Best Archaeological Remains In Miami Near Me

1. Miami Circle National Historic Landmark - Miami

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Miami Circle National Historic Landmark
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Address: Miami, FL 33131

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Historical landmark

Miami Circle National Historic Landmark: what do users think?
Sourav Kumar Ukil
Sourav Kumar Ukil: Nice place to sit around, a bit different than other popular places of Miami ..
Angela Davis
Angela Davis: Absolutely beautiful spot to take a stroll and to enjoy the skyline up close.
Muhammad Mohiuddin
Muhammad Mohiuddin: It is a very small park by Miami River with a monument inscribed with some history of this place. You can sit there and enjoy the wind and the passing by boats and yachts. There is not much do here and it is not a big park it has no parking either.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas: The lack of more in depth explanation and artifacts leaves the experience strangely hollow. Was saved by some archeologists sorting through their new dig in a parking garage across the street.
Garrett Kusmack
Garrett Kusmack: Not much to it but neat to see once. It’s mainly a dog park.
Yosi Natural (Guerrera)
Yosi Natural (Guerrera): I visited this Area and it is beautiful! Miami Corrupted System should have never allow to build anything NO BUILDINGS NO STRUCTURES around and respected the Historic Nature Area! Besides the PROVIDES ENOUGH FREE PARKING TO ACCESS TO IT!!!! AND STOP DOING EVERYTHING FOR MONEY AS PRIORITY WHEN NATURE PROVIDES EVERYTHING FOR FREE! It is The System who mislead and lie to people that produce work when what it does its taking FREE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING Which Latinos are from all America from North To South as we are Descendants from NATIVES! The REAL THRUTHFUL KNOWLEDGE AND HEALTHY. That its why I am giving 4 Starts
Lia Manley
Lia Manley: Owners are not always careful with their pets off leashes, as i saw two other dogs. Which was a little worry some as i was walking my dog with my son in the stroller. Lucky they had short attention spans. Anyways it is a great spot for meeting with friends and family. Close to shops and restaurants.
Jacquie B's Watercraft Specialist
Jacquie B's Watercraft Specialist: Spiritual of oldest spots on Earth you can touch right here is Miami... our Stone henge

2. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - Miami

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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
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Address: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: (305) 250-9133

Business type: Tourist attraction

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: what do users think?
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson: Beautiful landscape, unique decor and tons of history packed into this place. Lots of art decor and history. The complimentary audio tour provides a great selection paced tool too explore this marvelous mansion. Tons of nooks and crannies to explore. The gardens are breathtaking and beautiful. Between the main building, the gazebo, and the gardens, there is no lack of photo opportunities. Spent hours exploring and enjoyed every minute.
gabi mckenzie
gabi mckenzie: Very cool! I loved visiting. Beautiful home and gardens. Great info throughout with context on the lives of the family. Very busy and kind of pricey at $25 per ticket. There were a bunch of older people who didn’t get the concept of a digital ticket so that held up the line, we probably had to wait 20 minutes for a process that could have taken 5. Maybe fire signage or a separate line for those that need assistance? Also man, I got so sweaty exploring the gardens haha. More water fountains would have been appreciated but that might just be a me-thing. Inside the home was air conditioned which was nice, lots of places to sit and appreciate the architecture. It was very busy when I visited so we had to wait to read some info or see in to some rooms. We went on Sunday and we’re there around 11 so definitely prime time for this experience.
Cassandra Peronel
Cassandra Peronel: This place gets 5 stars without question. The tickets are purchased online and only $25. Something to do for the day that’s inexpensive, learn history and take plenty of memorable photos. You have access to the mansion and the garden of this visit. I say you may need to take out minimum 4 hours of your time to see everything this place has to offer. I went on a hot day and walking through the garden was torture. Thank goodness I brought my small umbrella. I took over 100 pics that day, LOL! Definitely going back with a larger group of friends!
Anneken Me
Anneken Me: It is beautiful. You really get a feeling of how they lived back then. So many wonderful details like the ceilings. The gardens are organized but yet so wild. I saw so many different types of lizards running around plus a raccoon and a duck. At least I think it was a duck. Also, very importantly, the visitors bathroom was very comfortable and clean. A big plus!
David Brim
David Brim: The number one place to come and visit in Miami. It’s an oasis of beauty and nature in Miami. Buoy at the turn of the last century, Vizcaya is a true architectural and artistic gem. Italianate villa build in the Miami Everglades when Miami only had 10,000 residents. The museum is well cared for and is stunning. We’ll worth a visit. Parking is easy and you simply buy your tickets online prior to entering.

