Best Adventure Sports Venues In Miami Near Me

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1. LoanDepot Park - Miami

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LoanDepot Park
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Address: 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125

Telephone: (305) 480-1300

Business type: Stadium

LoanDepot Park: what do users think?

GoJuanca: What a pleasant experience. My 7 year old kid really loved every second of the experience. Perfect for a family escape. The game what amazing and the service around the stadium is spectacular. From the parking lot on to the seat every single detail is great. Bathrooms ate neat and clean. Expensive food that can be improved for healthier better and cheaper food.

Diana C: This ballpark has so much potential to get higher attendance but it falls flat. From the very beginning, we Pre purchased parking and it was so difficult finding. Not to mention, no one seemed to know where to go when providing directions. While the field level seats were more reasonable than other ballparks, there was little added incentives for premium seating. We ordered food to our seats and never were provided napkins and had to wait awhile to get them.

Jonathan Kehring: Since we were on vacation in December and there is no baseball, my wife and I decided to do the ball park tour. This is a must for any baseball fan! We got to go behind the scenes and see everything that you would not normally have access to during the baseball season. We literally visited every inch of the LoanDepot Park. LoanDepot Park is super nice and clean. I had a great time on the ball park tour and definitely recommend it. The prices are more than reasonable and definitely worth it because you get to see everything! I can’t wait to experience a baseball game here sometime soon!

Yaakov Goldberg: Had a great time! The stadium is really nice The security didn’t let me being in a plastic bag because they said it wasn’t “clear enough” , like WTH the you were able to see straight into it smh. Most of the ushers were great except for one that didn’t let me sit in an almost empty section, there was no one sitting there! The others friendly and let me go anywhere freely without asking to see my ticket.

Alain Martin: kids loved the experience. First time at a baseball game. My daughter got to meet the marlin mermaids. My son got his baseball autographed. They got to take a picture with a pitcher. it was an amazing moment they will not forget. Only thing I would say differently, is it would of been nice if they did more for kids who are new, give them a more heartfelt experience than just a pin that says first game.

Angela Saa: One of the best baseball stadiums in the MLB! Ushers were very friendly. Great deals on food and tickets. The crowd is lively. Music is great. Love the self service kiosk to order food. There’s also a QR code you can use to place food and drink orders. Had a great time. Retractable roof is a plus. There was a chance of storms today, but luckily the retractable roof saved us. Would not risk a 7.5”x9” crossbody bag though. Security takes baggage checks seriously. They also have Lysol wipes and sanitizer at each section.

Rob Tufel: Great time watching the NY Mets play the Miami Marlins. Park was clean and secure. Great food selection from hot dogs and burgers to Pizza and more. The retractable roof makes for a nice comfortable environment.

Vanessa Alcalde: Lovely experience! I used to work at the Marlins and I would get seats behind home base in the 20’s section but this time they had a dog friendly event which was so wonderful and accommodating. Tons of water spots and shade for the dogs, as well as photoshoot areas. The only bad thing was the AC in the Vista level. I’ve never been to this side of the stadium and I understand it’s probably the farthest as dogs often get scared of sounds and what not. But the AC was just not reaching where we sat. Thankfully I took my beach hat which allowed me to fan myself, boyfriend and dog. Overall, great experience but the AC was a little bit of a downer.

2. Miami Watersports - Coral Gables

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Miami Watersports
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Address: 3400 Pan American Drive Pier 9, Miami, FL 33133

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 292-3237

Business type: Water sports equipment rental service

Miami Watersports: what do users think?

Jerod Stover: Sam and Kyle were above awesome! Definitely worth the money. Not only were they extremely professional and informative but they were also hilarious and fun! Best of both worlds and would definitely repeat the experience if the opportunity presents itself again. Thank you guys for a great memory!

Marissa Iles: The experience and customer service was amazing. I was able to communicate with Annabelle through email in advance who addressed all my questions. When attempting to arrive for my reservation traffic was blocked in multiple directions so my driver could not drop me off but Angel picked me up and got me to the location safely. Last but not least Jason did an excellent job as my flyboarding instructor. I highly recommend.

K K: Landon and Kyle were so nice. They made parasailing 10 times more fun! They assured us we’d be safe. We laughed, talked and they played good music!

Nyla Noble: Very great experience! Everybody was very friendly and helpful. Sal was sure to assist me when stepping on and off the boat! The fun boat was simply amazing! Very speedy fun ride, but I would recommend you wear glasses to protect your eyes and be prepared to get wet!

