain Christopher were second to none. A beautiful place amazing staff and a wonderful boat ride for a group of tenth. Five stars. We love these guys and highly recommend.

Ana Martins: Good Trucks Party every Wednesday. Really tasty food with a live DJ.

I Har: Great place if you are looking to rent a dock space. Clean area and not too far from other boat destinations you may want to visit. My family loves the sand bars! Ultimate chill spot.

Felipe Yamada: We did a beach cleanup with a lot of trash overall. Other than that, place was very nice to take walks, cleanups, swimming, etc. Would go again

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