3. HistoryMiami Museum - Miami

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HistoryMiami Museum
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Address: 101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: (305) 375-1492

Business type: Tourist attraction

HistoryMiami Museum: what do users think?
Mauro Ruini
Mauro Ruini: The History Miami Museum was a nice surprise. It is definitely not one of the most celebrated museums in Miami, but it turned out to be very interesting. The best part is in the second building, north of the main ones; we spent almost 2 hours there and you can learn a lot about the history of Miami. I definitely recommend a visit but take your time in the 2nd bldg. to read what you are looking at.
Response: Thank you so much for the nice review. We are happy to read you enjoyed your time with us. We look forward to seeing you back in the galleries.
Adriana Ruini
Adriana Ruini: Miami is known worldwide as a “fiesta city”; but although it doesn’t have a lot of museums like other big cities, if you are interested in culture, you can find some good venues/events here as well. One of them if the History Miami Museum, located Downtown, in an area frequented by a lot of people not as fortunate as we all are, but frankly I never had a problem walking there (at least during the day). We found this little gem thanks to a Groupon offer, and went to Miami last month for a day trip just to see the museum. Unfortunately we found it closed, and there was no sign at all at the entrance, nothing indicated on their website, no special message on their answering machine… It was a passer-by that reminded us it was Veteran’s Day: our fault for not having thought of that, but I’m still rating the museum 4 stars instead of 5 because of their lack of proper communication (potential international visitors won’t know that city’s offices are closed for Veteran’s Day). So we took another day trip to Miami this month to go and see the museum. The museum consists in 2 buildings of 2 floors, and you start your visit in the building displaying items belonging to the most recent history of Miami. I understand that in this section they also have special exhibits, but unfortunately there was none not when we visited. I found the second building much more interesting: it goes from the old times and also has more items. The place is small, but I think we stayed in the second building for almost a couple of hours: I loved it! It’s very informative, shows lots of very old pictures, a video, and makes you want to further study Miami’s history. I really enjoyed my visit!
Response: Thank you so much Adriana for your review. We are so happy you enjoyed your visit with us. We have taken your feedback and will make sure that our holiday schedule is even more visible on the website. Thank you for visiting.
marianne cadena
marianne cadena: Actually two museums, North Bldg. has the History of South Florida, South Bldg. has more local items. Lots of hands on displays and informative stories. Not too expensive & a pleasant, interesting way to spend an hour or two
Tamara Etienne
Tamara Etienne: Beautiful to see the Dreams Exhibit and learn about all the people that have lived in Miami. Including my people, Haitians! Loved the tour guide and will be returning again! Free for families every 2nd Saturday. Check site for monthly updates.
Response: Thank you so much for the great review! We look forward to welcoming you back soon!
Jennifer Nanek
Jennifer Nanek: Excellent experience. Came here for a quick visit. A small museum that does a good job capturing the history and culture of Miami. I like the bright colors in their displays. They keep the information simple and to the point. My recommendation is they need a gift shop.
Michael Jimenez
Michael Jimenez: Fun day today at the Miami History Museum. Especially since today was free entry for everyone. This place had a lot to see. More than I expected. If you are in the downtown area. Make some time to check it out. An hour to two max to see all the displays they have. Lots of interesting facts and history of the Miami area. Also if you are new to this area. Look for the Metro mover around the North side of the Museum to get a free ride around the City.
Ryesher Dsouza
Ryesher Dsouza: A nice museum which takes you through the sequence of events that built Miami as a city. Nice to see a different perspective on this legendary city. You can spend a good 1.5 hours here across the two buildings. While the chronological exhibits were great, I must say that I was blown away by the Photo Walk on the 2nd Floor of the second building. The photographer has so brilliantly captured some of the pictures that you will definitely be mesmerized by the quality of the images and their perspective. Overall, a great place to spend a few hours and then go grab lunch!
Response: Thank you so much Ryesher for the great review. We are so pleased to read you enjoyed your time with us.
Carrie C.
Carrie C.: A cultural oculus centered in Downtown shining light on the diverse history and colorful character of Miami. The History Miami Museum is an immersive experience diving deep into the treasures of the past. Moments in time on display encompassing the space of two buildings and intrinsically located next to the library for further cerebral enhancement. Explore freely and absorb the magic of Miami!
Response: Thank you so much for the great review!