Cheyenne Bejjani: The people there are basically liars, they told me to wait up in queue and sign the waiver after I told them I wanna do the banana boat. When I arrived at the check-in after 30 minutes, they informed that there were no banana boats available, and I was surprised to see that they also lied about the riding time. They said it’s 25 minutes, and then turns out it’s only about 15 minutes. Bad customer service, rude people, and business that values profit and false marketing strategies more than customers themselves. This is disgusting

Praneel Tare: Landon and Tom did an amazing job. This was my first time parasailing and it was a excellent experience! Once again Thank-you to Tom and Landon for being a wonderful host. Would recommend to go here!!

3. Virginia Key Outdoor Center - Kayak Paddleboard and Bike Center - Miami

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Virginia Key Outdoor Center - Kayak Paddleboard and Bike Center
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Address: 3801 Rickenbacker Causeway On, Arthur Lamb Jr Rd, Miami, FL 33149, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Business type: Canoe & kayak rental service

Virginia Key Outdoor Center - Kayak Paddleboard and Bike Center: what do users think?

Jessica Long: Virginia Key Outdoor Center was super easy to use. The staff was friendly and helpful. I rented a tandem clear kayak for my 8-year-old son and I same day and it was ready and waiting when we arrived. The staff gave us helpful tips on the wind and currents and how to get back easily with those conditions in mind. We had a GREAT time! I highly recommend. My son loved it. We would do it again. We only had time for an hour and that was super fun but I’d say if you can, reserve for at least 2 hours so you’re not rushed and you can go out further. Wonderful experience!

Joanna Vasquez: What a fun place to visit. We went for a Teacher Appreciation promotion. We rented single kayaks. It was super easy to do. We showed up, there was plenty of parking. We checked in, left an ID, signed their waiver, and then we were off to get life vests and paddles/kayaks. They also rent bikes and paddle boards. (We stuck with kayaking for the day.) the weather was gorgeous and the water and scenery beautiful once we got out. I would recommend taking lunch and picnicking on their many tables or surrounding grass area. Another tip, show your reservation for kayaking to the guard/park entrance official that you booked a trip with VKOC and they will waive the $8 park fee. And then enjoy the beaches and scenery.

C J: This was the highlight of our whole trip! I highly recommend this location for paddle boarding, kayaking or mountain bike. Friendly staff and very afford prices. You won’t find a better view in my opinion. Iguanas and puffer fish everywhere. Even seen a few trumpet fish.

Emma Almeida: Amazing tour! Saw several manatees including a mother and baby. We also saw several egrets and herons too, so many fish in the water. Very thankful for the way the guides handled one of our friends when the got a little too excited over the manatees. They went over and quietly explained things. So professional and so appreciated. We had a great time and will be back for the snorkeling trip this summer.

Michael Smith: *update* I’m not sure what prompted the owner to write such a petty and untruthful reply to my review but please get help for your anger. I would have loved nothing more than to see a manatee and take no pride in writing this. But people should know as the season ends, sightings are more infrequent. They call the tour the “Manatee Photo Safari” but we did not see a single manatee. I’ve read other reviews from the past few weeks and it seems to be a recurring theme. They guide told us that we could retry the tour on a different day but, like almost everyone on the tour we were not from the area and do not have the time. I believe they knew about the lack of sightings in the past few weeks but chose not to tell customers. I understand that there are no guarantees in life or the tour but calling Manatee Photo Safari is deceiving. We did see a pelican and iguana but, those are quite common. My brothers went the following day and did not see a manatee either. The guides were nice and worked with the tools they were given. Overall I’d say skip the tour and save $85 per person.

Jillian Alonge: I rented kayaks this weekend with friends and we had a blast! Great location and pricing, plus you get free parking (usually $8) when you show your rental confirmation. The staff was great, explained everything and helped us launch and get back in safely. I highly recommend, we’ll definitely go back and rent at VKOC again!

Caroline Queale: Had an amazing kayak safari in the lagoon. Saw several manatees, cool birds, and pelicans dive bombing for fish. Our guides were excellent ! Learned a lot. Highly recommend !

Nyree Lewis: Great spot! We rented a tandem clear kayak and a single and they were great. Such a relaxing hour. we enjoyed riding over to the beach finding shells and looking for the manatees. Most times you can also go over to the Miami skyline. Our safety was important to them and conditions weren’t right to go over that day.Definitely recommend and will be back in the future:)

Alicia Thomas: We went on the Kayak/photo tour on January 6th 2021. The tour was wonderful! Saw plenty of Manatees, birds and lizards. The guide was really nice and personable. We got the clear kayak, which I’m not sure was worth it because the sides are higher than a normal kayak and so we made noise when we were paddling. We also spent time on a beach which was nice and had a good story. I would 100% do this again, just get another kayak.

4. Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Gardens

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Hard Rock Stadium
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Address: 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Telephone: (305) 943-8000

Business type: Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium: what do users think?

Scott Gee: Originally from Miami, I knew this as Joe Robby. It’s probably been almost 20 years since I’ve been able to step foot in here again. The stadium is amazing! Even in the top section, you can still see everything. Never had an issue finding drinks or food. Getting in and out of the stadium was also super easy. Can’t wait to make it back.

GoJuanca: Amazing experience. This Formula 1 is totally mind blowing. The whole stage of the prize is a total innovation. The service incredible. Expensive and can improve the food for healthier options But really if you have never been to a F1 race this Miami edition is great.

Scott Grogan: Beautiful stadium and location for a college bowl game. Lots of different food options, no chain food names. Are group all thought the seats are a little small. The view from the upper deck is awesome. Lots of construction going on in the parking areas.

James Olson (Super Diner): This is the latest stop on the annual NFL season trip. The whole experience was great with a slight criticism of the ordering process at Chef Creole. The food was really good but needs organization. Maybe add a beef & Italian sausage stand for us Chicagoians. We found free parking with a shuttle to and from the stadium. And definitely sign up for the Hard Rock membership. This allows for discounts, i.e., food and merchandise, not only at the casino but at the stadium as well. This is a definite return for future trips.

Jaime Plaza: Neat, comfortable and secure, great food options and plenty of staff for guidance and suppor. Been there for Games, Concerts and even Formula 1, always a great time. Highly Recommended by the @Aventure.dos

Hassan Ishqi: Beautiful stadium where you can visit for an American football match. The location is great and it is nicely maintained by the staff. The security system is also great. The only issue is they don’t allow you take your food and drinks. Inside there are plenty of outlets which sell hundreds of stuffs to eat but off course they are overpriced.

carlos adler: An amazing experience! Is incredible how they were able to remodel what is a football stadium into a majestic tennis court. The people that work there are really nice and we had luck and watched some amazing games. A recommended experience 100%

Amanda Barba: I have visited hard rock Stadium for many events over the years including football games and concerts. Most recently I attended the Miami Open in March, 2022. The event features various pop-ups including the Tennis Plaza store, food trucks from very well-known and excellent restaurants as well as bars. Everything is a bit pricey. However, there is lots to choose from for food and drinks. The stadium set up for the tennis matches are excellent for both inside the main stadium and the outdoor tennis court set up. There’s always plenty of parking as well.

5. FIU Football Stadium

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FIU Football Stadium
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Address: 11310 SW 17th St, Miami, FL 33199

Telephone: (305) 348-4263

Business type: Stadium

FIU Football Stadium: what do users think?

Wrendly Mesidor: The home stadium of Florida International University. One of my favorite places to visit for football games and events.Now even graduation is there.

scorefl: Nice stadium but definitely needs some improvements!

Juan Zuluaga (JUPA): Almost 12,000 people showed up to the IMCF vs Miami FC game in the US open cup. Great atmosphere and easy parking

dominguez luis: We have very nice afternoon miami fc lost but have good time nice peopleGo miami fc

Shaz: Love the "cage." It is a nice stadium with plenty of seating. The campus is gorgeous and the staff are all friendly.

Joshua Silverstein: The fact that the accesible seating was all the way at the top, only available by elevator and in the blistering sun was only half the issue. The other being no bathrooms at all, you need to elevator down and then find them. How is this acceptable or really considered equal.

IndianAlan Hoover: Great stadium

Roger Kiley: Great stadium and service. Miami FC game with family. Very fun time and stadium facilities were clean and organized.

Luis “Nacalaochul” A.: Great college stadium. Excellent view of the field from every seat; no shade thought so keep that in mind.Support your local teams, go FIU Panthers!

6. Flyboard 305 - Coral Gables

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Flyboard 305
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Address: 3400 Pan American Drive Pier 4 Slip 23, Miami, FL 33133

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (786) 713-1103

Business type: Water sports equipment rental service

Flyboard 305: what do users think?

Hope Davis: I had a blast!! I’m still smiling!! This was my first time. Edward, my instructor, was fantastic!! Beyond safety first-He’s patient, supportive, alert and ready to have fun! It’s amazing how quickly you can get the hang of this balancing act. Overall the staff and experience gets 5 out 5. I looking forward to sky boarding at 3400 Pan American Dr. again!!

Jason Gao: A great experience riding with James would recommend

MONEY CHASER TY: Great Experience with Jordan and Captin James🤟🏾Highly recommend

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