4. Arch Creek Park - North Miami

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Arch Creek Park
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Address: 1855 NE 135th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33181

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: (305) 944-6111

Business type: Tourist attraction

Arch Creek Park: what do users think?
Alex G
Alex G: Cute small historical park with a small nature center. Federally protected Tequesta native land. Small, cool, intimate nature trail with many different butterfly species. Fun archaeology programs for the kids. Night hike and BYOM (Bring your own Marshmallow) camp fires. A variety of native and non-native animals to see throughout the trails. No dogs allowed though. Not the park with the horses or playground.
Melany Gonsalez
Melany Gonsalez: It’s very good park but it had so much spiders but it still was pretty and interesting.
Gema A
Gema A: Beautiful and quite place. Short trail with a lot of birds and butterflies. The museum is a must see
Aura Lacruz
Aura Lacruz: I like this park,and it was a nice and secluded .i just wish it were larger. the visitors center was nice and informative.
vanessa correa
vanessa correa: very nice and quiet
Aaron Leon
Aaron Leon: Take a walk back in time to Florida before the construction and civilization as you explore trails that are pristine and natural. There is a very small museum (one small room) to browse and a few picnic benches.
Hilda Palermo
Hilda Palermo: Beautiful park, has a playground and pool for family sharing, also wild area, and Accesible for all
Ben Z
Ben Z: Nice couple trails in the city. Would be nice to have some picnic tables around though
Alena Sheriff
Alena Sheriff: Investigating the park and venturing thru the sacred woods on a guided tour was incredible. The history, the wildlife, and the tour with friends is an activity I would love to do do again. This was my first time at the park and the bonfire and roasted was an added bonus at the end.

5. Oleta River State Park - North Miami Beach

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5663 reviews
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Oleta River State Park
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Address: 3400 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Telephone: (305) 919-1846

Business type: State park

Oleta River State Park: what do users think?
Pedro Mata
Pedro Mata: Great Florida State Park in the middle of civilization. Great for kayaking and mountain biking. It also has a beach area, trails, pavilions, views of the bay, and even several small log cabins. Has ample parking and clean restroom facilities. Nice place for us city folk to get away without going away.
Lenrock: Great park, reasonably priced rentals and an amazing staff. $45 for a tandem kayak and $5 per half hour thereafter. All of the life jackets were brand new and fit well. Oars and boats were also in great condition. Get the kayak and go to the Sandbar its definitely fun to do. Pro Tip: on top of sun screen and water I would highly recommend some insect repellent. The skeeters out there are super aggressive and very hungry, especially if you are as delicious as I am.
elad rothschild
elad rothschild: We just love this place! perfect for kayaking, sup etc. Going around with the bicycle (you can also rent there). Bbq, picnic... and of course the white sand beach. a little crowded on weekends and holidays, especially if you plan on a BBQ place. super nice people come here. they charge 6 $ for a car.
Hunter Masi
Hunter Masi: Very well maintained State Park! It has beautiful views and it’s nice to get some peace and quiet once in a while especially in Miami. I’m not much of a nature person but the views alone make it worth a visit!
S D: Went for a camping trip with a large group of over 70 people. There was only one working bathroom that did not lock and did not have lights. The worst part where the no-see-um insects. We could not sleep the whole night. The next day the bug bites were so bad many of the kids could not go to school. Seems like they do not spray the campgrounds and it is sitting in a swampy area. I definitely will not go camping here again.
Bethany Schwerstein
Bethany Schwerstein: Booked 2 nights, but could only stay 1 due to the awful bed in the cabin. I understand the idea of “rustic” but the bed was MAYBE 10 inches thick & sunk in the middle so we would constantly fall into it and anytime either of us would move, the bed would creak SO loud that it would wake the other up. We didn’t sleep AT ALL & had body aches all the next day. If you’re planning to stay at this park in the cabins, make sure you bring a memory foam topper or your own inflatable mattress. Pretty pathetic they can’t get a better bed in there. We decided to lose the $75 we paid for the extra night so we could go home to a decent bed.
Kim Kravitz
Kim Kravitz: Beautiful well conserved park where you can enjoy a wonderful day with family. You can take your kayak or rent. We had an Amazing time where we even encounter wild dolphins. Will be back for sure.

6. Pérez Art Museum Miami - Miami

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5412 reviews
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Pérez Art Museum Miami
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Address: 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (305) 375-3000

Business type: Tourist attraction

Pérez Art Museum Miami: what do users think?
Manuel Hernandez (Manny)
Manuel Hernandez (Manny): The museum has a very special permanent collection that is primarily focus on modern art work. The exhibition spaces are very roomy with plenty of space to sit and contemplate the pieces on the walls. The only thing I did not love is that the visit felt short, almost as if there were not that many things to see.
Vanina Gramatikova
Vanina Gramatikova: Found the museum very interesting and beautiful. A lot of the artwork requires you to read the description since the art, at first glance, might seem a little uninspiring at first. Gave it 4 stars because the workers there were very rude. Followed me and my boyfriend around as we looked at the art and told us not to touch the artwork even though we weren’t. The experience could’ve been more inviting because of the employees but overall if you come here for the artwork you will have a good time
Oleg Osypchuk
Oleg Osypchuk: Nice museum of modern and contemporary art. Colorful exhibits looking great for taking pictures and relaxing in general. You can also take a nice walk afterwards in the park 😉
Joshua Yancey
Joshua Yancey: The building is beautiful on the outside, pretty average on the inside in my opinion. The art/Exhibit that they had are very good, but unless you are slow as a turtle — You shouldn’t be here even longer than maybe 40 minutes. Pretty unacceptable for a building this big. Style over substance strikes Miami again. Since my wife and I don’t have Membership to the museum. General admission is $16 per ticket. A bit much in my view, seeing as you’ll have to pay about $10 dollars minimum for parking. Go once and maybe comeback once a year after that…🤷🏾‍♂️
Naomi Sprung
Naomi Sprung: I brought my 12th grade class to Perez Museum and it was a fabulous, informative and inspiring trip! The students were so engaged In Everything that Lori, our guide, taught us. She helped the students think out of the box, and got all of us to view art in a more open, intellectual and gut moving way! The art is powerful and placed in an environment that enhances the sculptures and paintings and photographs and allows the works to breathe. Very impactful! We are scheduling a return trip! A MUST SEE!
Yari Tejeda
Yari Tejeda: Went to this museum with my sister for my bday weekend n we loved it. Was very eccentric. A nice place to check out while in the area.
Jason Lin
Jason Lin: More than 15 galleries. Good balance of artwork of various mediums and styles. Refreshing art quality and curation. The staff here is helpful. The area around the museum is also beautiful. Well worth a stroll or meal at the cafe. Part of Bank of America first weekend of the month.

7. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science - Miami

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5710 reviews
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Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
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Address: 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (305) 434-9600

Business type: Tourist attraction

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science: what do users think?
G J: Lovely science museum covering marine life, astronomy, human physiology and rocket science! Their planetarium is one of the best I have seen in the recent years. Extensive exhibition of marine life including stingrays, hammer head sharks, fishes and corals is the main attraction here. Ice age exhibits, rocket science exhibits and Me labs provides lot of insights for the young adults and grownups! A must visit place for all aspiring scientists! The observation deck and solar spot at the top floor and food joints within the building are plus points!
Response: Thank you for your visit and supporting the museum!
Maria Briggs
Maria Briggs: Amazing place! My 9 year old son and I spent almost 5 hours there and were really impressed by a lot of exhibits. There is an aquarium, all sorts of informational and interesting things to do. The movie with a dome screen was amazing!!! Even cafeteria lunch was great as it included really healthy options too with grilled salmon, brown rice, fresh avocado and very reasonably priced! ))). Definitely would recommend.
Response: Thank you for visiting!
Yakup Content AI Manager
Yakup Content AI Manager: Such a wonderful place to visit with your family ! Even if your not much interested in science this place gives adults and children wonderful ways to interact and think about science ! It is definitely a must go place in Miami and worth every penny! You have so many different topics like health, space and nature! The only thing that was annoying sometimes were the big groups that visited also the museum; but we went there on a Friday, so maybe during the week it is more relaxed. Still worth visiting the place !
Response: Thank you for visiting!
Gustavo Rozo
Gustavo Rozo: Awesome experience for my son. He enjoyed everything. Went during the week in summer figured it would be best to avoid the weekend traffic. There was some summer camps there but it was great. The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit was also very interesting. My son wants to come back
Response: Thank you for visiting! We definitely invite you to come back and experience our Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition opening in October.
Jake F-Y
Jake F-Y: Very cool museum covering a wide variety of interests! The highlight for us was all the live animal offerings, which impressed us in variety and scope (shark tank is a must from multiple angles!). This topped with all the other interactive components left things engaging for all ages. Well worth an afternoon
Response: Thank you for visiting!

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